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#203110 The HALO Topic

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 30 January 2010 - 06:39 AM

Hey Zero...

Why's everything so... ugly?
The sleek style is what I liked most about Halo. This game looks like... like... well, like something I'd normally might just pass on.

#203104 THE NEW LOOK OF SSL 2010!

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 30 January 2010 - 06:31 AM

Observation: There appears to be a reputation feature.
Query: How does it work?

There's a little plus and minus in the corner of all posts. You click one or the other. ;)
Right now the limit is 25 ratings per day for freebies, 50 for Novas, but that could change. I'm pretty unfamiliar with all this myself.

#203077 THE NEW LOOK OF SSL 2010!

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 26 January 2010 - 04:19 AM

Please look over this post BEFORE you reply! Especially the FAQ section. Thanks.

Welcome to the brand new SSLF, gang! I hope you like the new look!

You may be wondering why I made this big change to the website. Well, there are several reasons. First of all, I was sick and tired of the old one. I've had a black background with red and black UI elements and white text for at least a decade now, and it was starting to give me a strong negative vibe. I'm hoping to move the website in a new, more positive, more artistic direction. Also, this new site is much cleaner code-wise and uses all that newfangled CSS stuff. That means I can make changes to the site's look and feel much more quickly and easily. And that's good for everyone. But especially me.

And now, I'd like to address some issues about the new site. Please read over the following BEFORE you reply, thanks!

Questions & Answers

I want the BLACK back!: I may make a black-background skin available in the future, either a nighttime version of this skin or a Nova Refuge skin. For now, however, try to get used to this one. Learn to lighten up!

The colors in this particular spot look weird/hard to read...: I am skinning the forum by hand, so if you see any colors that look weird or are very hard to read, please report them in a reply here ALONG WITH a screenshot or description of the place where you saw the weird colors.

This new feature is weird/doesn't work right: New features in IPB 3.0 are totally alien to me too. I have no idea how the new PM system works, nor how this "reputation" system functions. If you have any issues with new features, or any glitches, report them here.

The new rank picture is too big!: No, it's really not. Why? Because your avatar can now be 150x150! Like mine, over there. Personal Photos in profiles can now be larger as well (200x200). Once you get a new bigger avatar the rank icon won't seem so big.

Cool! I get a bigger avatar!: I may impose more restrictive avatar limits in the future if I see people using lots of horrendous avatars of anime and bands/album covers and such, so please try to use something cool. And by cool I mean my definition of cool, which means movies, video games, comics, LEGO, soldiers, monsters, jet fighters, dinosaurs, etc.

Uncool! I get a smaller signature...: Yes, the signature size limit now works differently, since my old siglimit code doesn't work the same on the new version of IPB. Luckily there is one built in now.
Images above 800x250 pixels are now not allowed at all, and you may not use more than one image. If someone has major issues with this, please explain them here. (and by explain, I mean give a reason WHY the new limit is a real problem for you)

Blog updates on main page, huh?: Yeah, I may get rid of that if I end up not updating my blog as often as I hope to. But if my plans work out, I will be updating the site more regularly this year (that was my resolution, you see), so this is a good way to tie in the main site updates with the forums.

My favorite smiley is gone!: My old smilies had black backgrounds, so I had to get new ones. If you would like to help me out, feel free to submit new smilies here. They MUST fit the look/size of my current smilies and MUST have a transparent background to be accepted. If they fit those criteria, then I'll be glad to add them!

What's with the first post displaying at the top of every page?: I set Linear+ to the default view mode for several reasons. If it is bothering you, you can go into My Settings > Forums > View/Posting/E-mail Prefs > Topic Display mode and set it to Standard.

And now that you've read all that... a few more things:
- The Nova Members got to see the new look and critique it before it went live. Thanks for the help, guys!
- Congratulations to 880_ZERO, new Red Base Local Mod. Also, if you were a local mod who was demoted due to inactivity, you may explain your absence here and I may restore your position.

Hope you guys enjoy the new Lair!

#193950 Replica: The Oath of the Horatii by Jacques-Louis David

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 27 December 2009 - 07:56 AM

QUOTE (Lord Boar @ Dec 27 2009, 12:17 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Anyway, 9.7/10.

Maybe it's just me, but decimal ratings out of ten seem a bit extreme for a LEGO creation unless it's for a contest or something.

Anyway, I enjoyed helping Maegan with this project. It makes me want to do more classical art replicas. Hope you guys like it. smile.gif

#178811 SWEARING and you

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 12 November 2009 - 11:06 PM

My name is Saber-Scorpion and I endorse this message.

#146643 Nova Refuge Official Q&A

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 19 July 2009 - 12:42 AM

QUOTE (Terran Union)
From what I notice about Zygbar, they are of the Big4 Nations yet their military forces (judging the decals on your site) seemed to be similar to insurgent group, how do they fight other other 3 nations specially Xarkon being just north of them?

Are human faction only have bipedal (2-legged) walkers or they have at least 4-legged type walkers?

Does the Xarkon has either an Desert Patrol Vehicle or Humvee like vehicle aside from the Jotun?

Although in a form of drawing, ca I make a fan-made tank for the Xarkon based from the design of the Thyrm siege tank, since I have an idea of a tank that has the Crown of Xarkon design when look from above and in betwee the classification of walker and tank

Lastly is it really a standard for Xarkons to have every vehicles to bear the design of their crown (and their emblem)? Addition to this question is that most of the starship here are below 1 kilometer in lenght, are their other starship that reaches at least above 2 kilometers? (like those Pizza slice-shape Imperial starship from Star Wars and Covenant warships from Halo)

Although I'm not sure, but 5.56mm bullets is pretty ineffective by this time, so what is the most common bore diameter of a Blazer rifle?

1- Zygbar comes from a history of insurgent groups. That's basically how they won their independence from Xarkon: fighting dirty and even resorting to terrorism. And now that the Ultimate War has started, they'll be using those same tactics in many cases against their enemies, although their new Xarkonian allies probably won't like it much. They do have some advanced armor and weapons, however, specifically on what they call their heavy infantry. Some of their more advanced technology is "requisitioned" from their enemies, however.

2- They have some 4-legged walkers. These are mostly their transport walkers.

3- Yes, it's called the Hildisvin.

4- Certainly! I'd like to see what you come up with. I'm probably going to completely change the design of the Thrym tank since it looks so... spindly and awkward to me now. It's one of those LEGO creations that I'm iffy about. The name will be kept, however.

5- The Crown design used to be merely a tradition, not an enforced standard procedure. It has recently been made into the latter, however, so some older vehicles have simply been upgraded with superfluous armor panels to make them look about the right shape. The Bergelmir is one of these.

As for starship size, well, I've just never considered the GINORMOUS ships of sci-fi to be very practical. Can you imagine how much money and raw materials would go into the construction of an Imperial Star Destroyer, much less the Super Star Destroyer, which was 19,000 m in length? And then these planet-size vessels are destroyed by the ramming of one fighter onto the bridge (SSD Executor) or one torpedo into the right vent shaft (Death Star) and bam - enough money to build an entire fleet of smaller, more maneuverable craft is flushed down the toilet. So I like to keep my vessels of a more reasonable size, like 1000m or less. But yes, some may be bigger than that, particularly fleet flagships. Certainly Helexith's flagship - featured in the epilogue of Warrior Born - is much bigger. But it's rare, and there's nothing even close to a Super Star Destroyer yet.

6- Well, bullets in this time are usually propelled differently (HPG gauss technology) and enhanced (blazer shielding), so I usually use similar calibers to the current types if only for simplicity's sake. Most standard pistols are 10mm, for example. I never decided a bore diameter for the assault rifles though. I think I may have discussed the matter with Vorgain, and I'll certainly need to decide it eventually, but right now... *shrug*

QUOTE (Death)
1. I should have wrote the question better, i meant will there be any different species of natives inportant or not or are the current ones the "only" ones?

2. We talked about it in class that it would engulf the Earth and maybe Mars and a part of Jupiter but it also said the Sun might not engulf the earth but since the sun is gone life on Earth would be impossible anyways because there is no light from the sun and because the sun would most likely be an asteroid look-alike. The sun is a Yellow Dwarf which is bigger than a White dwarf but smaller than a red giant etc. I read that the sun would engulf everything that is within 2x the radius from the Earth to the Sun.

You might be right but i might be but either way life on earth would be impossible. But i did a 5 minute research on google so you are more likely right.
And since all planets that would not be swallowed(besides pluto) are gas planets so it's impossible for life, so NR can live on!

1. The six most important Native species are the Sarran, Mahlok, Achmer, Slashrim, Skrakki, and Draconians. I have also considered introducing an endangered species of more mammalian nature that was conquered by Helexith long ago, but I have no concrete details on them as of yet. Any other Native species would have to be small in number, not technologically advanced, or live outside the Refuge itself.

2. I stumbled upon an interesting research paper on the subject through Google. Here it is: http://www.nagt.org/...Dutch_v53n1.pdf The author makes many comparisons to science fiction stories, since really that's the only place it's explored. In brief he concludes that while the planet may not be instantly vaporized, certainly the surface would be destroyed and any life along with it. So yeah, like you said, either way life on Earth would be impossible.

QUOTE (Terran Union)
I see so the Crown is like a "national symbol"

It's Xarkon's way of distinguishing itself as a power in the galaxy to be feared. Think of the Crown being like Batman's bat symbol, striking fear into the hearts of villains. tongue.gif

QUOTE (Osolis)
1) Hey, what's up? How've you been? Long time since we talked, yeah?

2) Are you still going to be accepting fan fictions to your site? If so, if I completely overhaul my story about Ray and E'Oveai Rho and make it... you know... not crappy, could you replace the one that's already on the site with it? Because that would be much appreciated, seeing as how that old one doesn't represent my writing at ALL anymore. XD

3) How long, approximately, would it take to go from Ecirron to Terra Nova? From E'Oveai Rho to Terra Nova?

4) How's the Takeover of Mordark coming?

1) Yeah, I've been so busy with college I haven't had time to come on the forums like... at all. Ever. I had my wisdom teeth out this summer too, so that didn't help, although it wasn't half as a bad as I dreaded it might be. Although I feel guilty about not working on the NR site more than I have, Warrior Born sales have been pretty good and have even increased over the summer, so that's encouraging... But yeah, I'm good. You? tongue.gif

2) I know how you feel. I do that with my writing all the time. As for fan fictions, I'm not sure how to do them... I'd like some way to host them on a system like the forums, so that users can post them on their own without me having to copy and paste them onto the site. Sadly I don't know of a perfect way to do that, short of just making a board here on SSLF dedicated entirely to NR fan fiction. It may come to that, unless I hear of a better way to do it. Either way I want you to be able to update the fan fic yourself. Suggestions are welcome.

3) To be honest I'm still considering that. My plan was to make it take a certain amount of time to get from New Sol to Outlook (like, say, a week) and then calculate the other distances based on that. I want it to be short enough for military forces to respond to disasters within a reasonable amount of time, but long enough to get the point across that space is still huge and traveling it is still an adventure... Do you think a week would be about right? Shorter? Longer?

4) I wrote the story out long ago, but I haven't worked on the comic any since the last page I posted. I guess I should really force myself to finish it before the summer is over just because I hate having so many projects on my site floating around in unfinished limbo for years. laugh.gif So yeah, I'll try to get to work on that.

QUOTE (Bolty)
How are Immortal's names chosen? I figure the instructors pick from who the trainees are most like in Greek mythology?

Kind of. I suppose they're chosen a lot like the Enomeg names, although TBH I picked Orion for Ryan simply because they sound the same and there are so many poignant references to be made to "Orion vs. Scorpio" from Greek Mythology, with Scorpio being Saber-Scorpion. biggrin.gif

QUOTE (Star Wolf)
1. What are some examples of new animal species or lesser Native species?
2. What is the standard Achmer infantry weapon and what do they use as a standard weapon type(Blazer, Energy, Starfire)?
3. Can I use Blazer In my story and I'll give you all the credit?
4. Is Harrier's custom fighter a uniqe type of fighter or is it a modified version of an existing fighter.
5. How does a wolf walker look like?
6. How do you make LEGO Sarran wings?

1. I just make up new animal species as I go. *shrug* An example would be the buzzard-like kegric bird mentioned in Warrior Born. Most of the ones that exist on Terran planets are basically Earth-like in nature due to parallel evolution. Planets with other ecosystems have more bizarre forms of life.
2. The Achmer mostly use energy weapons, from plasma to laser beams to particle beams. They have adopted variations of the Sarran blazer rifles for use against the Mahlok, however. Some of these are hand-held for personal defense, but most weapons made for war are built into the combat suits.
3. If it's a Nova Refuge story, of course you can use blazer technology. If it's your own universe I'd prefer if you used a different name, at least. wink.gif
4. It's a prototype for a new superiority fighter that has not gone into regular production yet.
5. Kind of like Manegarm, but without the rail gun and Fox Ear dishes on top of the head. There are a few other variations... I haven't drawn it yet, but that's what I have in mind. Oh, and they'll be called Dire Wolves now, with the Timber Wolf being a smaller model.
6. The ones seen on the site are made with wire and cloth. Two pieces of cloth shaped like wings are cut out at about the right size. Then a wire is wrapped around the minifig's neck, and the cloth wings are sewn over the ends of it. The wires inside the top of the wings make them posable, so you can fold them up or furl them out. I really need to make some more... right now I still only have one pair. laugh.gif

QUOTE (Dragon)
1. What is the maximum runtime of StarTalon handblades?

It's funny how most of these questions are for things I haven't decided myself... I'd say you could keep a StarTalon running for at least a few days non-stop, but they are usually only turned on when needed, and of course actually using the blade to cut something drains the energy and gas faster.

QUOTE (Maleus D)
1) Are the various human colonies ruled by the Big Four or are some independent. And would a nation that controls 5+ solar systems be considered a major power?

2) Would CONON launch any peacekeeping mission’s ala the U.N Peacekeepers?

3) Could Human nation survive against Helexith if the Helexith force was cut off and unable to call on reinforcements (like being ship-wrecked on a planet that the human’s had colonized) or if it was only Slashrim (limited amount of walkers/vehicles/aerospace craft)

4) Do the Big Four possess “normal” Special Forces? Like U.S Army Rangers or British Para’s.

5) Would the Sarran support a human faction/nation that was actively trying to fight the Helexith Coaltion. Would they share technology that the Human's wouldn't have?

1) Nearly all colonies in Human space are controlled by one of the Big Four. In most cases, these colonies are mixed up within a single star system, though there are some systems claimed entirely by a single faction. And yes, 5+ entire systems with habitable planets would be a major power.

2) Definitely. In fact I was planning to make an RPG for the forums about just such a venture...

3) Yes, and in fact they already did during the Xenocide War. biggrin.gif

4) Yes. In Xarkon's case I usually call them Spec Ops Soldiers.

5) The Sarran and Achmer might support a group at war with Helexith in a covert manner, as I mentioned in a previous answer. But they would not do it overtly, so as to avoid breaking out in another galactic war. And they would be very reluctant to share any particularly advanced, unknown tech with Humanity, especially technology that Helexith might recognize as Sarran/Achmer.

QUOTE (Lord Boar)
Are the Sarran a good fighting force? I know they fight the slashrim and mahlok but do thay have a large standing army aat peace?

They are certainly a good fighting force. They keep a large standing army for defensive purposes, and their fighters are second to none.

QUOTE (Moonlight)
How do Sarrans fly? They'd have to have specific conditions that would allow them to grow wings and be able to fly. Their bones would also probably need to be hollow, along with a bunch more variables; or did the Sarrans evolve on a planet with lower gravity than Earth?

The Sarran have very strong wings and chest muscles that enable them to fly on most Earth-like planets and give them +2 STR, but hollow bones that give them -2 CON. This, in addition to their +2 WIS, makes them quite good priests.\

QUOTE (Dragon)
2. What is the Nova Refuge equivelant of C4?
3. What is this so called "Nova Refuge mod" and "Nova Refuge: Source"?

And one off topic, its been bugging me since I purchased Warrior Born.
4. What does the R in Justin's name stand for?

2. I just use "plastic explosives." tongue.gif Maybe you could call it a higher number like C7 or something... biggrin.gif
3. Nothing I'm involved with. It's probably just various members speculating about the possibility of a video game mod based on Nova Refuge, potentially using valve's Source engine.
4. You mean in my name? Randolph. tongue.gif

What's the range of your average civillan Starlight Drive ships? System to system? Or a big jump, to and fro, across the galaxy? This is of course before they run outta gas, and need to refuel.

Are the Natives limited to a set amount of starships following the Xenocide, like, no Native species may have a fleet size greater than Human Nation *insert nation*?

Since I may as well kill a few birds with a single stone... I 'shoped up that Laconic armor (finally). It's just a little re-color, and some chopping off of parts. Like what I did with the flashlights?

1. That would depend mostly on the ship and its fuel capacity. A lot of civilian trader ships operate entirely on pre-existing trade lanes and do not have the ability to enter the Breach on thier own power. Those that do are usually military or exploration ships, and they are plenty capable of flying across the galaxy in as few jumps as their supplies will allow. Of course, it takes a lot of time, as I discussed in my reply to Osolis above.

2. The Humans have no control over the Natives outside Human Space, but those Natives living within Human space are not allowed to have a military fleet of any kind at all. As for Helexith and Harmony, however, both of them already have a fleet much larger than that of any single Human nation, even Xarkon or Victory, posesses on its own.

3. Looks good! It still looks awfully Halo, especially the shoulders and gun, but I like the colors and other modifications you did. Looks nice.

#146628 Sarran

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 18 July 2009 - 10:55 PM

QUOTE (Socks)
Well, humans - ah, excuse me, Humans - can be pretty stubborn. It would be funny to see them arguing against, for example, a Sarran, about grammar.

Also, the aliens have always seemed like the weak link to me [that is, aside from the Achmer and Slashrim] in that they're basically humans except slightly different. i.e., wings, exceptionally beautiful, slightly different colored skin, advanced powers of the mind for Sarran, and skin covered in flaming stuff for Mahlok.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that Humans, Sarran, and Mahlok all have the same basic body shape. Even with parallel evolution, don't you think that's going a bit too far towards Star Trek aliens [put a new head on an actor, paint their skin, style of thing]?

Granted, even if you were to make changes, it's a bit late, considering you have Warrior Born out.

While I certainly agree that Star Trek can be ridiculous at times with the sheer number of aliens who look almost exactly like humans (I realize they only had so much budget for makeup and special effects on any of the series, but still), it's hardly JUST Star Trek. Humanoid aliens are classic science fiction. Every species in Star Wars is basically a human with a funny mask on, and the same goes for Mass Effect and even Halo to an extent (it's funny how compatible Brutes and Elites are with all Human technlogy), not to mention sci-fi stories and novels, both classic and modern. We've made aliens a lot like us since the first green-skinned martians. And while it can get a bit laughable at times, you cannot deny there is a certain attraction in meeting an alien species that looks almost exactly like us and can even interbreed with us (Vulcan, Klingons... Sarran). It opens things up for a whole plethora of new storylines.

So while I try to make many of my aliens quite different from Humanity (especially Achmer and the Skrakki), I'm not exactly going to make all of them just floating piles of tentacles, pulsating orbs of energy, clouds of gas, or talking rocks. We may stumble upon that type of thing at some point for a certain story, but I see Nova Refuge as, at its heart, a combination of many basic, classic sci-fi elements all combined to work well together for the presentation of good storylines in a coherent and feasible universe. So... well there you go. biggrin.gif

#141264 Nova Refuge Official Q&A

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 27 June 2009 - 10:16 AM

QUOTE (so it's just Loki now?)
-Scorp, this has been bugging me ever since I finished Warrior Born. I don't want to say anything too spoilerish, but if you were to take a wild guess about how much of each nations' military was present at the climax, how much would it be? I just can't shake the feeling that this is a case of SciFi Writers Have No Sense Of Scale...

-We all know that while Harmony are basically pacifistic (Achmer only fighting when they have to and Sarran simply wanting to coexist peacefully) and that the Sarran hate the Mahlok and Helexith. Would it be safe to assume that given the chance Harmony would help out the Free Slashrim covertly (a-la Cold War; equipment, training, etc.) to hurt Helexith?

-Is Womloch the only native controlled area in all of human space, or are there colonies on other planets further from Terra Nova composed mainly of natives?

-Say Helexith invaded a human planet, what exactly would they do with it and how would they treat the inhabitants?

-About how much time is there between the deployment of new Enomeg phases? As in, how long after Warrior Born would it take for the phase 3 Enomegs to enter service, and the phase 4s after them.

-You mention in Warrior Born that Terra Nova's year is longer than Earth's (there's also the issue you mentioned of higher gravity, but that's not as important at the moment), about how long is a "New Terran" day and year?

1- Uhh... the climax? I assume you mean the Battle of Shardasha? Not much. Xarkon had a decent size force of ground vehicles and just one squad of walkers at the battle proper, and the Victorians had a non-specific number of fighters alongside a similarly non-specific number of Yavakarese fighters. A small skirmish compared to the battles that will come now that the war has started.

2- You're touching on something that I plan to be a major storyline element in later novels. smile.gif So you'll see what happens later. But yes, it's safe to say that Harmony may be covertly aiding the various rebel tribes just to ensure they keep Helexith occupied and in check.

3- There are a few small, primarily Native colonies still left in Human space from Helxith and Harmony's colonization efforts, but most are now considered under the "protection" and law of a major Human faction, so that Humanity can keep an eye on them. None of the colonies are officially connected to Helexith or Harmony in any way.

4- They would bring the entire planet under their heel, destroying anyone that even thought about protesting their new rule, and basically enslave the population. It wouldn't be any fun for the Humans, that's for sure. biggrin.gif

5- Bah, I thought I had that on the timeline on the website, but it's not there. I may have it on on my secret one, which I don't have with me right now. tongue.gif But if I remember right, I think I had one phase planned for each year. As in, the Phase Three Enomegs were all born the following year after the Phase 2 guys, and they will come into service the next year as well (probably in 334).

6- Having TN be larger than Earth was somthing I just had in there from the very beginning... as in, I've always said it was bigger ever since I was first coming up with the basic story of planet "Neoterra" as a kid. As such, I haven't really sat down and thought about the implications of this as much as I probably should have. I did pack a lot into the single night during which the Battle of Shardasha takes place, however, with the happy thought that it was safe to do so since my nights were generically longer. If you could help me work out some day/year lengths you think would be good, I'd welcome some input on the subject.

QUOTE (Blade-Angel)
Wolfy already told me the ships passing at the top of the New NR banner are Xarkon and Victory ships, respectively (though from the side view the Xarkon one doesn't look anything like a crown, was that purposeful?), but what about the rest of capital ships. So far, as of not having yet read Warrior Born, all I've seen is the fighter carrier from Warbringer. My question is this: Are you going to do work on the appearance of the Capital Ships themselves?

I'm working on these big diagrams to get up on the site showing the approximate overhead and side views of the different classes of starships for each nation. The ones passing over the banner are two of these, and yes, the Crown design on the Xarkon ship is vague at best. It's not always crystal clear, in order to give the ships variety. BTW, there isn't much about capital ships in Warrior Born since it's only about the very beginning of the war and the battles haven't gotten to that scale yet. There will be more of that as the war escalates in later novels.

#141247 Nova Refuge Official Q&A

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 27 June 2009 - 09:37 AM

QUOTE (Death)
What were to happen to a Mahlok who fell in a body of water?

Mahlok can swim quite well, though of course their fire powers become mere jets of heat while submurged. They do have to breathe, however, and using their powers underwater only makes them require air all the sooner, so they try to avoid those situations if possible.

QUOTE (Death)
Out of 1,000 slashrim how many would make it to the Sovalok stage?

Hmm... that might require some additional calculation, but I'll go out on a limb and estimate only one or two. A lot of Slashrim are born, after all, and nearly as many die in the early stages. It takes a long time to reach that final one.

QUOTE (Death)
the natives are awesome by the way

Yeah, I've been wanting to do more stories concentrating on the Natives, which is why I set up so many native-related plotlines in the first novel. I love inventing and exploring alien cultures - one of my favorite aspects of sci-fi.

QUOTE (Volen Metallic)
1) Have any human faction a aircraft which is bomber or gunship like B-52 Stratofortress or AC-130 Spectre?

2) Have Victory a jet which is a opponent to Xarkon Valkyrie? Something faster and larger then Hussar or Cavalier?

3) Have Victory a vehilce like Humvee?

4) In Victory LEGO section there is writed for Demolishion Expert's weapon "This weapon is something like a flamethrower, but is more powerful and long-range." What it means "like a flamethrower"? Its a flamethrower which can fire on longer distances, kinetic-weapon which burn when is fired or when hit a target start burning?

5) Could you more specify a Bloodhound walker and Bergelmir hover transport like what kind of unit it is (if it is battle, recon or siege walker or heavy, large or small transport)?

6) And Immortals as a "super squad commanders", they act like a Jedi Commanders (Obi-Wan, protect their man with a personal shield or attacking a "flaking enemy" only by own to protect) or as Clone Marshalls (Cody, always stays with their man on battlefield, calls in airstrikes or arty barrage) from Clone Wars?

1) Yes, the factions have heavy bombers and gunships that concentrate on surface bombardment. The Xarkonian Fafnir Gunship/Transport is one, though it's more of a gunship than a bomber. I've almost finished complete lists of the Xarkonian and Victorian vehicles, which will be on the website next update.

2) Victory has a wide variety of aircraft with different specializations, since aerospace is that faction's particular strong point. The Hussar is a light tactical bomber for hit-and-run operations, and the Cavalier is a medium-size aerospace fighter. Victory's large supremacy fighter is the Paladin, like the ones that attack Xarkon's walker force in the Battle of Shardasha in Warrior Born. Again, they'll all be on the diagrams I'm putting on the site.

3) Yes. It's called the Gladiator.

4) As I said on the last update, I have yet to go over all of the LEGO pages to ensure accuracy of the information there. Some of it was kind of made up randomly, and it needs to be brought up to date with the novel. The weapon in question, however, is a Firestorm cannon, which in NR means it shoots a bolt of plasma containing an incindiery substance that adheres on contact and begins burning away at whatever it hits, even metal. Kind of like napalm.

5) The Bloodhound was a mid-range walker used by Xarkon as a versatile scout/combat walker that could be used for recon as well as hold its own in a support role in a major battle. It was seen as inferior in both respects in the end, and is no longer used by the armed forces officially. The Bergelmir is an armored light transport, filling about the same role as a half-track. It's the smallest of Xarkon's ground transports, which is why it uses hover technology. It also fills the role of an amphibious transport since it can also float on the water.

6) Hm. I'm not well-versed in any SW lore to come about since the release of Episode 2, but I'd say sort of both. In Warrior Born, Ryan often delegates direct command of the troops to subordinates in order to perform a tactical maneuver alone and issue orders to the new team leader from afar. But then, his usual choice for second-in-command is also an Immortal Soldier, namely Amazon, sooo... I guess it depends on the situation, but they can do either one.

#141207 Nova Refuge Official Q&A

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 27 June 2009 - 07:38 AM

Welcome to the Nova Refuge Q&A topic! You may ask any question about NR here, from general questions like "What are you working on right now?" and "Why does this page on the site not load right for me?" all the way to specific lore quesitons such as "What is the class name of a Xarkon star-dreadnaught?" and "How do the Mahlok reproduce?" The answers to those quesitons, by the way, are "Odin Class" and "no one knows." Just follow these rules:


1: Before asking anything, look for answers on the website. For example, questions about the Natives may be answered by checking the Natives pages in the Galaxy section.
2: Please do not ask more than six (6) questions at one time. Wait for me to answer those before asking more.
3: Do not ask for really specific numbers. For example, "how many habitable planets are there in Human Space?" If I defined a concrete number for something like that, it would limit expansion later in the series. Exact starfleet sizes and exact populations of planets are also no-no's. These questions are best answered in relative terms. For example, Helexith's fleet is way bigger than any one Human faction's, but two or three of their factions' fleets combined might stand a chance.
4: Please hide all spoilers by blacking-out the text and putting SPOILER warnings at the beginning and end. Try not to spoil any major plot elements of Warrior Born for anyone.


coming soon

#141203 The Nova Refuge FAQ Database

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 27 June 2009 - 07:22 AM

Hi everyone. I'm closing & unpinning this topic in favor of a new one, which will be set to e-mail me whenever someone replies, and I will hopefully get to the questions more quickly than I did here. I will also be making some attempt at putting the answers to questions up on the website. I really want to make NR a bit more lively, and this topic has become too cluttered for me to keep up with. If you still have unanswered questions that you want to see addressed, just copy and paste them right into the new topic. I'll be keeping an eye on it for... well, probably the rest of the day today, so I'll just answer them as they come in. Thanks!

#114768 WARRIOR BORN order discussion thread

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 20 March 2009 - 12:21 AM

Glad you guys are liking the cover. biggrin.gif At first I was going to have a full-body drawing of Saber-Scorpion, but I thought the extreme close-up would have more impact, and I just put the battle details in the visor reflection. I was going to make a section of the visor broken (along the scar-like cut you can see there) so you could see his eye... but that would require a full-color cover instead of 2-color, which would cost more...

QUOTE (Dark Link)
But what I want to know is... self-published, or tradittional way?

Self-published, like before.

QUOTE (Curse)
Is this the first Nova Refuge book out? Or is there many more that I can get, because I really like the idea of Nova Refuge so I really want to read a lot about it.

Yes, this is the first book. I am, of course, planning on a sequel (which is why it says "book 1"), and I've also been working on a comic book I'd like to publish. After I get more articles ready on the site I'd like to compile them into a published "companion" or something too. Oh, and I have had this project on the back-burner of doing a CCG (collectible card game) for some time now... if only I had time to work on it...

But if the first novel is successful, it will help all of the other projects see the light faster. wink.gif

QUOTE (Blade Falcon)
Awesome, there are gonna be a lot of Nova Members this time next month. Probably not me though, as shipping is $12 for me in the UK. I wonder if my library will order it... If not, I'm sure I can rustle up $32 for this. After all it is 400 pages long, and written by the king of pwnage.

Yeah, international shipping is expensive. I actually rounded the number down by about 30 cents, so I lose a little on the shipping myself. And that isn't even counting the ridiculous PayPal fees for currency conversion. In the end I make a lot less money on international orders than I do on domestic ones. But since international orders account for more than half my book sales, I try to make it as reasonable as I can.

QUOTE (Ginger)
Oh, balls. I hate saving money. I nearly have enough for Halo Wars, and then this comes out. Before you know it, Fallout 3 DLC will come out. Oh wait. *sigh* I guess I can scrounge something up... I'm guessing I can just mail the money instead of credit cards, despite it being risky...

Yes, cash, check, and money order are accepted, as long as they're in United States currency.

QUOTE (Trillian)
Looks and sounds cool, but i think i will wait until i read a review (or 2) before i go out and buy it.

I plan to post up some more info later also, such as an excerpt.

QUOTE (Mercutio)
I will buy it on three conditions:

1) it's recorded into audiobook format
2) said audiobook is read by Scorp's personal eunuch (I know you have one)
3) there isn't a three but two conditions seems kind of empty, y'know?

1) Heh. Maybe eventually.
2) His voice is way too monotone and lifeless. I could get one of the harem girls to do it though.
3) Totally.

QUOTE (Doodstormer)
Well I'm going to order the handwritten originals, laminated and with each page autographed.

EDIT: Or maybe nonlaminated, so I can breathe in the sweet noxious fumes of Saber-Scorpion's writing. Maybe I'll order his quill too.

Handwritten originals? You kiddin'? My hand feels like it's gonna break every time I do short answer questions on a test. I can't imagine writing a novel that way... A quill would be good to have though. For aesthetics.

#109916 The Nova Refuge FAQ Database

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 22 February 2009 - 03:06 AM

Well, let me put it this way, Dos: the map of Terra Nova that you see on the site is (with only a few very small changes) the one that is printed in Warrior Born. If I made any border changes (which I really would rather not), they would not be present as of 333 PA (the year the book takes place), or at least would be too small to be noted.

How about a continent on Lookout (in the Outlook system) or something? All of the major factions have land holdings there... unsure.gif

#45089 The Nova Refuge FAQ Database

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 14 July 2008 - 01:26 PM

I'll have to doublepost since not all the quotes I have will fit in just one. tongue.gif

QUOTE (Ter Loki)
Q: Have there been any other attempts at military cyborgs at any level before or after Xarkon's failed project? If so, how successful were they and on what scale?

None, at least officially. Perhaps a few experiments, but nothing on a large scale. There are rumored to still be a few military-grade cyborg implants floating around on the black market though. This sort of comes up in my novel. shades.gif

Q: What's the view on genetic augmentation? Is it illegal? Is it often disapproved by the people of Nova Refuge?

Gene therapy is used in a variety of medical situations, but genetic augmentation for military purposes is largely frowned upon by Human factions (not so much by Helexith though, what with their Slashrim mutation projects and all), especially Xarkon, with their beliefs in the purity of the human form.

Q: What would be the smallest size of FTL capable engines? (I need to know for a MOC I'm constructing)

FTL drive is more about creating a hole into the Breach than it is about actual engine speed. Some ships travel faster through the Breach than others because their engines are more powerful, but even a ship with pretty small Starfire engines can reach FTL speeds in the alternate dimension called the Breach, where time and space behave so differently.

Q: (since I like ships) What is/are the largest warship(s) in the Galaxy and which faction owns it/them?

The two largest are owned by the Mahlok and Achmer. The Mahlok one is Thermopolis, the "City of Fire," flagship of the Helexith fleet. The Achmer vessel is unnamed and not officially confirmed, but is rumored to be as large as a small moon, almost like an artificial planet. The only records of it exists in historical files of their wars with Helexith. The largest Human-made capital ship is currently Victory's flagship, the Excalibur.

QUOTE (Rabid Chaos)
I've played that enough to get a feel for walkers, and I think that tracks are a better propulsion than legs, still. But that isn't a question.

You're just not using your imagination enough! Just imagine if a pair of mechanical legs could be produced that had all the strength, agility, and surefootedness, of Human legs, but on a much larger scale. They could traverse any terrain, change direction with hardly an effort, and get back up when knocked over. It would be like the natural evolution of living creatures from crawling to walking - but in mechanical terms. But anyway...

QUOTE (Rabid Chaos)
What is anti-air stuff like? Are missiles used, or is the standard weapon a boosted Starfire emplacement? Or are proximity-fused frag shells lofted up?

All of the above would be possible, but I usually just use missiles, at least for Human anti-air weapons.

Q: Is there any use of robots in the military? (Things like the Predator UAV)

Some unmanned vehicles and automated support units are used quite commonly, and there are plenty of maintainence and repair robots that do menial tasks... but there are no battle droids, if that's what you're asking.

Q: Has any nation ever actually used the cybernetic soldier program?

As Ter said, Xarkon was the first one to try, and it failed. No one has succeeded in the time since then, so no, it's never been used.

Q: Because wherever civilization exists one of these will exist, Are there any prominent secret organizations on Terra Nova? (Like Skull and Bones, or Illuminati type of organizations)

Well, the Yavakaro government are practically like illuminati, with their secret identities, eye-symbolism, and their extremely advanced intelligence network that keeps them in the know at all times. Then there's the Black Network, the criminal organization that possibly spans the entire galaxy and is rumored to have its tentacles in just about every organization in existence. Beyond those, I haven't invented any.

QUOTE (The Brute)
What are some examples of popular NR small arms? for example, Star Wars's popular ones are E-11, DL-44 and DH-17 blasters.

Xarkon standard assault rifle: XR-A12
Victorian standard assault rifle: VAR-65
Yavakarese standard assault rifle: MAR-14
ZYbari standard assault rifle: ZS2-KB

There are also various other guns I mention in my book. Since I like magnum pistols, both Xarkon and Victory have one. Xarkon's is called the Dirge, Victory's the Harpy Eagle. Saber-Scorpion's favored pistol is a machine pistol called the ZX-61 Skorpyn, and his favored long-range rifle is an old lever-action Xarkonian rifle developed for fighting Mahlok called the Ironslinger. Those are just some random examples.

QUOTE (The Tamer)
Q:How long do Mahloks and slashrim generally live?

Mahlok generally live for a few centures, up to around 300. As for the Slashrim, that's kinda answered in the Natives section on the website.

QUOTE (The Tamer)
Q:How old are the 4 main factions?

All of them are around 300 years old, since all were based on the research colonies that already existed on Terra Nova when the Exodus occurred.

QUOTE (Scorchy)
What does a standard Xarkon Squad consist of?

A well-balanced team of soldiers with an experienced commander. Numbers vary, and they don't always include a medic and/or engineer, but many do. Depends on the situation. They're adaptable. *shrug*

QUOTE (Scorchy)
Does Xarkon use Flag bearers?

Only in parades, not in the field, although some of their vehicles occasionally bear flags.

QUOTE (Scorchy)
Is Xarkon infantry closly tied in with the other ground units? I.e, tanks, walkers?

Xarkon loves walkers and uses them whenever they can, but for infantry support, hover tanks are probably the most common, since they are so small, portable, and mobile. I hope that answers your question...

#34283 The Nova Refuge FAQ Database

Posted by Saber-Scorpion on 19 June 2008 - 04:36 AM

QUOTE (Ter_Loki)
You forgot my post....

You mean about spaceships being turned the same way in space battles? Like you said, it's not really a question. What do you expect me to say? huh.gif

QUOTE (Rabid Chaos)
How big a role do aerospace forces play in ground combat? Can they turn the tide of a massively outgunned force, or are they just used to take out big obstacles?

Depends on what you mean by aerospace forces. Of course aerospace forces play a huge role in ground combat. Dropships take troops where they need to go and shuttle them in and out of hot fire-zones, fighters and bombers make strategic strikes to aid ground forces or cover them, and hovercraft can practically fight alongside infantry from above. Starships are of less use since they can't enter the atmosphere and orbital bombardment is not useful for pinpoint strikes, but rather for wide-scale destruction, which makes a ground battle pretty pointless in if used.

QUOTE (Fil Carnage)
What are the burial, or ways of respecting the dead in the different cultures?

Hey, that's a pretty good question. For the Human factions, it depends on a lot of different things... cultural background, religion, family tradition, the requests of the deceased, even profession (aerospace crewmen sometimes have their bodies shot out into space). The most common type of burial is probably cremation.

The Natives all have different ways of respecting the dead. The Mahlok still bury their dead, and all Mahlok who die are traditionally shipped back to their homeworld and sealed in one of the huge necropolis vaults there. The Slashrim always burn their dead, as a sign of their return to Helexith, the fire-god. The Sarran have various traditions of burial depending on the planet or family, much like Humans. They value the spirit more highly than the corporeal body, but the chosen method of burial is still highly respected. The Sarran find Human "archaeology" disgusting, since the dead are not meant to be disturbed. Some Sarran tombs have remained untouched for untold millennia.

QUOTE (Fil Carnage)
What are the main religions, if there are any?

For Humans, basically the same religions that exist today, assosciated with largely the same cultures as today (Victory and Xarkon probably mostly Christian, Zygbar containing the most Muslims, Yavakaro containing the most Buddhists, etc.).
Of course, the Mahlok preach the will of Helexith to the Slashrim in order to keep them under control, the Sarran believe in the one-spirit Afaelya, and the Achmer are pretty much non-religious.

Optical Camoflague

Sorry, but so far all attempts by Humans in Nova Refuge to create full-blown active optical camouflage ("invisibility") have been either unsuccessful or impractical. The use of nanofiber mesh to mimic the hues and patterns of a wearer's surroundings is usually quite sufficient, and if any true "invisibility" suits exist, they are highly experimental and secret prototypes at best. It is speculated that the Achmer have found a way to achieve true near-invisibility on both spaceship and soldiers, but they are not sharing the secrets behind their discovery with anyone anytime soon.

QUOTE (Karma Apple)
Q If stealth ships sometimes use drive dumps to store the heat (like in Mass Effect) Do they eventually have to dum pthe heat to not be baked alive?

That question kind of answers itself, doesn't it? tongue.gif

QUOTE (Drake)
Q: Seeing as all vehicles are equipped with Active-Camouflage in Xarkon, Victory, etc., could they all possibly have a Stealth Function to it?

If you mean "cloaking," see my answer to Dos just above. If you mean stealth as in blocking heat and other transmissions that could give away location, sure, there are stealth models of many existing military vehicles, though not all are stealth-equipped of course, since such eqipment is expensive and heavy.

QUOTE (Drake)
Q: How did Luke get the Enomeg Prefix of "Blood?"

Because he's a soldier "by blood," a true warrior born, one of the greatest of the Enomegs. The choice may also have had something to do with his blood relation to Lucas Mars, the High Commander, although this was kept secret from him until the end of his training.

QUOTE (Drake)
Q: What would the ETAB be like? Would it be like a school or something?

You'll just have to find out when I release my book, since much of it takes place there. biggrin.gif

QUOTE (Drake)
Q: Can you give me a bit more information on Grimm II? All I know as that he was unsuccessful and went insane.

He was a result of the rapid-aging process developed by Grimm I. He was supposed to age rapidly up to a point and then stop and return to normal speed. Unfortunately, the "stopping" process didn't occur just right, and he ended up horribly scarred and hideous, some parts more aged than others, including parts of his brain, which resulted in his madness. When he broke out of his cell in Grimm's base in the Grim Isles, the mercs tried to put him down, shooting him several times before he fell into the ocean, where he was presumed dead. Only later did they discover that he had resurfaced somewhere on the Xarkon coast and become a crazed nomadic wanderer believing himself to be a prophet. He now wanders Terra Nova as a mad hermit, bearded and cloaked, appearing like a harmless, ugly old bum most of the time, except when he dons his black cloak and skull-like mask and goes on a murderous rampage. He is wanted as a serial killer in Xarkon and Victory, but so far has remained at large.

QUOTE (Drake)
Q: Who is Hurk of Grimm's Army? You have a decal for him in the shop, so I'm wondering who he is.

Just a Slashrim who makes a few appearances in my book. He's a big dark orange Slashrim with a small brain and big muscles - the typical kind, in other words. Grimm likes to keep him close as a bodyguard and enforcer because he's strong, loyal, and in Grimm's words, "too stupid to ever turn traitor."

QUOTE (Flash)
Q: WHy is Zygbar in Big four if its so poor?

It's not super-poor, just the poorest of the Big Four. Most smaller countries are still not half as wealthy, as Ter mentioned. Zygbar does have a space fleet and holdings on multiple planets, after all, thus making it a galactic-scale faction, if not a very powerful one compared to others.