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#482556 Let's Play! (Or watch video games on Youtube)

Posted by assassinfred on 02 February 2017 - 03:48 PM

So streaming Overwatch doesn't work too well for me, because my internet is crap and trying to both run a multiplayer game and stream at once just leads to dropped frames and an unplayable ping a lot of the time. I've recorded a few sessions, but going back to do editing (I don't like dumping the unedited, non-live footage) hasn't been something I've had a lot of time to do.


That being said, I can stream single-player games okay, but I've found I'm not that entertaining when trying to do commentary on my own. If anyone would be up for joining me in commenting/deriding me to the audience as I flounder through random games, I'd love to give that a whirl; maintaining a skype voice call while streaming should, I hope, still be within the realm of what my connection can handle


You could use Discord instead. It doesn't lag you like Skype does and is supposed to be used in conjunction with gaming and has specific stream settings.

#479819 The music topic for serfs and peasants

Posted by assassinfred on 13 November 2016 - 03:02 AM




#478295 The Pokemon Thread

Posted by assassinfred on 08 October 2016 - 03:11 PM

Also Freddy, I would say my opinion is more valid than yours because I'm SSLF Pokemon Champion. :P

It all makes sense now. You don't like Megas because my Mega Gallade swept your team, traumatizing you so much you had to resort to a stall team the next time around.

Good times.

#476538 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio, #Straya

Posted by assassinfred on 23 August 2016 - 11:02 AM

But Occy, how can Australia be the best sporting nation on Earth if they can't even win in real sports, aka winter sports?

In all seriousness, I wasn't expecting Canada to crack the top 10 of the Summer Games, but I think we did well.

The Winter Olympics is in a couple of years in South Korea, and then we'll see who's laughing.

#476097 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio, #Straya

Posted by assassinfred on 14 August 2016 - 06:32 PM

Currently watching some field hockey, figuring as an avid regular hockey fan I could follow it.

Man, was I wrong. There are some bizarre rules in field hockey, like these things called "penalty corners".

Basically, in a pentalty corner, the offense lines up outside the circle area around the bet and wait for the ball to come from the corner (akin to a corner kick in soccer). That isn't the weird part. The weird part is the defenders all crowding inside the net and being given big glove things and basically being an additional four goalies.

That, and if the ball touches your foot the other team gets possession are basically the only two rules I've picked up.

Wait. Someone just got a green card which means he needs to sit out for two minutes and give the other team a man advantage. It's basically a power play. Now there's a rule I can understand.

Apparently the Kiwis are big on this sport, though, as both the commentators are Kiwi, the refs seem to be Kiwi, and the game I'm currently watching is the Quarter Finals between Germany and New Zealand.

#475952 The Video Game News Thread

Posted by assassinfred on 10 August 2016 - 05:16 PM

That's pretty much a textbook false dichotomy right there, eye-searing colour combinations are not the only possible alternative to grey and brown, don't pretend they are, games like The Witcher 3 and Overwatch make heavy use of a broad colour palette without being nasty to look at. Some of the planets in NMS are legitimately hideous, and actually hurt my eyes to look at for extended periods of time, due to visual overload, this isn't a good a thing for gameplay or a pleasant user experience.

I mean, when trillions of worlds are randomly generated, you're bound to have some eyesores. I don't know why that comes as a surprise to some people.

Besides, if you end up on an eyesore world you could just restart and end up somewhere else. The odds of you starting on the same world twice is incredibly slim.

#475893 The Pokemon Thread

Posted by assassinfred on 09 August 2016 - 08:27 PM

Looks like I'm rocking two Ghost types on da story team. Damn that monkey is fine.

EDIT: Sadly it looks like these are fake. Harambe was the name of the gorills that was killed which makes that ability a savage meme.

#475888 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio, #Straya

Posted by assassinfred on 09 August 2016 - 07:53 PM

Occy watching the Olympics on the Canadian feed.


#475804 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio, #Straya

Posted by assassinfred on 08 August 2016 - 09:00 PM

Considering that Canada was barely on the rugby map not that long ago, I think winning a Bronze in 7's is a true testamennt to how far our rugby program has come.

Regardless, summer sports are for wusses. Real athletes compete in -20 or on tiny metal blades attached to the feet. But the realest athletes compete while holding sticks on tiny metal blades shooting a chunk of rubber in the net. Or are curlers. Curlers are real athletes too.

#475794 The Video Game News Thread

Posted by assassinfred on 08 August 2016 - 05:37 PM

I don't want consoles to be modular, because I frankly don't care how good a game looks if I hate the gameplay or can't get invested in it.

I like consoles BECAUSE they're simple, not despite it. I like the feeling of a controller over a mouse and keyboard (and yes, I know I could use a controller on PC too). I like that for as long as I own that console, I'm going to have games that work on them without having to upgrade.

I'm a simple man. If I can play my game and have fun, I'm happy. If I can play my game while also telling a story, I'm happy. Everything else is a bonus. In my opinion, that's the way gaming should be, but I digress.

I'd also like to point out that there are many games I play on PC too, but I play those games because I like them and there's a reason I haven't invested in a supercomputer yet. I don't care about the highest end if I don't like the game to begin with.

#475471 The Pokemon Thread

Posted by assassinfred on 02 August 2016 - 12:37 PM

Anyone who says anything other than Rowlet is wrong, tbh.

1. It's an owl, and owls are awesome.
2. It's also an archer, that uses it's wings as a bow. That's rad, man.
3. It's Grass/Flying, which only the Jumpluff line and Tropius share with it.
4. It's all this, and still an owl.


#475171 The Video Game News Thread

Posted by assassinfred on 29 July 2016 - 03:52 PM

That dock thing actually makes total sense and, like Occy said, a very Nintendo way of doing things. Also if those rumoured specs are true the NX is pretty dang powerful for a supposed handheld.

But again, I'll keep my hype somewhat reserved until I actually see what this thing looks like and how it works.

#475059 The Pokemon Thread

Posted by assassinfred on 28 July 2016 - 11:42 PM



Either I didn't know Rayquaza could learn Aeroblast, or that's Hyper Beam. 


G/S/C's animation for Aeroblast was fantastic, but game animation and anime animation aren't the same thing.

#475026 The Video Game News Thread

Posted by assassinfred on 28 July 2016 - 04:22 PM

See, here's the thing. You can criticize Nintendo all you want from a business standpoint (Lord knows they've made some questionable business decisions in the past), but like Hawk said, Nintendo's name sells products. They flopped on the WiiU, sure, but they've dominated the handheld market for years to the point where no one else is really even trying to compete with them there anymore. All it takes for Nintendo to make back their losses in one product, game, whatever. They know that if the right games get announced there are people who will pay to play it. Heck, I bought a 3DS for the sole purpose of playing Pokemon X and Y, and while I don't have much more than that still, it has definitely gotten me wanting more games for it. Besides, this is the company that has gotten people to spend hundreds of dollars on Amiibos of all things. It really only takes one product for them.

Nintendo might not always have the best business decisions, but you can't fault them for trying new things. Sometimes, that doesn't always work (like the WiiU), but sometimes it works great (The Wii, DS, 3DS, Amiibos). We'll have to see which side of the spectrum the NX falls on, but all I know is, combining their console development pool with their handheld development pool sounds like a pretty good idea to me, especially if they aren't getting much third party support.

#473961 The Pokemon Thread

Posted by assassinfred on 11 July 2016 - 03:01 PM

They'd make plenty more selling external batteries for phones, probably. GO eats up a lot of battery life rather quickly...

Sadly, I'd probably buy a Pokemon Go battery pack.