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Lego Aurek Starviper

11 December 2017 - 10:56 AM

Hey guys and happy holidays. 


I've built a fun, different sort of lego ship for the FBTB Aurebesh contest.  I tried some new techniques like rubber bands that hold that really odd, yet sleek train cockpit piece together.  This ship is meant to fit into the Shadows of the Empire sub-theme/era.  Looking from the top down you can see it has an outline of the Aurebesh letter Aurek (which looks like a very cool, futuristic letter "K" to me).  


Yes I used Scorp's figs with permission (my gratitude to him) and added a insect like droid for fun.  I don't expect to win, but it was fun entering as I haven't tried something like this in 10 years (entering a FBTB contest) and I am trying to transition from an amateur builder and photographer into a more mature one.  I actually built a 2 X 3 X 3 ft light box with a wood, cardboard and a white bed sheet to take better photos with.  My camera still sucks, being an iphone, so I have a ways to go.  


Also this is the first ship I've ever built with purple parts and I find the color fun to work with.  Please share your thoughts, criticism, etc.  Please PM me if you can't comment on this topic as my last posts for some reason were oddly locked.  So MODs or others just let me know.  






38931397312_318c92b401_n.jpgThe Lego Aurek StarViper - my entry for the FBTB Aurebesh contest by Kyle Warnock, on Flickr


38081286855_48dda76a5d_n.jpgIMG_2441 by Kyle Warnock, on Flickr


38931042412_eb0e68a27a_n.jpgIMG_2448 by Kyle Warnock, on Flickr




Lamborghini Countach V1

29 May 2017 - 06:18 AM

Hopefully everyone can see and comment on this post.  If not please let me know.
Just a fun project I am working on using the Midnight Transport lego colors black, red, and yellow (you can spot the box and vehicles in the background).  I've always wanted to make a super cool sports car in lego and this is my choice; a Lamborghini Countach.  The windshield took some work!  And it's still not ready for prime time as lego doesn't make a trans clear flag piece. :brickwall:  I will probably redo the front bumper again, but I like the light configuration alright even though I know they sit up higher.  The forward trunk does open for some briefcase storage. I hope you like the scissor door too.  
More pictures to come as this and few other vehicles come along.  :shades: 
Comments and suggestions welcome!



P.S. PM if you cannot comment and want to.  I had some trouble with my last post.  

Lego UCS Mon Calamari Liberty Cruiser

30 April 2017 - 04:03 AM

Greetings fellow SSLF members and visitors alike.  I am sharing with you a very special creation of mine that has been a W.I.P. for an entire year.  Scorp has actually had knowledge of, seen pictures of, and even custom designed decals for this very ship going back to late summer 2016.  I started the design April of 2016.  When it will be finished I don't know.  Maybe posting it here will give me motivation.  This is the only place online you can see it btw and probably the only place I will post for now.   


This is BY FAR the hardest build I have ever under taken with a piece count of over 2,000 according to my counting log.  My delay in finishing it is the downfall of my ultimate goal to release this in Lego Ideas and because of Lego's decision to no longer accept Star Wars creations ( as of March 2017) this is no longer a valid entry.  Still, it's wicked big, cool, and UNIQUE.  


You can see I focused on a lot of areas like the hangar bay (with enough room for my incomplete custom B-wing), the main amphitheater modeled after the scene in Epi. 6 Return of the Jedi.  This is the Liberty (Model) Cruiser with the wings and not Admiral Ackbar's ship Home One.  And yes this is the very cruiser the 2nd Death Star (insert the Lego Company here) fired a laser beam at completely atomizing the ship into nothing (kind of like my chances of submitting this on Lego Ideas now :brickwall: ).  Ok ok, dark humor aside... back to what's in the ship!


You will note a Med Bay, hallways with control readouts, and in the aft of the ship a command deck featuring a shield generator at the very back, and the Captain's Quarters with a tiny bed and table.  Also, the engine array uses Lego LED lights for two of the main thrusters (as well as to light the hologram globe of Endor in the amphitheater and a single light illuminating the Hangar Bay.  


The point I have left off is finishing the upper hull with technic pieces as my first attempt was too fragile.  You can see I found some very novel piece uses like the Airplane Nose and the giant crane pieces from old nautical sets.  Harder to see is underneath where I used the skateboard ramps inverted as this gives the overall ship a certain "levitation feeling" and is to serve as a vehicle garage.


So please feel free to add comments, criticism, and even motivation to this post!  Thanks.