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Fresh start

30 December 2018 - 09:32 AM

Greetings, earthclan.


There's a new year coming. 2019, and all that. Would anyone like to see a new Errant campaign, continue the current one that I've left dead for far too long, or... what?


Just getting some quick opinions and gauging interest levels for the time being. Discuss. :P


I have plans for a new patch and lots of changes and updates very soon, as well.

ZONE - Fort Slaughter ((A Dying Breed))

09 June 2018 - 07:50 PM

Fort Slaughter was certainly an intimidating sight... But not a terribly pleasant one.


At least, it wasn't pleasant unless the Venatori were eager to spend their days listening to the centurions shout at their legionnaires. Everything was remarkably clean - cleaner than they may have thought. But the legions had strict rules regarding cleanliness, and it certainly showed.


Athens and Lyneth came into a fort constructed of impressive walls and well-structured, perfectly aligned tents and small buildings. They quickly made their way toward the last contact of the missing Venatori: Centurion Tullus, who was busy patrolling and eying his troops as they trained.


He, a stern man with absolutely no hair, turned to face them as they approached. "Venatori, are you?" he said, seeming to not have terribly much interest. "Those monster hunters who have more interest in preserving the monsters than their victims? Didn't I just speak with two of you?"


They explained in brief, to which Tullus... had absolutely no alteration in his eternal scowl.


"I see," he said, and there was no alteration in his barking tone, either. "There's little doubt what happened, then. Those two left to make contact with a village of lion-folk just to the north of here. People have been disappearing, mostly toward the north, near that beastman village."


He arched a brow. "They should all be destroyed," he appended. "I suggest you don't waste your time, and your lives, trying to talk peace with those monsters. I can provide you with a full legion to go and slaughter them immediately."

ZONE - Dragon's Lair ((A Dying Breed))

01 June 2018 - 04:08 PM

The journey to Dragon's Lair was a quiet one, as they passed through some decently civilized portions of the Empire. They took the road through Stonebridge - though that resulted in a slight delay, as the troll under the bridge was overjoyed to see Caiden when he collected their tolls. The troll invited them for drinks in his home under that bridge, and Caiden said it would be unwise to refuse.


So the lot of them ended up sharing some surprisingly delicious ale with the enormous stone troll. He was an unintelligent fellow, but gentle and kind enough. It turned out his name was Krug.


Eventually, Krug did let them go, though not without giving Caiden a jug of the ale to go, which Caiden seemed to appreciate.


Upon reaching the city of Dragon's Lair itself, they were met with quite a sight: a city covered in dragons. Dragon statues flanked the main gate, guarded by soldiers and knights clad in armor decorated in red dragon heraldry and bearing wings on their helmets, with shields like wings as well.


The city itself was hardly different: dragon grotesques decorated the buildings, along with dragon gargoyles and other dragon motifs - and if not proper dragons, things generally at had least wings, fangs, horns, scales, claws or some other draconic feature worked into their designs.


Great banners of red, white, and gold flew everywhere, displaying the city's pride - and all of these displayed dragons as well. On their way to the castle, the Venatori passed by a massive statue of a knight, tall and incredibly handsome, with a helm shaped like a dragon head tucked under one arm. Behind him reared a massive statue of a dragon, wings on full display.


The plaque, for those who could read, said, "Sir Chrisanthos Fireblood Draconius, A Dragon of the Red and Founder of Dragon's Lair."

Onward they pressed through that breathtaking city, until at last they reached a castle equally as decorated in dragons as everything else around them. The knights there let them inside, where they were to hold an audience with Cristina Drake, one of the daughters of Warren Drake, who was apparently busy in Illikon.


She met them in the great hall, though she wasn't busying herself being seated in one of the chairs by the throne and holding a proper audience. She was properly beautiful, with chiseled features and long, brown hair worn in a bun at the back of her head.


Cristina simply gave the lot of them a nod after surveying them with her steely blue eyes - her gaze briefly lingering on Caiden, who offered a brief bow of his head.


"I assume you're all the follow-up to those first two Venatori," Cristina said, seeming to struggle not to sound rude. She succeeded, but her trouble doing so was apparent, and she almost seemed to wonder why she bothered.


"I don't have much information to offer you, so I'll tell you what I told them: locals in the western districts of the city claim they're hearing strange noises, always in the night. But no one's been hurt or gone missing, so - frankly - I'm not sure what business Venatori have muscling their way around Dragon's Lair trying to find more damage to cause..."


Her voice drifted slightly, and she folded her arms over the red dress she wore. She turned her face away from them briefly as if she hadn't wanted all that to come tumbling out.


Caiden took a step forward then, resting a hand on Cristina's shoulder for just a moment before letting it return to his side. She glanced at him for half a second and then back at the other monster hunters.


"You know we didn't mean for things to go that way," Caiden said gently.


Cristina folded her arms a little tighter. "I... can't know that, actually, Caiden. You were his friend... But I suppose it's not your fault what happened," she muttered under her breath, as if she didn't want to acknowledge that part.


She looked to all the assembled Venatori and finished, "That's all I know. I didn't put out any contract for Venatori - the locals in the western districts asked my father to, and he did. If you want more information, you'd best go speak with some of the citizens near the western gates, leading out to the coast and the swamps."

ZONE - Castle Greywatch (A Dying Breed - START)

18 May 2018 - 09:48 PM

Brennus frowned as a handful of Venatori stepped forward, some reluctant, others stepping up a bit faster - almost instantly.

A middle-aged Imperial with a short, brown beard stomped up to the fore, throwing back his hood.  “The order is burning, Brennus, and I don’t have the life left in me to stay and watch it.”  Before anyone could react, the Venator removed off his silver brooch, his cloak sliding to the floor like a wounded animal.  “I’m done fighting beastmen for table scraps and risking my neck for people who think we’re useless. This order was once great, but I have a life to think about. Gods be with you.” He glanced around the room. “All of you.”

With that, he left. The other Venatori who had stepped forward followed suit, removing their brooches and setting them on Brennus’s stage. A handful of them respectfully folded their cloaks and placed their brooches or belt buckles on top, rather than just letting them fall. Most of them left silently, or with a few words of parting. Some looked nervous, others looked determined, and the ones that were left simply looked frustrated.

A few loyal Venatori pleaded with them to stay or simply whispered amongst themselves while glancing sideways at the volunteers, especially Brennus himself… and Caiden. But there would be no dissuading those who intended to leave.

One former Venator even turned as he left. “The Venatori are finished,” he said. Many of the other Venatori in the room recognized him as a former criminal who had been forced into the order as part of his sentence. “And,” he added, “I’ll have fun hearin’ about all of you faffing about until the Empire disbands this useless bunch. But I ain’t gettin’ killed for it.”

All in all, more than a dozen Venatori had removed their cloaks and brooches on the spot.

For what felt like a long while, silence fell over the great hall. Brennus stood on the stage, a frown creasing his features. But, after another moment, he began to pace.

“Very well,” he said, calm and controlled. “Then each one of you are the ones who’ll get to the bottom of this. Here’s what we know…

“The Venatori now unaccounted for are Pellio of Krisa, Allan of Whitehorn, Loke of Pluton, Silvius of Appledale, Indigo of Deltalund, and Darin of Caltha. Six total. All partners, all went missing together in different regions. The following were their contracts and last known locations:

“Pellio of Krisa and Allan of Whitehorn were last seen around the Southwestern Wilds, north of Fort Slaughter. Their contract was to make contact with a camp of seemingly peaceful beastfolk who were being blamed by villagers for some killings in the area. They were going to make contact with a centurion at Fort Slaughter again when their work was done, and he was the one who let us know they have never returned. He was, most likely, the last one to see them alive.

“Loke of Pluton and Silvius of Appledale were last seen south of Kyjovia, in a small town at the foothills of the Jagged Edge. They were on a contract to hunt an unknown monster or group of monsters stealing livestock. Their last contact was a local in that farming town south of Kyjovia, a respected local elder.

“Indigo of Deltalund and Darin of Caltha were last seen around the wetlands south of Dragon’s Lair. They were on a contract to investigate sounds and sightings in the area… Some locals blamed vampires, others undead, and still others werewolves, making this potentially a very dangerous contract. They last made contact with Cristina Drake in Dragon’s Lair, but the contract itself was sent to us by locals, not by her.

“I’ve also made all the wings of this castle open, or at least the ones we still know how to open. There are some rooms in this castle even the Venatori haven’t ventured in for quite some time, and for all we know, something about what’s happening could be related to those long-locked rooms.

“Lastly… I have made personal chambers of every Venator open and available for investigation as well. No one will hide any secrets.”

From his place in the audience - standing, not sitting, muscular arms folded over his chest - Caiden narrowed his one eye. “You don’t have that authority,” he said, speaking for the first time since this meeting started. His tone edged on an aggressive growl, more than enough to give even Brennus pause.

“I do now,” Brennus said flatly. “Unless you would like to oppose it, Redfield?”

Caiden bristled worse.

“That seems suspicious,” Brennus added pointedly.

“You’re not our leader, Ravenstone,” Caiden answered. “No one is.”

“You, the one without a partner for months, is telling me this? The one who just showed up again after being gone, alone, for so long, breaking our codes? For all we know, you’ve broken multiple parts of the code. We may all have equal authority in theory, Redfield, but if we don’t… then you surely now have the least.”

Caiden set his jaw but didn’t say a word.

“If that’s all, then,” said Brennus, “you should, each of you, begin your investigation. The sooner we find whoever, or whatever, is behind this… the better.”

((Please let me know in the OOC discussion thread if you have any questions, concerns, or confusions (this includes any potential confusion on where to begin with your investigation).

Quick guide:

  • Pellio of Krisa & Allan of Whitehorn - Last seen around the Southwestern Wilds, north of Fort Slaughter. They were on a contract to make contact with a camp of seemingly peaceful beastfolk who were being blamed by villagers for some killings in the area. They were going to make contact with a centurion at Fort Slaughter again when their work was done; he was the last one to make contact with them.
  • Loke of Pluton & Silvius of Appledale - Last seen south of Kyjovia, in a small town at the foothills of the Jagged Edge. They were on a contract to hunt an unknown monster or group of monsters stealing livestock. They were going to make contact with a local in the small town south of Kyjovia; she was the last one to make contact with them.
  • Indigo of Deltalund & Darin of Caltha - Last seen around the wetlands south of Dragon’s Lair. They were on a contract to investigate sounds and sightings in the area. Some blamed vampires, others undead, and still others werewolves. They were to make contact with Cristina Drake in Dragon’s Lair; she was the last one to make contact with them.

Each of these Venatori have their own chambers in Castle Greywatch, but all once private Venatori chambers are now open due to the investigation.


Every wing of the castle is now also open. Some may not be as easy to get into as others.

The following is a list of areas within the castle:


Fun fact about the Venatori: they often refer to each other by their birth cities, especially as many of them do not have last names. More on this later.

And remember, never miss an opportunity to interact with your fellow players and with important NPCs. Most of all, though, have fun!))

A Dying Breed OOC - Rules, Character List, and Chat

18 May 2018 - 08:59 PM

This is the OOC topic for A Dying Breed. This thread contains the rules of the RPG, a character list with links to everyone's sheets, and conversations about what's going on.



A Dying Breed will run on the usual Errant rules, but here are a few refreshers.


Please note that you do not have an abilities list, but that doesn't mean there are no rules about what you can and cannot do...


I've tried to leave things more open, but when it comes to combat, general Errant rules apply. In combat, take only one action at a time. Always assume an enemy (or enemies) aren't cannon fodder unless I state otherwise. If you're allowed to instantly kill something in your post, I'll say so in the DM post.


This RP will potentially have boss fights. These boss fights have the same rules as any other fight, but your chances of being killed or critically injured are much higher, so be sure to think about your actions wisely.


That said, please always do something in your posts. This is meant to be a character-driven experience, so I encourage you to interact with other players and also with NPCs (companions or otherwise). I'm going to be trying to give everyone time to interact with each other, since interacting with other characters is - in my opinion - the most fun and important part of a RPG.


That, and this campaign will center on interaction, mystery, and intrigue. This is not a combat-focused RPG, though there will be combat at some points.


Your posts should always have at least one action or some dialogue so that you're doing something instead of just standing around thinking to yourself. No one can react to that, so it's really very pointless for a RPG. I'm also not taking eating, drinking, and sleeping into careful account, here, so don't focus too much on trying to end your posts doing something like that. If you sleep when everyone else is interacting, you aren't giving yourself a rested bonus, you're just missing out on the fun.  :P


If you have some form of magic or you are a unique race with special abilities, please consult me if you're confused as to what you can and cannot do. It's always better to ask than to assume and just make a post if it's something crazy. But hey - if you have magic, you probably can do something crazy! So just ask. :P Otherwise, use the wiki as needed to help.


If you receive a PM about this campaign, chances are it'll be in-character (I'll state otherwise if it isn't). I'll be PMing people information that only they are privy to, and it's their choice whether or not to share it with their fellow players. I may also have some interactions via PMs, so that players are not privy to those private interactions, either (if this happens, I'll specify this too, and if the conversation gets interrupted in-game the PM chain gets interrupted, also). If you want to keep something in-character secretive and drag one of my NPCs off to some private place, feel free to do so and then you can begin the PM chain. However, in-character PMing between players isn't permitted unless I'm also in the PM conversation (as DM, I have to know everything to give everyone the best experience).

Again, this shouldn't be used too often, as all players should be included when at all possible.


There will be no group penalties for people not posting, but if you get behind and want to catch up, please don't hesitate to just PM me and I can get you up to speed so you can get back in the game. It shouldn't be that hard to stay caught up with the RPG.




Feel free to discuss OOC here whatever you want.


The RP itself will be posted very shortly, later tonight.