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X-Men: Days of Future Past

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Posted 03 June 2014 - 08:11 AM

k, I meant to go and see Godzilla today and X-Men ended up happening instead, but X-Men was pretty great so overall I'm OK with it. I believe I've seen all the X-Mens now, even though I've never been a big fan of the X-Men themselves. I was always under the impression that I liked the first movie the best until I actually watched it again, so thesedays I think I'm on Team X2 with the rest of you (even though I really don't like the whole ending thing with the dam and Stryker's weird daughter/son). I think X3 is awful, Wolverine's standalone was even worse, First Class was pretty solidly mediocre outside of Fassbender and McAvoy (who I still think are perfectly cast), and all I remember from Wolverine 2 is when that Dirtbike Ninja falls into Wolverine's random combine harvester thing that he found in a snowy Japanese village. That and Hugh Jackman's gross veins. And that crazy tall Japanese lady. So, in short, I guess X2 sticks out in my mind as the best of all the movies, but I could still kinda take it or leave it, y'know?


Days of Future Past, though? I think it's pretty sweet. Definitely the best of the bunch, in my opinion that might be safely-ignorable because I'm not a huge X-Men fan or nothin'. I think this movie alone does a better job at establishing the X-Men... movie universe, I guess, than the entire rest of the movie series taken together. By tying the best parts of the 'present' X-Men 'verse (i.e. the main crew we know and love, plus a pretty girl with awesome Portal-ing powers [we'll get to that bit later]) with the best bits of the 'past' one (i.e. Fassbender and McAvoy's smouldering sexual tension, with almost every other lame mutant from that movie gone or relegated to minor cameos), and tastefully painting in subtle details that outline the fifty years of history between them, I honestly think they finally nailed the bigger picture they've obviously been trying for all these years. It feels like they went down the Marvel Studios route of embracing the source material rather than cringing away from it, embarrassed to be making a comic book movie. Not just the original Days of Future Past storyline, either, but everything that comes with being in a comic book universe, warts and all. Early on, Professor X casually mentions, "I didn't have my powers in 1973", and I could just imagine a little note at the bottom corner of the screen saying "*See Issue #163 for details, dear readers. Excelsior!"


Before we drop the spoiler gate, I just want to say that the action scenes were absolutely wonderful, a complete surprise with Quicksilver and the Portal girl (I think her name was Blink?) being standout highlights. Everyone there is so comfortable with their characters by this point that the only weak links to be found are the occasional supporting cast members (and they come and go so quickly that it ain't even a thang). They painted Mystique the right colour this time, and fixed her ridiculous receding hairline from First Class while they were at it; the six inches of leg-length that J-Law Mystique lacks compared to Raven Romijn can't really be helped, but they did at least bring back her old fighting style from the first two movies and it's as delightfully ludicrous as ever. Fassbender's dropped the Irish lilt from First Class, in favour of a spot-on Ian McKellen impression, but, weirdly, Ian McKellen does kind of an American accent in his future scenes and I have no idea why. And, despite all my protestations about the X-Men not being my go-to superheroes, I couldn't help tearing up a little at the final scene. If there's a post-credits scene I didn't see it, because they didn't put it in the middle of the credits (where it gosh darn well belongs) and I just can't sit and wait through the full ten minutes just for a little stinger that'll show up on Youtube anyway. k spoilers!



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Posted 03 June 2014 - 02:56 PM

I loved this movie. This is the best superhero movie since the Dark Knight, hands down. I might even like it more. This makes the Avengers look like dog poop.


This is the best Wolverine has ever been in a movie. Fassbender and McAvoy are incredible. The dumb mutants from First Class are gone. Mystique makes a great centerpiece for the plot, without Jennifer Lawrence having to talk or be visible most of the time (she feels like the only miscast character in this movie). The relationship between Magneto and Xavier is perfectly portrayed, and the symmetry between the future and past plots is absolutely beautiful. The visuals and action are great. The only downside is the occasional bad line, but overall the movie is so bouncing in your seat awesome that it's easy to overlook that stuff.


Quicksilver is very cool, Peter Dinklage does a great job playing a villain who isn't the epitome of evil, and the more minor mutants in the film all greatly complement the main cast.

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Posted 05 June 2014 - 03:06 PM

So I've seen both of the X-Men Prequel-Sequels now, and they were pretty good!
I think I'll mention again that the X-Men have always been my favorite superheroes. Most of what I know about superheroes comes from watching the 90's cartoons of Batman, Spider-Man, and X-Men as a kid. And even though Batman: The Animated Series was indisputably the best of those cartoons, the X-Men were my favorite characters. And I still think the mutation story is the best and simplest and most believable excuse to have a ton of superheroes and villains around, and it makes for a really good central conflict. Much more interesting than, say, "oh no, silly-looking aliens are invading."
So anyway, it took me about half the movie to warm up to it, but in the end I really liked First Class. First I had to get over my fanboy sperging though. "Mystique was the first mutant Xavier ever met, and they grew up together?? Why is she here but they couldn't use the REAL original X-Men???" etc. But the Xavier/Magneto dynamic was really enjoyable, and I liked the portrayals of Beast and Banshee as well. And Hunger Games Mystique was okay, even if she'll never match up to Rebecca Romijn (dat cameo...). It was a way better movie than X3 or either of the Wolverine movies (even though "The Wolverine" was actually pretty decent, IMO).
Days of Future Past was even better. My only quibbles were:


But yeah, really good movie otherwise. The Xavier/Magneto dynamic was still just as good, the action scenes in the future were awesome (gee, I think someone played Portal), and Mystique actually got to act a little bit like Mystique this time and kick some butt (though not half as well as Rebecca, obviously - I think Ocelot mentioned the leg issue). Man, were we wrong about Quicksilver from those early shots - he still looked silly, but he was a ton of fun, and I almost wish he'd stuck around. I appreciate the fact that they limited the story to fewer characters though, even if I didn't appreciate the manner in which some of the others were removed.


And best of all, of course,

Now can we just get a fun sequel where all of the X-Men kick some ass together? Please? :P Maybe then you can get me to admit anything has topped X2. Maybe.




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Posted 07 June 2014 - 03:33 PM

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