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ROLEPLAY: Over the Sea - Part 1

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Posted 28 July 2010 - 08:26 AM

Aries looked around looking around at the Dragon, parts of it were broken, and mangled. As if it had just been through a battle with something inhuman
At the sound of Roland's question he stopped his inspecting of the Dragon.

“Shall you remain with us, friends? We will be more victorious than ever before with our skills and crews combined.”

He thought the question over. He was loyal but he also wanted to live with all of his limbs; thinking that was what Aquilonis was going to do, or worse. Aries then started to speak, "I will follow you, Sir Aquilonis." he said, barely trying to hide his disgust.
He despised Aquilonis, and found him rather unworthy to lead a ship. But he wanted to live so he said what had to be said. He would "serve" Aquilonis and obey his orders, but he secretly still followed Roland as his captain.
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Posted 28 July 2010 - 03:30 PM

With the crew of the Seal deciding their allegiances, Will could not help but feel like his fears surrounding Ilan's fate were rational.
After all, what else but a destroyed ship could make a brave band of adventures seek refuge in the arms of their enemies?
Watching the familiar faces of the crew he was once a part of, a heavy feeling sunk into his heart. Could it be true? He didn't want to think about it.

Maybe he could find a consoling face in the crowd, or someone who had seen Ilan prior to whatever disaster had caused Roland's crew to come to Nate on their knees.

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Posted 13 August 2010 - 12:43 AM

Aquilonis watched as the perplexed Roland was hauled off by Sir William, shrugging innocently.
"I, ah... seem to have forgotten about that little detail," he said. "Oh well."

"A paladin's gonna do what a paladin's gonna do, isn't that right, mate?" remarked Flint, who seemed to be mildly pleased by this development.

"That's right - except when he's giving orders on my ship."

"Too true, that."

"Alright, you lot, having you along seems to work out well enough, even if a few of you seem to be rather... crabby," said Elektra, who was returning to them from her conversation with Captain Ghalib, gaining the attention of the adventurers present. "Captain Ghalib," she nodded to the helmeted Southerner who gave a little smile and a wave to all of them, "has agreed to show us the way to the settlement he hails from."

"It is but a short distance," said the Southerner. "We should be there momentarily."

"Damn good to hear," remarked Fintan.

"Then let us cast off immediately. I will see you when we arrive in port."

With that, Ghalib returned to his own ship. The priestess of Selket had a few brief parting words with Aquilonis before she too departed. The boarding ramp was taken back up, though it left behind some nasty marks where the spikes had latched onto the Dragon's deck, which Fintan scowled at in disapproval.

"I hope he's gonna pay fer fixin' those..." muttered the dwarf.

"Relax, Finny," replied Aquilonis, showing a confident grin. "By the time we're back in Illikon, we'll be so rich that we could pay for a whole new ship."

Fintan huffed. "Believe that when I see it, kid... but here's hopin' yer right, fer once."


The adventurers of both Aquilonis and Roland's crews had been forced to stand silently by while their captains shook hands and agreed to an alliance... but that was before Roland was hauled off by the Imperial Paladin, Sir William. Whether or not this would incite anger in the crew remained to be seen, for as it was, all that most of them could think about at this point was either getting rest or getting to port... or both.

Sir Nathaniel Aquilonis openly took no responsibility for Roland's arrest, laying all of the blame upon Sir William's shoulders, but nor did he seem terribly upset by it, and nor did he try to in any way contest Roland's capture. Although those from the Seal may take time to get used to the younger, knighted captain being in charge, it was clear from Nathan's demeanor that he was happy to have all the help he could get - and that he was making a fast recovery from the poison, what with the help of the Southerner priestess.

What none of them realized was what yet awaited them. In mere minutes they were sailing in the wake of Captain Ghalib's ship, bound for the unknown Southerner port, somewhere far out at sea. Some wondered if these men, who they originally took as corsairs, were even friends at all, despite what they had done for Aquilonis. Questions were flying this way and that on the deck of The Golden Dragon. Whether they seemed to be allies or not, could they really be trusted?
Alas, everyone knew at this point how far they were from the mainland... many days and many nights. They needed supplies and they needed rest, making a settlement a welcome sight for such weary travelers. There was no turning back.

So far they had faced vikings, rival captains, mutiny, betrayal, and sea monsters... but what if that was only the beginning?

To be continued...


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