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Posted 07 October 2017 - 06:12 PM

Hey, fellas. So I've been trying to get more active in writing communities elsewhere on the webbernets at a best friend's behest, and she's been giving me writing prompts and stuff to help me get involved. You can find some of these on my tumblr, too.


Her favorite character is Kye, by a longshot, so many of my prompts will end up being about him. :lol: You are, of course, also free to throw your own prompts at me here in the thread. I've discovered that writing by prompt is immensely fun, and I want to try to do more of it for practice and warmups before I start a long writing session. So, please, give me some stuff.


Any updates I post here will be pretty random, and I might not write many very often. But here are a few of the ones I've written so far...


Prompt, "Description - Kye in formal clothing"


Kye rubbed the back of his neck, feeling stupid. He shifted his weight between his feet, watching the assorted nobles perform graceful, sweeping dances that made the womens’ great dresses flow everywhere. But it was hard to focus when he felt like he was going to suffocate.

So he went from rubbing his neck to tugging at the collar of his black doublet – which matched his black shirt, black breeches, and black gloves. Or, well, glove. He still wore his huge, spiked gauntlet on his left arm, nervously rubbing the long, metal claws together as he thought again of how Drake commented that it clashed with his gold buttons and accessories, including the weird chain necklace that Fintan had handed to him, seemingly as an afterthought. Confused, Kye had said he wasn’t clashing with anything at all. And then Drake had laughed, patted him on the back, and left to go flirt with some girl.

And then Magnhild had powdered his nose, and he’d come this close to sneezing all over her. Kye tried to remember if she had even powdered her own nose, and he suddenly realized she hadn’t.

Since then, everyone had left, and he eventually found his way to the great hall full of people dancing and drinking. Now, Kye stood there fidgeting in all his tight, form-fitting clothing – except for the silly breeches. They were tight at the top and the bottom and only reached just above his knees, and they puffed all out around his thighs. He had never worn such a ridiculous thing.

If he dropped his guard for even a second, he’d be all wings and tail and horns and then it would tear up his clothes and probably even do something bad to his hair – which was all pulled behind his neck in a very neat ponytail, for once, instead of some halfhearted attempt at that.

He tugged at his collar again as he glanced around, wondering vaguely if everyone was sweating as badly as he was. Some undeniably pretty girl in a frilly, pink dress was staring at him from the corner – staring so hard he almost thought his tail was sticking out from the bottom of his doublet and waving back and forth again, or else his horns were showing.

She giggled, bit her lip, and used a finger to beckon Kye in a suggestive manner that was largely lost on him, though it still prompted him to blush like an idiot – right before some huge, burly man in a vest came and swept her over to the dance floor. Kye rubbed his claws together again and swallowed. Well, he had probably just come really close to getting his face pounded in by that fine gentleman.

A parting in the sea of people showed him where the wine was, and Kye quietly meandered over to it, snatching up a fancy wine goblet in his right hand. The glove he wore was so silken that it made the silver cup slip right out of his hand, and he had to catch it in his claws. He sighed.

This was going to be a long night.



Prompt, "OC Intro - Kye Vakurseth"


The woods were thick, yet it wasn’t hard for Tom Drake to find the leathery, spearheaded demon tail hanging from the branches near a small, convenient clearing. Grabbing the tail, he gave it a hearty tug – enough to elicit a jolt and a yelp from the boughs above.


“Kye, c’mon,” Drake said. “Hiding won’t do you any good.”


Kye’s tall silhouette moved in the treetop, and Drake let go of the tail so the demon-kin could climb down. It was funny to look at him now and think he was trying to prepare someone like this to go to a royal ball. You know, the guy with huge, bat-like demon wings sprouting from his back, a tail, fangs, a huge left gauntlet with spikes and claws…


Drake frowned and pretended to size him up as he circled him. Kye rubbed the back of his neck with his right hand, turning to face Drake as he walked around.


“Will you stop?” Drake said, though he fought back a laugh. “If you start spinning in circles when the tailor’s sizing you up, you’re gonna frustrate the shit out of him.”


“Sorry,” Kye replied promptly, standing still.


Just like Drake thought, he was going to need serious work. But, sure, Kye was a handsome guy, especially if all the stares he got when he rode down the street were any indication. Tall, muscular… tall, dark, and handsome, really. Put simply, he was striking.


When he didn’t have horns on his forehead, at least. He even had a second, longer pair curling back on top of his head, just to make sure everyone knew he had horns, as if the pointed ears and every other demonic feature didn’t give it away. He also had purple hair, most of it pulled behind his neck in a ponytail.


And then there were those confused, bright violet eyes that kept staring at him. This time, Drake couldn’t help but grin.

“First thing’s first,” he said, “I need to warn you about actually wearing a complete shirt, not that weird back-less jerkin thing.”


Kye suddenly looked morose, though his tail kept endlessly waving back and forth behind him, like it always did. “But – what about my wings?”


“If they pop out, you’re screwed either way, so there’s no reason to leave room for them. Besides,” he glanced at Kye’s back – a complete mess of crisscrossing whip scars with huge, jagged rune scar carved there by a knife set in the foreground – and frowned, “that’s the last thing you want anyone to see, other than all these demon bits.”


“Right, yeah, okay…”


“The clothes are gonna be pretty tight, too. Show off your physique, and all that.”


Kye grunted. “Sure, great…”


“And you’ll have to lose the gauntlet,” Drake finished, grabbing and holding up the huge, heavy metal thing that went all the way up Kye’s left forearm, ending in a set of long spikes coming off his elbow.


Kye tugged it away from him, nervously rubbing his metal claws together. “That…” he swallowed mid-sentence. “That – doesn’t come off.”


Drake arched a brow. “Why not?”


The demon-kin looked away from him and said quietly, “It’s a long story, Tom.”


Silence fell so abruptly that they were left listening to the pleasant songbirds chirping away in the trees – which, somehow, made the silence even more awkward. Even for Kye, that was a strange tone. But Drake shrugged.


“Alright,” he said, “it’ll be a fashion statement. Sure.” He clapped Kye on the shoulder. “So, last thing: you know how to dance, right?”


It took a moment before Kye looked at him again, staring dumbly. Drake waited patiently for him to find some words.

Finally, Kye asked in a tiny voice, “What’s, uh… What’s dancing?”


Drake’s face went blank.


That lasted for a second or two before he suddenly laughed. Kye’s face went red, and Drake felt worse, but he kept grinning.


“Oh, gods, Kye – it’s not funny—” Drake said quickly, though he laughed again and had to stop himself. “You’re just so hopeless, and it’s adorable.”


Kye looked miserable and rubbed at the back of his neck again, his tail giving one sharp jerk out of rhythm before resuming its back-and-forth waving.


“Look, I’m sorry. I’m an ass.” Drake cleared his throat. “Dancing is, ah… something people do to…”


“Flirt with girls?” Kye said in a tone that sounded like he assumed everything Drake was knowledgeable about eventually came down to flirting. Which wasn’t entirely true.


Still, Drake made a thoughtful face. “Well, yeah, but it’s kind of more a cultural thing. It’s important to know, anyway, if you’re going to blend in with… you know, mortals.”


Kye nodded quietly.


“Look, I’ll show you.” Drake stepped up in front of him, taking Kye’s left hand and putting it on his shoulder, taking Kye’s right hand in his left and holding it, just before resting his own right hand on Kye’s hip.


Kye made an odd face at him that really showed all his long, sharp canines, but Drake just arched a brow.


“I didn’t say it wouldn’t be awkward.”


Then he abruptly pulled Kye right against his body, and Kye’s face went red.


“That doesn’t seem – really – do you have to—?”


Kye stopped sputtering but quickly reached down, grabbed Drake’s hand on his hip, and moved it up to his rough, scarred back instead, just below a wing. Drake managed not to laugh.


“Your back doesn’t have the most romantic texture, Kye,” Drake remarked. “But, luckily for you, girls love scars.”


He then led Kye around in a dance – Drake was graceful and practiced, but Kye kept stumbling and stepping on Drake’s feet, his tail going to and fro even faster than usual in frustration and flicking around erratically.


“Tom, this – this is impossible,” Kye blurted. “What’s the point?


“I thought you get all gooey when you think about these endearing things mortals do,” Drake said with a grin. “And if you can climb buildings and jump around on them in the dark, Kye, you can dance. Just follow my lead.”


Drake didn’t go easy on him. He swiveled him, he dipped him, and the entire time, Kye sputtered and occasionally tried to pull free of his grip, but Drake never let him. And he wore a grin almost half the time.


Finally, Drake grabbed one of Kye’s legs to hook it around his hip, dipped him again, dramatically, and then finally let Kye scramble away from him, red in the face. Drake gave a little bow.


“See? That wasn’t so hard. I kept it simple, and you did pretty good for a beginner.”


Kye frowned, staring up at some clouds like he did so often, still blushing unbelievably.


“There’s no way I can do all that with a random person,” he finally said flatly. “Or… anybody.”


“Well, you can stand in the corner and drink wine instead,” Drake replied. “Later, I’ll show you where the royal gardens are, since that seems more like your thing. But trust me, dancing is fun.”


For a second, it almost looked like Kye believed him. The demon-kin resumed rubbing the back of his neck some more and stared at the ground instead before, eventually, he looked up to meet Drake’s green-and-gold eyes again.


“Why can’t you just go?” Kye finally asked. “I’m a disaster waiting to happen.”


Drake frowned. “Kye, you’re not,” he answered, finally serious – serious enough that it surprised Kye, from the way his purple eyes blinked. “Stop being so down on yourself.”


After a brief bout of hesitation, Kye tried again: “Is everyone else coming, too? I mean, we all know you’re just gonna go flirt with a bunch of girls, and then Magnhild will glare at you the entire time, and…”


Drake’s mind generally moved at top speed, and often pretty erratically. So when it hit a stone wall, it could be painful – like right now.


He blurted, “She what?


Kye blinked. “Oh. I, um… thought you knew she did that…”


Drake was about to say something more, before he realized that, if he tried, he’d end up sputtering and sounding like Kye did half the time. So, instead, he took a second to compose himself.


“I’ll leave you to it, then,” Drake said, giving Kye another friendly smack on the shoulder. He always kept those gentle, but Kye still winced every time, anyway. “Practice dancing with a branch or something.”


“Okay,” Kye replied, but Drake knew immediately from his tone that he was going to just go sit in a tree and listen to birds and stare at clouds some more. And probably leave his tail hanging down conspicuously again – not that Kye ever seemed terribly aware of what his tail was doing.


Drake offered him an encouraging smile. “You’re gonna do great,” he said, just before he turned and left to go find Magnhild and the others again.


Now he almost felt bad for teaching Kye the girl’s part of the dance.


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Posted 11 October 2017 - 10:41 AM

Brief one, pulled out of a very old short story I never posted publicly.


Prompt, "Whump (your character loses something they love)"


Instantly, Kye surged to his feet – and so did Febriel. They rounded on each other, one staring at the other in equal shock and horror.

He knew instantly exactly what was going through her mind: he was a demon.

For a long moment, neither of them could speak. Finally, the pale-faced Febriel set her jaw and drew in a slow, deep breath, her hands shaking at her sides.

“I knew there was something wrong about you,” she said, her voice low.

But nothing about Kye was slow and measured – his heart pounded, his head hurt, his face was on fire, and he felt more emotions than he could even understand. He shook all over and stammered.

“I-it – it’s not like that!” he finally managed to sputter, his voice cracking. “I – I don’t – I’m not…!”

“Save your lies,” Febriel snapped. She sucked in a sharp breath and finished in a hiss, “Demon.”

Kye swallowed against the lump in his otherwise dry throat, his eyes burning with tears. “I’m not like them!” he suddenly cried. “I’m not evil! I’m not a monster!”

“I should slay you where you stand,” was Febriel’s only answer, though her voice wavered and came out weak.

“Please…” Kye breathed in desperation, almost ready to let his buckling knees finally give out. He managed to find his voice again and begged, “Febriel, please, just – just don’t leave me alone… I’m not like them – I’m not! You know I’m not!”

“Be glad,” Febriel went on, unable to speak without her voice shaking, “I’m letting you leave with your life. Go, Kye. If I ever see you again…”

“Don’t do this – please… I’m not like them…”

“I’ll kill you,” she finished, her voice low.

With that, she turned her back on him and strode off into the forest, not once looking over her shoulder. Kye collapsed, falling to his hands and knees. He watched her go, his great wings sagging by his sides as he trembled violently from head to toe with no idea what to do. He wanted to call out to her, to plead her to stop…

Febriel!” he managed to cry out, but that was all. When he tried to raise his voice again, all that came out was a quiet whimper. “Don’t do this,” he sobbed, watching her disappear into the woods. “Don’t leave me alone again… Please… just – just… come back…”

Kye dropped onto his side, burying his face in his hands and giving in, sobbing and moaning uncontrollably. Everything he thought he was learning suddenly fell to pieces before his eyes. What he hoped was a new life and another chance, one he’d fought for tooth and claw, shattered like so much glass. His heart seared pain deep into his chest with every throbbing beat as if trying to tear itself in two.

For the first time in his life, he had felt something he’d never known – something he’d only heard mortals talk about as a strange concept… something he saw in their smiles, in their eyes, heard in their laughter. It had always been little more than a hopeless dream he’d chased after for his entire immortal life. Now he knew that feeling, and he knew what it was like to have it ripped from his very soul – when he was only just beginning to understand it.

For the first time in his life, he had been happy.


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Posted 12 October 2017 - 02:12 PM

I love what you've written so far! It would be interesting to see if we could supply prompts.


If so, here's one that I've thought about turning into a little short story like these:


Ildrius does something that makes him look inspiring.

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Posted 30 October 2017 - 03:30 PM

Well he was inspiring, at least to the right crowd. I'll see what I can do, maybe. :P But yeah - you're free to supply prompts to me here. I'd love to fill some out. Especially prompts regarding some of my main characters, since I like developing them from every possible angle.


Sorry - forgot to update this thread when I wrote more prompts! I wrote these over a week ago, for the OCtober prompts going on over at the r/fanfic reddit. Since my friend is hosting it and encouraging me to participate, I did the week before last's prompt, although I had to skip this week since the prompt hit a little too close to some major future plot points in Wulfgard... :P


The prompt for this time was "give your character social media." I had an absolute blast with this one. My friend is trying to encourage me to write "Kye and Caiden displaced in modern times" ficlets, and I admit, it's awfully tempting. For this one, I wrote a prompt fill for Kye and one for Caiden. Mild language warning. :lol:


Social Media prompt - Kye


“Kye, look,” said Drake, as he handed Kye a flat, rectangular black thing. The demon-kin took it, tail flicking once in confusion. “This is the digital age, so it’s time you caught up. Here’s a smartphone, and I already set up a bunch of bullshit social media accounts, so you can screw around on there.”

Kye turned it over in his hands, his claws scraping the shiny finish. He made a face at it. “How’s it work?”

Drake clicked a little button on the side and a screen came on. He moved his finger around on it and things happened. Kye watched, dumbstruck.

“I’m afraid, ah… you’re gonna have to use it one-handed,” Drake pointed out. “Claws and touchscreens don’t mix. So look, here’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blah blah blah…”

“What’re all those things?”

Drake thought about that for a second. “Well,” he replied, “Facebook is where you collect all these ‘friends’ you don’t really know and then brag about things you do to make all your non-friends on your friends list feel bad.”

Kye blinked. “That doesn’t sound very nice.”

“It isn’t. Twitter is where you post little tiny messages for brevity’s sake, I think it was started as some kinda artsy thing. But most people just make huge threads of messages anyway, so it defeats the point.”


“Aaand Instagram is for images. That’s mostly it.”

Kye furrowed his brow. “So… what’s the point?” He paused. “This seems like something demons of Pride would invent.”

Drake laughed. “They probably did, but you’re never gonna fit in with mortals if you ask questions like that. Now here, give it a shot…”

Kye flicked around blindly on the phone and ended up tapping a picture of some multicolored thing, which was apparently Instagram. And he was instantly assaulted by a picture of Drake standing over the corpse of a wyvern with a sword sticking out of its head. He was looking at the camera and giving a thumbs-up. The description read, “Beat @gnaeusthegreatest to that wyvern he mentioned. Try to keep up, buddy! #wrekt”

“Oh, yeah, all your accounts already follow mine,” Drake added casually. “‘Cause, y’know.”

“I don’t know,” Kye replied, quite honestly.

Drake frowned. “Well, there’s this whole…” he gestured vaguely. “Look, you’re not ready for me to talk about follower, ah, measuring yet. I’m gonna take you somewhere scenic and you can take some pictures, okay?”

Kye was completely lost.

But it didn’t take long for Drake to get him on the back of his motorcycle – because of course he had a motorcycle, and of course Kye had to ride on the back – and drive at breakneck speeds to some park somewhere. Kye lost track of where they were going when he shoved his face into the back of Drake’s shoulder and held on for dear life.

When they arrived, Kye promptly got to work. He had no trouble finding subjects for posts, as he was now surrounded by brightly-colored flowers, trees, singing birds, a running stream, sunshine, a blue sky with just enough puffy clouds of white to make perfect pictures, and… Well, anyway, it was a wonderland.

In an hour and a half, Kye returned to Drake, who was busy lounging in the shade of a tree. And Kye said flatly, “My phone won’t take anymore pictures.”

Drake took it and his eyes went wide. “Kye, you filled up this entire phone in less than two hours. The hell were you even doing?”

Kye rubbed the back of his neck. “I… was taking pictures of pretty things.”

Drake flipped through the great Instagram spam on the demon’s account. It was pictures of everything. Trees, bark, leaves, flowers, insects, birds, the sky, clouds, sunlight filtering through the leaves, and videos of birdsongs, videos of running water, videos of…

“You think everything is pretty,” Drake said flatly.

The descriptions were lackluster, though, especially given Kye had next to no idea what he was looking at half the time, so there were certainly no specifics on tree or flower types. One post read, “Pretty flower. #flowers”

Kye blushed fiercely and retorted in a mumble, “That stuff is pretty.”

Drake shrugged and said, “I won’t argue. You’re, uh… artistic, actually. These are really good. Although people like it if you slap a filter on things.”

Kye frowned. “They make it not pretty anymore.”

Drake couldn’t help but grin. Getting to his feet, he put an arm around Kye’s shoulders and led him back toward the dreaded motorcycle.

“C’mon,” he said, laughing, “let’s go get you the biggest memory card we can find.”



Social Media prompt - Caiden


Almost the instant he’d woken up that morning, Caiden had reminded Gwen they had another mission that day: apparently, some unknown threat had moved into a suburban area not far from where they lived. Locals kept shouting about pranksters. But all the evidence pointed toward ghouls. Big difference… not that most people knew that.

So, of course, it wasn’t long before Caiden was standing by the door, bristling with all his armor, guns, and gear, quadruple-checking a tricked-out assault rifle. Gwen sauntered over to him, all her weapons already holstered. But she paused when she reached her partner, as she realized he wasn’t checking his gun a fifth time. He was looking at his phone.

“You okay, Caid?” she asked, arching a long, thin brow. “You aren’t sick, are you?”

He gave a brief, quiet growl in his throat. “Tom said he likes my Twitter account.”

Gwen tried not to burst into laughter on the spot. “Did he now?”

Caiden was far too perceptive to let the innocent hint of a smile on her lips slip past him, and he held his smartphone up in her face. She was presented with a simplistic Twitter account page for one Caiden Voros, which had tweeted several things, all with the same hashtag:

“Eat it. #WWCD”

In a reply to the above tweet, “No or minimal chewing.”

“Narrow eye at it. #WWCD”

“Growl at it. Show teeth. #WWCD”

“Punch it. #WWCD”

“Maybe get a lip twitch. #WWCD”

There were assorted other tweets in the same vein. Gwen had to grin at her own handiwork.

“Knew it,” Caiden said flatly.

“It’s all in good fun, Caid,” Gwen replied, not at all worried that she would get punched or eaten… although Caiden narrowed his one blue eye at her, right on cue. “You said you never wanted a Twitter account, so I made one for you. You have a lot of fans.”

Caiden grunted. “Tell them to join the Venatori, then.” But he slid his phone back into a pocket, slung his assault rifle on his back, and turned to lay a hand on the doorknob. Gwen took the opportunity to slip her own phone from her pocket and quickly click it on, her thumbs working furiously.

Her partner stopped and looked back at her, watching silently for a second before prompting, “You ready?”

Gwen stayed logged into Caiden’s would-be Twitter account on her phone for moments just like this one. Her eyes darted over her tweet one final time…

“Focus on the mission. #WWCD”

And then she posted it.

Looking up at Caiden again and putting her phone away, she replied with a smile, “Let’s go.”


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Posted 10 November 2017 - 07:57 AM

Now he almost felt bad for teaching Kye the girl’s part of the dance.




For the first time in his life, he had been happy.



Drake thought about that for a second. “Well,” he replied, “Facebook is where you collect all these ‘friends’ you don’t really know and then brag about things you do to make all your non-friends on your friends list feel bad.”

Kye blinked. “That doesn’t sound very nice.”

“It isn’t."



Kye furrowed his brow. “So… what’s the point?” He paused. “This seems like something demons of Pride would invent.”


“You think everything is pretty,” Drake said flatly.


“Eat it. #WWCD”

In a reply to the above tweet, “No or minimal chewing.”


Your affinity for summing up the state of modern culture and social media while juxtaposing it with fantasy characters is absolutely splendid!  Your capacity for cruelty to your own characters is...worrisome...however.  :P


Still, all of these were great fun to read!  I have a few prompts to suggest, if you like:


  • Caiden vs. Plexaura - Embarrassing childhood photo sharing 
  • Kye asks a girl on a date (maybe modern Febriel?)
  • First taste of battle - any character
  • Tom trips into someone important, has to charm his way out of it  Edit: Bonus points if it's someone he can't/doesn't want to seduce, but knows he shouldn't fight.  But if you want to show him putting his famous moves on, I won't complain.


Have fun!

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Posted 14 November 2017 - 07:22 AM

Your affinity for summing up the state of modern culture and social media while juxtaposing it with fantasy characters is absolutely splendid!  Your capacity for cruelty to your own characters is...worrisome...however.  :P


Still, all of these were great fun to read!  I have a few prompts to suggest, if you like:


  • Caiden vs. Plexaura - Embarrassing childhood photo sharing 
  • Kye asks a girl on a date (maybe modern Febriel?)
  • First taste of battle - any character
  • Tom trips into someone important, has to charm his way out of it  Edit: Bonus points if it's someone he can't/doesn't want to seduce, but knows he shouldn't fight.  But if you want to show him putting his famous moves on, I won't complain.


Have fun!

Oh, you have only just begun to see my capacity for cruelty to my own characters... >.>


I'll definitely write some of these sometime! :D Thanks for the prompts, Cappy!



And I come bearing another drabble. I'll just copy my post from my Tumblr and put it here, for simplicity, since that way I don't have to do the formatting over again. :P



A thing inspired by Guild Wars 2 RPs with Taff​, by her suggestion, about her OC, Sadja Shielding, and my OC, Caiden Voros. I must say, I’m very glad I started playing GW2 with her (you probably saw the previous post about it that I shared from Taff’s blog). Not only is it fun in its own right, but getting to know Sadja is an absolute joy. She’s the best.


I had to wait until I was a little high on I’m-staying-up-too-late feelings to muster up the courage to actually write this, because I have no confidence writing other people’s characters. Especially if I really, really like those characters.


So, here it is, for better or for worse. But I can say one thing - this was an absolute blast to write.


Warning: shameless cuddling. In the “I’m cold, let’s share warmth” kind of way. Maybe. Mostly. Arguably. Sort of.




Snow. Everywhere. Everything was freezing, and the sparse braziers emitted only enough heat to provoke memories of what warmth was supposed to feel like. The entire region was so cold that the damn ships were made out of icebergs, with wood – from somewhere, maybe imported? – haphazardly stuck around to form walls and walkways. Some big, messy sails poked up in various places, theoretically to make the ‘ship’ move. Although Sadja had never actually seen one of these moving. So why the hell were there sails on them?


Not that it was a concern at the moment. The only real concern right now was getting warm.


After running around freezing themselves to the bone all day, Sadja had found a decent enough place to try to get some rest. True, it was only a little corner of wood on the giant kodan (those were bear-people, by the way) iceberg-ship, but it was still warmer than anything covered in snow – which was, literally, everything else in the vicinity.


She had even found a big, thick fur to sleep under for an oversized blanket. The kodans didn’t have much use for that kind of thing, so she’d found one by poking around in a crate in a corner.


Glancing around, she decided Voros had backed down on their deal, after all, even after claiming he wouldn’t. And since all the kodans slept locked up in houses, she couldn’t mooch off their warmth instead.

Unceremoniously removing all her armor, overflowing bags, weapons, and assorted other gear, Sadja dumped it in a corner and rolled herself up in the fur. Maybe it would be warm enough, but probably not.


She started to doze, despite the cold, when something nudged her, and she awoke instantly. The recognizably large and muscle-bound form, one that definitely didn’t belong to a bear-man, disturbed her arguably warm makeshift-bedroll-sanctuary.


“You’re late,” Sadja ribbed as Voros pulled the blanket back over them both, like an awkward sleeping bag. He’d even come shirtless, so Sadja wormed her way out of her own shirt and threw it somewhere else, too.


Voros grunted.


“Almost thought you’d chickened out,” she prompted. It was so hard to get a rise out of this guy, and thus all the more rewarding when it actually worked.


“Told you I wouldn’t,” he replied a bit flatly. He finally slid his thick arms around her, though she noted just how tense those big muscles were.


“Relax, Voros,” Sadja said, perhaps a bit groggily, though she did pointedly turn over to steal more of his warmth by resting her face near his chest. Well, and to make him even more uncomfortable, because it was a little funny the way he squirmed for half a second afterward.


He just grunted again, somewhere deep in the chest she lay against, the sound even vaguer this time.


“So, hey,” she wondered aloud through a yawn as one hand lazily tried to travel south along his body, finding more than a few scars along the way to his navel, “do you have pants on?”


“Get some sleep, Sadja,” Caiden rumbled just as tiredly, removing one hand from around her only long enough to direct hers back up north somewhere.




Mh,” he echoed – teasingly, at least for him. She heard a hint of a smile in his tone. For once. No doubt there wasn’t a trace of it actually on his face.


Then she added, “If you snore, I’m finding a kodan.”


“No you’re not.”


“Is that a challenge?”


“It’s a fact.”


Sadja grinned. Voros sounded pretty sure of himself, and like he cared quite a bit if she went off to make her bed with some bear-person instead. But she was too tired to keep this up, so she settled for snuggling far closer to him than ever would be allowed, especially when there was virtually no clothing involved, by the social norms Voros seemed to hold in such high regard.


Apparently sensing her giving out, Caiden said with a finality that implied the phrase would seal the deal and make her fall asleep, “Good night, Sadja.”


“Good night, Snoros,” she replied, just before tucking her face somewhere between his neck and chest to make sure her nose didn’t freeze and fall off in the night. He really was very warm.


Just before she dozed off, as Voros had planned, she thought she felt him pull her even closer, so close she could have solved the question regarding his pants, and put his face against her head. But, at that point, it was hard to tell… given she was already asleep.


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Posted 15 November 2017 - 03:52 PM

Can we come up with prompts for you (and others, if they want to attempt them as well?)
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Posted 15 November 2017 - 06:21 PM

Can we come up with prompts for you (and others, if they want to attempt them as well?)

You can post prompts for me, if you like, and I'll almost certainly write a few at some point or another. :) I mostly like to use these prompts as kind of warmups before I start writing in one of my novels. As for others, sure, but they'll have to make their own topics for that sort of thing.


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