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Merek deGray

My cousins flying Tie Fighters and what do I get sanitation duty.
Dec 31 2015 12:35 PM
  • Mr. Skeli'n's Photo
    Mr. Skeli'n
    Someone steal your kessinnamon roll?
    Dec 31 2015 03:33 PM
  • Merek deGray's Photo
    Merek deGray
    How did you know?
    Dec 31 2015 06:55 PM
  • Merek deGray's Photo
    Merek deGray
    I left it in the interrogation room so me and my friend went to go get it,but Kylo was throwing a fit in there so we turned around and came back when he was done but the kessinnamon roll was gone.
    Dec 31 2015 07:04 PM