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The Venture Bros.

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Posted 01 February 2016 - 02:56 AM

(As with all these mature-type animation works, language and some other things are present)




Gather 'round, old and young of SSLF, for I shall begin the discussion on [as]'s oldest, and (currently) longest-running show. That's not to say it's grown stale. It is one of the most awesome things that has ever existed, because the two guys in charge are the craziest lunatics in the entertainment business, only rivaled by Hideo Kojima.


So what is the Venture Bros.? I'll let Henchman 21/Gary explain (as far as Seasons 1-4 go):


Season 5(+Gargantua-2 special) has a recap all of its own (idk if this video works outside the US, I apologize if it doesn't, I can't find an alternative one.)


Or TL;DW: VB is an erstwhile parody of late 60s/early 70s cheaply animated Hannah-Barbera cartoons, but took on a dense mythology of its own as time went on.


The series is known for 3 things. I've already covered it for being [as]'s oldest original program and being literally the most awesome thing since sliced bread. But now to talk the 3rd part. This series takes forever to show up. It's been in production for nearly 14 years and since then it's only had a grand total of 65 episodes (5 seasons+ 2 specials). We average a new season roughly every 3 years.


So that's sorta why I'm opening up a topic about it now. Season 6 has finally started tonight.



Now, as for watching it, I only know of 4 routes to watch it (legitimately, that is). Live TV/DVR, DVD boxsets, various on demand services like google play, itunes, etc., or Hulu. It's one of the more troublesome series to find legitimately in this day and age. Hopefully that'll change soon.


Oh, and just to mark something on someone's checklist, Nathan Fillion has a recurring role in some of the later seasons as a Spiderman parody named Brown Widow.

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