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Ramblings of a Deranged Hocotate Freight Employee - A Blog by Sir Muffonious


Entries in January 2014
01 Jan The New Year has come and a space rock the size of Texas is hurtling through the atmosphere straight towards Time Square 7 Comments
Entries in July 2011
01 Jul At last I have come upon the much overdo completion of an old writing project of mine. 2 Comments
Entries in March 2011
31 Mar NEW RP! NEW RP! NEW RP! 2 Comments
18 Mar Something I thought should be pointed out... 1 Comments
06 Mar A new roleplay that has dungeons and dragons and monsters and treasure and swords and I am the boss. 1 Comments
Entries in February 2011
21 Feb A very much overdo blog post from Sir Muffonious about stuff which may or may not interest you if you happen to be inclined towards roleplaying. 4 Comments
Entries in December 2010
06 Dec A random question I feel like presenting my readers with so that I may pick their brains 17 Comments
Entries in November 2010
07 Nov Just to inform you of the happenings of this day/night rather quickly so that I can move on to watching Boardwalk Empire 1 Comments
Entries in October 2010
04 Oct Reasons why I have been promising a new RP and not giving an RP and an excuse to write a blog post instead of making a new RP 5 Comments
Entries in September 2010
11 Sep Do you really care? Probably not but I'm going to post about it anyway and you will read it damnit. 4 Comments
08 Sep People told me that I should write a new blog post so now I am writing a new blog post 2 Comments
Entries in August 2010
03 Aug A thing that I have to tell you so that you are not wondering why it is that I am no longer showing my face in Globejumper 1 Comments
Entries in July 2010
23 Jul Things I have been doing and why you need to hear about it 2 Comments
Entries in June 2010
30 Jun The end of a Journey and the journey to come 17 Comments
27 Jun A tale of how Sir Muffonious finds inspiration for his numerous creative projects 1 Comments
21 Jun At the moment it appears as though I have been blessed with some sort of heightened status 5 Comments

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