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09 April 2017 - 10:14 PM


  • Stardew Valley



I'll totally take Stardew Valley off of your hands if you're looking to offload it. Unfortunately I don't have any keys to swap with. 

In Topic: The Video Game News Thread

07 April 2017 - 09:36 PM

To be honest, Total War: Warhammer II doesn't bother me; asides from the god awful DLC model for the first game, it was actually pretty damn awesome. It's a by Sully's mustache shame the only decent Warhammer games we've had recently (as well as upcoming) are either turn-based or real-time strategy games.


CD Projekt Red should license the IP. That'd be a blast.


The game's definitely fun though the sequel's timing just seems so sudden. I found out recently that it'll work like the first Dawn of War games: If you buy Total Warhammer 2 and happen to own the 1st, you get to play on a bigger campaign map and access all the factions/units from the first game. Otherwise if you just get 2 it's your choice of High Elves, Dark Elves, Skaven, and the no normies allowed Lizardmen. 


Honestly I love both those kind of games quite a bit and with Warhammer being a tabletop game I haven't been too bugged by it. Though Space Marine gave a really good taste of what a third-person shooter/brawler would look like and boy that was an absolute blast. It sucks that every attempt to make a shooter out of Warhammer other than that has ended in misery when it seems like it'd be pretty straightforward to make properly. 


Oh boy CD Projekt Red and an RPG set in WHFB. I'm curious how well they'd do with a futuristic setting but I know damn well for sure they'd make an absolute treasure of a game set in WHFB. 

In Topic: Wulfgard: World's Edge

07 April 2017 - 09:30 PM

“Well, of all of us you look like you can actually handle yourself.” A woman's voice cut through Brackenburn's scowl moments after it had settled on his face. The voice was muffled and sounded... Different. Almost a little unnatural? Curious, the mercenary's head swiveled to regard her as she sat with him, though at a comfortable distance. “As much as I’d like to, I haven’t quite gotten the hang of swinging a sword…” 


"Why not?" Brackenburn asked bluntly. He had a low, deep voice with a curious scratch to it, as if from a throat wound or too many years using a pipe. He nodded to the woman's mask and gear. "You seem a like a fighter to me. Few besides that could afford a sword like that."

In Topic: Wulfgard: World's Edge

06 April 2017 - 09:28 PM

Brackenburn made no sound other than the periodic shriek of whetstone on his void falcion as he obsessively sharpened it, each draw of the stone calculated and methodical.


He was clad only in simple boots, pants, and a greyed cloth shirt. His suit of armor, a mix of expertly crafted leather plates and armored plate, was stowed below with his gear, carefully wrapped in simple cloth sacks to protect against the salty wind. Not that they'd ever reach the hold but years at sea had taught the man one could never be too careful. He had left his crossbow so something occupied his hammock for the night down below. The bunk closest to the stairs out. Sleeping there was a force of survivalist habit.


For a man of his calling and demeanor one would assume he'd find the darkest corner of the ship and crouch in the shadows, resigning himself to the comforting darkness. But Brackenburn the Black was actually quite fond of the sea-sprayed wind of the open sea and the gleaming sun smiling down on him. A murderer and hired killer he may be but even the most callous and violent of men found some natural joy in life. But as the wind billowed and buffeted the sails, there was no sign of any kind of happiness from the man.


Brackenburn was lost in deep thought. His face was set in a scowl: Brows furrowed, frown deep. His eyes, curiously tinged yellow, were unfocused and cast down at the void-iron blade of his falchion, which he continued to sharpen, rotating the blade as he continued his work, completely lost in his own phantom world of thought. 


The others were aboard for adventure. For wealth. For discovery. There was only one reason why he was here and the reminder of it was clutched in the vice-like grip of his surprisingly large hands. He'd killed so many in his time. So, so many people. Not all of them warriors, not all of them soldiers. Struck, shot, beaten them down and never gave it another thought. But that wasn't why he had to flee. He had to flee because he'd saved someone. But it had come with the cost of an Inquisitor to save her. No good deed ever went unpunished in the worls. There was nowhere in civilization he could hide for forever, the End of the world was the only place he could go to escape their prying gaze and biting chains. 


A seagull cried out before taking flight, abandoning the ship to fly back to the port while it could. Brackenburn halted at the sound, blinking hard, his scowl softening as his world of inner thought scattered. He looked up at the blue sky and the gleaming sun as if for the first time that day. There was no reason to dwell on the Inquisition. Out here he was free. His gaze lowered back to his crewmates, most of them hurling their guts over the side. The scowl was back. Hopefully they'd reach some kind of land before they met pirates, or it'd be a very short-lived expedition. 



In Topic: The Video Game News Thread

05 April 2017 - 12:10 AM

I don't really get this current generation of consoles. I saw they were remastering Crash Bandicoot and was like hey I should get a PS4 so I can play it and there are like three different versions with another one on the way or something. And it looks like the Xbone has almost the same deal with the Scorpio. 


On the flip side usually in this span of time they'd have just made a whole new console which is a pain in the ass to deal with more than just a souped up version of an existing console which I can definitely get behind. That being said do I even get a vanilla PS4 for $250, a slim for ~$300-$350, or, since I have a 4k screen, spring for the Pro? Or is that not something I should even bother with yet if there's something else in the works? I've been out of the loop for consoles since the Xbone was released.