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Posted 01 April 2008 - 09:23 AM

NOTE: Your first post must be approved by a moderator. We do this to keep out spam bots. You may post anywhere, but I suggest the Introduce Yourself topic. Once your first post is approved, you will be able to post freely without requiring further approval.

The Saber-Scorpion's Lair Forums Code of Conduct (CoC)
In order to keep anyone from losing interest, I'll make this as short as possible.

Do not break these rules and PLEASE REPORT people who do!

1: Play Nice! No flaming, no trolling, and no thread-crapping. Be respectful to other users and their interests. Try to keep a positive attitude, not a negative or sarcastic one. Do not be too critical of our younger members and their posts. Always show respect to your fellow members, but especially mods and admins.

2: Keep it Clean! We do our best to keep SSLF free and relaxed, but also as family-friendly as possible. There are kids here. DO NOT post (or link to) anything that would qualify as "adults only." Also, watch your language! No profanity, vulgarity, or slurs against any race, nationality, religion, etc. Certain words are allowed only in the role-playing and writing boards for atmosphere, but even there should be used sparingly. Keep all writing rated PG-13 at most. (For more specifics about the mature content rule, read this post).

3: No Advertising. You may post a link to your personal website in your profile and your signature, and you may link to certain web pages when they are relevant to the topic. You may NOT post a brand new thread or send mass private messages to advertise for a particular site, or even a particular topic on this forum.


4: No politics. This is an entertainment forum. Talking politics is currently not allowed even in the Cantina Nova. There are plenty of other websites where you can talk about things like that.

5: No Alternate Accounts. Only one account is allowed per person. You may only make a second account if it is for your sibling or someone else who lives in your household. If you would like a name change, ask an Administrator or buy Nova Membership (Novas can change their own names).

6: No Posting for Banned Members. If someone has been banned from the site, it is up to the Admins and Mods whether they are allowed back. So if someone is currently banned, don't post anything on their behalf. You can be warned for this.


If you see someone breaking the rules... then use the "Report" button in the lower right-hand corner of the post to mark that post for moderator review. An admin or mod will check that post and enforce the rules as needed. If this does not get results, you can send a PM (Personal Message) to an admin or mod asking about it. Feel free to ask us about anything; we're here to help.

DO NOT "play moderator" yourself by telling the rule-breaker all the things he has done wrong. You can be warned for playing mod. Don't start arguments or feed the trolls. Just report the post and let the real mods handle it.

IF YOU BREAK THE RULES... then you will be warned, and usually suspended for a short time, by a moderator. The number of warns you have received appears under your profile info to the left of your posts. How many warn points you receive for breaking the rules, how long it takes them to disappear, and how long you are suspended, depends on the severity of your actions.

Five (5) warns is the ban point. If you manage to accumulate 5 or more warn points, then you might be banned at any time. If you are permanently banned, the only way to come back is to contact Maverick-Werewolf (the Forums Administrator) directly and ask her to reconsider.



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Posted 02 April 2008 - 12:41 PM


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is a little thing called the Help file: http://forums.saber-...ore&module=help
Go there for any technical questions. This topic is for stuff you can't find there.
If you have any questions that are not answered here, try asking in this topic.
How do I post images?
This question gets asked a lot, so here are some detailed instructions:

  • Make sure your image is saved in one of these file formats: .jpg .jpeg .gif or .png  If it's a very high-resolution photo, you may also want to size it down to something more reasonable, like 1000 to 2000 pixels wide.
  • Upload your image to a file-hosting service on the Internet. A popular one here on SSLF is majhost.com, which is a good simple service, though sometimes it goes offline for periods of time. For quick, temporary uploads (the images may disappear after a while), try imgur. For LEGO images, there is brickshelf.com, MOCpages, or Flickr (which also allows other photos). If your image is at all related to Wulfgard or Nova Refuge or the content of this website in general, you may use our gallery system.
  • Once the image is uploaded to the Internet, you need to find out its URL (web address). To do this, right-click on the image in your web browser. If you are using Google Chrome, simply click "Copy image URL" in the drop-down menu that appears. In Firefox, click "Copy Image Location". In Internet Explorer, click on "Properties", and then highlight the Address (URL), and click Ctrl+C on your keyboard to copy it.
  • Now that the URL is in your computer's clipboard, go back to the forum and start typing up your post. To insert the image, click the Image button at the top of the post window (picture.png) and press Ctrl+V on your keyboard to paste in the URL. Then click OK.
  • That's it! The image should now be visible in your post!

I've been BANNED! What can I do?
Contact Maverick-Werewolf (the Forums Administrator) and perhaps something can be worked out, unless you were banned for a major offense, in which case you will just have to find a different forum.

Where is the General Discussion board for talking about random stuff?
The only 100% General Discussion board is the Cantina Nova, which is accessible to Nova Members only. It's listed right below this board on the index.

Can I change my name?
Only Nova Members can edit their own Display Name (log in name does not change), and they can only do it twice in a 30 day period. If you are a Freebie and need your name changed, contact an admin or moderator.

What are the member groups?
Freebies - This is the rank all new members start with once their first post is approved.
Nova Members - Nova Members have access to the Cantina Nova general discussion board, alternate skins, and many other special forum features. Anyone who has spent at least $10 in my shop or donated $10 to the site is entitled to Nova Membership. Just ask me via PM or email. For more info on the difference between Freebies and Nova Members, check the About Nova Membership topic.
Moderators - Mods have the power to warn and punish members, and to move, edit, lock, and delete posts and topics. New mods are rarely promoted. They are selected by the admins from the most trusted forum members.

Admins - There are only three admins. The first me, Saber-Scorpion. My title is Webmaster because I mostly work on the website. My sister Maverick-Werewolf is the Forums Administrator, so she is the one you should contact about forum-related issues. Our brother Ryan is also an admin, although he rarely visits. :P
Other Groups - There are a few other groups floating around. Some of them are joke groups available to Nova Members during April Fools Days (like the pink-colored Princesses).



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Posted 21 April 2008 - 09:12 AM

About the Gallery

SSLF is now equipped with a gallery system! You can access it by clicking the Gallery tab at the top of the screen.


The gallery is for uploading images related to Nova Refuge and Wulfgard! You can use it to show off your LEGO creations, fan art, avatar/sig graphics, and the like. Please note, however that the same rules that apply in posts apply in the gallery, and you may only upload material related to Nova Refuge or Wulfgard. I don't have quite enough space or bandwidth on my little server to host all the kinds of images you want to post on the Internet! For those random types of images, there are plenty of free image hosts out there. Also, due to my limited space, please try to keep file sizes low by sizing your images DOWN and saving them as JPGs whenever possible! Thanks!

There are a few other limitations to your usage of the gallery as well, depending on your member group:

Maximum Total Diskspace: 30 MB
Maximum Individual File Size: 2 MB (2000 KB)
Maximum Number of Albums: 5
Maximum Number of Images per Album: 20

Maximum Total Diskspace: 80 MB
Maximum Individual File Size: 3 MB (3000 KB)
Maximum Number of Albums: no limit
Maximum Number of Images per Album: no limit

If you're having trouble staying under the limits, try sizing your images DOWN and saving them as compressed JPG's whenever possible.




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Posted 16 May 2010 - 09:52 AM


Glossary of Acronyms and Terms
A list of acronyms unique to this forum alone. For more general Internet acronyms, try searching Google: http://www.google.co...ternet acronyms

LOTF = The Legend of the Five, my sister Werewolf's primary series of Wulfgard novels.

NR = Nova Refuge, my sci-fi universe: www.novarefuge.com

ODB = The Old Drawing Board, the older name for our friendly Art & Writing section here on the forums.

SSLF = Saber-Scorpion's Lair Forums. That's where you are right now. SSL is the main website, Saber-Scorpion's Lair.

SYWBAA = So You Wanna Be An Adventurer?, a comical fantasy LEGO comic I started in 2006 (unfinished).

TLOSS = The Legend of Saber-Scorpion, my primary series of Nova Refuge novels.

TTOM = The Takeover of Mordark, my LEGO comic set in Nova Refuge.

WOLM = War of the LEGO Minifigs, the LEGO comics I co-authored with Xerxes_Fett in 2004 & 2005.

WG = A lazy person's way of saying Wulfgard. As of the time of this post I am not sure if people are actually using this acronym, but I figured I would beat them to the punch.

G4 = Globejumper 4, the role-playing board here on the forums, which is itself a reference to my first novel, G4M3: Shattered Reality.


LEGO-specific Acronyms

AFOL = Adult Fan of LEGO. A similar one is TFOL (Teen Fan of LEGO) or just FOL.


CMF = Collectible MiniFig. The minifigs sold individually in random blind-bags.


SNOT = Studs Not On Top. Most advanced builders use techniques where the bricks are not simply stacked on top of each other, but may be angle sideways or even upside-down.


Greebling = Yeah, it's not really an acronym, but greebling means the little random detailing on, for example, a starship's unarmored sections.


Role-Playing Acronyms

DM or GM = Dungeon Master or Game Master. The dude or dudette running the game.


Godmoding = "God mode" in a video game is a cheat code that makes your character invincible. In role-playing it means something similar, and may even involve one role-player taking control of another player's character and putting words in his mouth. Sometimes spelled godmodding for some annoying reason.


RP = Role Playing. People like to call the forum-based RPG's on SSLF just "RP's", which annoys me slightly, but there you go. :P


OOC = Out Of Character. Used when role-playing to refer to a comment made by the poster, not the character they are playing. Usually marked with double parentheses, like so: ((OOC: Don't split the party, guys!))


OP = Overpowered. Some people like their RPG's to be balanced, so no player has a character that is more powerful than everyone else's. A DM may reduce or "nerf" the power of an OP character. On the other hand, an increase in a character's power is called a "buff".




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Posted 06 March 2011 - 06:35 AM


Clarification on Cursing and Mature Content

The limitation on cursing varies depending on place and usage. The following is a clarification of when and where such words are appropriate, if ever.

For Use Anywhere, Sparingly:
Mild curse words may be used anywhere on SSLF so long as they are used sparingly. If your post contains a series of such words, it may be flagged as offensive, and you could receive a warn & suspension.

Examples of mild curse words (click the spoiler button to see):



For Use in Writing & Role-Playing:
Some curse words may only be used in Globejumper 4 (the Role Playing board) and the Schola Templaria (the Art & Writing board) if you feel it is necessary for the atmosphere of your story. This basically means any words more profane than the "mild" ones listed above, but NOT included in the Banned list below.


PLEASE NOTE that any such words should still be used in moderation. Try to exercise restraint and find other, more creative ways for your characters to express themselves. Especially avoid having a character use certain inflammatory words in reference to another character's gender, race, sexuality, etc.


The basic rule for all stories and RPG's is that you should try to keep them rated PG-13 at most. The MPAA's definition of PG-13 is as follows:



If you are not sure whether something you have written is too explicit, please PM the questionable passages to a mod or admin (especially myself or Maverick-Werewolf), so we can OK it before you post it.



You MAY NOT use banned curse words anywhere on the forums. Doing so will result in a warn and/or ban.

Banned words are any words that...

  • would only be heard in an R-rated movie.
  • have a crude sexual meaning (including the "F word" and alternate words for genitals, or any censored form thereof [f*** and variants]).
  • are slurs against any group, race, religion, etc.

Most such words will be automatically filtered by the forum system and replaced with a silly alternative. If you notice one of the words in your post has been filtered, edit the word out of your post. You might still be warned for cursing even if the forum's filter caught them.



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Posted 11 May 2011 - 05:18 AM


What are tags?
Tags are little icons that go under your profile beside every post. You can select them in the My Settings screen, under Profile options. They are located near the bottom. Just choose a faction from the Nova Refuge and Wulfgard drop-down menus.
To leave either tag blank, just choose the "I_deserve_to_be_banned" option. No, you won't be banned for choosing this. But if you leave both tags entirely blank, you probably deserve to be. tongue.gif

Wulfgard tags:

Imperial.png - The Empire is governed by the benevolent Emperor Doraius I, who seeks to bring about world peace through the power of Imperial Law. The disciplined Imperial legions are an almost unstoppable fighting force who have conquered most of the land West of the Jagged Edge.
Illikon.png - Illikon is one of the richest port cities of the Achaean Empire, located in the wild Northwest. It is home to Sir Tom Drake and his friends, the protagonists of Wulfgard: Knightfall.
Paladin.png - The elite personal knights of the Emperor, the Paladins serve as his sword and voice. With his personal favor, each Paladin has the power to take command of armies and mete out justice as they see fit, all in the name of the Emperor.
Templar.png - The knights of the Imperial Temple, the Templars serve Astra Aeterna and keep the peace between the Olympian Temples. Holy warriors, they are sworn to battle demons, undead, and other unholy creatures wherever they may find them.
Venator.png - The Venatori ("Hunters") are an order of skilled woodsmen founded long ago by the Empire to hunt down and slay monsters. Using special swords, magical trinkets, potions, and more, they fight lycanthropes, beastfolk, and any other inhuman monstrosity that threatens the innocent.
Inquisitor.png - The Inquisition's main goal is to contain the chaotic and destructive forces of magic. To this end, they seek out those born with magical Gifts and imprison them in their great island fortress, Karak Du Vide. Armed with black anti-magic Void Iron, they are master mage hunters.
Northrim.png - The wild and chaotic land of Northrim is home to many varied "barbarian" tribes who continue to struggle against the encroaching Empire to the south of them. Theirs is a culture built around warfare, individual heroism, and the belief in a glorious death on the battlefield.
Bjorning.png - Also called the "Great Bear Tribe," the Bjornings are perhaps the largest and most influential kingdom in Northrim, based out of their fortress-city of Bjornburg. They are an important part of the United Tribes who seek to drive back the Empire.
Frost_Raven.png - The Frost Ravens are a primitive and nomadic tribe of Northrim who are known and feared even in the Empire for their fierce and brutal fighting skills. They use fear to break the spirits of their enemies, then charge in for the slaughter.
Magister.png - The Council of Magi is an extremely secretive organization which seeks to find and train young mages before either the Inquisition captures them, or they give in to the lure of the Dark Arts. No one knows exactly how they operate, but they are rumored to have a great tower library hidden deep in the Jagged Edge.
Hidden.png - The Hidden are the Council of Magi's darker cousin. They seek forbidden knowledge, to use the power of demons and twist death magic to their will. Operating in the criminal underworld, they use a scythe-shaped mark under the eye as their symbol.
Silent_Messenger.png - The Silent Messengers are the deadliest group of assassins West of the Jagged Edge. Leaving a solid black dagger as their calling card, they use death to "send a message" for their employers. Mostly operating in the Empire and the South, they are led by the infamous Hanan al-Saffah.
Army_of_Chaos.png - Led by Surt (God of Fire and Lord of the Sons of Muspell), the Armies of Chaos include the many types of Jotnar (giants) and their foul creations, the Chaos Races (goblins, hobgoblins, orcs, ogres, etc.), along with many other monsters. Prophecy says that one day these armies will bring about Ragnarok, the war that will kill the gods and end the world.
Blackbloods.png - The Blackbloods are a group of fanatical monster hunters who use foul alchemy to gain monster-like abilities in order to fight them on their own terms. To do this, they consume the blood and hearts of their foes, giving their blood a black color, along with other terrifying side-effects.
Iron_Gauntlet.png - The Iron Gauntlet is a merchants' guild founded by the Dwarves to protect their interests on the surface world, controlling the trade of dwarven goods and metals (Deepsilver, Void Iron, etc.) with an iron fist, hence the name. Their enforcers are some of the best-equipped soldiers in the world.
race_Dvergar.png - Dvergar ("dwarves") are a stout and sturdy race gifted by the gods in the art of earth-shaping and craftsmanship. They delve beneath the mountains for rare metals, which they forge into the finest weapons and armor in the mortal realms.
race_Alfar.png - Alfar ("elves") are a beautiful, immortal race, usually dwelling in hidden places of the earth, considering themselves far beyond the affairs of mortals. There are many races of Alfar, some high and holy, others dark and malevolent.
Werewolf.png - Among the most feared beings in all the mortal realms, the cursed Werewolves are all that remains of the now-forgotten race of Wolf Shfiters, who once ruled the world, giving it the name of Wulfgard. They have lost their dominion, but they have not lost their strength nor their fury.
"I deserve to be banned" - blank (no, you will not be banned just for choosing this, no matter how much you deserve it)

Nova Refuge tags:
Xarkon.png - Xarkon is one of the wealthiest Human factions in Nova Refuge. Ruled by an emperor, they are a militaristic nation that believe in constantly testing themselves in fair and honorable combat against a worthy foe.
Victory.png - Victory is Xarkon's main rival. A republic, they are governed by a parliament. Unlike Xarkon, preserving peace is their highest goal. They are the creators and defenders of CONON, the Council of Nations of Novaterra.
Grimm.png - Grimm's Army is a band of mercenaries created and led by former Victorian officer Eric Grimm I. Based out of the Grim Isles on Terra Nova, they have spread their influence throughout the underbelly of Human Space, selling their services to the highest bidder.
Zygbar.png - Zygbar is the poorest of the "Big Four" Human nations, but they are resilient fighters who will do whatever it takes to achieve victory. Their current leader is Chancellor Roscoe O'Donnell, who rules through a campaign of propaganda, and has allied them with their former enemy, Xarkon.
Yavakaro.png - Yavakaro is a wealthy Human nation allied with Victory. Ruled by the mysterious Council of Six, whose identities are a secret, they prefer to reign supreme in the arenas of commerce and diplomacy rather than the battlefield, but their advanced military technology should not be underestimated.
Helexith.png - A great empire forged by the Mahlok long before Humanity arrived, Helexith governs over a third of the galaxy. Their leader is Zuhaxellod, who claims to be an avatar of the god Helexith. The Mahlok use this lie to keep the Slashrim race under their heel, since the Slashrim are their slaves and soldiers.
Harmony.png - The High Council of Harmony was formed when the Sarran and Achmer races allied to fight off their mutual enemy, the Helexith Empire. Every planet in Harmony space sends a representative to the High Council, which decides their course of action. Harmony peaceably rules a third of Nova Refuge.
Black_Network.png - The Black Network is a galaxy-wide crime syndicate that controls most of the high-level criminal activity in Human Space from the shadows. Their shadowy tendrils even stretch into Native space, and they seem to know everything about everyone. Their ranks are named after Black chess-pieces.
Blackwings.png - A band of rebel Sarran who broke away from Harmony during the Xenocide War in order to fight Humanity using what some might label 'terrorist actions.' They earned their name from their original leader, a rare black-winged Sarran. One of his sons still leads the Blackwings.
Ravager.png - Those Slashrim who rebel against the power of Helexith to become freelance raiders are labeled "Ravagers" by the Mahlok. Thought to be savage and uncontrollable, many Ravagers have nevertheless flocked to the banner of the revolutionary Slashrim leader Vasha Greeshakk.
Red_School.png - An ostracized school of Achmer that is no longer part of the High Council of Harmony, the Red School is composed of exiles from many different schools. They are revolutionary thinkers, willing to take great risks and push or break intergalactic laws in order to make scientific breakthroughs.
Hub_Authority.png - A multi-species diplomatic organization formed to protect the HUB System founded by the Achmer, the Hub Authority protects neutral space and makes sure that all species are treated equally there. Members are known for being harsh but fair, and utterly unbiased toward their own individual species.
race_Achmer.png - One of the Native species of Nova Refuge, a highly intellectual aquatic race that relies on their advanced technology to live outside the sea and interact with the other races.
race_Mahlok.png - One of the Native species of Nova Refuge, the Mahlok are a humanoid people known for their power over fire and their warlike nature, constantly seeking to conquer more of Nova Refuge.
race_Sarran.png - One of the Native species of Nova Refuge, the Sarran are a humanoid people known for their grace, psionic abilities, and their coldly aloof disregard for the welfare of other species.
race_Skrakki.png - One of the Native species of Nova Refuge, the Skrakki are an insectoid race that has been plaguing the galaxy for centuries, spreading from planet to planet, decimating entire systems.
race_Slashrim.png - One of the Native species of Nova Refuge, the Slashrim are a savage race known for their brutality and unending growth - they are always growing larger, gaining more claws, teeth, and horns. Most serve Helexith, indoctrinated through the Mahlok's corruption of their religion, but some have broken free.
"I deserve to be banned" - blank (no, you will not be banned just for choosing this, no matter how much you deserve it)

More about these factions can be found on the Nova Refuge and Wulfgard websites!



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