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Wulfgard: World's Edge

06 April 2017 - 12:13 AM

Wulfgard: World's Edge

Voyage of the Sun Chaser




The sun crept lazily over the horizon, bathing the tall towers of Illikon in its light. Below, the city was stirring to life, slowly shaking off the night. If one were to watch the city transition from night to day they would witness the transformation in all its splendor. The night owls of the city crawled back to their holes to sleep while the markets and streets began to buzz with activity. Merchants opened their stalls and bakers began to make their rounds. City guards changed posts while thieves retreated to their lairs. The city was coming to life and everyone was waking. Almost everyone.
At the Silver Stein, Wilhelm’s snores were hard at work peeling the paint off the walls. After a long night of drinking and getting to know his crew, Wilhelm was oblivious to the world waking. However, his slumber did not last for too long. With a loud bang the bedroom was kicked in. Years of survival kicked in and Wilhelm leapt to his feet with a shout. He found himself staring into the cold grey eyes of his first mate.
“By the gods Faelor!” Wilhelm snapped. He paused and held his head, a throbbing headache painfully reminding him of the activities from the night before. Gently rubbing his temples, he began to turn and walk back to his bed. However, the elf grabbed his arm to stop him and began to drag him towards the door. Wilhelm loudly protested and tried in vain to get back to his bed.
“We are late captain,” Faelor explained in his usual monotonous voice. To most people the elf rarely showed any kind of emotion, preferring to keep reserved and expend as little energy in inflections as possible. In many ways, he was the polar opposite of his fiery-tempered captain. He suspected that was the reason Wilhelm chose him to be his first mate, his level-headed approach to the world helping keep Wilhelm from too much trouble. Sometimes.
“What... What time is it?” Wilhelm murmured. He blinked slowly as his head threatened to explode. Faelor glanced out the window at the brightening sky.
“I'd say it's just past dawn, Captain.”

“Damn. We’re late.”
“I’m glad you noticed, Captain.”



At the docks the motley crew had gathered on the deck of The Sun Chaser. The boards creaked beneath them as the ship bobbed gently on the water. The early morning breeze teased the sails with the promise of adventure. For a moment, the crew were wondering if the captain would even bother to show up. They stood about in silence, the world around the ship slowly getting busier and busier.
“There they are!” came a high-pitched shout. From the crow’s nest Shauni spied the captain and first mate making their way to the ship. A sense of relief passed over the crew. At the very least they would be setting sail.
Wilhelm leapt aboard the deck and surveyed his new crew. A smile spread from ear to ear as he greeted them. He went around taking their names, Faelor silently following behind him. After introductions were finished he climbed to the upper deck to address them.
“Welcome aboard!” he started with a cheery tone. “Ye have chosen the life of adventure. To go where no man, woman…” Wilhelm paused and glanced at Shauni. “Or child” he amended. “We will map to the Edge of the World and forever seal our fate as legends!”
“Now!” Wilhelm turned to the horizon. “We set sail!”
With the final shout, Wilhelm hopped down among the crew and began assigning tasks. The crew scurried about, lowering sails and preparing the ship. The old caravel groaned in protest as she left the dock and began to drift swiftly out of the harbor and onto the open sea.
During the speech, Faelor had turned his attention to the piece of parchment in his pocket. It was the one he had used to take down the names of the new crew. He pulled it out and sighed quietly as he reviewed the names and began to think to the sort of desperation that led to hiring such a crew. He silently prayed to the gods that maybe they would live to tell this tale.


Shauni Sun Chaser (The Arbiter)

Brackenburn the Black (The Captain)

Basil Shimmershore (Burger Warrior)

Tenebra Abdris (Burger Warrior)

Asuka (Hawk)

Sir Gisburn “Guy” of Pikeston (Dalton Westmoore)

Adrienna De’Maravanne (Sephsekla)

Runi (Maverick-Werewolf)

((This is a time to have some brief interactions with your fellow crew. You are all running about doing ship-things. You can just declare what you are doing.))

[OOC] Wulfgard: World's Edge

19 March 2017 - 02:35 PM

World’s Edge

Voyage of The Sun Chaser





The port city of Illikon was a thriving hub of trade and travel on the sea. Its renown dockyard was filled with ships from all parts of the known world, from exotic Southron baghlahs to mighty Imperial galleons. Their tall masts filled the air as sails caught the wind to carry ships in and out of the harbor. People scurried about the dockyard, striking deals, loading cargo, bartering, preparing to set sail. The smell of salty sea air clashed with the scents of foods and spices. To some, it was one of the wonders of the world. To the people of Illikon, it was Tuesday.


While the majority of the fleets of the world quickly entered and exited the harbor, one ship sat apart at a smaller dock. It was an old looking ship, its weathered hull clearly showing its age and service. At a glance one could mistake it for a wreck that had been somehow left behind, or a ship waiting to be torn apart for spare parts. However, it was neither of those things. Worn as it was, one part seemed well maintained, in bright fresh paint was the name of the vessel: The Sun Chaser.


To the rare few who stopped to read the name almost none would recognize the name nor the significance of the ship. However, the very few individuals who did immediately began to make their way to the Central District of the city. They knew who the ship belonged to, they knew the legends that it was made of. The one man who had owned that ship was nearly a myth, as he was so steeped in legend, rumor, and fame. When that moldy wreck was in Illikon, there was only one pub its captain would be in, The Silver Stein.


However, for the common traveler, they would not have noticed or cared for a heap of trash floating on the water. Their goals varied, some sought adventure, others for coin, and a few to attempt to make their mark on history. Regardless of their objective, the best place to find men and women who could fulfill their dreams would be in one of the many taverns of Illikon. Rumor on the street was that the best offerings could be found in the Silver Stein, one of the largest inns in the city. It also helped that the prices tended to be cheap to help travelers drown their crushed dreams.




The Silver Stein was noisy with the usual racket that made taverns unique. If one tried to decipher the din, right before they had a seizure, they would be treated to a three-man band cheerily playing away in a corner, drunken singing, conversations of all volumes, and shouting for more ale. Barmaids navigated the drunken crowds, serving drinks and food. Travelers of all manners sat together at long wooden tables, some at smaller tables around the edge of the room. The smell of stale ale and food mingled with the din that filled the air, keeping the stench of sweaty travelers at bay.


At a lonely table in a dark corner sat two men. One was heavily bearded and drinking from a massive stein. His facial features were broad and muscular, more akin to a bulldog than a man. Above two busy eyebrows, he wore a large bandana that held long, wavy black hair out of his tanned face. His green eyes sparkled randomly with mischievous glints, hinting at a much younger man hiding within. The man was muttering to himself and humming along with the tunes being played, oblivious to the world, one hand on his stein and the other adjusting his well-worn coat.


Sitting across from the human was a man that seemed to be in every way his opposite. He had thin features, attentive, sharp blue eyes, and short, straight blond hair. Two pointed ears stuck out form the sides of his head, clearly marking him an elf. He was sipping from a much smaller glass than his companion, the contents a more elegant drink. The elf was watching the room, his body tense as if he expected to be attacked at any moment. Every now and then he would spare a disdainful glance at his companion.


“You should stop while you’re still conscious,” he remarked after a few moments. The man glanced up and grinned stupidly.


“And why, me pointy friend,” he paused to snicker at his own pun. The large quantities of alcohol he had consumed were beginning to show. “Would I do such a thing?”


The elf rolled his eyes.


“Because we have a job to do, Wilhelm,” he said, his tone curt. “Now if you don’t mind, we need to go find a crew.”


For a moment Wilhelm looked defeated as he shrugged and started to finish his drink to leave. Then his eyes suddenly came to life and a mischievous grin spread across his face. With a chuckle, he jumped up on the table, stein raised high.


“Ladies and gentlemen!” he roared. The tavern noise died down as conversations stopped and all eyes turned towards him. With everyone’s attention, the drunkard continued.


“I be Wilhelm of Illikon! Master of the high seas and mapper of the unknown! I be needing a crew to join me in me next expedition: To the edge of the world!” Wilhelm paused to take another swig. With a loud belch, he pounded his chest to clear his throat and spoke again.


“If ye think ye be brave enough to join me step forward and see me first mate Faelor here!”


A silence followed. Wilhelm stared at the crowd as they started to turn back to their drinks and conversations.


“Drinks on me!” he added with a roar, tossing a small purse across the room and landing in a very shocked looking bartender’s hand. The crowd cheered and immediately began ordering pints as the band struck up a lively tune. Grinning ear to ear, Wilhelm sat back down and looked back at Faelor. The elf’s eye was twitching.


“You wanted a crew,” Wilhelm said with a shrug. “We’ll get a crew in no time.”


“Perhaps you forgot the sec-” Faelor began in a furious tone.


“Don’t mind that,” Wilhelm interrupted, waving his hand dismissively. “We get the crew and worry about that bit later.” He staggered to his feet. “Now I’m off to sleep this off, I trust you can handle getting the candidates ready.”


Without waiting for a reply, the famous captain left. Faelor scowled and turned to face the growing queue of eager want to be adventurers. The first stepped forward. The elf sighed and produced a pen and quill.


“So you want to be an explorer?”




Welcome to World’s Edge!


This roleplay is about an expedition set to find the edge of the world, and hopefully not fall off it. As such, I’m looking for characters that are seeking adventure, people who have nothing else left in life but to jump on a ship that could possibly be falling off the edge of the world. Try to keep the options somewhat plausible. Usual RP rules apply, I WILL be rolling dice for your characters so please be sure to get some stats that you’re happy with!


Please note:  I am going out of town from March 26th until April 2nd, so I will be only reviewing signups and such during that time and this will START on April 3rd




Name: Faelor Ologolor

Gender: Male

Race: Sea Elf



Affinity: Water

Deity: Poseidon

Faction: The Sun Chaser

Talents: Diplomacy, Acrobatics, Education, Marksmanship



Strength: 4

Agility: 8

Constitution: 5

Perception: 9

Intelligence: 9

Spirit: 4

Luck: 2


Weapon(s): Recurve bow and an short sword


Trinkets: Tends to have a satchel with quill and parchment to have ready a moment’s notice.



Faelor Ologolor was born as a purebred Sea-Elf. He was raised along the coast, constantly wandering with his parents in their jobs as fisherfolk and mappers. His father would sell their wares, while his mother would map the regions they went, marking areas with better chances of catching larger fish. They made a living from the sales and life seemed content. However, they decided Faelor needed more. They sent him off to Mimameidr to study and learn. Through some connections within the city, Faelor was accepted to learn. There he set himself on books like a fish to water. After a few years he had come to master many subjects, demonstrating great skill in memorization and drawing. For a Sea-Elf he had shown great promise to learn more and join the ranks of the loremasters.


Though after years of study and promises of a life in comfort and learning, Faelor found himself yearning to return to the sea. His blood was tied to the ocean and he could not leave it. His new career happened during a visit to Illikon that he met with Wilhelm, back then a young fool-hardy explorer. The two struck it off as Wilhelm was in search of a first mate, someone who could help him. They traveled the world and faced many dangers, Faelor barely aging a day while Wilhelm shows how much time has passed in their travels.








Race: (see here)



Deity: (optional)

Faction: (optional)

Talents: (see here, pick 3)


Attributes (42 points, max 16, min 1, please apply your racial bonuses here)
















For Honor!

26 January 2017 - 10:44 PM


So I got into the Closed Beta for For Honor and I just finished playing my first few batches of games and I have come away rather impressed. I mainly played Domination 4v4 which is your generic control points A, B ,C but with lots of minions running about and 4 Heroes chewing them up for health while trying to kill each other. It plays really smoothly and the fighting system is fantastic. One the surface it is really simple, twitch mouse and either left click or right click to swing weapon. Twitch mouse into right quadrant to block when you see red arrow.


For anyone that has played the Mount & Blade series the directional combat will feel like a more fluid and easier-to-execute version of the M&B games.


The Heroes themselves offer some wonderful depth to vary the gameplay. Using the in-game currency (which you earn by winning matches and such) you "recruit" heroes to customize them. At the end of games you earn more dosh and some parts for the faction/class you played. I currently have found 2 helmets, a hilt, and a crossguard. These all affect your hero from increasing damage, lengthening Revenge time, and boosting health recovery. Though they all come with penalties (like longer revive times).


Here's a look at all the classes.



In the beta there are only 3 classes per faction available, which is sad as I really wanted to try out the Lawbringer.


Right now I'm rocking the Warden which I have been enjoying immensely with some nice kill streaks. I personally feel like my time in Chivalry: medieval Warfare and my multiple M&B games have prepared me fore this as FH! feels like a cousin, bringing a new facet to the table with many familiar objects from other games in the genre. I will keep updating this topic as I learn more and hopefully get some recordings of my play-throughs.


Anybody else have the beta that wishes to share their thoughts?


Anyone that has some thoughts or opinions on how the game looks thus far?

Pit People

15 January 2017 - 01:07 AM

Behemoth have finally given us Early Access to Pit People! I tried some of the game out back during San Diego Comic Con last year and I was impressed with what I saw.



Normally I am not a fan of post-apoc, especially weirdmageddon style but Behemoth have managed to change my mind with this game and I am in love with it already. I have played a bunch of the turn-style combat games recently but I enjoy the different angle that Pit People brings to the table, namely in the narration, character designs, and class Behemoth style zany world design.


Have any of you guys picked up the early access? Any thoughts on the game so far?