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Weekly Updates Begin, plus Wulfgard: Wrought in Gold

Posted by Maverick-Werewolf, 09 December 2016 · 275 views

Wulfgard stories
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Hey, everyone! I've finally finished a very rough semester, and now I'm getting back on track. I'm currently planning to do weekly updates on Fridays! These updates can be anything ranging from one or more new drawings, to a new story, to a new chapter in an existing story.

Currently, my only update is a story I wrote in spring of 2014 for a class, so I've listed it under both the Academic Writing and Online Stories sections. It's a short story set in Wulfgard, entitled "Wrought in Gold." For more info, check out the story's page. I posted it here on the forums back when I first wrote it.

I have many more updates planned for the future, now that I have more time to work on things. I'm also going to have to be working on my thesis all Christmas break, however, so that'll be taking some of my time - but hopefully it'll also comprise some of my updates.

Until next time!

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