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The Protectors

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Posted 12 January 2017 - 09:06 AM

The world is full of people with extraordinary abilities. During World War II the US Government invested in human enhancement as a means of winning the conflict. Within 48 days of the first deployment of these super-soldiers the Axis Powers surrendered.

Soon the free world was threatened by the very method they used to win the war. The soviets now had the capability to create superhumans. After a devastating clash between these heroes during the Cuban Enhanced Crisis the United Nations banned superhuman combatants from engaging in conflict on threat of being charged as war criminals. Since then superheroes have been largely absent until now.

Greetings ladies and gentlemen! I am creating a superhero universe similar to Marvel and DC. I currently in the process of creating some characters and need ideas. That's where you come in. Come up with a character and describe him here. Describe his/her background, appearance, personality, enemies etc. should the more artistic among you wish to post an illustration that would be appreciated.

-Avoid divisive issues. I'm not looking to make everyone angry and for some reason political issues are extremely difficult to address without stirring up anger.
-No skimpy outfits. When skin-scorching plasma is being shot from a villain's hand, exposing one's skin is a poor choice.
-Heroes won't have 20 different love interests. I can't even count how many girlfriends some heroes have had.
-Understand that as the creator of this comic universe I have the final say. Don't be offended if I alter or do not include your character.
-Should I choose to include your character I will mention you in the character's debut issue. You may even cameo as a minor character in the issue.

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