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New Minifigs and Decals, and a Clearance Sale!

Posted by Saber-Scorpion, 19 September 2016 · 730 views

LEGO SSL Update Shop Minifigs Halo Fallout Star Wars
We've got new minifigs and decals in the Post-Apoc and Space Wars sections, some Alien Invasion minifigs HALF OFF on clearance, and other minor updates throughout the shop! Read on for more details...
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NEW AND IMPROVED: the Customizable Light Guardian and Dark Warrior! Lots of options to choose from to customize each one! Check 'em out!
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NEW MINIFIG: Dark Pureblood!
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NEW DECALS: Dark Masters, Dark Warriors, and Knights of the Light!
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New PREMIUM minifig: the Slaver Legion Legate!
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LIMITED QUANTITIES REMAINING: We only have around 10 of each Power Suit minifig (above) left in stock! Once they're gone, these minifigs won't be coming back! So grab 'em if you want 'em...
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Speaking of limited quantities, we only have between 2 and 11 of each of these Cyborg Warrior minifigs left in stock too, and we'd like to get rid of them, so now they're on CLEARANCE - 50% OFF! Each minifig is now $9.99, and again, once they're gone, they won't be coming back!
In addition to the above updates, there are also a few minor changes throughout the shop. The "Classic Yellow" and "Flesh Tone" options are now per-item instead of an order-wide button, and a few decal packs have changed prices. If you encounter any problems adding an item to your cart, please let us know! Shoot me an email or leave a comment below, or on one of our social media pages. Thanks!
Until next time...

People are scooping up the power armor already! Only 8 left of the T51 now...