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Reasons why I have been promising a new RP and not giving an RP and an excuse to write a blog post instead of making a new RP

Posted by Sir_Muffonious, 04 October 2010 · 1,694 views

Lately a lot of people have been coming to me and asking me, "Muffonious, what have you been up to? Why is there no new RP? Write a blog to answer my questions!" As it turns out, as of late I have been promising a new RP left and right, and yet, where is this phantom project? Does it have something to do with that text adventure...thing I started a few weeks ago? What genre will it be? How do I plan to kill people this time?

Unfortunately, I do not yet feel comfortable answering those questions. Except the first one. The new RP definitely has nothing to do with the text adventure that lasted a day and made me kill myself. The reason I don't really want to answer those questions is because the RP is still a little while away, and I don't want people picking apart the idea without knowing full-well what I intend to make of it. Also, some of you are thieves I don't want to be a tease.

It's true, lately I have had a bit of a rough patch when it comes to creativity. I've been unable to write, develope RPs, and recently I even had trouble finding a good picture of Hayley Williams to use as an avatar! (Just ask Hawk!) However, I have been able to overcome this adversity and now I'm currently in a very creative mood. So if development of the RP is coming along greatly, why are we not playing it yet?! That is easy: I am a procrastinator, and I am a good one.

However, after a recent Dungeons & Dragons session and a random decision by me to start mapping out a new D&D world, I've found myself rather inspired to get back out in the field of RPing. I've been writing up the sign up post for my latest RP with renewed vigor lately, and I think I'm really liking the way it's turning out. (No, the D&D stuff and the new RP are not linked. I won't be running another fantasy RP for a while, unless it's a small one that I do for fun on the side.) The RP should be ready any day now, but out of respect for Hawk (who's given me a good deal of support and help in terms of life and developing the RP itself over the last few months), I'm going to wait until his new roleplay finishes or shrivels and dies. Hopefully I'll be ready then to start running the show around here again. :P

Muffo's listening to: "Sleeper" by The Swellers

RPs to watch:
Bloodhounds (Active) - I hate featuring RPs made by Hawk! But gosh darnit, I feel so bad for the little guy that I pretty much have to do this.
<||Dear Sir/Madam...||> (Sign ups) - An RP made by Grombrindal and set in the Metropolis universe, crafted by the fine folks at Soul of the City. Should be an interesting sight to behold.
Wulfgard: Over the Sea Part 2 (Active) - Werewolf's RP is off the ground again, and the party has finally reached the island. Now people will hopefully start to die.

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Flickr is a surprisingly good source of pictures of Hayley Williams. I've seen all of the ones on Google. :P

That's right people, its all my fault. Please send me your hate mail and I'll be happy to delete it. :P
Looking forward to it Muffo!
Yes! Click my RP! It needs people and will be fun! I swears it!
Oh, and yay! RP from Muffo! Yaaaaaay!
I think you forgot to include LCA in your "Rp's to watch section". :P

I think you forgot to include LCA in your "Rp's to watch section". :P

I don't think I would forget a thing like that. I only ever have three "Rps to Watch", and before choosing them I scour all of Globejumper for RPs of interest. I have my reasons for picking each one, and after I weigh my options the three listed above are the ones you get.

Oh! And college applications are another reason I'm slacking on the RP making.

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