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Marcus Capulet

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Posted 06 November 2017 - 11:06 AM

Marcus Capulet


Full Name: Inquisitor Marcus Capulet

Aliases: The Penitent Headsman, though this is usually whispered or whimpered, not called aloud.


Sex: Male

Race: Human (Achaean/ Parsansharian)

Birthplace: Veritshire (The Southern Empire)


Affinity: Earth

Deity: Athena, Achaean goddess of wisdom, defense, and strategic warfare.

Faction: Inquisition


Talents: Arcane Lore, Diplomacy, Martial Combat, Education (Common Imperial), Education (Southron), Blacksmithing



Strength: 6

Agility: 5

Constitution: 6

Perception: 6

Intelligence: 8

Spirit: 6

Luck: 5


Appearance: Since Marcus hails from the southern part of the Empire, his skin is somewhat darker than most would expect.  His jet black hair is cut sensibly short, so as not to bother him while wearing a helmet.  Marcus is of low-to-average height (5’8”) and somewhat stocky in build. Years of training and marching on inquisitions (along with the ample diet afforded by Imperial funding) has left him in above average physical condition.  His somewhat rounded head bears a pair of piercing brown eyes accented with well-defined eyebrows and a slightly wide nose, which is underlined by a thin, but well-groomed mustache.


Those who helped tend Marcus’ wounds in the Chasing Shadows campaign know that he has a very old burn scar on his left leg, from the outer, lower thigh to below the knee.  He has not yet revealed to any players where this scar came from.


If actual, visual representation is required, here is a drawing of Marcus by Saber-Scorpion himself, as a Kickstarter Commission:




Weapons: Void Iron Halberd, Void Iron Shortsword, and Steel Mace


Armor/Clothing: Void Iron Plate Armor, Void Iron Hauberk, Black-dyed Gambeson, Black Leather Boots, Inquisition Tabard and Hooded Cloak.


Miscellaneous: 2 pairs of Void Iron Manacles, waterskin, and a satchel containing: a confiscated demonic tome, small repair hammer, small pliers for armor rivets and hinges, clean rags for bandages, flint and steel, and travel rations.


Horse (Naimah, an unusually skittish blue roan mare of strong and swift Northwestern stock); Saddlebags with extra travel rations and horse feed, extra water, bandages, blankets, and two wooden training swords.


Biography: Marcus Capulet was born in the burgeoning city of Veritshire, one of the southern fiefdoms of the empire, as the second child of a family of arms dealers.  No, not the disreputable kind, but a mom and pop business (so to speak) that was mildly successful at making good weapons and armor (and also tools), then selling them to nearby villages and towns.  His uncle worked the forge, his father was the silver-tongued merchant, and his mother was the accountant (having learned sums, reading, and writing as a nurse for the local Lord's family).  As he grew older, Marcus' job included assembling parts into ready-to-sell weapons, demonstrating weapon usage for prospective customers, and keeping track of the family's inventory.  The often monotonous work gave Marcus great attention to detail, as he learned to be aware of minute defects in the weapons, and creativity as he made his weapon exhibitions more entertaining or devised new ways to improve weapon designs.  It looked to be a good life for Marcus...until the Necromancer came.


A delusional caster, looking to carve out his name, came to the town’s outskirts and began wreaking havoc among the poor inhabitants.  The local militia were quickly killed and reanimated, and the few bannermen of the local Lord soon followed suit.  Those who could not make it to the safety of the keep, or decided they would rather die with blades in their guts instead of their backs, rallied to the Capulet household to gather arms and make their stand.  Marcus did his best to organize the people into formations he had seen in books, and his courage helped galvanize the resistance, but it was not enough.  Every casualty they took added to the ranks of their enemy, and all seemed lost.  Then, after days of fighting, then hiding, a force from the Inquisition arrived to put down the rogue caster.  With channellers's wards and void iron arms they put the reign of this would-be lord of the dead to an early end. After the battle, Marcus saw in the Inquisitors something more than cataloging weapon parts and sharpening blades every day.  He would probably never inherit the business anyway, and figured that this would be his chance to put his skills to use defending the realm from those cursed with the power of magic.  In addition, his beloved home now held some unpleasant memories that he would prefer to avoid.  After a period of mourning and helping what remained of his family and friends to rebuild, he left to join the Imperial Inquisition.


Marcus soon became a very promising young Ebonguard, learning to care for void iron arms as skillfully as those of steel or bronze and sparring with the master-at-arms to build his fighting skills.  His ability to read and write and his zeal for protecting the innocent from magic users made him valuable to his company, and over time he earned his own command over a section of fellow enforcers. Marcus became a trusted and hardened soldier of the Inquisition, personally killing an Ice mage that was freezing Marcus' Inquisitor commander and helping to subdue an Earth mage who was running a protection racket on local farmers, among other feats.  Marcus was about to start training to become a full-fledged Inquisitor, until the day he was ordered to separate a family.  Until that point, Marcus had thought that those with "the condition" would be nothing but powerful psychopaths oppressing normal people just because they could.  But then his section was put on a detail with orders to arrest a young girl caught using water magic on her family's farm.  Marcus solemnly obeyed his orders, but the young girl's screams and her family's weeping cast doubts upon his noble cause.  He tried assuring himself that what they were doing was for the good of the realm, but as time passed it seemed he was arresting more young casters and fighting fewer madmen.


Despite his moral objections, Marcus built a reputation of ruthless efficiency, until he became known as "The Penitent Headsman," a figure of awe among his comrades and terror for better-informed mages.   The Inquisition always strives to capture casters alive whenever possible, and Marcus takes care to emphasize this policy for the good of the Inquisition and the people they serve…but when the only remaining option is death, few Inquisitors can deliver that result more proficiently than the Penitent Headsman.  Marcus is essentially at the height of his career, having served honorably as a full-fledged agent for years now.  But doubts have been growing in his mind, particularly if his actions are truly what is best for his fellow citizens.


Still, any doubts that plague Marcus are doing so privately (for now, at least), and he is a respected member of the Inquisition.  He was one of the youngest to achieve the rank of Inquisitor/Agent, and some reason (or perhaps resent) that his initiative and wit will soon take him to greater heights.  Until then, he shall continue to do what he has always done: train both mind and body to protect the empire from the scourge of magic.  



Campaign History:

  • Free-roam from the very beginning of Errant ("Team Drake," later "Team Caiden"), including quests such as "The Beast of Illikon" and "The Mansion Mystery"

  • Veritshire: The Changing of the Guard, which revealed more details of his backstory and changed some of his relationships with other characters

  • Chasing Shadows



  • Neitha Ardet (Girlfriend?  Lover?  Further data required)

  • Sir Tom Drake (Close, if a bit scary Friend.  Ok, a lot scary, but still a close friend.)

  • Kye Vakurseth (Close, but still wary Friend)

  • Caiden Voros (Close and worrisome Friend, though Marcus worries about a lot of people)

  • Percula Saffron (Friend who gives Marcus grey hairs)

  • Stevan Randal (friend who trusts Marcus more than he expected)

  • Sarael Raia (friend)

  • Plexaura Voros (friend and mentee)

  • Agethar (friend)

  • Ben Blackburn (acquaintance)

  • Rosette Saffron (acquaintance)

((Do let me know if I missed anyone, please))






Above image created by Saber-Scorpion and meme'd by me.


Profile picture created by and commissioned from: https://saph-y.tumblr.com/

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