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Bale Spellwinde

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Full Name: Baleric Spaelban

Aliases: Bale Spellwinde, Sixsword


Sex: Male

Race: Human (Northrim)

Birthplace: Arrowfall, Northrim


Affinity: Wind

Deity: Aeolus

Faction: Neutral


Talents: Arcane Gift, Multilingual, Arcane Knowledge, Martial Combat, and Survivalism



 Strength: 8

Agility: 6

Constitution: 3

Perception: 5

Intelligence: 8

Spirit: 10

Luck: 2







Assassin’s Outfit


Iron Chainmail

Iron Swords (6x)




Bale was born as Baleric Spaelban to a small, unimportant family in the northern reaches of the Empire. In ancient times, the land the town was built on contained a monument sacred to the Gods of the North; when the Empire invaded the North, the monument was torn down and a Pantheon Temple was build over it. The land still retained its power from its younger days, even if the monument telling of this was long gone.


Bale was a lonely child, and was teased constantly because of his unnaturally white hair. His only comfort was his friend Qwinby, who was similarly teased. Both were able to survive their childhoods, and eventually decided on their careers. Qwinby became apprenticed to an Inquisitor, while Bale chose to become an adventurer; exploring the rock formations and old ruins near his hometown.


However, something happened that changed the two men’s lives forever: both discovered that they had been blessed – or, in this case, cursed – with the destiny of becoming Magi. Qwinby, a Wind Mage, fled from the Inquisition, only to be captured later, while Bale, after discovering that he was a powerful Psychic, hid in the ruins near his village. It was there that he discovered a Magi living there, who, seeing his potential, trained him to use his powers not only in mundane aspects, but for combat. Bale eventually became so powerful, that he could wield six swords simultaneously, earning him the nickname ‘Sixsword’. 


Once again, unfortunately, Bale’s life was again changed for the worse. A group of Inquisitors, going off of leads given to them by the Villagers, invaded the ruins. The Magi was  slain by the Imperials, but Bale managed to escape.


Bale now works as a freelance assassin for various organizations. It is rumored that he has ties with the Hidden, the Umbra Coven, and a dozen more shady societies. Lately, he has taken up residence in a ruined Castle in the Jagged Edge, where his skills have come in handy dealing with the Armies of Chaos. Recently, he has taken interest in a particular drama encompassing the Skovgaard family, though with which side he stands with has yet to be seen.



Campaign History:

Jagged Edge Free-Roam Campaign



Allies with Agethar Twin-axe and Katja Skovgaard

Shaky Ground with Caiden and Nefer

Enemies with Vragi and Gûldarnok




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