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Saber-Scorpion's Lair News Blog > New Stuff Report, Contest, and More!

Posted 27 June 2018

I really need to update my news blog more often! I'm always adding new stuff, so I hope you're following me on social media! There are new big social media links right on the home page , so check 'em out.
First of all, please check out the new CONTEST!
All you have to d...

Wulfgard > Tales of Wulfgard, Vol. 1 now in Paperback! And, the comic continues...

Posted 19 June 2018

Tales of Wulfgard, Vol. 1 is now available in paperback format for only $9.99! And it looks great:
It looks and feels much nicer than the ebook to me, but I'm oldschool. If you'd rather have the digital version, it's still available from Saber-...

Saber-Scorpion's Lair News Blog > Webcomic, New Shop Stuff, & Holiday Deals

Posted 24 November 2017

The webcomic's back, there's new stuff in the shop, and holiday deals are here! See the full post: http://saber-scorpio...ew-stuff-deals/

Saber-Scorpion's Lair News Blog > New Stuff Report #2, Monster Month, and Inktober!

Posted 10 October 2017

Lots of new stuff in the shop, Monster Month begins, and I'm doing #inktober! See the full post here: http://saber-scorpio...2-and-inktober/

Saber-Scorpion's Lair News Blog > New Stuff Report: End of Summer 2017

Posted 04 September 2017

I’ve been neglecting to update the news blog lately – sorry about that! But if you follow any of our social media accounts (the buttons can be found at the very bottom of the shop), then you know I have been busy posting new minifigs and stickers almost every week!
For a big list of stuff that's been added to the shop since the last upd...