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Aloud, he said "Silvius was right to be suspicious of members of our order: six Venators are missing or dead, and twelve just deserted. I'm more inclined to be suspicious of those cravens than ones who actually stayed, aren't you?"


"Unlike them," Cyrus continued as he tapped his helmet "I have nothing to hide...unless you count some horrific old scars. If you thought that Crestwell was a shambler based off of his injuries, then I'll keep on my helmet in case you decide to run me through where I stand once you see mine."


Oh good, you can count!”  Kate cried in mock elation.  “But since Silvius happens to be one of those six, I guess I’ll just have to work with those who last saw the geezer; scars, shambling, and all, Mister Pushy.


The Inquisitor fished in a pouch on her own belt, before producing a neatly-folded piece of parchment.  Holding it before the Venator’s eyeslits, she huffed, “Here’s the letter Silvius sent me.  If you can’t recognize his hand, I’ll see if someone else here can verify it for you.  He obviously knew something was wrong before he disappeared, so maybe you should quit hammer-measuring with me and just take what help you can get? Or have you got an army stashed in your belt that lets you afford to be picky?”  Kate tilted her head forward coquettishly, daring him to make a move.  It had been so, so long since her last charge of excessive force.




Grumpy faceless man didn’t like mistress.  Mistress didn’t like grumpy faceless man. But mistress said “sit,” so Bullseye would sit.  Even when a new friend approached, drawn by his scent, Bullseye wagged his tail and panted in greeting, but Mistress did not say he could move yet.  If he got up, bad Bullseye, no cheese. New friend would have to wait.



Fortunately for all parties present, the old, mangled man had the sense to try to defuse the situation.  


"Why don't we discuss this with a drink?" He offered evenly. "You must be weary after your travels."


Kate’s head snapped in his direction, though she still held the letter in front of helmethead’s ironclad face.  The offer gave her a genuine, noticeably less evil grin. “See, that’s how you defuse a situation.  Lead the way, sir.” A short whistle, and Bullseye was up and at her side again, ready to follow the crippled Venator wherever he so desired.


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Yesterday, 11:42 AM

Ooh, thanks for that!  I was already tabulating similar results in the DM worksheet, but this saves me some typing while I update according to more recent posts.




Yes, but you can't see it yet because I want to build suspense so that everyone is shocked by it. :P


I figured as much, but even Kate's socially inept self knows that it's generally rude to wear your helmet/hide your face in conversations.  Suspicious, even.  So she just has to point it out.



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Yesterday, 10:44 AM

"I must apologize, Inquisitor Meliora, but Silvius of Appledale is missing," Brennus replied promptly. "We were just organizing search parties to find him and a number of other unaccounted-for Venatori. If the Inquisition is actually interested in helping us with such a matter, we would not refuse the assistance." He quirked a brow. "Silvius was last seen in a town south of Kyjovia... Sivan and Asti," he nodded to the pair, "were planning to go there and find out what happened."


Kate shrugged nonchalantly.  “I’m not here in an official capacity, I’ve just known Silvius since I was little.  I thought he was just being paranoid, but he even paid me to come help him…”


Then some kind of shambling undead staggered up to them.  Kate’s shortsword was halfway out of its scabbard when the thing smiled at her.  That was new.  Then, it started talking, which shamblers definitely didn’t do.


"If you'll excuse my questions, Inquisitor." He smiled again, this time slightly more warmly. "Did you get this invitation from Silvius himself? Or through a messenger? It would help to know when you last had contact"


The Inquisitor slowly stood down, though Bullseye was still on high alert, hackles up and growling at mistress’ target.  Sword was coming out, that meant biting time. Mistress loved biting time so much. He would bite all the nasty things for her, especially walking dead persons, no matter how bad they tasted.


Kate replaced her sidearm and commanded her dog to sit with a snap, then an outstretched index finger before answering, “By Zeus’ underpants, you’ve been through the wringer, haven’t you?  Sorry, thought you were a bloody shambler there. He just used a messenger.  Got the letter a couple weeks ago. Came with two whole Aurei, which told me he was serious, so I set out immediately.”


Greet him properly, dummy.  You said you’d play nice, even if Silvius may not have trusted everyone here.  Kate extended her hand in greeting, though with visible trepidation.  Her demeanor was less than genuinely friendly, like a shy child angrily being forced to spend time with distant relatives.  “And I’m Kate, again.  Who might you be, Mister?


It was then that another Venator, this one heavily armed and armored, butted in.

"And why exactly did Silvius invite you?" the Venator said, glancing at the Inquisitor "I agree with Brennus that we appreciate your assistance, but I for one would like to know why the Inquisition wants to stick its nose into Venator Business."

Kate sneered up at him.  “Because like I said, I’ve known Silvius since I was a kid, and he asked me to help him solve a problem that scared him.  So I’m not sticking my nose into anything as an Inquisitor, I just didn’t have anything else to wear, big boy.” Murder flashed in her eyes as a thought occurred.  “Though it seems he may not have trusted all of you, if he was desperate enough to pay outside help.  You got something to hide under that pretty helmet of yours?”


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21 May 2018 - 12:26 PM

As the meeting drew to a close, a figure armored in shadow approached Castle Greywatch. Her right hand gripped the sling of the crossbow over her shoulder, while her left was fidgeting idly with the pommel of the void iron shortsword dangling from her hip. Each step she took was nearly silent, yet she moved with rapid purpose and a stern, almost murderous focus in her eyes.


She drew to a stop within bowshot of the drawbridge, looking around her feet for something she had lost. When whatever she sought did not present itself, her frown eroded into a scowl. A sharp whistle left her lips, followed by a harshly lilting voice like a gorgeous harp being used to bash someone's head in.


Bullseye, where’ve ya run off to? Get your arse over here!”


The patter of four small paws drew steadily closer, until a happy little Pointer came into view, tongue and ears flapping as he went. He was clearly overjoyed to have been summoned by his mistress, an emotion the Inquisitor clearly did not share.


What, were you chasing squirrels again?  Keep up, or I’ll tie your chubby neck to my wrist.”  Bullseye gave no indication that he understood this threat, and simply wagged his tail as he looked up endearingly at the irate woman. She grumbled under her breath, and continued on her way, with Bullseye falling into formation by her heel.


Before the Inquisitor could even be challenged by the guard in the gatehouse, the portcullis opened and disgorged a disgruntled platoon of some kind.  They wore no blue cloaks or silver arrowheads, and many of them seemed to be in a hurry to leave. Frustration, fear, but also some tinges of regret seemed to ooze off of them, even the creepy, sneering one who addressed her as he passed.  “Looking to join up, Inquisitor? There’s plenty of openings for you now, but you’re probably better off sticking with your current career.” He received no words in response, but did see a very, VERY rude gesture before she stormed past, out of his field of vision. The Venator guarding the gate peered down at this exchange, then wisely decided not to challenge this mystery woman who seemed intent on...whatever she was seeking.


As the black leather and void iron-clad mass of anger entered the castle, her dog rushed slightly forward, sniffing the air.  Mistress seemed unsure, even anxious, so he would help her find her way, like a good boy should. Lights and voices up ahead, that meant other people!  Mistress liked meeting new people, right? He immediately halted, crouched with a front leg coiled, and pointed his snout with all his might in the direction of the main hall...where they were already going.


This drew an exasperated sigh from his mistress.  “Yes, thank you, Bullseye.  I was already headed that way, you stupid git.”  She passed him up, snapped her fingers, and the dog came to heel again, panting and wagging his tail in glee at how helpful he was being.  The voices in the great hall grew clearer and more worried, and the Inquisitor could now see some kind of stage that had been erected. What the hells is that for?, she pondered silently.  Are these buggers branching out into acting now?  Silvius should’ve mentioned that, I’d have come a lot sooner to watch them practice.


A wolfish grin snuck onto her face at the absurdity of the thought.  She paused in the doorway, surveying the remaining Venatori conversing amongst themselves or gathering into cliques.  Alright Kate, first impressions time.  These aren’t the quitters you saw outside, so look friendly and professional, just like Marcus taught you.  She straightened her back and shoulders, tried to cock a friendly half-smile, and removed her sallet, letting her straight, crimson locks fall, framing her flame-scarred face.  The door was already open, but she knocked on it anyway so they wouldn’t be too surprised at her presence.


They’re obviously having a hard time, so don’t insult ‘em.  Say something funny and endearing. Top o’ the morning to ya, sadsacks!”  Nailed it.  Inquisitor Kate Meliora, at your service.  Hope I’m not interruptin’ whatever you’re rehearsing, but I think I just walked past your stagehands.  If you need help rounding ‘em back up, I charge very reasonable bounties.”  Still grinning impishly, Kate continued to lilt, “Any of you lot know where I can find Silvius of Appledale?  He asked me to meet him here, all mysterious-like.” She punctuated this remark by flippantly waggling her gloved fingers before her, her helm tucked under one arm.

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20 May 2018 - 09:39 PM


But I think the bigger mystery is why Capulet has an Inquisitor character in this campaign. Maybe she's hunting whatever's lurking in the forbidden rooms...


Oh don't worry, you'll find out.  Notice how she hasn't even been introduced yet?  ;)




As for splitting the party, Dalton's assessment looks accurate, but I'll ultimately leave the matter to Maverick's preference and the players' discretion.



I would, however, ask if someone who hasn't posted yet would be willing to join El Taco on the trip to Kyjovia, so that he's not stuck RPing with just his own characters there.