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17 April 2019 - 10:16 PM

Let us begin with a set of 3 gesture drawings. Gesture drawings are short drawings typically used for practice.


This was 10 minutes. The subject is a M4A1 Sherman medium tank.


Again, I drew for 10 more minutes. I know not if I will finish this or not.


Here is an M5 Stuart light tank. I decided to do this last one with a gel pen, no turning back. Again, alloted time was 10 minutes. Fun fact, the M5 Stuart was an upgrade for the M3A1 Stuart light tank which then became the M3A3 Stuart LT, and finialized as the M5A1 Stuart light tank.


I am in an arms race of tanks with 4 other artists. We decided to start in 1915-1920, the birthera of tanks. This is the flag of the Order of the Triumvirate. The white shield represents the defense of purity and innocence. The black zweihander for marital prowess and the willingness to defend the purity and innocence of their country till extinction. A blue ribbon for valor on and off the field of battle. Three roads that lead to another, a symbol of the alliance of the kingdoms of Bristol, Arlington, and Mundelin. The field of orange for the vast crops grown upon the fertile ground of the Order of the Triumvirate.


The first tank of the Order of the Triumvirate, the T1 Bristol light tank.
Armament: T1 1in/25.4mm L/12 Tank Gun (Length of barrel is 12 calibers, or 12x1in=1ft)
Armor: 0.75in/19mm to 0.25in/6mm
Hull: 0.75in/0.5in/0.25in
Turret: 0.75in/0.75in/05in
Weight: 7.5 tons
Description: The T1 Bristol light tank was the first of its kind. It mounts a long barrel 1in gun for infantry support during charges. It puts puts along at an okay pace.

Due to the Order of the Triumvirate being made up of 3 different groups, each group will design tanks differently. The Bristol are French inspired, the Arlington will be American, while the Mundelin will be the Germans. I may sneak in some Swedish infulences later on.


I redrew the T1 Bristol LT and gave it a nice 3 tone camouflage consisting of orange, tan, and the stock white.


The 113th Jump Division is an invasion force. Jumping from cruising altitude or space, these Troopers are fallen angels. Angels with a vengeance.

Mechanical pencil, gel pen, and colored pencils.
32 minutes.

This was probably my most productive artistic day in a very long time.


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08 April 2019 - 09:38 PM

217th Guards Division

The 217th Guards Division remains on the homeworld of the Trinity. They are the last line of defense. "Till the last man, till the last round, till the last breath, we fight, we fight, WE FIGHT!"

1 hour. Mechanical pencil, gel pen, and colored pencils. 3x4.5in

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05 April 2019 - 03:24 PM

38th Relief Division

The 38th Relief Division are peacekeepers. Their mission is to clean up and maintain recently war ravaged sectors. They provide relief via medicine, food, water, clothing, homes, and other necessities for the war torn.
This Trooper is using the standard issue MR1 machine rifle with a built-in bipod and hybrid optics. Optics include a 4x magnification scope and non-magnifying holographic sight. His sling is missing from his rifle. Standard 30 round magazine is used.
The MR1 machine rifle is a rapid firing, low recoil weapon. The long barrel machine rifles of the Trinity Troopers is based on their axiom, "Every Trooper a machine gunner". All Troopers should carry a weapon with writhing firepower to suppress hostiles during advances and provide covering fire for retreats. The idea is also to wage psychological warfare when any enemy engages the Trinity, they have to deal with an army of machine guns.

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04 April 2019 - 10:12 AM

Warframe is by far the best loot shooter out there, there's a reason it's been going strong for 6 years now.


Destiny 1 took 3 DLC's before it was good, a full year. For Destiny 1, it took me a few weeks to finish all the content as each expansion came out. Then Destiny 2 came out while I was gone and deemed it wasn't worth the endless catching up to do as a timesink and moneysink.


As for Warframe, it took me 6 years to clear the Star Chart, in other words, complete every mission at least once. I didn't have to restart when I got home, I could enjoy 2 years of FREE content on top of the previous 4 years of free content on the same account/character.

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01 April 2019 - 07:49 PM

Seafaring orcs is quite unique I must say, never heard of anything like that before.

Looking great Nightstalker!