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Official Scorp's Minifigs Topic

01 February 2018 - 05:22 PM

Due to website updates, most of the images in my old LEGO topics are broken, so I am starting a new topic to post any new custom LEGO minifigs that I share across social media (usually at least once a week).


The latest: Classic Doomguy vs. imps and zombiemen



The Random Video Game Stuff Thread

10 January 2018 - 09:14 PM

Only 90's kids will get this


Wulfgard LEGO

07 December 2017 - 12:27 PM

From now on, I'll be posting all the new Wulfgard LEGO stuff in here.
NEWEST (these are sort of work-in-progress):
Bomm, Dagfari, Brenna, and Vegnar. I would like to paint some gold highlights on Vegnar's armor and possibly Dagfari's hammer at some point... Also still looking for good hairpieces for when they take their helmets off.
november6_02.jpgBeetle riding! Vegnar is on a HerculesKhepridin, Dagfari on a his Atlas, and Brenna on her Rainbow Scarab.
Daemonique, Hanan al-Saffah, Lord Septimus Plutarch, and Minion
Victor Magnus
Caiden Voros
Venatori (Henryk of Pikeston and Gwen)
The Inquisition: Inquisitor, Ebonguards, and Channelers
Sir Tom Drake
VIGNETTE: Tom vs. Kye in the Tower Dungeon (scene from Knightfall)
More photos of this vignette in the spoiler tag:

VIGNETTE: The Wanderer, Joe, and Cynthia in the Waterfall Dungeon
More photos of this vig inside the spoiler:


30 October 2017 - 04:58 PM

Just for fun.


For best results, pick as few multiple options as possible.


No wimping out on the last one though. Pick the one most important to you.

Gwent, Hearthstone, and other silly card games

28 October 2017 - 01:36 PM

I know everyone who visits SSLF was a huge fan of my Scorp's Thread for RPGs No One Else Plays, so now it's time for Scorp's Thread for Card Games No One Else Plays!


In here I will ramble about card game crap to hear the echoes of my text bounce off the walls of the Internet. I will mostly talk about Gwent and Hearthstone, probably, maybe with some Elder Scrolls Legends just for the heck of it.


Here is my current favorite Hearthstone deck: the Taunt Quest Warrior (EDIT: Now very very slightly updated!)






Now, this deck is gonna be pretty impossible to make unless you're willing to spend real money, or else you've just been free-2-play'ing FOREVER, like I have. But all you really need to get started is Fire Plume's Heart, which is the Warrior Quest. I think it costs 1600 dust to craft. After that, you should be able to climb through the low ranks using whatever taunt minions you have in your collection, though you'll want to craft a Brawl or 2 as soon as possible. The Fire Plume quest always appears in your starting hand, and you play it on your first turn. Then, after you've summoned 7 minions with Taunt, you'll get Sulfuras (the hammer of Ragnaros), a 4/2 weapon that changes your hero power to "Deal 8 Damage to a Random Enemy" for the rest of the game.


The thing I like best about this deck is its simplicity. Not too much of that "thinking" crap for you, no sir. Just keep laying down those big, fat Taunt minions until you finish that quest, equip Sulfuras, and then your goal for the rest of the game simply becomes: clear the board as much as you can on each turn, and then always use your hero power. Eventually you will kill them.


Since ALL of your minions taunt, this is very good against Aggro decks, and since you have plenty of board-clear cards, it's good against Control decks too. The only Aggro deck that gives it trouble is Hunter, who is very strong right now. The way you can try to get around the pure face-damage of the Hunter is to mulligan your quest at the start of the game. Yes, you read that right - just toss it aside. That gives you at least 1 extra card to hopefully control the board long enough to wear the hunter down. Because once a hunter's wasted most of his cards smashing up against your Taunts, he'll be running on empty and just quit. As long as you can hold out, you'll never need Sulfuras from the quest, so don't even try for it.


There are still some decks that cause trouble. First are Mages, who can freeze your minions, deal direct damage to your face with spells (ignoring your taunts), and stay alive using Ice Block and Armor. Luckily Mage is not in the meta right now, so you won't meet many. The trick against mages is to hit their face as hard as you can, as fast as you can. Same with Priests, because one of the top decks in the meta right now is "Highlander Priest" (so called because "There can be only one!" of each card in their deck), and once the Highlander priest has everything set up to their advantage (having played Raza the Chained and Shadowreaper Anduin), it's almost impossible to stop their onslaught. You might consider running Dirty Rat to try to draw out Highlander Priest's Raza without triggering its Battlecry effect (which breaks the priest's entire game plan), but that's kinda risky, and I don't have Dirty Rat, so I haven't tried it.


Man, I hate Priest players...


Anyway, otherwise, just remember not to waste your board-clear cards (Brawl and Sleep with the Fishes) until you absolutely have to use them, and use your "damage all minions" cards (Ravaging Ghoul, Blood Razor, & Primordial Drake) to draw more cards with Acolyte & Battle Rage, and to armor up with Armorsmith, and to clear the board via Sleep with the Fishes, and of course to Execute big threats. It's all about saving, controlling, and enduring until you get Sulfuras, and then go all-out on attack.


Of course I've only ever gotten to Rank 10 in Ranked Standard, so what the heck do I know about it? Anyway, that's all. Enjoy. :P