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Krystia Ravenswift

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Posted 12 April 2018 - 01:39 PM

Krystia Ravenswift

Full Name: Krystia Ravenswift
Aliases: Pup, Newblood

Sex: Female
Race: Achaean/Wood Elf
Birthplace: Unknown

Affinity: Fire
Deity: Forseti
Faction: Venatori

Finesse Combat

Strength: 5
Agility: 8
Constitution: 5
Perception: 7
Intelligence: 6
Spirit: 7
Luck: 4

HP: 25/25

Appearance: Krystia is still very young, as other Venators enjoy reminding her. Not yet 20, she is skinny but toned. Her hair is a deep brown, cut haphazardly above the shoulders, fighting her pointed ears for prominence. A few freckles cross her face accentuate her deep green eyes. One day she might even be beautiful, if she is that long.


Venator Pack
1 deepsilver chain shirt
1 set of leather armor
1 set of simple clothing
1 steel short sword
1 silver dagger
1 blue cloak
1 silver Venator brooch
Flint and tinder
Potion supplies
3 clean bandages
2 healing ointment
2 sense-enhancing potions
1 strength-enhancing potion
1 anti-lycanthropy potion
Water and rations

1 tarnished Venator brooch

Biography: Krystia never met either of her parents. Her name was given to her by the old woman on whose doorstep her known history began.

The woman raised her with kindness, until she died when Krystia was still a child. Her house seized by debt collectors, Krystia was left on the streets of Illikon with only the clothes on her back and the peculiar brooch that had fastened the bundle she was found in.

Life on the streets taught many lessons, and 10 years later Krystia was a seasoned thief and a nimble fighter. A chance encounter with a venator passing through changed everything.

Throwing caution to the wind she approached, spotting a brooch just like her own (but gleaming). Within a few weeks she'd made her way to Castle Greywatch and joined the order. Maybe at last she could find out who she was.

Krystia has been with the Venatori for 6 months now, and her lack of experience is balanced by her sheer enthusiasm and determination.

Campaign History: N/A

Relationships: A fierce crush on Caiden Voros (but she's not convinced he knows her name), partnered with Araven Karial.

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Posted 11 May 2018 - 04:50 PM

I am completely in love with the idea of her having a crush - and not just a crush, a fierce crush - on Caiden. :lol: I can't wait to see what comes of this.


She's in.


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