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Yggmindl Stonecracker

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Posted 26 May 2018 - 09:29 PM

Full Name: Yggmindl Stonecracker of Boulderpile
Aliases: Yggy
Sex: Female
Race: Mountain Dwarf
Birthplace: Boulderpile Quarry Township, southern edge of the Blackrock Foothills
Affinity: Air
Deity: Odin
Faction: Venatori
Talents: Education (Old Achaean and High Imperial), Monster Lore, Runic Lore, Marksmanship, Dwarven Blacksmithing
Strength: 5
Agility: 5
Constitution: 7
Perception: 7
Intelligence: 8
Spirit: 5
Luck: 6
Appearance: Short, stocky, and sturdy, Yggmindl is just about the epitome of her race. The only things that really stand out are her blonde hair and steely gray eyes, and even those aren't terribly uncommon among mountain dwarves. Her youthful face belies her age; although she isn't terribly old by dwarven standards, Yggmindl is still much older than most humans could ever hope to live. Apart from the normal scars one would expect on a Venator, Yggmindl's only other distinguishing mark is a tattoo on her right cheek.
  • 1 set of deepsilver chain bracers
  • 1 set of dwarven steel pauldrons
  • 1 set of dwarven steel faulds
  • 1 leather armor harness
  • 1 set of simple clothing
  • 1 steel handaxe of dwarven make
  • 1 heavy crossbow of dwarven make 
  • 20 iron-headed crossbow bolts 
  • 5 silver-headed crossbow bolts
  • 3 runic-etched crossbow bolts of fire
  • 3 runic-etched crossbow bolts of lightning
  • 3 runic-etched crossbow bolts of ice
  • 1 silver dagger, self made
  • 1 time faded and tattered blue cloak
  • 1 silver Venator brooch polished brightly
  • Flint and tinder
  • Rune etching supplies
  • 3 clean bandages
  • 2 healing ointment
  • 2 sense-enhancing potions
  • 1 strength-enhancing potion
  • 1 anti-lycanthropy potion
  • Water and rations 
Biography: Most Venators know of Yggmindl from the roles she plays around the Castle. She is one of the very few who know much of anything about runes, and thus is usually the one to be consulted. While she isn't eager to share her knowledge, since runes can be very dangerous, she does put her experience to use making runestones for Venatori to use in the field. She spent time learning the older languages of the Empire in order to further her quest for more runic knowledge by scouring the texts they may have once translated that have since been lost to Dwarvenkind. It tends to come in handy when they run into artifacts in older parts of the castle, too. Most of her time at Castle Greywatch, however, is spent helping the smiths there. Her skills with the forge are quite useful, especially when it comes to working with the silver weapons that Venators use, and properly repairing thier deepsilver mail if ever it is damaged, something most other smiths must resort to doing by replacing the broken links with a weaker metal. Yggmindl also helps with training new recruits, especially during combat and endurance trials. She has had many partners in the past, including taking some newbies on their first string of hunts, as well as pairing with more experienced hunters to pursue more dangerous quary. Recently, though, she has been focused more on matters back at home in the Blackrock Foothills, and spends a lot of time away and alone...
Campaign History: N/A
Relationships: Has historically taught many Venators the basics of runestone use and safety. Also teaches and advises Venator smiths on their craft.

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Posted 29 May 2018 - 01:32 PM

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