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In Topic: ZONE - The Forbidden Halls of Clan Dimmlundar

13 October 2017 - 12:45 PM

Agethar almost turned tail and ran at the sight of the enormous, snakelike demon that blocked their passage, his axes almost slipping from his nerveless hands. However, he did have the good sense not to drop them, as the noise surely would have caused the beast to awaken Maugrimm had refused to go down the stairs leading to this room, and they had been forced to leave him to guard it.


Now he understood why.


"We have to leave, now. This thing... even a legion of your Templar would scarcely stand a chance, forget the sword, let us just turn around and go, before it wakes up."


"We cannae, as much as I want tae," the Venator hissed back, for once in his life speaking quietly "we found out somethin' about th' nature o' this mission. The contract Agni had us sign...it has some sort o' power that'll force us tae git th' blasted thing, come hell or 'igh water."




Malvolio had never faced such raw, unparalleled evil before in his life. It made the demons that he had face before, even the one that had scarred his face, paled in comparison to the Demon of Malice that blocked their path. As he beheld the giant serpent, there was no doubt in his mind that this creature could kill them all with the greatest of ease, and it was fortunate that they had encountered it while it lay sleeping. That last thought triggered a memory in the Templar's mind, even amidst the overwhelming...well, malice of the creature:


This had to be Xiraloc, the Eater of Souls.


 "We have to leave, now. This thing... even a legionnof your Templar would scarcely stand a chance, forget the sword, let us just turn around and go, before it wakes up."


"We need do, is to discuss this elsewhere." the Templar whispered coldy as he made his way towards the stairs leading back to safety.



No need for the Demon to wake up and eat them all while they were arguing about what to do next.




Huo could do little but clutch the beads around his neck and off up a silent prayer to Zhurong that the enormous demon would not wake up and devour them all.


He had seen the souls of demons and their ilk on this trip - the twisted and corrupted soul of the Venator, what he could see of the Demon from the Temple - but trying to compare them to this...this thing was like trying to compare a puddle to an ocean.


If the others chose to lead, Huo would bring up the rear, ready to roast the Demon alive if it should wake.


In Topic: Werewolf's Writing Tidbits

12 October 2017 - 02:12 PM

I love what you've written so far! It would be interesting to see if we could supply prompts.


If so, here's one that I've thought about turning into a little short story like these:


Ildrius does something that makes him look inspiring.

In Topic: Star Wars: Johnny Boyg vs. Big Gwenny C

10 October 2017 - 08:35 AM

I mean, TR-8R did die. I don't think there was much chance of him coming back either way :P

Taking a shot so powerful it can shatter your armor directly to the chest can do that to someone.


I'm not sure if that logic holds weight in a universe were science and medicine is so advanced you can literally impersonate another person, down to their very voice.


​Though to be fair, that was in the Clone Wars show and ​with Jedi Technology.


But maybe I'm being too hard on Phasma. Maybe she's actually an interesting character, and not Disney trying ​waaay​ too hard to recapture the awesomeness of Boba Fett and failing miserably. :P

In Topic: Star Wars: Johnny Boyg vs. Big Gwenny C

09 October 2017 - 08:06 PM


I don't think I can find a gif that conveys how hyped I am.


But I do have one for what went through my mind when I saw that mockery of the greatest star wars scene of all time:




Thank you, Disney, for destroying my hopes and dreams of seeing TR-8R again. I'm just glad that Gwendolyn Christie has a better character in Game of Thrones, because now Phasma has gone from being annoying Boba Fett rip-off to a walking middle finger to the most loyal stormtrooper who ever lived.


Goodnight, sweet Prince. You will be missed. 

In Topic: Movie/Television/Disney Entertainment Conglomerate News

09 October 2017 - 07:55 PM

I heard you guys like sequels to bad movies:



Transformers 7: Johnny Boyg's Ill-Advised Moustache Edition is coming out next year, I guess.


More like a Bad Sequel to a Good Movie. :P


But I've still got hope that it'll be at least as 'meh' as the first one


Wait, that's a mustache? I just assumed that John Boyg accidentally smeared some ink on his face.