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ROLEPLAY: Over the Sea - Part 2

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Posted 14 December 2010 - 04:32 AM

Sir Nathan Aquilonis paced about on the deck of the Dragon, his eyes downcast and his arms crossed. He heard the hammers of Fintan and Flint, both of whom were busy trying to repair the ship.

Some of the commotion died down as Fintan dropped his work and approached the Captain. “Alright, tell me what’s botherin’ you now, kid.”

Nate shot him a glance. “Nothing.”

Fintan huffed. “I’m not stupid. You’re worried ‘bout Elektra, aren’t ya?”

Aquilonis paused before answering, “Of course I am. You know that crew – they’re crazy, all of them. For all I know they’ve already tried to kill her.”

“Or Roland has.”

“I’m not worried about Roland,” Nate said dismissively, turning his back on Fintan and looking out across the jungle.

“Uh-huh, I’ll bet. So what now?”

There was another brief pause before Nathan replied, “I’m going after her.”

Fintan soured up again. “Goin’ after her? Are you nuts? It’s dangerous enough trompin’ out there with a group o’ mutineers, but alone?

“What choice do I have?”

“You could stay here an’ repair the ship.” Fintan retorted immediately.

Aquilonis frowned at him. “I can’t do that, not while she’s out there with that murderous excuse for a crew and gods know what else.”

“Dammit, Nate, when will you ever learn that you always regret these heroics? Elektra’s a big girl, she can take care o’ herself – she’s certainly done it before!”

“I – I can’t do it responsibly!” Aquilonis answered, sounding frustrated. “I’m the Captain, I’m supposed to look after my crew!”

“You don’t have a damn crew!”

“I have you and Elektra – and if that really is all I have, then that makes you two all the more important!” Nate reached for a rope, but Fintan grabbed his wrist with surprising swiftness, making him halt and return the dwarf’s gaze.

“Don’t do this, kid,” he said in a low tone that was surprisingly soft for his gruff voice. “I don’t want yer death on my conscience.”

“It won’t be,” replied Nate, pointedly tightening his grip upon the rope. “It’ll be on mine.”

“Y’know, every time you do somethin’ like this, you regret it.”

“Then I’ll regret it.”

The two stared at each other. Fintan sighed heavily and released his grip, moving away from Aquilonis, who stood with the rope in his hand.

“I can hear you fussin’ already.”

“So can I,” said Nathan, sounding dejected as he tossed one end of the rope over the edge of the ship, “but I’ll feel like crap either way.” Fintan waited to watch him disembark, but Nate hesitated, looking back at him. “It just doesn’t feel right letting her go out there alone with that group.”

“Yeah, stop tryin’ to justify it,” Fintan said disdainfully. “Go on. The sooner you leave, the sooner you get back. Oh, an’ keep an eye out for the treasure, why don’t ya? Y’know, the stuff we came here for?”

Nate smirked. “C’mon,” he replied, “I always do.” He then leapt over the side of the ship, lowering himself to the shore using the rope.

Fintan suddenly called after him, “And this time you could bring it back, too!”

“Wish me luck, Finny,” was all Nathan said in reply as he began his walk toward the foreboding tropical forest.

“I jus’ wish you had some sense!” retorted the dwarf, and Nate simply raised a hand and waved back at him before disappearing into the dense foliage and shadows of the jungle.

Fintan watched him go, brow furrowed and face creased with a dark scowl. Why the hell was he so hardheaded? Every time he did this – every time! – he did nothing but fuss when he came back… if he did come back. Sometimes Fintan or Elektra or someone even had to go out looking for him, and if that happened, then what?

Why couldn’t he ever just listen?

Fintan sighed… then muttered, “Good luck, kid.”

Flint suddenly stepped up alongside him, looking down at the dwarf with his one eye. “What was that all about?”

Fintan just glanced up at him, huffed, and then turned on his heel, going back to work on the ship. Flint, after one glance over to the jungle, shrugged and did the same.


The adventurers dashed through the forest, all of them managing a surprisingly quick pace in an attempt to escape the serpent. Although Roland was still ahead of them, they were gaining on him swiftly. Ryan and Anya both called out inquiries to Elektra, who dared not glance back at them during her run for fear of traps.

Instead she simply called out in reply, sounding frightened and agitated, "How the hell should I know!?"

By some miracle, no hidden traps had yet been sprung by the adventurers. Just as they saw they may be nearing a clearing ahead, and they could see Roland halted and crouched near the edge of it, however, they heard that familiar, deathly noise…

Novak had been charging wildly after Elektra, as had everyone else. A small rope at the base of a tree he passed eluded his sight... but, upon hearing it snap, it did not elude his reflexes.
With the speed of a cat he ducked and rolled forward, managing to avoid the spikes entirely and rise, unharmed, to his feet. Alas, a scream of pain and the sickening sound of the spikes being embedded in someone's flesh were nonetheless heard. Hadrian, who had been following Novak, was now quite impaled upon the trap and had been killed suddenly. There was nothing they could do.

Fenric, meanwhile, had tossed a fireball back at the bushes around the feathered serpent. Many risked a quick glance back upon hearing his crackling fire... but what they saw only created further fear and alarm.
The feathered serpent simply turned his yellow-eyed gaze to the burning shrubbery. Staring at it, hissing, the eyes of the giant snake began to let off a freakish glow... and the fire suddenly began to shrink and extinguish. Though it left behind some charred foliage, the flame had simply... disappeared, even without the aid of water.

But now the feathered serpent was long since out of sight. Elektra had stopped at the edge of the clearing alongside Roland, stooping low to the jungle floor as he had in an attempt to not draw attention, and the adventurers soon followed suit.

Most all of them were watching their tracks carefully, waiting for any sign of the magical beast. For a long while they gazed, however, and nothing came. Perhaps it was safe... for now.

Roland was completely disinterested in what exactly had caused the others to flee so suddenly, for his eyes were upon the clearing in the forest ahead. "Look," he whispered, nodding toward it.

Turning their gaze to the clearing, the adventurers beheld a chilling sight. It was a somewhat small village of squareish, grey stone buildings - they were not very crudely crafted, to the surprise of the explorers, but the inhabitants of the village were far more startling than the settlement itself.

Assembled about in the village was a large group of native warriors. Their skin was of a rather reddish hue, what the Southerners had rightfully called 'copper,' and their hair was raven black. Their beardless faces were either decorated with colorful face paint or concealed by elaborate tribal masks, although several wore animal headdresses...
Such as the eagle. A native carrying a long spear, wearing meager leather bands for armor, and bearing a large, white eagle headdress approached one who seemed to be the leader, kneeling deeply before him. The man to whom he knelt was rather hunched, making him shorter than many of the strong warriors around him, and he wore a great wooden mask painted many colors, which concealed his entire head from view and replaced his face with one large and inhuman, bearing great, round eyes and teeth eternally set in a frightful grimace. Down his back was draped a long cloak of colorful feathers...

And, in the hands of the masked elder, was a golden idol of the finest craftsmanship.

Perhaps most surprising of all about the settlement, however, was the dead and bloodied corpse of a native warrior, a peaceful expression on his face, lying at the center of the assembly.

The eagle warrior spoke strange words to the elder, whose large mask stared at him with empty eyes. Many of the adventurers were still attempting to make out the details of the idol the elder held, but he retracted it quickly into his cloak as the eagle warrior fell silent, which he draped about his shoulders to conceal the item from view - much to the disappointment of many adventurers present.

More words were exchanged, none of which the adventurers could understand. Suddenly, at one barked phrase from the gravelly voice of the masked man, the warriors were at attention. The idol-carrying leader then began to move off, heading toward the dense jungle that lay off to the right of the village. They watched as the troupe - which consisted of perhaps twenty-five or thirty armed warriors - moved cautiously forward around him, keeping the elder well surrounded by their battle-ready ranks.

Soon, all of the natives had disappeared once more. Now all was silent, leaving the tired adventurers seemingly alone.

"The idol," Roland muttered, rubbing his mustache as he mused, looking greatly interested. No one else spoke.

Many of them were still looking at the village of stone buildings. It seemed entirely deserted now that the soldiers had left, save for the corpse of one of their number. From here, they could not tell how he had died.

"Well," muttered Elektra, "that was... interesting." She glanced about at the group. "I suggest we avoid this place and keep following the natives.”

"Rubbish," hissed Roland. "There could be many interesting things in this settlement. Do you not want to know why this native lays dead, even while so many of his fellows seemed on guard? Why are there no villagers? Who knows what treasures could lie inside, waiting to be found?"

Elektra just looked at him and remained silent. Roland instead turned hopefully to the adventurers, waiting for their responses…

And he suddenly declared, “Where is that old man? Theriot, or whatever his name was?”

The adventurers were confused. They looked about among their number, but Theriot the Recluse was nowhere to be found. No one had heard a trap catch him – but where had he gone?

While indeed a curiosity, this was hardly their primary concern. A rustling bush nearby made several of them start, reminding them of the possibility that the feathered serpent might still on their tracks. They should either keep moving or get into the open where they couldn’t be ambushed.

But would they go into the village and investigate, or would they continue following the natives and avoid the village altogether?


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Posted 14 December 2010 - 05:36 AM

"I'm simply curious as to how that fellow there died, once I've found that out, I'm not sticking around. I know what you're thinking Roland, I think we all do, but to steal the natives' idol before even ensuring our own vessel is seaworthy is a foolish thing to do. They've lived here all their lives, we're only visiting, they probably have an ambush set up, and at the very least know every nook and cranny in this jungle. If you attempt to steal their idol, you're on your own."

Usually, Lloyd didn't talk much, his depressing life hadn't given him much room for it. However, when big issues like this came up, Lloyd would almost always make his voice heard. His words being said, Lloyd began to move forward, to the stone village, keeping an expirienced eye out for traps and ambushes in the treacherous jungles the natives called home.

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Posted 14 December 2010 - 05:47 AM

When Dhamid saw the golden idol in the old man's hands, his terror at the sight of the snake monster vanished. All of the chaos, fear, and death that had brought them to this point would not be in vain if they could retrieve that idol. It was now his top priority. The southerner barely spared a thought as to why a native warrior lay dead, and immediately began planning how to get past the warriors to the idol.

Suddenly, the old man shifted the idol out of sight, and the warriors began moving away from the village. Dhamid resisted the urge to leap up and chase them, and he turned back to the group. Elektra wanted them to follow the men, and Roland wanted them to stay at the village. Dhamid offered his own plan. "I suggest we follow the warriors. We were not very quiet when we ran through the woods, so the natives probably heard us. They may have correctly guessed why we are here, and I believe they are moving the idol to a secure location. We must pursue them at once, before they are lost to us. We should send scouts up ahead to warn us of any traps or ambushes, and the rest of us should hurry along behind them." The southerner took a moment to recall that this was not an army like his familiar one in Kemhet, and they would most likely debate the next course of action until the opportunity was lost. He spoke again, "Choose swiftly, or they will escape. We cannot afford to waste time. That idol may make our friends' deaths worth at least something!"

Then out spake brave Horatius,

The Captain of the Gate:

"To every man upon this earth Death cometh soon or late.

And how can man die better

Than facing fearful odds,

For the ashes of his fathers,

And the temples of his gods."


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Posted 14 December 2010 - 06:08 AM

Vailin's eyes were fixed on the idol's location. "What a treasure," he muttered to himself. A wide smile spread across his face. "A treasure that could sell for quite a bit of gold, I would imagine." The night elf subtley loaded his hand crossbow, keeping it at his side. If the one holding the idol was to try anything, Vailin would be the first to kill him. More importantly, he would be the first to lay hands on the artifact.

The assassin approached Elektra and whispered into her ear, "I'll be in the trees, making sure none of them attempt an attack from above. I'll manage to keep following the group, don't worry." He walked backwards, making sure none of the savages were watching. He looked all around, and, satisfied none of them was watching, he slipped behind the tree and starting climbing nimbly. There was a large branch twenty feet up that he perched on, one hand holding the crossbow and the other gripping his sword.

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Posted 14 December 2010 - 08:39 AM

"I say to avoid the village. There could be unknown horrors waiting in there as well. It would be safest to just follow the natives." Alatania said, hoping they wouldn't go into the village. The village gave her a feeling of worry, and made her weary of it.
"That is a secret!"

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Posted 14 December 2010 - 08:45 AM

Kanen stroked his chin thoughtfully while observing the dead man, the strange masks and headdresses, and the expertly crafted idol. It pained Kanen being so ignorant about these people. The dead man seemed so peaceful, like he had actually given consent to being killed. What did the face paints and masks represent for the people? Kanen desired so badly to find a way to communicate with the people.

Drawing himself out of his knowledge-seeking fantasies and addressed the matter at hand. "I believe the wisest course of action would be to follow the group. If we interlope into the village, they will just be furious with us for trespassing and raiding their homes. We have to follow them, but not be sneaky. If we sneak up on them or try to conceal ourselves and they detect us, they will assume we're trying to gain the upper hand on them for an attack. They may set up a trap or ambush us.
"But, if we don't try to sneak up on them, we may find a way to communicate with them. We may even be able to trade something for that idol, without having to take it by force."

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Posted 15 December 2010 - 03:28 AM

Lloyd was not far when he heard Kenen's last sentence, so he hurried back to tell him is opinion.

"Trade something for the idol? If you were a native and your most prized and worshiped possession was being threatened by the presence of strange men, some pale some dark, would you give it up? I most certainly wouldn't. All the same, it would be nice to make friends with them, but it probably wouldn't be a good idea to approach the group carrying their idol. It'd be asking for trouble, trouble we don't need right now. Another thing no one seems to have heard from my earlier words.", he paused and raised his voice slightly," The ship is not seaworthy yet. Even if we did steal their idol, they could easily find us and kill us while we're stuck on this gods-forsaken island!"

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Posted 15 December 2010 - 05:50 PM

Jacob, who had been walking with the crew this hole time but had not said a word, looked at the idol boredly. He then looked to Roland and commented, "It would be wise to not fiddle with religious objects we don't quite understand."

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Posted 15 December 2010 - 10:40 PM

'How the hell should I know!?' Came Elektra's response.

'Charming.' Anya muttered, before screwing up her eyes as another scream came from somewhere behind her. Not daring to look back, she focused on the people ahead of her. Soon, the jungle cleared, and they saw an strange scene. Anya watched as the natives moved on from the village, her eyes tracking the elder with the idol.
On the one hand, she desperately wanted to follow the elder and his treasure, but on the other hand, the thought of the two corpses left in the jungle made her weary of moving back into the treeline. Eventually, she reached a desicion.
'We should stay here. That was one very pretty trinket, no doubt, but is is worth risking death for?' She paused. 'I used to think so, but now...'


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Posted 16 December 2010 - 01:38 AM

Vala was still sweating, and her heart beat like a kettledrum. Moments ago they were fleeing from yet another abomination of a reptile, and it was probably still on their trail. It's radiant eyes had left a mark on Vala's soul; a nagging feeling that this snake was something to fear even more than any sea serpent. Yet now people were bickering about the native's golden idol and how to aquire it. Vala's blood boiled. All these deaths, all this... loss, for what? Gold!?

"This island is trying to kill us! It is killing us! No golden trinket is worth dying for, and those... monsters sure as hell won't let us escape this accursed place alive if we steal it from them!"

She looked back into the jungle where they came from, half-expecting the snake do lunge at them from the trees. Then she looked at the corpse in the village. The feeling of hopelessness overwhelmed Vala. What are we going to do? We'll die, one by one, no matter what! The sea, this island, it makes no difference. I should never have left Illikon...

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Posted 17 December 2010 - 01:06 AM

"How the hell should I know!?" was Elektra's reply.

Ryan muttered, "It was a simple yes or no question."

When they arrived at the village, Ryan put his hands on top of his head and took deep breaths. He coughed, and continued. Though he had no idea what the people were saying, the idol caught his eye. He simply shrugged it off in his mind, though most of his companions seemed to be greedy thieves. Yeesh, risk your life in a jungle, and then furthermore by trying to steal a gold idol?

"This island is trying to kill us! It is killing us! No golden trinket is worth dying for, and those... monsters sure as hell won't let us escape this accursed place alive if we steal it from them!"

"Exactly what she said; gold isn't a rare and exotic thing in the mainlands, perhaps the craftsmenship catches your eye, but a small thing as that is nothing to risk your life over... Well, I see the majority of this lot might be overcome by greed for a piece of gold, but I am against it."

He said this in a calm voice; he didn't want to insinuate anyone of being greedy.

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Posted 17 December 2010 - 02:54 AM

"True, it would be wisest not to try and get the idol," Kanen concurred. "But we should still try and talk with the people. If anyone has any jewelry or trinkets, we could offer it to them as a token of peace. They may be willing to help us, if no one does anything stupid."

Kanen paused, as hearing himself say that last statement gave him a minor epiphany.

"On second thought, we should just leave."

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Posted 29 December 2010 - 01:25 PM

As soon as Cutter knew his fellow adventurers had headed into the forest, and away from him, he took off through the brush, carrying a makeshift spear of a branch, trying to be quiet in case a few of them had backtracked. He should have told them about his condition, but he felt like they would have thrown him overboard at first chance. At least Aquilonis had settled the conflict with the other Werewolf... and here was Aquilonis himself. Cutter ducked down as Aquilonis rushed passed, seemingly concerned about something.
Cutter took off at a quick pace, following the captain, making deliberate noises on the brush.

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