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LEGO Agents 8635 Mission 6: Mobile Command Center

Posted by Saber-Scorpion, 20 June 2008 · 11,534 views
When I first saw preview pictures of the new Agents sets, I wasn't expecting much. I never liked the Alpha Team line, and this basically looked like a re-hash of it. When I saw the sets in stores, however, I decided to go ahead and get the biggest set, since it included all of the minifigs: #8635 Mission 6: Mobile Command Center. I think it's safe...

LEGO Set Reviews: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Posted by Saber-Scorpion, 12 June 2008 · 4,276 views
I've been thinking about writing LEGO set reviews for quite some time now, since I typically buy at least half the sets they come out with every year. I was going to begin with detailed reviews of all the Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull sets along with a review of the movie, but I decided to just sum all of that up together in one...

LEGO Military, SW Republic Commando, and Shop Updates

Posted by Saber-Scorpion, 11 June 2008 · 5,552 views
SSL Update, LEGO, Shop, Decals and 1 more...
Boy, have I been busy lately. And yeah, I know I say that all the time, but I guess that's because I just keep getting more and more busy as time goes by. And I only expect it to get worse before it gets better. At any rate, I do have something to show for my efforts this time...

- In the LEGO section, you will now find a link to the Modern Military...

SYWBAA #103: Battle in the Clanhall, Pt. 2

Posted by Saber-Scorpion, 25 May 2008 · 1,689 views

Yeah, the werewolf design I made for my sister years ago is starting to show a little age. I started working on a better one, but without much luck so far...

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