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In Topic: tongeboysniper1's MOCs and videos 2

24 March 2011 - 03:42 AM

Twinky, well first of all that one was suppose to be a slide show -_-

and if you think I should use different software than let hear It :P

and I made a new topic because the other one had a lot of short posts

...let me see, any other "recommendations" of yours that I can comment on.

oh ya!, I'm 11 so I dont go , "Wah-wah, SOMEONE DOESN'T LIKE MY STUFF"so ya,... that's it.

In Topic: tongeboysniper1's MOCs and videos 2

23 March 2011 - 01:53 AM

the video with the brutes is too dark. i can barely see anything. the elite in the video is creative but could use a little work. I like the concept idea of the head maybe a decal would work better on the head. but if you'd like some free elite decals for a minifig style one if working on them. if you want to see them when I'm done just PM me and I'll send you the picture to print. but keep up the good work!

the elite is bad trust me <_< I know :(

but the lighting is good because do you want the sun in your dance club no, you want it to be dark, cool, and awesome! :patties:

no, I really don't want decal at least until SS comes out with his :thumbsup: but maybe later :ninja: :ph34r:

In Topic: UNSC Hornet and The Sliver Guardians

22 March 2011 - 04:51 AM

love the hornet :thumbs: :wub: but, why is there a shark head piece as a back part :lol:

In Topic: tongeboysniper1's MOCs and videos 2

19 March 2011 - 08:26 PM

Just a recommendation, cause this same thing happened to me, make sure to deeplink, that is, go to the picture on brickshelf, then click on it till there's nothing but the picture, then link to there. Just telling you, because I didn't know how, and yeah...stuff happened. But i can't wait until they become public!
Your #1 Fan, kreoss

thanks and ,um..., I'm going to make a Lego Brute dance party soon but, I don't have enough brutes so Im going to use mega-bloks brutes >:( :(

Edit: here it is
my brother is making me give credit to him so uh... ya
my bro is tongeboyleader

In Topic: tongeboysniper1's MOCs and videos 2

18 March 2011 - 08:26 PM

here is a example of the camo
here is the design
here's just some random super heroic solider
It uses Mr.Scorpion's decals that are bought here
right here
the weapon can be seen here

I also have a super spy, secret agent, or what ever you whant to call it but I wont post It's pics till I get some more comments, recommendations, and questions :P