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In Topic: BrickForge Closing

15 November 2018 - 01:39 PM

Aw, really?  I shouldn't have jumped the gun with my 35% coupon from Halloween, but didn't think their clearance (if they had one) would remove a significant amount.  


Ah well, maybe I'll get some more of their hexibrix stands or something. 

In Topic: BrickForge Closing

02 November 2018 - 07:03 AM

Oh man, yes, the NECK ARMOR.  They have all these awesome pauldrons, but I have to cover up Scorp's decals or existing chest/back designs with their battle armor to use them?  I even asked them by contact form if the neck armor was coming back into stock, as I'd been looking for months, and they informed me that they had no plans to restock it.  As in, "ever," judging by the tone of the email.  Which, in hindsight, I should have taken as a hint that things weren't going well.

In Topic: BrickForge Closing

31 October 2018 - 09:25 AM

A tragedy, to be sure, though now I realize there was precedent.  They seemed to be having trouble keeping products in stock, for reasons I can only guess at, and newer competitors like BrickWarriors seem to be quickly filling the gaps. 


We shall mourn their loss, and remember the impact they had on our creations.


Edit: Oddly enough, I'm subscribed to their email list, but didn't get this notification.  Ah well, I trust Nightstalker as a source.  I wonder if there'll be a big clearance sale soon...

In Topic: Scorp's Art & Writing

25 October 2018 - 09:22 AM

You've seriously outdone yourself with these, especially Nightstalker's commission!  The fog effects in the background, the glow of his shortsword, the scrollwork on the armor, it's all so beautiful!


Not to mention the details on the Valkyrie and Magnhild, the tiny splashes of color are an excellent touch.  I didn't think Guntram's massive helmet would fit Magnhild, but she pulls off the look very well!  I suppose it'd be a different story if she grabbed his cloak or pants or something, but I always associated that monster of a man's head with the rest of him, lol.



In Topic: What Are You Currently Playing?

25 October 2018 - 08:26 AM

I've only played the first hour or so of Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, but I've thoroughly enjoyed it so far!  It's my first deck-building dungeon crawler, and as much as I enjoyed Gwent, I was initially skeptical as to how they could integrate that formula into a full-length campaign while still keeping things interesting.


As it turns out, the use of specialized decks and challenges, like in shorter themed events in Gwent or, say, Hearthstone, really lends itself well to minigame events, or "Puzzles," as Thronebreaker calls them.  Instead of relying on my pre-prepared deck, I had to come up with creative strategies to use different combinations of my cards to protect the Queen from an incoming rockslide, or quell an angry mob in a single AOE attack.  Of course, your deck is still an integral part of the game, as it's your army, the troops you upgrade and bring along with you into larger battles.  Managing those cards, along with the resources to upgrade them or buy new cards, looks like it will be a critical aspect of moving forward in the story.  Every choice you make may not have a huge impact on the story, but it will certainly impact your army and resources.  The first example is a log in the road, blocking your path.  You can spend gold to pay nearby woodcutters to clear it, gaining more wood in the process; or you can put your troops to work, saving gold but losing recruits, presumably as your troops grow fatigued from the extra work.


Gwent veterans/purists may object to the drastic reduction in the number of rows and the overhaul to the cards and leaders, but overall I'm having fun relearning a system I wasn't too entrenched in to begin with.  Speaking of which, Gwent is finally out of open beta, and the cosmetic changes in Thronebreaker are emulated, but not reflected in the new version.  You can even switch between the games from each others' menu, like going from single to multiplayer mode.  Oh, and achievements in Thronebreaker translate into rewards in Gwent, plus they give you goodies like avatars, titles, and premium card kegs as a bit of lagniappe, which I appreciated.


Graphically, the game, the menus, the cards, and even the maps are spectacular.  The art style isn't too cartoony for the Witcher universe, and the fully-voiced 2D characters have a surprising amount of movement and expression to them.  From a lore standpoint, Thronebreaker appears to be set around the time of book 3, Baptism of Fire, and since the first game is set 5 years after the last book, there shouldn't be any spoilers for neophytes to the Witcher saga, like me.  There'll probably be loads of easter eggs I'll miss, but I'll just have to accept it. 


Constructive criticism?  Moving Queen Meve across the map is a bit slow, but apparently I can upgrade that in my camp menu, so it's intentional.  There also seems to be some inconsistency between when I have to hold my mouse on a button or just click it, like the pass/end turn button, but that might just be me, not the game.  Both Thronebreaker and the new Gwent rely on a lot more mouse holding, presumably to help prevent accidental clicks on critical things like rewards, which is irritating but also appreciated.  I'll just have to get used to it, I suppose.  Haven't encountered any infuriating glitches or glaring errors as of yet, though I wish the teams animating the cards, game, and cutscenes would just PICK A SIDE for where Queen Meve hangs her scabbard.  I was streaming my first impressions (and my first, halting attempt at streaming) for a buddy, and that little nitpick drove us both nuts.


All in all, I have a very favorable first impression of Thronebreaker from the little bit of time I spent playing, and the rest of the time I spent derping looking around.  Queen Meve is a fascinating character, already surrounded by intriguing and amusing supporting NPCs, even without a fully-assembled party.  The game is fun and keeps me on my toes, and the story just keeps drawing me in.  I will certainly keep you informed if that changes, or if I find new reasons to sing the game's praises.