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Minifig Contest: Fantasy - Aelyn Valkieren

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Posted 23 April 2017 - 02:53 PM


This is a character from my own High-Fantasy world:




He is one of the last remaining (and only second-generation) of the Fêllnocrin—The Fallen Ones: a group of elves who, in their continual push to expand the boundaries of arcane magic, unwittingly made contact with the long-banished Titan of Destruction. The dark Titan seduced them with promises of knowledge and power and, having thus gained willing entry into their minds, wrought changes in his to-be servants: making them stronger than their ordinary kin; granting them the power of flight; gifting them with a connection to the plane of eternal fire which formed the Titan's realm and prison—a free and unlimited source of destructive magic. Along with these more substantive changes, their appearance changed as well: their skin turning dark gray—almost black—in color, with strange arcane patterns that seemed to glow like fire; likewise, no matter their previous color, their eyes turned the color of flame, and their hair turned black.


Lastly, the Titan warped the minds of those he changed, twisting them into willing servants in his crusade to burn the world to ash and rebuild it in his own image, under his rule; only a very few had the wit and strength of will to recognize what was happening and resist the corruption of their minds; from two such as these Aelyn was born.


Being second-generation, Aelyn has the same physical and magical gifts which were bestowed upon his parents; however, having never allowed the Titan into his mind, his thoughts are entirely his own. Still, he must constantly maintain a firm mental barrier, for the Titan jealously seeks to reclaim any of its soldiers who have gone astray from its intended path.

"This means I will not have to regret sending back their envoy short a few limbs."

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