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AA T Slipknot.

Famous for wearing masks and being loud. Why are they famous? Why are they so well-known and why do they still exist today?

I don't believe it's the fame, I don't believe it's the money. I believe it's for who they are. From a small group of young males in Iowa, going through the hardest times of their lives since childhood, pondering and thinking why does so-on-so hate me and even attempting to commit suicide. They're all with each other because they love each other, as much as I love them. I've never met them in person, but one thing for sure; I will see them in person before I die and that's a promise.

Slipknot means everything to me, to the core, to the heart of rock-metal. They've been there for me, not personally, but inside my heart and my mind. Their music is a passion towards me. I cannot live without it.

Since mother died, I had no idea where to go, what to do, or who I was. I had no iconic symbol about me; I was just a mere child. Slipknot bought me back my power and I even grew into an adult in some years later. They led me out of the dark. They took my hand and walked me down that dark tunnel, where no light was around, no light, no hope. They warmed my heart up. Each time I messed up, I think about them, they guide me, like those non-exciting Angels people think about. I think: I wonder what Mother would say if she saw me now? Dressed in black, listening to hard-rock music and being known as Mrs. Doughtnuthole because I'm known as Mr. Picklenose's wife (Chris Fehn) I hope she's happy, now that I found the true me.

Slipknot's music made me laugh, they make me smile, they made me cry and they make me happy most of all. Their music is my life. Even if someone took my music away, got rid of my speakers, and even banned music, I'll always think of them in my heart. It's a tattoo I want to wear. They're loyal with each other. 10 years in a line now, they're still together, making their music for us fans. They're still together, strong and that's the beauty of a band like Slipknot. They encourage us to stay with friends. F*** everything else; just think of friends and family.

If Slipknot dies, I will die too, because then, I will have no-one beside me. If I had to kill myself to keep slipknot alive…I will.

Corey, I know what it's like to lose a parent. Though my Mother or Father never left us, my mother passing away was dreadful, and I felt lost. Without the help from you and your band, where there would I be? Your father left you and your Mother before you were even born! What a meaniepoo. You guys had a hard time, with the numerous boyfriends your mother dated; they were all bastards to you. Now look at you! Strong, famous and still smiling. I love you.

Shawn, your Mother has just recently died. I know its traumatizing, but please smile and stay happy. That's what she would have wanted. You have the love from everyone here and around the world. I love you too.

And Joey, don't drum so hard until you break a bone, you spoon. You know we'll get worried sick of you. We send you our love and care. Get well soon.

I don't give a f*** what people make out of me. I don't give a f*** what I look like. I don't give a cheese what people think of my music. It's MY music, no one else's, and they must all understand that. Why the f*** should I be a dirty little Freak who listens to chocking-gasps and crap about someone else's mother when I can feel equally great about myself with Slipknot. No one can f***ing change that. If anyone tries to, they'll regret it. I don't give a f*** if you hate or Love Slipknot. If you love Slipknot, I love you too my Fellow Maggot. If you hate Slipknot, I don't give a flying-f***. If you speak stinkycheese about or to Slipknot, you'll get killed by us. I can smell a f***ing lie like a fart in a car, so if you spurt crap at me, I'll break your jaw.

No one can change that.

No one can take that away from me.

You would dare, would you?

Slipknot has been my icon for god-knows how many years. They have made me smile, they have made me feel their pain and they have always reminded me to look up and smile, be brave and stay healthy, no matter what life has for you.
It's hard to believe but if I ever met Slipknot in person, all of them for the rest of my life, I would think I would have died, because to me, that's HEAVEN!
Slipknot, I love you all. I vow my life towards you. I vow to stay with you and be loyal. I vow to f*** everything off that pisses me off or upsets me and think of you great men. My brothers, I stand by you, please allow me. You have stood beside me. You've guided me out of the darkness of the death of my Mother and brought me to the Rock 'n' Roll world of Slipknot. I will always remember that very first song: Before I Forget.

I love you guys.

I shall always and forever stay (SIC)

Sallie .W.

Thank you so much sallie, they are in my heart not as my favorit band, but as my best of friends.
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