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On Legio Astartes

Posted by Wang Fire, 15 March 2016 · 2,913 views

Because why not? Here's my skewed, semi-outsider's perspective on the initial 20 Legions of Adeptus Astartes (Space Marines) from Warhammer 40K. First, a little background:
After the five thousand year long Age of Strife, the Emperor of mankind vowed to unite the scattered fragments of humanity into a galactic "Imperium of Man", just as he and his Thunder Warriors had just done on Terra. Of course this would be a massive undertaking, and he couldn't be everywhere at once, so he created the twenty Primarchs. These were his sons, genetically engineered from his own DNA to be the best of humanity, as well as his generals for the upcoming Great Crusade. From the genome of each Primarch he then created the Space Marines, the greatest soldiers humanity had ever seen, in twenty Legions to form the backbone of his armies. But then, before Primarchs were even born, they and their birthing pods were swept away and flung to the far reaches of the galaxy by the malevolent (read: asshole) gods of Chaos.  The Emperor knew they were still alive however, so all this did was add another objective to the Great Crusade: Find the Primarchs. Each would grow to greatness in different ways on different worlds with differing ideals and values, and this in turn would shape their legions once reunited with their father.
Later, once all the Primarchs were found disaster struck in the form of the Horus Heresy, in which half of the Primarchs and their legions turned to Chaos, the Emperor was nearly killed, and the loyal legions split into much smaller chapters. It was the single biggest failure to communicate in human history and a huge snarl of drama, conflict, and facepalm so complex that I can't cover it all here and the details are still sketchy in some areas.
Legion I: Dark Angels
Primarch: Lion El'Jonson (The Lion)
Colors: Black and White (pre-Heresy)/Dark Green and White (post-Heresy)
Emblem: Winged Sword
Notable Successor Chapters: Guardians of the Covenant, Angels of Absolution, if they have "Angels" in the name, there's a good chance they're a Dark Angels successor.
The Dark Angels are the first Legion, and one of the more complicated ones. On the surface they seem fairly normal. Their gene-seed (the genetic material required to grow the organs to make someone a Space Marine) is fairly stable with no abnormalities, the serve the Emperor and their Primarch loyally, and they fight with the kind of cold efficiency expected of giant muscle-bound warriors in power armor these days. But they hide a dark secret: The Fallen. See, the entirety of the Dark Angels did not stay loyal, though a majority did, and the remaining Dark Angels and their successors go to extreme lengths to cover up this fact and hunt down every single one of the Fallen. Like, really extreme. They spend pretty much every second of the day looking for these guys, and if there's even a smidgen of a doubt that someone outside the chapter knows of the Fallen they will open fire. To this day the loyalist Dark Angels make up roughly 15% of all active Space Marine chapters, and those chapters are so closely linked that they may as well still be a Legion, though they go to great lengths to cover this up as well.
Legion II: ???
Primarch: ???
Allegiance: ???
Colors: ???
Emblem: ???
Notable Successor Chapters: ???
Even during the time of the Great Crusade there were two legions that had absolutely no records or trace of existence, and nobody knows for sure why. The popular theory is that these two fell to Chaos or rebelled in some other way and were wiped out with extreme prejudice by the Space Wolves as a result, the few remaining loyalist folded into the Ultramarines, but anything is possible. Are they lost in the Warp? Were they wiped out by and unknown force? Did they just say "screw it" and leave the galaxy? Nobody knows. In reality though these two were left intentionally blank so that people could have fun coming up with their own Primarchs and Legions.
Legion III: Emperor's Children
Primarch: Fulgrim
Allegiance: FABULOUS Treachery
Colors: Magenta and Gold (pre-Heresy)/Black and Pink/Purple (post-Heresy)
Emblem: Winged Talon
Notable Successor Chapters: Maybe the Red Scorpions, but none confirmed.
Not to be confused with the Pretty Marines or Chaos Pretty Marines. The Emperor's Children were very much a jack-of-all trades legion with a thing for sonic weaponry. They strove for perfection in everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. When it was discovered that part of their legion's gene-seed was tainted, causing tumors and minor mutations, the "impure" were executed until only a few hundred of the original ten-thousand were left. But it's cool though because then they found Fulgrim and everything was all better. As time went on the legion became even more obsessed with perfection but still remained on good terms with the other legions. Then the Heresy hit, and Fulgrim, being best buds with Horus, was convinced to join him. One slippery slope later and the whole legion wound up worshiping Slaanesh: Chaos god(goddess?) of sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll. Well technically Slaanesh's domain is more the extremes of pleasure and beauty, but you get the point.
Legion IV: Iron Warriors
Primarch: Perturabo
Allegiance: Traitor
Colors: Silver with Gold trim and Black Pauldrons
Emblem: Skull-Like Helmet
Notable Successor Chapters: None aside from the occasional Chaos warband.
The Iron Warriors are... Unpleasant. They specialize in trench warfare and siege-breaking, and it shows. They love ranged combat and heavy artillery, and make liberal use of conscripted cannon fodder as meatshields and for clearing out minefields.  Their Primarch Perturabo wasn't exactly all there either. He grew up and enlightened, scholarly man who stood for democracy, truth, justice, etc. but as soon as Daddy showed up and he saw that the Imperium wasn't a thing like that, it's like a switch got flipped in his head and he went full-on tyrant. The legion, like their Primarch, had a bit of an inferiority complex as they were always doing the Crusade's dirty work when grouped with other legions. The final straw came when Olympia, the world Perturabo grew up on, turned to Chaos. He officially snapped at that point, committing genocide on the whole planet before finally flipping the table and joining Horus in the Heresy.
Legion V: White Scars
Primarch: Jaghatai Khan
Allegiance: Loyal
Colors: White and Red
Emblem: Lightning Bolt
Notable Successor Chapters: Storm Lords, Iron Talons, Mantis Warriors
Mongols in spaaaaaace!!!  The Scars are masters of fast attack cavalry and have a constant rivalry with the Imperial fists over whose mustaches are more awesome.  Their Primarch grew up to basically be a good-guy version of Genghis Khan in space, uniting the tribes of his world long before Big-E and the crusade showed up. They also have a habit of taking the heads of their enemies, dipping them in silver, and putting them on display. Jaghatai's use of lightning fast hit-and-run tactics rubbed some of his initial legion the wrong way, as they had been trained to hold firm and give no ground under Emps's guidance, which caused an interesting split where companies with troops drawn from Mundus Planus (the Khan's homeworld) would stick to their traditional maneuvers while Terran companies would mix this with more traditional Astartes tactics. Beside that, come on, power armored Mongols with energy polearms on huge powerful motorcycles, what's not to love? Well apparently for the Scars and their Khan, being scoffed at as "barbarians". That REALLY pisses them off.
Legion VI: Space Wolves
Primarch: Leman Russ
Allegiance: Loyal
Colors: Gray-Blue
Emblem: Wolf
Notable Successor Chapters: None. They tried, it didn't work.
The Vlka Fenryka, alternately "Wolves of Fenris" or "Folk of Fenris", the wolf-iest legion of the twenty.  Basically, the Space Wolves are wolf-themed Viking Space Marines, but there's more to it than that. One important note about them is that they and their Primarch, a man badass enough to have the Imperium's main battle tank named for him, have a healthy dose canine DNA mixed in to their gene-seed. This has several effects on them, not all pleasant.  First, they have enhanced senses of hearing and smell even for Space Marines. They also have noticeably wolf-like features and thick coarse hair. Then there's the Wulfen, a condition where a Space Wolf basically goes too far into their animal instincts and can eventually even mutate into a giant wolf. Finally, due to their already unstable gene-seed being screwed up by Chaos, the Space Wolves can ONLY recruit from Fenris, as theirs is the only DNA that will accept it, thus making founding new chapters impossible.  They don't really care about this though, and if the Inquisition or anyone else comes around and tries to do something about it heads tend to roll. Literally, and often those of the Inquisitors.  The Wolves stand out from the other legions additionally by following Nordic tradition and mythology, as well as the role they had during the Great Crusade as the Emperor's Executioners, hunting down and destroying traitorous elements in addition to bringing new worlds into the fold. Compared to the White Scars they don't really care what they're called, and enjoy being set apart from the other legions by their traditions and awesome beards. Their chapter also has the oldest known Space Marine: Bjorn the Fellhanded, who served alongside the Big-E and Leman Russ in the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy, which makes him over ten-thousand years old. Lastly, they have invented the only alcoholic beverage strong enough to put a Space Marine on their ass.
Legion VII: Imperial Fists
Primarch: Rogal Dorn
Allegiance: Very Loyal
Colors: Yellow and Red
Emblem: Raised Fist
Notable Successor Chapters: Black Templars (Teutonic Knights IN SPAAAAAACE!), Crimson Fists, Hammers of Dorn
The greatest treehouse architects in the galaxy.  The Imperial Fists are like the Iron Warriors in reverse, being experts at urban warfare, fortification building, and handlebar mustaches. Their Primarch, Rogal Dorn, was also sort of Daddy's boy and a bit of a jerk, but and honest one at least who would always do what he could to protect humanity when the chips were down.  The legion itself was sort of Daddy's favorite too, with more honors given by the Emperor and more battles fought alongside him than any other, which still manifests in their modern chapter and successors being the only ones allowed to recruit from Terra. Dorn was also one of the most vehemently opposed to splitting up the legions, so much so that the Imperial Fists' fleet nearly came to blows with Ultramarines' over Terra, but ultimately backed down to prevent yet another civil war among the legions.
Legion VIII: Night Lords
Primarch: Konrad Curze (The Night Haunter)
Allegiance: Batman Traitor
Colors: Blue-Black
Emblem: Bat-Winged Skull
Notable Successor Chapters: A few Chaos warbands, that's it.
Not to be confused with the Scary Marines. These guys are the legion that nobody, and I mean NOBODY wants to mess with. Their specialties include fast attack, stealth, guerilla warfare, and general terror tactics. That last one is really the most important one, because they really, REALLY love fighting through fear. Their Primarch, Konrad Curze is basically what happens when you put Batman, Vlad the Impaler, and the Predator into a blender. He's a psyker, plagued since birth with visions of some horrific unavoidable future, who came to rule his planet of Nostramo through brutal assassination and fear tactics, basically spending years as a vigilante killing off half of the world's criminal element and corrupt government before threatening the other half with the same fate. Worst of all, the main event leading to that foreseen future was the arrival of the Emperor and his fellow Primarchs, seen in a vision so terrible that Curze clawed his own eyes out over it (he got new ones eventually).  When the Horus Heresy came the Night Lords quickly threw their lot in with the traitors, and the rest is history.
Legion IX: Blood Angels
Primarch: Sanguinius
Allegiance: Loyal
Colors: Blood Red with Gold Ornamentation
Emblem: Winged Blood Drop
Notable Successor Chapters: Blood Drinkers, Lamenters (weeps manly tears), Knights of Blood, pretty much any chapter with "Angels" in the name not related to the Dark Angels.
Also not to be confused with the Pretty Marines. Sanguinius was basically Big-E's beautiful hawk-boy, loyal to the end when he fought and was killed by Horus to give the Emperor a better chance of defeating the traitor. Born with a pair of large angelic wings, he was originally going to be killed on his homeworld of Baal for being a mutant, until the people there decided that he would be good to have around what with being a really nice guy and great at killing all those other radioactive mutants coming out of the desert. Though he wasn't the favorite, Sanguinius was said to be the best blend of all the Emperor's traits, and he was definitely up there in the ranking. But to this day the Blood Angels and their successors carry two curses with them in their gene-seed. The Red Thirst has been around since the Great Crusade, and has basically made them space vampires as those afflicted are filled with rage and an insatiable craving for blood. The Black Rage on the other hand came about as a result of the Horus Heresy and Sanguinius' death. Since the Primarch was also a powerful pskyer, his death at the hands of his own brother sent a psychic shockwave through the warp and permanently tainted the legion's gene-seed, leading some Blood Angels to eventual psychotic hallucinations where they believe that they themselves are Sanguinius in the battle, moments before his death. Space Marines who have succumbed to either of these are placed in "Death Companies" in which they are closely monitored by Chaplains and kept HEAVILY sedated when not in combat, or simply killed if deemed too unstable.
Legion X: Iron Hands
Primarch: Ferrus Manus
Allegiance: Loyal
Colors: Black and Silver
Emblem: Gaunlet
Notable Successor Chapters: Brazen Claws, Sons of Medusa, Red Talons
The Iron Hands are one of the more... Misguided legions of Space Marines. While living on Medusa, Ferrus Manus once wrestled a silver dragon and killed it with lava, the living metal from its skin flowing onto and binding with his hands to make his name a bit more fitting. They're a technologically inclined chapter that has a habit of replacing their body parts and organs with synthetic and bionic replacements, all the way up to and including straight up emotion inhibitors, claiming that the flesh is weak. Ironically enough Manus himself was firmly against this practice, believing that they should value their natural strength and the Emperor's work to make them as they were, but they didn't exactly listen. They're also rather bitter toward every other chapter, most notably those involved in the Dropsite Massacre of Isstvan V which nearly wiped them out and signaled the the Horus Heresy really kicking into high gear.
Legion XI: ???
Primarch: ???
Allegiance: ???
Colors: ???
Emblem: ???
Notable Successor Chapters: ???
The other unknown legion. See above.
Legion XII: World Eaters
Primarch: Angron (The Red Angel)
Allegiance: Traitor
Colors: White and Sky-Blue (pre-Heresy)/Blood Red and Brass (post-Heresy)
Emblem: Jaws encircling a Planet
Notable Successor Chapters: None aside from a few Chaos warbands.
Not to be confused with the Angry Marines. Definitely the Chaos Angry Marines. These guys are the angriest, most rage-filled, foaming at the mouth pissed off of any of the original legions. Angron really got the raw deal of upbringings all things considered, as when he crash-landed part of his head was torn off, he had to fight off a contingent of Eldar, and then he was captured and sold into slavery as a gladiator, equipped with "Butcher Nails", archeotech devices nailed into his brain that made it so he could only feel pleasure while killing people.  He then went full-on rage-infused incredible Hulk Spartacus on everyone and led a slave rebellion, but Emps arrived before it could get much major momentum, took him away, and made a deal with the very government he was rebelling against. Rather than try to have the Butcher Nails removed, upon seeing his legion he proceeded to quite literally hack his way down through the command structure until someone finally talked some sense into him. He then proceeded to have replica Butcher Nails implanted in all of his legion. Needless to say, because of this the World Eaters became a bunch of angry psychotics who only felt at ease while hacking their enemies to bits in the heat of combat with the biggest melee weapons they could find. During the Horus Heresy they fell to the good ol' blood god, Khorne, and the rest is history.
Legion XIII: Ultramarines
Primarch: Roboute Guilliman (Rowboat Girlyman, Great Grampa Smurf)
Allegiance: Annoyingly Loyal
Colors: Blue, White, and Gold
Emblem: Toilet Seat Inverted Omega
Notable Successor Chapters: Way too many to count.
Let's just get this over with... The UltraSmurfs- Sorry, Ultramarines, are the poster-boy legion of the Space Marines, the blue guys you see all over the place in Warhammer pics. Originally they started out as space Romans, their Primarch Guilliman being an okay fighter, but the best administrator and logistical thinker in of the Primarchs. They're the jack-of-all-trades legion, the standard, the first group of Space Marines most people come across. You should also be very careful what you read concerning them because, due to being most people's first exposure to the Astartes and a certain writer who luuuuuuurves them, they can quite often be the most overpowered Mary Sue-ish legion imaginable.  Guilliman was the one to propose splitting the legions into chapters, as part of a grand reorganization of the legions he penned in the wake of the Horus Heresy called the Codex Astartes. This was supposed to be a set of guidelines and suggestions to make sure the Astartes kept their effectiveness in battle while also diminishing the impact of a single unit going rogue. It also caused a huge divide between the remaining Primarchs and can be of great annoyance to some chapters, as others (mainly Ultramarines successors) treat the Codex Astartes as divine scripture.  Ironically the Ultramarines themselves can be said to ignore one part of the Codex, as they tend to keep their successors close and use them as reserves to constantly stay at full strength.  The Ultramarines (named for the color ultramarine BTW) can be written well and are honestly a good legion, and Guilliman himself can be very good and very human character with his own strengths and flaws. The UltraSmurfs just tended not to get that treatment for a long time, and thus they turned into the butt of many a Space Marine joke.
Legion XIV: Death Guard
Primarch: Mortarion
Allegiance: Traitor
Colors: White, Rust, Putrid Green (pre-Heresy)/Rust and Putrid Green (post-Heresy)
Emblem: Skull and Iron Halo (pre-Heresy)/Three Skulls forming a Mark of Nurgle (post-Heresy)
Notable Successor Chapters: None, maybe a few Chaos warbands.
Mortarion landed on the poisonous, plague-filled world of Barbarus where he was taught combat and acclimatized to the planet's noxious atmosphere by on of the many overlords of the planet. He eventually left and went to a peaceful village, where he was content to help with the harvest until raiders came. At that point he killed the assailants with his scythe, trained the villagers for battle, and went a campaign in which he nearly conquered the entire planet. Eventually Mortarion was taken in by the Emperor (after Big-E killed his original adoptive father, whom Mortarion was about to kill) and given his own legion.  It's not known why Mortarion and his legion fell to Chaos, but when they did they became agents of Nurgle, the god of life unbounded, plagues, and stagnacy.
Legion XV: Thousand Sons
Primarch: Magnus the Red
Allegiance: Traitor
Colors: Red and White (pre-Heresy)/Blue and Gold (post-Heresy)
Emblem: Sun (pre-Heresy)/Burning Serpent (post-Heresy)
Notable Successor Chapters: Maybe the Blood Ravens, but not confirmed.
The Thousand Sons relied more heavily on psykers than any other chapter, and wielded them to great effect. Their Primarch, Magnus the Red, was even the second most powerful human psyker ever (second only to Daddy Emprah). Of course, this had its downsides. Their gene-seed was inherently highly unstable and prone to painful, even lethal, mutation without warning, which kept their numbers consistently low. Being raised on Prospero, a planet of psykers who had fled from other systems during the Age of Strife, Magnus was a diligent scholar and student of the powers of the Warp, always trying to unravel its mysteries and find a cure of his legion's warp-tainted gene-seed. Eventually he found one, but it sealed his and the Thousand Sons' fate. Tzeentch, god of scheming, change, and hope, offered to cure the gene-seed deficiency in exchange for one of Magnus' eyes, which he then took so hard that Magnus was retroactively born with only one eye.  Eventually the Emperor found out about Magnus' dangerous Warp experiments and sent the Space Wolves to bring him in, but Horus altered the orders and the Wolves, not caring either way, proceeded to decimate the Thousand Sons and their home. In a last bit of desperation, Magnus agreed to follow Tzeentch, sparing him and his legion, but returning their gene-seed mutation. When a second attempt to cure this failed, turning his soldiers into little more than dust with their souls bound to their armor, Magnus was left crushed and utterly broken.
Legion XVI: Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus
Primarch: Horus Lupercal
Allegiance: SUPER Traitor
Colors: White and Black (pre-Heresy)/Black, Gold, and Steel (post-Heresy)
Emblem: Wolf and Crescent Moon (pre-Heresy)/Eye and Star of Chaos (post-Heresy)
Notable Successor Chapters: None.
We finally get to the leader of this whole kerfluffle, Horus Lupercal. Horus was once the most favored of the Primarchs, and was eventually named Warmaster of the Great Crusade when the Emperor returned to Terra. He became resentful however, thinking that Daddy Emps just wanted to play God and use he and his brothers as mere tools. This was helped along a little by his brother Lorgar, and thus Horus began organizing his rebellion. Gathering up the legions he could he turned on the Emperor and his brothers, and died while doing battle with Big-E himself (after the noble sacrifices of Sanguinius and a humble Guardsman, Olanius Pius).  Now turned to Chaos and called The Black Legion, the sixteenth legion is the baseline Chaos Space Marine faction and, like the Ultramarines, can be a little boring at times despite the fact that their Primarch is the one that started this whole mess in the first place.
Legion XVII: Word Bearers
Primarch: Lorgar Aurelian (The Urizen)
Allegiance: Double Traitor
Colors: Dark Gray (pre-Heresy)/Dark Red and Steel (post-Heresy)
Emblem: Book and Flame (pre-Heresy)/Daemon Head (post-Heresy)
Notable Successor Chapters: None, aside from a few Warbands.
The guys that actually got the Heresy train a-rollin'. Lorgar was raised to be a very charismatic preacher on the planet Colchis, a planet that put a LOT of stock in religion. So when Lorgar had visions of the coming of the Emperor and started preaching about the coming of a new Messiah, a civil war broke out. Lorgar won by sheer numbers after six years of holy war, and not long after the Emprah showed up. Overnight Colchis turned into the most Emperor-worshiping planet in the entire galaxy, which rather pissed off Big-E because, contrary to popular belief, he decidedly did NOT want to be worshiped.  Lorgar loved the Emperor. Like, seriously loved him. Like, put on a pedestal as a God for all to worship his awesome divinity loved him. He even wrote the Lectitio Divinitatus to glorify Daddy E as a God. The Lectitio Divinitatus which, by the way, the Imperial Ecclesiarchy still use into the 41st millenium as the basis of Imperial faith. The Emperor did not like this at all, and ordered the Ultramarines to burn Lorgar's greatest city, then using his own psychic might to force Lorgar to kneel before himself, Malcador the Sigilite (Big-E's right hand man) and Guilliman. Needless to say, Lorgar had a crisis of faith after this, and at the urging of his second in command went to go do some soul-searching... In the Eye of Terror, the massive gateway of chaos and nonexistence that serves as a permanent bridge into the Warp.  Unsurprisingly he turned to Chaos, and the rest is history. Very much like their Primarch, the Word Bearers are all zealots to Chaos in all forms, and use this to spread the "good word" as it were to all parts of the galaxy.
Legion XVIII: Salamanders
Primarch: Vulkan (Lord of Drakes, Hammer of Salvation)
Allegiance: Loyal
Colors: Green, Black, and Flame
Emblem: Fire-Breathing Dragon
Notable Successor Chapters: Black Dragons
The nicest Space Marines in the whole Imperium. The Salamanders don't exactly look like the good guys at first, what with their rough coal-black skin, glowing red eyes, and obsession with fire, but don't let looks fool you. These guys value human life above all, and will go out of their way to defend civilians in combat. The take a slow, methodical approach to combat, likely due to their homeworld of Nocturne being a volcanic wasteland with near-constantly shifting gravity. The Salamanders also are on really good terms with the Adeptus Mechanicus, as part of their chapter identity is the art of blacksmithing and weapon-making, so unlike a lot of other chapters they don't order bullets by the kiloton or bust up their gear in training. In fact craftsmanship is so important to them that each Salamander maintains their own weapons, which leaves the legion's techmarines with plenty of time to trick out their armor weapons and vehicles into masterworks compared to what most others use.  Along with the Iron Hands they were on the receiving end of the Dropsite Massacre, but don't hold as much of a grudge over it. In fact in the 41st millennium they don't really have a grudge against anyone, save the Marines Malevolent for firing on a refugee camp with artillery and killing the civilians in it rather than even lift a finger to save them, but then again pretty much everyone hates the Marines Malevolent.
Legion XIX: Raven Guard
Primarch: Corvus Corax (The Deliverer)
Allegiance: Loyal
Colors: Black and White
Emblem: Raven
Notable Successor Chapters: Black Guard, Raptors
Basically the legion that loves black ops the most, not to be confused with the Reasonable Marines.  Though sometimes called "emo" for their black armor and pale skin due to a gene-seed mutation, these guys are death from above incarnate.  They love sneaky strikes and jetpacks, which often leads them into arguments with the White Scars over whose fast attack strategy is better.  Corax himself landed on a forgeworld, basically a nearly planet-wide factory, run with slave labor by the other nearby planets. Eventually he staged a carefully planned revolt, starting with strategically places strikes and sit-ins, then escalating to a guerilla war when the overseers retaliated. Eventually they won, and the next day the Emperor arrived, pleased with what his son had accomplished. Under Corax the Raven Guard became a flexible, exceedingly capable analytical machine of war, fighting the enemy with their wits rather than brute force. They also have the largest number of Mark VI "Corvus" (aka: Beakie) helmets of any loyalist chapters. Finally the Raven Guard were the third loyalist chapter present at the Dropsite Massacre, which has helped strengthen their ties with the Salamanders.
Legion XX: Alpha Legion
Primarch: Alpharius Omegon
Allegiance: Traitor Closet Loyalists Complicated
Colors: Dark Blue and Green
Emblem: Hydra
Notable Successor Chapters: None?
The Alpha Legion is always hard to talk about because they specialize in infiltration, out-sneaking the Raven Guard, and information warfare, which means that despite them appearing in a lot of material people know jack about them. What is known is also a rather head-scratching revelation that they have not one, but TWO Primarchs. Yeah, apparently Big-E made twenty-one Primarchs without realizing it. This has been kept so secret that no-one outside the Alpha Legion knows that Alpharius and Omegon are two different people, in part because they're identical twins.  Also very few records of the Alpha Legion's role in the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy even exist. This, plus the fact that many of the ones encountered aren't having any of the Chaos gods, has lead many to believe that they are secretly loyalists working to overcome Chaos from within. Then again some are also fanatical Chaos sorcerers and champions, so... Yeah. That's about all I've got on them.

Iron Warriors 4 lyfe, I love their siege-y goodness and obsession with hazard striping.

Thousand Sons are my fav chaos chapter; Dark angles for the Imperium.

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