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New Minifigs, Decals, & Weapons, and Tales of Wulfgard Vol. 1!

Posted by Saber-Scorpion, 19 July 2016 · 1,413 views
LEGO, Elder Scrolls, SSL Update and 11 more...
A ton of new minifigs, decals, and weapons have been added to the Shop! And, my sister Maegan and I have released a new ebook: a Wulfgard story collection called Tales of Wulfgard, Vol. 1! Please check it all out below:
In the Assorted Sci-Fi Section:
http://saber-scorpio...ooter_small.jpg http://saber-scorpion.com...

New Book & New Minifigs (Post-Apoc and Space Wars!)

Posted by Saber-Scorpion, 20 June 2016 · 1,281 views
Wulfgard, LEGO, Custom Minifigs and 6 more...
Today we have some new minifigs & decals in the Post-Apoc and Space Wars sections of the shop, plus a new Wulfgard book (Tales of Wulfgard, Vol. 1) now available for pre-order at Amazon! You can find all the details below...
New in the Post-Apoc section:

2 New Minifigs: Scorpion Commando and Hazmat Scientist V2

Posted by Saber-Scorpion, 04 June 2016 · 1,200 views
LEGO, Custom Minifigs, SSL Update and 3 more...
Two new minifigs this weekend! In the Modern Warfare category we have:
The Scorpion Commando! Featuring scorpion camo, commando vest, painted helmet, and randomized gun!
And in the Assorted Sci-Fi section:

New Post-Apoc Minifigs & Decals!

Posted by Saber-Scorpion, 28 May 2016 · 1,057 views
LEGO, Custom Minifigs, SSL Update and 3 more...
This week's update goes to the Post-Apoc section of the Shop! We have new minifigs & decals (androids!), plus more options on some items (like the Nuclear Mutant minifig, now back in stock!), and price reductions for the Power Suit minifigs! Check out the new items below...

New Minifigs: Superhero Red Mercenary & Villains

Posted by Saber-Scorpion, 21 May 2016 · 974 views
LEGO, Custom Minifigs, SSL Update and 3 more...
A couple of new minifigs & decal sets have been added to the Shop, in the Superheroes section : the Red Mercenary and Master of Fear minifigs, and their accompanying decal packs! Check them out!
Superhero Red Mercenary

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