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Sarael Raia

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Posted 20 May 2017 - 03:40 PM

Sarael Raia


Full Name: Sarael Raia (sah-RYE-l RAY-uh)

Aliases: None


Sex: Female

Race: Human (Achæan)

Birthplace: Piera, Achæan Empire


Affinity: Air

Deity: Astra Aeterna

Magic: Divine

Faction: Knights Templar


Talents: Martial Combat, Divine Lore, Charisma, Intimidation



Strength: 9

Agility: 6

Constitution: 7

Perception: 5

Intelligence: 6

Spirit: 7

Luck: 2



A hair over six-and-a-quarter feet of solid muscle, some people have darkly suggested that there may be some nordling, or even amazon, blood in Sarael's ancestry. While these rumors are utterly without merit, it cannot be denied that she has a statuesque and heavily-muscled build that wouldn't look out of place on a goddess of war. Despite this, she is immensely cute, with a youthful and lively beauty. Her ash-blonde hair is kept sensibly short, stopping a couple inches above the shoulder, and she has vibrant green eyes.


She is clad in a full-body suit of deepsilver plate armor, which has various details, such as the star of Astra symbols, done in deepgold accents; while she has a helmet for her armor, she almost never wears it, being slightly claustrophobic—it pretty much just sits in her saddlebags gathering dust. Under her armor, she wears a fairly simple—if exceptionally well-made—light-gray leather jerkin over a matching tunic, with similarly matching pants and boots to complete her outfit.


Her primary weapon is an immense (though, compared to her size, rather proportional) deepsilver zweihänder sword. In addition, she carries a single-handed warhammer with a deepgold head and bindings. Thirdly, she carries a slim, long-bladed deepsilver dagger. Lastly, she carries a shield of the typical knights' type, the front and edges of which are plated with deepsilver and deepgold.


She rides a massive gray percheron mare—the only horse she could find that would bear her size and weight. She named the horse "Silver Breeze".



   • Deepsilver (with deepgold accents) plate armor (full suit)

   • Clothing

   • Deepsilver zweihänder

   • Deepsilver dagger

   • Deepgold warhammer

   • Deepsilver and deepgold shield

   • Holy symbol of Astra

   • 2 vials of holy water

   • Water and rations


OTHER POSSESSIONS: Gray percheron mare.



Sarael's father, a wealthy knight of Piera, had wanted a son. But, as sometimes seems to happen, fate played a trick on him, and he got many of the traits that one would wish for in a son… in the form of a daughter.


It was obvious from a fairly young age that Sarael was different. In addition to her rather rapid, and seemingly endless, growth, she simply didn't act like most girls. She had no interest in traditional feminine pursuits like sewing or cooking—or, seemingly, marriage, the one her father particularly had in mind for her. He even tried to get her into reading—a skill that could be useful for a lady—but to no avail: while she was reasonably bright, she simply lacked the patience or interest. Rather, she spent her days riding, fighting imaginary battles, and—to her father's shame and dismay—brawling with the local boys; in this last matter, his only consolation was that she almost always won said fights. 


And, it seemed her ambitions didn't end there; her father almost had a heart attack the time he caught her trying on his full suit of armor—not the least reason being that, at all of ten years old, she was big enough that it fit her pretty well, and strong enough that she could move without too much difficulty. And her energeticness, so it seemed, only increased, in proportion with her physical growth, as she got older.


In the end, traditionalist though he was, her father had to give up on his plans to make a 'traditional' lady out of his daughter.


Rather strangely, given her lack of patience and interest in other more intellectual and calm pursuits, the girl was quite pious—prayer seemingly the only thing that could get her to stand still and calm down… for at least a little while. Again to her father's chagrin, while she did worship the Olympians too—particularly the goddesses associated with warfare—her main devotions were directed towards Astra. It was this, plus a desire to see his daughter attain some honorable position, and, though he'd be hard pressed to admit it, a desire to see her happy, that led him to get her apprenticed into the Knights Templar as a squire.


Sarael, for her part, couldn't have been happier at this turn of events, throwing herself into her squirely duties and training with all of her typical energy and cheerfulness.


Now, 19 years old, she has only just recently been knighted as a full Templar. Due to a combination of her relative novelty as a female knight—much less a Templar; her blithe and (in many peoples' opinions, excessively) cheerful personality—standing at complete odds with her size, strength, and combat prowess—which tends to make her appear somewhat innocent or naïve—which, relatively speaking, she is, though she is smarter than most people give her credit for; and her youth and inexperience, she tends to get treated as a kid by most of the other Templar. In fact, even after becoming a knight, she has continued carrying out some of her squirely duties for the members of her unit, such as caring for their horses—either not realizing, or not caring, that it was no longer her job—simply because they asked her to.


While some people might take umbrage at such treatment, Sarael doesn't have an ill-natured bone in her body—she is simply happy to help. The only effect such treatment has on her is to increase her determination to be the best Templar she can be, so that she won't let her comrades down.


While she had participated in a few minor assignments since becoming a full-fledged Templar, the ill-fated quest to track down Letom was her first real mission. Despite her initial excitement at being a part of such an important assignment, things rather quickly went sideways; the  subsequent failure of the mission, involving the deaths of several of her comrades, along with some of the things she encountered during it—a cannibal witch, and the monstrosity of the Creep—were a serious blow to her psyche. 


While still believing in her cause and order—if anything, she is firmer in her belief than before—she was left in a somewhat emotionally fragile and unsettled state. As such, when she heard theories about the Umbra Coven from Knight-Captain Stevan Rolf—who had been the leader of the Templar contingent during the search for Letom—and the secret mission to try and do something about it, she jumped at the opportunity. While the mission was not a complete success, they did manage to thwart the Coven's immediate plans, slaying the demon Sylvanus in the process.


Campaign History:

   • Damnatio Memoriae

   • Chasing Shadows



   • Stevan Randal (superior officer, close friend)

   • Ben Blackburn (close friend)

   • Jane the cat (close friend)

   • Kye (close friend)

   • Caiden Voros (close friend)

   • Marcus Capulet (friend)

   • Plexaura Voros (friend)

   • Percula Saffron (friend)

   • Kristina Reyne (friend)

   • Neitha Ardet (friend)

   • Yaroslava Sturm (friend)



100 Gold, 45 Silver, 20 Copper

"This means I will not have to regret sending back their envoy short a few limbs."

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Posted 25 May 2017 - 08:44 PM

Sounds great, Sareth. Nice to know you're keeping Sarael around; I'm rather fond of her.


For the record, Stevan's name is probably actually going back to being Randal. I had switched it to Rolf for a time because Scorp had said he might have wanted to use the name Randal for the Wanderer, but he changed his mind again, and I'm free to use the name for Stevan instead. And I prefer it over Rolf, so I'm going to just use Randal again now. Thanks for keeping it consistent with my inconsistency, though. :lol:


Starting currency is 100 gold, 45 silver, 20 copper. Templars are pretty well off (to say the least), and she's been around the block, to boot.


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