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A Forum Event Idea

Posted by Wang Fire, 19 November 2015 · 3,085 views

So I've been playing quite a bit of Civilization V recently, and I started thinking about what I might be able to do to share massive epic 43 civ battle royales I'm fond of with people.  Well, why not have people pick the civs and then documenting the game as it goes along?  Using this method we could have a whopping FOURTY-TWO (plus one slot for observer) AIs in play.  And there are a LOT of civs to choose from. We'd have to have multiple polls to sort this out, mostly because the mods I'm using make it so that each civilization starts in their historical place on the Earth.
And yes, I know that this is hardly a new idea. In fact a lot of the mods I'm using are from TPangolin's attempt. It's still a fun idea though.
So, what does everyone think of this?  I'll have to plan a little bit more on how the setup will go, but right now I'll leave everyone with a list of all the civs I currently have that can be used for this. Default/expansion pack civs are marked with an *.
Acadians (Beaucoleil)
Afghanistan (Mirwais Hotak)
Akkad (Sargon)
Anglo-Saxons (Alfred the Great)
Arabia (Harun al-Rashid)*
Argentina (Eva Peron)
Armenia (Tiridates III)
Assyria (Ashurbanipral)*
Australia (Henry Parkes)
Austria (Maria Theresa)*
Ayyubid (Saladin)
Aztec (Montezuma)*
Babylonian (Nebuchadnezzar II)
Bavaria (Ludwig II)
Belgium (Albert I)
Blackfoot (Crowfoot)
Brazil (Pedro II)*
Buccaneers (Henry Morgan)
Burma (Yama Zatdaw)
Byzantine (Theodora)
Californian Republic (William B. Ide)
Carthage (Dido)*
Carthage (Hannibal)
Celts (Boudicca)*
Chile (Bernando O'Higgins)
China (Wu Zetian)*
Chinook (Comcomly)
Chola (Raja Raja I)
Cree (Poundmaker)
Confederate States of America (Jefferson Davis)
Denmark (Harald Bluetooth)*
Denmark-Norway (Christian IV)
England (Elizabeth)*
Egypt (Ramesses II)*
Ethiopia (Haile Selassie)*
Finland (Mannerheim)
France (Napoleon)*
France (Louis XIV)
Francia (Charlemagne)
Gauls (Vercingetorix)
Germany (Bismarck)*
Germany (Hitler)
Gran Colombia (Simon Bolivar)
Great Britain (Victoria)
Greece (Alexander the Great)*
Hawaii (Kamehameha)
Hungary (Stephen I)
Huns (Attila)*
Hittites (Suppiliumas I)
Iceland (Ingolfur Arnarson)
Inca (Pachacuti)*
India (Ghandi)*
Indonesia (Gajah Mada)*
Israel (David)
Italy (Mussolini)
Japan (Oda Nobunaga)*
Japan (Tojo)
Japan (Meiji)
Khazar Khaganate (Bulan)
Khmer (Jayavarman VII)
Kilwa (Ali ibn al-Hassan)
Korea (Sejong)*
Kongo (Nzinga Mbande)
Kulin (William Barak)
Lithuania (Gedimimas)
Mali (Mansa Musa)
Maori (Te Rauparaha)
Maratha (Shivaji)
Maurya (Ashoka)
Maya (Pacal)*
Minoa (Minos)
Mongolia (Ghenghis Khan)*
Moors (Abd-ar-Rahman III)
Mughals (Akbar)
Nazca (Cahuachi)
Netherlands (William of Orange)*
Oman (Saif bin Sultan)
Ottoman (Suleiman)*
Papal State (Pius IX)
Persia (Darius I)*
Phoenicians (Hiram I)
Poland (Casimir III)*
Portugal (Maria I)
Prussia (Frederick the Great)
Rapa Nui (Hotu Matua)
Rome (Augustus Ceasar)*
Russia (Catherine the Great)*
Russia (Peter the Great)
Russia (Nicholas II)
Sabea (Makeda)
Safavids (Abbas I)
Sami (Eadni)
Scotland (James VI)
Scotland (Robert I Bruce)
Shoshone (Pocatello)*
Siam (Ramkhamhaeng)*
Sioux (Sitting Bull)
Songhai (Askia)*
Spain (Isabella)*
Sri Lanka (Parakamabahu I)
Sweden (Gustavus Adolphus)*
Switzerland (Dufour)
Tibet (Songstan Gampo)
Tonga ('Aho'eitu)
Turks (Mehmed II)
United Kingdom (Churchill)
United States of America (Washington)*
United States of America (Lincoln)
USSR (Lenin)
USSR (Stalin)
Vandals (Genseric)
Venice (Enrico Dandolo)*
Vietnam (The Trung Sisters)
Zulu (Shaka)*

Civ V is a recipe for some hilarious stories. Heck, you could go one further and have people come up with unique civs in a randomised world.

But the only way to get the massive 42/43 civ brawl is to use the Yet (Not) Another Earth Map, which uses historical starting locations of civs and, ergo, only works with specific modded civs.

My vote is for Caesar. Roma Invicta.

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