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New stories & other big updates

Posted by Maverick-Werewolf, 13 July 2010 · 1,648 views

The Wulfgard site has been greatly updated with two new stories, a new section, info, and artwork!

An all-new story has been added to the Novels & Stories section, called The Case of the Illikon Cult. It is written by both me and Justin (Maegan and Justin Stebbins). Currently available are the first and second chapters, a synopsis, and a character list.
Click here to go to the Novels & Stories page and start reading The Case of the Illikon Mage Cult!

Justin is also continuing his story, Choosers of the Slain, which he had revised considerably from the original stories he posted on his site. Currently available are the first three chapters; however, more content will be uploaded very soon.
Click here to go to the Novels & Stories page and start reading Choosers of the Slain!

The Characters & Creatures section has been added along with two completed character pages including full-color artwork and lots of information, which can be found in the Main Character Pages section. The sections for Werewolves, Other Lycanthropes and Shifters, Beastfolk, Vampires, Undead, and Demons are all now available. Most of them feature new artwork, and the info on the different creatures has been heavily revised from what was posted in the lore archive here on the forum.

More recently the sections for Elves and Dwarves were added. Both include artwork, and the info is heavily revised from what was posted in the lore archive here on the forum.

All sections include artwork and information that was previously unavailable, so be sure to check them out!

In the Locations and Lore section, a new category has been added about Wulfgard & the Shifters.

That's all for now, but more updates are coming soon!

Wow, lots of new stuff!

I'm going to have to go read the revised version of Chooser's of the Slain and start reading The Case of the Illikon Mage Cult now.

Are you going to edit those posts in the lore archive on the forums to match the information given on the Wulfgard site?
Wow, this is awesome! I'm gonna read all the new lore stuff first! WHEEEEE!! :lol:
I'm liking it all. The Mage Cult is really fun to read. I hope you get more up soon. :)
Updates are very, very awesome. I love the Characters and Creatures section, especially those drawings. Its like reading a manuscript, or an old library scroll, deep in the dark libraries of the Wizard's tower. :P
Very cool, defiantly like the Characters & Creatures section.
I read the characters and creatures section but I don't currently have time to read the other section (as I don't really have my own working computer) so maybe later this week I will read Choosers and Mage Cult. But I loved the characters and creatures update.
Awesome art! How do you draw like that?!
The only new things for me are the Elves and Dwarves (I was gonna use Light Elves for my own fantasy universe. :( )and the stories, I kinda check the site regularly.
Yay dwarves :)

I really like the dwarf sketches. Might use one of them for an RP character down the road, if I get the chance... :ph34r: I'm thinking I might read The Case of the Illikon Mage Cult tonight if I get the chance.

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