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07 April 2017 - 11:38 AM


Name: Siduil Flintjaw



Welcome aboard! I shall message you how I will work you in later tonight.

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06 April 2017 - 12:33 PM

I know some of you have posted but just for official-ness sake: The RP Has Started!


If anyone else wants to join I will be leaving the sign-ups open so just feel free to PM me or post here!

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05 April 2017 - 08:57 AM

Here's a very late, last-minute sign-up. Sorry about that. :P
Name: Runi

Worked out better, my jetlag has been causing me to fall behind on getting my main post up. Fortunately I made time for it today so there's that.


Faelor felt a tap on his shoulder, making him pause raising the tankard to his lips. He turned and found himself staring at an older man cloaked in what appeared to be wolf skins. The elf raised an eyebrow as he looked. For a moment the two stared at each other before Faelor broke the silence.

"I assume you want to join the crew?" he ventured. The wolf-man nodded. Faelor shrugged, muttering something about what harm was there in another member wanting to possibly fall of the edge. It was apparent the alcohol had taken ahold. He produced the parchment of names and notes and took down the man's name.

"Welcome aboard," he said as he finished writing. Beside the man's name was a small note of 'old, but looks handy in a pinch.' He looked up at the man. "The ship is the Sun Chaser, she's hard to miss. We leave at dawn."

In Topic: [OOC] Wulfgard: World's Edge

04 April 2017 - 01:07 PM

Sorry about the delay, jetlag is a bugger.



Name: Sir Gisburn “Guy” of Pikeston



Faelor looked the man up and down, mentally noting everything he could immediately see about the man. The elf was a bit confused as to why a man of his caliber would join them on the quest. Granted the captain seemed to be taking all sorts aboard, he glanced to the side where the woman from the east was standing. The elf mentally shrugged and focused on the man standing in front of him.


"There's hard work, but if you feel up to the task, welcome aboard." Faelor wrote the man's down and explained where the ship was and what time they would set sail.


I'm hoping I've just jumped in in time!


Name: Adrienna De’Maravanne



Just in time!


The young woman in front of Faelor was bubbling with energy, her appearance seemed to fit what most would think of a bard. Faelor noted with despair that in many ways, her energy felt similar to Wilhelm's. A small part of Faelor silently screamed as he considered the idea of 2 Wilhelm's (not counting Shauni who seemed to take on the eccentric captain's style). Before he could speak, however, another voice spoke up.


"She'll fit in nicely!" came the jolly voice of Wilhelm from behind him. Faelor rolled his eyes and wrote down the woman's name,


"Welcome to our merry band!" Wilhelm continued.


Faelor looked down the list and reread many of his little notes about each member of the new crew. He had seen worse and he had seen far, far better. However, beggars could not be choosers and with Wilhelm as the captain, they would take on most anything that was breathing. Except Maurice. Faelor shoved the disturbing memory aside and focused on the crew. They seemed worthy enough, he knew complaining would not yield any results and contented himself with an ale to drown his concerns.




Welcome aboard everyone! I'll get the starting post up sometime tonight and we'll set sail!


If anyone else wants to join in, just PM me and we'll work ya in with no problem!

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23 March 2017 - 01:17 PM

Yeah, I know... but it's just not for me, sorry. Maybe you're right and the movie is technically good, even great... but



To jump in




If anything I recommend seeing it if there's a cheap theater, I personally thought it was an amazing film. Just everything about it worked so well and it personally felt like the best superhero movie because it moved away from the normal formula and brought something entirely new to the table that was well-executed. Which is kinda refreshing in the modern era where there's a super hero film every 6 months at this rate and it's getting really stale, really fast.