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In Topic: The Video Game News Thread

17 December 2019 - 01:15 PM

While I agree on the most part, the offline co-op multiplayer should've been included on standard to begin with. And even moreso it's currently only prequel-era stuff, no way to play all the OT or Sequel content without jumping into online modes.

In Topic: SSLF's Runner-Up GOTY of the Year 2019 Thread

12 December 2019 - 09:54 PM

Also people are mad at Rocksteady. They teased Arkham Legacy's announcement *5* times now this year alone. And it just no-shows.

-They did it at E3
-Two separate Playstation State of Plays
-and now here at this wet noodle of a show.

In Topic: SSLF's Runner-Up GOTY of the Year 2019 Thread

12 December 2019 - 10:01 AM

It's been a real learning experience this past week for a great many people who haven't remained familiar with Reach the last 9 years. It's Halo, and Halo by default is largely better than 90% of the rest of FPS games (yes, even 4 and 5.) But Reach doesn't hold a candle to the OG trilogy any more than 4 or 5 do.


Nostalgia goggles are a powerful thing. 


I'm still really excited for Infinite.

In Topic: SSLF's Runner-Up GOTY of the Year 2019 Thread

11 December 2019 - 01:26 PM

All right let's knock 'em out. EDIT: and I'll probably add more silly awards as I come up with them.


Rotten Banana molded to look like an Award trophy to say it was a real legitimate game

-Anthem apparently wanted to feel like it was worth something, so went dumpster diving for even false validation.


Poopoo Stinkytown Award for Incredible Failure

-Pokemon Sword and Shield for not only gutting most of the series core gameplay features, but not even meeting the standard precedent for the remaining features.


Mr. Meh Mediocrely's Monotonous Award for Meh-ness

-RAGE 2 was fun in the moment, but I've no real desire to return to it. And can't really speak to anything I particularly liked or hated about it. It's just nothing.


Borderlands Award for Being more Borderlands

-Borderlands 3 because congratulations it's more Borderlands that basically does everything Borderlands 2 did but slightly better. And that's ok!


Best Fallout Award

-The Outer Worlds by default, and certainly wasn't gonna give that award to Fallout 76.


Best Game of the Year ruined by Activision's Microtransactions

-Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled was set to be a glorious remaster of a beloved original just like the Crash and Spyro trilogy sets, and definitely is, but Activision waited a month or two past released and then added ridiculous levels of monetization.


Best Remake by a large powergap that was free of Activision's talons

-Resident Evil 2 Remake is a stress-inducingly good time and that's all I've really got to say about it, since I'm still playing it.


Game of the Year if I had anything more than an utter potato of a PC to run it on

-Disco Elysium I played a bit of it to see if my computer could run it ok (it could not). I woke up, had a heated argument with a ceiling fan, critically failed a roll to retrieve the tie hanging on one the blades, suffered a heart attack, and subsequently died. Game End. 10/10.


Retroactive Game of the Year Consolation Prize

-The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, apparently 4th time in as many years attempting to get into it was indeed the charm.


Best Consolation Runner Up Award because I felt like giving it some recognition

-Life is Strange 2 has had a hard and bumpy road, from both people questioning its inherent worth as both a followup and as a game to begin with, but the uncompromising finale episode that just debuted last week solidified it as one of the best choice and consequence games of its type.


Capcom Award

-Capcom for consistently knocking it out of the park in a big way, continuing their meteoric comeback saga after languishing in the realm of deader than disco for the first half of the decade.


Game of the Year

-Doom Eternal *checks notes* wait, it got delayed 3 weeks from release all the way to March 2020? Welp, it's gonna have to go against Cyberpunk 2077 and Halo Infinite now.


The Actual Game of the Year Award for Game of the Year

-Devil May Cry 5 for being one of the best games I've played in a long time, and I don't even particularly like CAGs of its sort. I couldn't hack Vanquish, MGS Rising Revengeance of Boogaloo or Bayonetta, so I wasn't sure I'd be able to pull this off.

Bonus Star Wars Award

-Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order for completely subverting staggeringly low expectations to emerge as one of the better overall games to come out this year, and easily the best Star Wars game in over a decade and a half.



Dave Fennoy Memorial Award for Best Pub Crawl this side of Edgar Wright's The World's End

-Afterparty , the newest game from Night School Studio, featuring two dead college kids attempting to win a bet to escape hell, by drinking Satan under the table and partying their undead butts off.

In Topic: The Video Game News Thread

10 December 2019 - 07:48 PM

Probably the most unexpected news of the day, Bethesda and Id Software held a social stream for Doom's 26th anniversary, and released a Megaton: The current OG Doom ports are being massively upgraded.


-Animation upgrades to fluid 60 FPS, aspect ration upgrades to support widescreen format

-Final Doom(The Plutonia Experiment and TNT Evilution) and the previously Xbox 360-exclusive Campaign "No Rest For the Living" are being added.

-MOD SUPPORT ON CONSOLE: A FO4/Skyrim style setup for players to retrieve and play fan-made levels and campaigns for the OG games, including John Romero's 25th anniversary campaign, "SIGIL".


I imagine these ports will also now be coming to PC, for the 0.5 people who don't already have a standard .exe of the OG Dooms and isn't modded to hell and back already. But, Doom 64 is coming out too, so, guess consistency helps!


This is good news any way you slice it.