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Sign-Up Thread/Joining Thread - General (non-campaign-specific)

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#21 DragonJedi


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Posted 28 February 2017 - 12:24 PM

Name: Rhys Hansard
Species: Human (Zygbari)
Specialization: Agility
Cowboy- being a freelance treasure hunter, thief, and dashing rogue has made Rhys into a fairly good shot, wielding a pair of blazer revolvers with ease.
Charisma- Rhys luck, rapier wit, and charm have endeared him to many men and women around Terra Nova. He understands what makes people tick, and how exactly to utilize that knowledge.
Lucky Lu-Lu- By some matter of luck and desperation, Rhys has made a business off of little fragments of information and the innate ability to charm people. His treasure-hunting has been a bit successful mainly through a matter of luck and beating his competitors to the prize.
Faction: Independent, but currently contracted to Grimm's Army.


Inventory: Rhys wears a maroon leather jacket, over some Old Earth-style fashion. Over his shoulder sits a messenger bag where he puts his ill-gotten gains. It has a great feature of being DNA-locked, allowing Rhys and only Rhys to open it. When it comes to weaponry, he has a pair of blazer magnum revolvers, one strapped to each hip.

Biography: Rhys grew up in a poor Zygbari family, and he saw just how badly poverty, starvation, and desperation can affect a person. He had little material possessions growing up and spent many a night on an empty stomach. He eventually decided that he had really had enough, and he got out of the run-down little town as soon as possible. He made a living stealing, sweet-talking, a little bit of treasure-hunting, and doing odd jobs. In the criminal underground, Rhys has made a bit of a name for himself in that field.
A couple years back, he had the misfortune of getting a bounty put out on him by a competitor in roughly the same field. The one bounty hunter to actually catch up with him was the Slashrim mercenary Valmak. Rhys got out of that pickle by bribing Valmak with a recently acquired prize worth quite a bit, and recruited him to his side to gain more ill-gotten goods.

Name: Valmak
Species: Slashrim (Stage 3)
Specialization: Intelligence
Knight- Valmak uses a curved two-handed sword with devastating ferocity.
Diplomacy- Despite his frightening appearance, Valmak is actually a well-spoken and clever Slashrim, preferring to talk down his bounties rather than chopping them up.
Cybernetics- Valmak honestly doesn't remember where they came from, but metal lines his joints and spine, making him kinda look like a "Build A Slashrim."
Faction: Independent, but currently contracted to Grimm's Army.

Appearance: Compared to most Zrillak, Valmak looks to be a bit of a runt in height, but still physically imposing to those of other species. He stands at a bit under seven feet tall, but he looks fearsome. His joints have all effectively been replaced by cybernetics, and mechanical vertebrae run down his back. His blood-red hide is tattooed with black ink. Spikes run down his head, back, and arms like most Slashrim of his age group, and his limbs are very muscle-bound.

Inventory: Valmak wears some crude metal armor over his tattooed hide, and is armed with his curved sword. He never has really felt like he needed anything else.

CLASSIFIED RECORDS He can't remember how he got out into the "real world" except for the little bits and flashes bouncing around in his noggin. He has since been going around the galaxy serving as a mercenary and bounty hunter. The Slashrim was hired to bring the treasure hunter and thief Rhys Hansard to a wealthy client, and by some stroke of luck on Hansard's part, he convinced Valmak to join him in gaining all sorts of wealth.

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Posted 04 March 2017 - 03:23 PM

I've quoted most people, but others (namely those who I didn't really have any comments for) just have their names mentioned in bold. Sorry for the delays getting back to everyone; I'm still crazy busy, but thankfully I get this week off from classes, at least. As such, I'm going to work on getting this RP started this week.


Biography: he served the military proudly until one faithful day, when his patrol was ambushed near the Grimm Islands. Every one besides him were killed, but he was badly injured when his starfighter was shot down. He was saved when one of Grimm's patrols discovered him while looking through the aftermath of the ambush, and pulled him from the wreckage. Once he regained consciousness, he was greeted by cybernetic limbs, a cybernetic job, and a choice presented bluntly by several Mercs: either work from Grimm, or die. He chose the second option, and has been serving in Grimm's Army ever since.

This part doesn't really make much sense, to be honest. It'd be more sensible for him to have received these injuries as a soldier and just gotten cybernetics on his own, and later joined Grimm for his own reasons. Grimm doesn't really have the kind of money to capture enemies, fix them up with expensive cybernetics, and then force them to work for him for some reason. :P


V.Metalic: Looks good!



Knight Kninja: Though adequately proficient with many kinds of small arms, Kaori's favored combat range is so close as to make projectile weapons mostly irrelevant. In addition to blades, she is also highly trained with thrown spikes, knives, and stars, and carries something sharp on her person at all times.

Cybernetics: Not long ago, any cybernetics possessed by Kaori would have gone unnoticed to the naked eye; her wired reflexes and super-charged nervous system are, by design, very subtle. Sensory enhancements are done with augmentory cyberware, which amplifies the natural organs' abilities instead of replacing them, leaving innate ease of use, and a biological back-up in the case of EMP or equipment failure. The only thing untested is her right arm, which was only recently replaced by a prototypical design - a joint venture between Yavakaro and Victory - made to work seamlessly with her already increased nerve conduction and reduced optical processing delay to allow near instantaneous hand-eye coordination... All of this essentially allows her to achieve feats of agility with her arm that are beyond anything fully organic beings are capable of. Basically, she can snatch sub-sonic rounds out of mid air, or even deflect them with a sword.

This is pretty much cheating to have multiple skills. If you want to be proficient in ranged weapons and melee weapons, you'll have to pick both as skills, for balance reasons.


Uhh, these are OP. I guess things could be ridiculously bent to let you have an anime arm (although I can't promise it'll work as efficiently as described here, because that just seems completely over-the-top to me) or something similar to it, if you really want that, but right now your character is essentially a flawless killing machine with no weaknesses. Cyborgs in NR usually do display at least a few signs of being a cyborg, and being immune to EMP rids you of the natural downside of having cybernetics.



Burger Warrior: Also looks good! Man, that is a ridiculously busty spider-woman.

Knight- Valmak uses a bat'leth with devastating ferocity.

Cybernetic- Valmak doesn't really remember where they came from, but his brain has been cybernetically enhanced to make him smarter and better at remembering things. He also has ocular implants that connect to a galactic database, including an updating bounty listing in his head, allowing him to know with a single glance if someone is worth the effort.
Codex-With that brain tech, Valmak effectively has a photographic memory. If hes read it or seen it somewhere, he probably remembers it.

Biography: CLASSIFIED He has since been going around the galaxy serving as a mercenary and bounty hunter. The Slashrim was hired tjo bring the treasure hunter and thief Rhys Hansard to a wealthy client, and by some stroke of luck on Hansards part, he convinced Valmak to join him in gaining all sorts of wealth.
(Background not unlocked yet, using i for a quest plan later.)

I would've worded it some way other than just straight-up calling it a bat'leth, since those are Klingon and from Star Trek, but, you know, details. :P


For the record, a Slashrim does not have to be cybernetically enhanced to be intelligent. He could just as easily have a genuine photographic memory and simply be intelligent to begin with (especially since I really don't know how a computer in one's head could technically increase one's intelligence). As for the bounty list in his head, I'd prefer if he has to actually update it himself on occasion, since that makes more sense.


Could you PM me his bio? It's fine if you want to hide it from everybody else, though. :P I also would like to mention something else to you, in terms of his implants, but I'll do that in PMs.


Everything sounds good otherwise!




I'm going to start an OOC for Awakening and a character list topic very soon, so keep an eye out.


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Posted 04 March 2017 - 04:04 PM

Burger Warrior: Also looks good! Man, that is a ridiculously busty spider-woman.


Yup. It... was also the only one that had much in the way of clothing. ;u;


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Posted 04 March 2017 - 11:46 PM

Burger Warrior: Also looks good! Man, that is a ridiculously busty spider-woman.


Yup. It... was also the only one that had much in the way of clothing. ;u;


Well, maybe they can serve as air-bags in case someone steps on her.  :lol:






I'm sorry, that was terrible. I am a bad, bad man.  :brickwall:

"This means I will not have to regret sending back their envoy short a few limbs."

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Posted 23 May 2017 - 09:00 PM

(Felt like coming up with a NR character today, still looking to work out the kinks.)


Name: ​​Farid
Species: ​Human
Specialization: Agility

​Acrobatics ​- Very athletic, with the help of his cybernetic limbs, he can run, swing, and climb faster than any normal human. He still needs to do ab-workouts, though.

​Codex -​ Not exactly a genius-trait, rather, Farid has random spurts of trivia about barely relevant things, such as the classification of an enemy starship or where a vital nerve cluster is located on dog.

Cybernetic - ​Farid's arms are totally cybernetic, as well as his spinal cord and shoulder blades, all of his legs from the thigh down. He is uncertain if these were given to him to save his life, or to make him a weapon. Either way, they are lightweight, and react to his muscle receptors perfectly.

Faction: ​Uncertain


Farid is about 6' feet tall, and weighs approximately 160lbs. His tanned skin is scar-less and smooth, but his luminescent veins glow beneath his skin. His most defining feature is his cybernetic limbs. His arms appear to connect at his shoulder blades, while his legs are only robotic from halfway down his thigh. On his face, a blue identification number is tattooed to his right cheek, it reads: F-357. His eyes faintly glow a electric blue, but show no signs of being cybernetic or enhanced.



​-While he is mobile most of the time, he holds onto items that he hopes to put on a mantle one day, such as a snow globe from Holo-World,  a picture of him smiling next to a very confused Zygbari woman, and an old laser pistol.

​-Farid has collected various small tools to repair his limbs, but has little skill past repairing his own body.

​-His attire consists of athlete clothes and sleeveless hooded jackets, but he does own an energy resistant vest, but doesn't wear it often.

​-Small, concealable Blazer pistol.






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