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ZONE - Forest in Frost Raven Territory

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Posted 19 August 2015 - 08:27 PM

Darkness could hang thick underneath the thick pine canopies of a black forest in Northrim. To be precise, this forest lay just west of Rimegard, in Frost Raven territory. The Frost Ravens, however, did not build grand cities or cut down entire forests. This forest was vast enough to hold the Frost Ravens and a good deal of wild animals and stranger things, and even Utlagr Hall to the northernmost corner of the woods.


The forest itself was just as untamed as the Frost Ravens that lived in it. During the day, birds sang, deer cautiously lingered in the forest, and when night fell, the sound of crickets filled the air, interspersed by the occasional haunting howl of a wolf. In these woods lurked mystery, darkness... and the wild beauty of raw nature.




The pale morning sun filtered sparsely through the branches. In the middle of the woods, a group of nine unusual folk had gathered... but most of them were only just now waking up.


Alys, Neath, Valya, Bale, Sean - none of them could remember the previous night. Neither could Judoc, Dastavand, Dana, or Meryl. But there was one who could.


Hale stood tall over everyone, pacing about with his arms crossed and keeping a watchful eye as his pack awoke. He had never fallen asleep. As the pack looked around, they saw one of their number was missing: Meryl, one of the somewhat younger werewolves, though still older than a pup. This was nothing terribly new, of course - not all the werewolves gathered in the same place in the morning, though they were never far off. A werewolf wouldn't distance itself too greatly from its pack.


They all awoke to the smells of the forest, strong and thick in the air: tart pine smells mixed with the familiar scents of their brethren, and the smells of earth and the morning dew. All around them, they could hear birds singing as the forest started to wake up.


Last night hadn't been a full moon, nor anything near it, and they had not changed to their greatest of forms. Instead, they had turned only somewhat. While still devastatingly powerful, that meant that their clothing, equipment, and anything else on their persons had not been damaged or gone missing.


Several of them were still relatively new to this pack, and Sean, Alys, Neath, Valya, and Bale all felt somewhat unfamiliar with each other - as well as their other pack-mates - to a fair extent. Not much talking had been done since any of them had joined. Hale had been a whirlwind of activity lately, keeping the pack on the move, trying to travel south as quickly as possible in order to catch up with this mysterious werewolf rumored to be ravaging Illikon at night. Some of the newer members of the pack were only just familiar with each other's names.


Right now, however, they seemed to have a breather. Hale hadn't said a word yet, glancing over everyone, making sure they were all accounted for, and waiting for any stragglers like Meryl to find their way back toward the pack... such as Bale, an Omega, who had woken up a good several yards away from everyone else.


So, for the time being, they had a chance to wake up, gather their bearings, and make some conversation over breakfast. Hale, still silent, knelt over a small fire-pit he was busy preparing, in order for them to have a brief breakfast before they set out on the road again. He had no meat yet, but catching meat was rarely a problem amongst this group.



((Introductions/interaction time. Get a feel for your characters and interact with each other and the NPCs. It's up to you how long your character has been in the pack and whether or not you know the names of most people.


A few notes: I'll be providing more info on werewolves as needed as we go along and things come up, but most of it you should already be familiar with from the wiki article. However, I'll say that now is a good time to start thinking about the personality of your character's werewolf form. If you have any questions about that and how it works, just ask me.


Also, please note that you should ignore the quest description for IC purposes. In other words, your characters haven't been introduced to the situation yet. No one knows one of the werewolves was injured with silver arrows. That will happen in-game and then that part of the quest will begin.))


#2 Sareth


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Posted 20 August 2015 - 11:16 AM

Valya awoke, and realized that she wasn't sure where she was. She must have transformed last night, she concluded, feeling the familiar absence of memory. She stretched, arcing her back to work a few of the kinks out, only to come up short as she brushed against someone: She relaxed as a quick glance revealed it to be Dana, and she carefully drew her arm back to avoid further disturbing her pack-mate; Despite the fact that, of all the newer members of the pack, she'd been with it the longest, she still wasn't quite used to waking up surrounded by people.


Sitting up, she brushed her face with a sleeve to dry some of the wetness from the dewy grass, and finally took stock of her surroundings, noting the rest of the pack scattered about on the ground around her; well, almost the rest of the pack —for she quickly realized that she couldn't see or smell Meryl. While it wasn't unusual for one or two members to be absent in the morning, it always subtly bothered her —despite the fact that she was still getting used to being in a pack, it was the closest thing she had to family, and hence she felt somewhat protective.


Still, Hale didn't look at all worried, and so she shook the feeling off —as usual— and got up and headed over to the pack-leader, taking care not to step on anyone as she made her way amongst the other awakening members. Crouching down beside him, she gave the alpha a brief nod —both in general greeting, and in thanks for him keeping an eye on them while they were asleep.


"Want me to go hunting?" she offered, in the raspy whisper that was her voice.

"This means I will not have to regret sending back their envoy short a few limbs."

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Posted 20 August 2015 - 12:15 PM

Alys awoke with a start. Her eyes darted back and forth between the other members of the pack as she scrambled to her feet, ready to bolt into the forest. Then Alys remembered where she was, relaxing her shoulders with a sigh. She still wasn't used to waking up among a group of people. Let alone a group of people like her. She'd gotten used to waking up facing a cautiously curious rat, or a petrified rabbit. Or just... a bloody carcass.


Speaking of, Alys needed some breakfast. She noticed the pack's Alpha, Hale had already started a fire for it. Alys figured it'd be nice to surprise him with some wild berries, or maybe a rabbit or two. She'd have to see what she could scrounge up.


Alys checked her knife, then set off for the treeline. And she immediately tripped over Sean MacFinnigan. She hadn't noticed him sleeping there and had inadvertently kicked the boy square in the gut, stumbling over his body as the boy gasped for air. Alys didn't stick around to apologize for the rude awakening, she just sprinted for the treeline.

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Posted 20 August 2015 - 01:15 PM

Neath finally came from his dream. And back into reality. In his dream, he was home, reading books at the city archives, and he was warm, happy, carefree, the smell of paper dust was in the air as he read along the page, even though it all was slurred together, as words were in dreams, he couldn't actually read them, as his mind wasn't registering the words. But this felt natural.

And then he was thrown back into the cold reality of the pack. His eyes drifted around lazily. Before he finally accepted that he wasn't home. He hasn't gotten used to that. Waking up somewhere that you didn't remember the night before. And secretly prayed to the gods that one morning he might wake back up in his bedroom, and not on the cold ground, surrounded by strangers. He shifted slightly, the fox fur on his shoulders was warm and comfortable, and the blade on his hip was awkward to lay on. His fingertips were cold, yet his palms weren't. As they were wrapped in scrap cloth he took from his cloak.

He didn't know his pack-mates very well, as a Beta, he was expected to be responsible, but in a way, he was still a pup, a child, and the world had forced him to become a man in only a week or so. He tried to remember how many days he'd been with this pack. But the days had been blurring together. And the events of a day were always the same. He woke up. Followed the pack. Took orders from Hale. And waited to see if he would turn at nightfall or not. Turning. Was never fun for Neath. Mainly because he never knew what would happen during his post transformation. And didn't like the idea of himself as a wolf-man, the kind he read about in books and song.

He knew few in the pack, or had at least met them, there was the little boy, Shaun? Maybe. He had only heard it once. And Hale, the Alpha, and then there was Meryl, who he had something of a crush on, well, in some form. The boy only had heard her name once uttered from Hale, and then had only glanced over at her once or twice the last few days. Offering a smile, and hoping that she would return with one. Which she never did. Since Neath had been trying to stay low and out of sight for a while.

As he sat up and tightened the belt on his waist. He looked around camp. A fire had been made. And the little girl in the pack had gone to the tree line for whatever reason, probably to hunt, or just get away from it all, which Neath wished he could at times. She had bumped into Sean. And hit him in the stomach. Quite hard as well.

Ocumwhowurst walked towards the boy. Still laying on the ground. He got down on a knee and reached out a hand to the boy. "Hey, are you okay? It's Shaun, right?" He said, offering to help him up.


#5 Burger Warrior

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Posted 21 August 2015 - 07:25 AM

Sean groaned.


It wasn’t that he’d had a particularly bad night, or anything. If he had, he didn’t exactly remember it… as usual. That still wasn’t any less disturbing to the young man than it was at first, but that still wasn’t the reason he was groaning this particular morning. In fact, at first, he was too groggy and confused to figure out what exactly was upsetting him so much. Then he rolled over, and noticed a vaguely familiar girl stumbling away, as if she’d tripped…


...on him.


The boy sighed, and just rolled back over. He rubbed his still-aching gut with one hand, albeit the movement was slow and groggy. Usually he slept in a lot more, typically waking up once the whole group was together. However, another member of the pack - privately, he hated that term; it made him feel like an animal even if that was what he was, now - didn’t seem to remember that, and seemed to assume he was ready to wake up, now.


"Hey, are you okay? It's Shaun, right?" The guy said - Sean hadn’t heard his name, and wondered how the werewolf knew his own - offering to help him up.


Sean ignored the offer, at first. The young werewolf just rolled over, offering a grumpy grumble noise at Neath. However, after a moment MacFinnigan got to his feet under his own power, though he still rubbed his gut gingerly.


“Did what I think happen just happen…?” He muttered to no one in particular - assumedly Neath, since he was right there - yawning as he did so.


#6 Dalton Westmoore

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Posted 22 August 2015 - 05:51 AM

Bale sat up and yawned. It appeared that the pack had moved to a new location, and, per the norm, he had no memory of anything the previous night.


He sat up and glowered at the woods around him: he was not a morning person, and did not like the fact that he had woken up this early.


But he might as well use this time to do something profitable, and then proceeded to do a check of his equipment, and, when that was done, he began to put a new edge on his sword with a whetstone.


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