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#486148 Ask Questions and Report Bugs Here

Posted by The Arbiter on 03 December 2017 - 11:27 AM

Hey Scorp,

I can't access the MOC galleries. I want to look at some old figure galleries but it seems all the links are down. 

#483786 Wulfgard: World's Edge

Posted by The Arbiter on 06 April 2017 - 07:57 AM


Theme Of The Young Seafarer


The Roost. The Crow's Nest. The Lookout Tower. Atop the highest point of the mast, confined to essentially and oversized bucket, Shauni Sunchaser proudly manned her station. Since no other pirate had the stature (or desire) to work in such a solemn spot, the girl had essentially converted the nest into her little watching spot. There were tiny sacks filled with dried jerkies and sugared candies from the mainland. The insides had been used as canvas to draw: there were pictures of every original crew member plastered on the planks, with a more detailed version of Shauni and her best friend Basil drawn bigger than life.


Shauni used her spyglass not to look out to sea but rather to spy on the newest additions onboard, casually drawing them on the few empty spots with colored sticks of wax.


There was the white haired one, clinging to the taffrail, ready to vomit whenever the sea lurched their boat too violently. Her coattail would rapidly flap in the wind like the sails themselves to show off of her sword strapped to her rear. Shauni made sure to draw the sword in her picture, even though she hadn't seen her use it all. Her outfit didn't seem to provide her with pockets; where was she keeping her gear?


Besides the Woman of White, there were a few more motley fellows: a sellsword encased in armor, with a crossbow twice the size of Shauni's. There was a fat man robed in furs, with gilded equipment: gold weapons and gold jewelry; she would steal what she could from him when he inevitably hibernated. Shauni doubled up on wax sticks when drawing his rotund body, enlarging it to comical proportions.


There was a masked woman, sulking to herself - a complete mystery to the pirate child. Sunchaser doubled up on her colors to get the mask right, but it came to look more like a skull atop a nun's body. Oh well.


There were also two more additions: a young lady with a gorgeous (and valuable) stringed-instrument and Faelor's gwandpa, the oldest man on board wrapped in multiple wolf furs. Thankfully they all had pockets and bags and satchels, ripe for disappearing when the time came to it.


Now finished with her new gallery of crew members, Shauni extended her spyglass out to the open sea to look for any landmarks or problems. Thankfully it was open, rolling blue waves out to the horizon. Having met her quota for work, Shauni removed her cap to let her unruly orange hair catch some sunlight - as well as awaken the napping pixie nestled in her mane.


"You had a good nap, Basil?"


Even though he had anchored himself well enough, Shauni made sure not to tilt more than necessary to prevent him from tumbling out. She fetched a cube of peppermint from her miniature satchel and placed it on top of her head, next to sleeping Basil.


"Wake up, sleepy baby. We gotta figure out who them slogs are."


She felt Basil roll over, comfortably embedded in her tangles. Hot-headed and quick to get mad, Shauni whistled and began shaking her head.



#483544 [OOC] Wulfgard: World's Edge

Posted by The Arbiter on 23 March 2017 - 02:42 PM


So you would rather have me either create either a generic adventurer or a generic explorer/pirate?


an actual child, a psychopathic mercenary, a fairy, a half-demon, and a dragon as characters.

Which of those is the generic adventurer or generic explorer? Cause that sounds like an ensemble cast made for shenanigans. No one is saying make generic anything. 


Sir Gisburn could be perfectly retooled into a fitting character; I recommend working with the hindrances and flaws of a character first. A 'Guy' who is literally good at everything does not make for a character arc, nor does it provide an opportunity to mature into anything. You must remember that any character's story must be the most interesting portion of their life, or it isn't worth telling. Take the 'greediness' and 'hoping to exploit whatever natives he encounters and run with them; these are great flaws that will naturally bring conflict between characters, both crew and foreign.


Also, what's the point of a bodyguard with borderline identical combat stats to his VIP?

#483419 Mass Effect: Andromeda

Posted by The Arbiter on 16 March 2017 - 05:31 PM

I caved and preordered the deluxe edition. I regret nothing.


Here's the website for Refunds and Cancellations. You can still return it 24 hours after launch, so you might as well get a good laugh out of it before you get your money back.

#483355 Dalton's Assorted Artwork and Random Stuff

Posted by The Arbiter on 12 March 2017 - 06:02 PM

Malebranche is super cool; his helmet design is top-notch. Very cute ribbons too. Does he have that tabard crotch-cape on both sides, or just the front? The shading between the legs makes it a tad difficult to differentiate. 


For some reason, your link to Nox wasn't working, even though the address's are identical. It's visible on your page though. What's the chain for on his outfit? Is it for the cape? I know Nox has chain in his armament description, but the pic kinda looks like he's wearing a slave collar. Otherwise I really like the use of lines for shading and he, too, has a sweet helmet. 


#483154 Minifig Showcase!

Posted by The Arbiter on 03 March 2017 - 01:48 PM

There are all such exemplary displays of combined decal and custom accessories. Very good choices for weapons and armors that result in really cool characters. My favorites are actually Fenix and Prince Kyle who look like they would make a great duo series together. 

#482987 The Werewolf: Past and Future

Posted by The Arbiter on 20 February 2017 - 01:47 PM

"Werewolves of London" was really an allegory for gigolos and ladies' men preying on old women and prostitutes, in connection with the idea of the irredeemable, sexual deviant. It's just been lumped with Halloween songs because of its 'wacky' nature.  This has been an incredible read though! It's an absolute whirlwind of lycanthropy and an extremely well explored thesis. I loved Chapter IV, especially from a popular culture perspective, connecting the dots from work of art to the next.

I'm excited to read about the reintroduction of the benevolent werewolf when it's finished, especially in regards to American society today. Bravo! Can't wait for the next part!

#481170 McDougal & Macenroy: Chaos Comet

Posted by The Arbiter on 28 December 2016 - 06:08 PM

Hey, long time no see! I've been real busy this year working on a lot of things, but specifically a video game. It's an RPG based off our long-time running buddy cop drama; think Futurama meets Brooklyn 99. You'll play as McDougal and Macenroy, two funky Space-Time Police Officers abducted from 1973 to help fight crime across the universes. 


It's very skeletal at this point, and it's missing a lot more of the live-action cutscenes we filmed that need to be edited. It took 330 hours over the course of a year, or two weeks of my life straight, but I've never been prouder to show off what I've created. 









Download, unzip and play! 




I'm not really on here too often, but I'm looking for people to play and provide feedback, especially new players who aren't familiar with the series. I'm also looking for certain artists and musicians to help later when the copyrighted placeholders have to be removed and the game moves into Greenlit/Android/App Stores. 


It's rated T for teen, since there's a bit of alcohol, fantasy violence and all that, and should take a couple hours at least. 

Let me know if you have any problems, or need tips or whatever. Things should be good but it's a single-man endeavor after all so it's bound to have its fair share of problems. Thanks for checking in!

#452957 Nexus Mods

Posted by The Arbiter on 01 August 2015 - 10:11 AM

Hey, that's cool man, just don't double or triple post in the future. You can edit your post if you've got something else to add.


Anyways, I play a lot of FO3 and F:NV, but most of the ENBs and mods I used are in the top mods. There's some real sweet ones, like a Tale of Two Wastelands, Enhanced Visuals for the lasers, etc. 

#452468 The Video Game News Thread

Posted by The Arbiter on 25 July 2015 - 12:34 PM

Why don't you just spit in the ocean? That'd be just as effective. You can't stop avalanches. 


I'd rather not have Half-Life 3 anymore anyways. I'd rather they just create a new original publication than try and beat the fan's and their expectations. It's that Duke Nukem scenario thing, where no matter how hard you work, fans expectations will always rise above because of the amount of time they had to wait. 

#452436 The Video Game News Thread

Posted by The Arbiter on 24 July 2015 - 08:32 PM

I don't know how Valve operates anymore. I don't even think they put themselves in competition; they literally do whatever they want, when they want. The Hatconomy, Market, Badges, Steam Sales, and Greenlight Sales means they honestly don't have to produce another game forever


I still think HL3 will be announced when the Source 2 engine is totally perfected. Then we'll get L4D3, a new CS, Team Fortress 3, etc. It's all cycles, babies!

#452339 XCOM 2

Posted by The Arbiter on 23 July 2015 - 06:26 PM

I think some of my troopers will die to that chainsaw. But think about the potential of my soldiers once they have their own. We could put that chainsaw on any gun with proper research!


They still have the same abilities though. Blood Call and Intimidate. 

#452337 The Video Game News Thread

Posted by The Arbiter on 23 July 2015 - 06:21 PM

Four? Four? Isn't the series, like, two years old? That's some crazy amount of releases. I guess if people keep buying your stuff, you might as well keep making money off them.


EDIT: FNAF2 came out in November, FNAF3 came out in March. That's four months between games. How much work can you even do in four months? 

#452239 On Unfortunate Events and Harry Potter (trigger warning: shipping)

Posted by The Arbiter on 23 July 2015 - 09:37 AM

You know, I think that's the reason I keep these books near and dear to me, and why my complete set is still prominently displayed on my bookshelf (along with the Beatrice Letters). I enjoyed the atmosphere, the humorous narration from Snicket, and the general feeling of mystery to the whole thing. It may have ended on a somewhat disappointing note, not answering all of my questions, but I think in a lot of ways, that was the point. The books don't teach that everything has a happy or even satisfying ending. They teach that real life doesn't end that way.


Plus, I think the running theme of adults being morons and/or entirely unhelpful really appealed to me as a child. Children often feel that adults don't "understand" them, and this book took that idea to an extreme, where instead of not just understanding the children, the adults don't understand the entire situation. It's kind of a "kids know more than adults think they do" which appealed to me. I wonder what I would think of this series if I went and read them again. I feel like this is more depth to them than I knew when I first read them.


I actually liked the movie. :P I'm eager to see what the series will do.


I actually didn't pick up the series until I was eighteen or nineteen years old when an ex lent me the collection and I finished them all immediately. I loved it for the exact reason you did. It was always so mysterious and had such a strong narration that to this day I wish I could capture the same snark as Snicket. The kids were clever but vulnerable; I could worry for them because I know that it won't be a happy ending, unlike Harry Potter or something.  


I'm sorry many of you didn't like it but I don't worry much about people's taste in literature. You're entitled to complain; this is the Internet after all. 

#452098 SSLF Game Night?

Posted by The Arbiter on 21 July 2015 - 02:33 PM

I've rediscovered Alien Swarm as a nice 4-player Co-Op free game if anyone is interested. No babies though; I intend on completing the game on Brutal Difficulty.