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Random Video Game(mostly) Characters

Valve games Star Wars Metal Gear Mass Effect Halo Fallout

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#1 Randomman96


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Posted 09 September 2013 - 12:56 AM

I have just repainted many of my custom Mini figures.  I will post them, in a list, of the Imgur links.


NOTE:  I'm sorry for the terrible resolution of the images.  I took them with my 4th Gen Ipod....  It's all I had...


Fallout Characters: 

Lone Wanderer and Dogmeat: http://imgur.com/6URdlx8


NCR Ranger Veteran: http://imgur.com/JQifjjh


Arcade Gannon, Veronica, and ED-E: http://imgur.com/uNC8z0F


Joshua Graham: http://imgur.com/KJ1dlyY


Cass: http://imgur.com/7jvF8ql


Boone: http://imgur.com/o9AtHUd


Courier, Rex, NCR Soldier, and Legion Soldier: http://imgur.com/cz7UslK


Courier, alone: http://imgur.com/2DsBsRr


Elite NCR Soldiers: http://imgur.com/Jbsh6F7


NCR hired Mercs: http://imgur.com/O2vQoBl


NCR Rangers: http://imgur.com/TzxmcyL


I don't have Lily because I need decals because she is a Nightkin, and I'm not that good at painting, and Raul has been left out because I got rid of him.  I did not like how he turned out.



Call Of Duty Characters: 

Soap MacTavish: http://imgur.com/U397C8Q


Hudson(Black Ops 1 style): http://imgur.com/m3SwkPQ


Normally I would be hating on CoD, but these two are my favorite characters in the series.  I had to make them in Lego Form.  Well, their just two out of the 5 I really like.  The other 3?  Ghost(bought decasl for him already), Captain Price, and Resnov.



Halo Characters:

Master Chief: http://imgur.com/9jA4n2b


Commander Laskey: http://imgur.com/87kCujY


Female SPARTAN-II in Blue EOD Armor: http://imgur.com/CRvQM6X


Master Chief, Helmet-less: http://imgur.com/tbZw84E




Female Commander Shepard and Kaiden Alenko: http://imgur.com/CNcTZOi


Elite Imperial Soldiers: http://imgur.com/8VeQ77P


Big Boss: http://imgur.com/hfNeF1K


Stereotypical Islamic Terrorist: http://imgur.com/Ul0gQHm


L4D2 Ellis: http://imgur.com/XrCyh8W


Typical Capone Era Gangster: http://imgur.com/gWmO1ln


Custom Counter Terrorism Squad: http://imgur.com/AsBfGbs


Randomman, Survivalist: http://imgur.com/dO5b1ho


Randomman and Archangel, modified SPARTAN-III Armor: http://imgur.com/bVW7NQB


Randomman and Archangel, Jedi: http://imgur.com/40liMWu


That story I was talking about, let me give you a teaser to something that happens in it.  Towards the revolution (the reasoning for the New Republic(or what the Rebel Alliance became after the Empire's fall) fleets, UNSC fleets, and all fleets in ME3 to assist the revolution), Imperial remnants take control of the planet, and the government willing let the remnants take over.  There were plans on the planet for a new, more "modern" Star Forge(based on the one in KoTOR).  The new Fleet was massive, only thing they lacked was men, which is why the take over.  The remnants set up dozens of cloning facilities for the armies.  Archangel is caught working with the resistance, and is tried for treason.  At the start of the revolution, Randomman, along with a small team(which include his squad) attack the prison for two reasons, free the inmates, who many of were apart of the resistance, and for Archangel.  He finds her only after the initial assault, because at the time, he as Jedi powers, he senses another Jedi in the area, contacts Luke Skywalker to question the presence of the Jedi, and Skywalker lets him know who that other Jedi is.


Gordon Freeman: http://imgur.com/tDzE6e7


UNSC Frigate: http://imgur.com/mGEZPLW


UNSC Frigate compared to SSV Normandy in size: http://imgur.com/vQSSyWl


Feel free to give me you thoughts and comments!


#2 asbj0813



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Posted 09 September 2013 - 04:59 AM

Now, I don't play COD, Halo, Mass Effect(however I'm thinking of trying it out) or Half Life, but I do play the Fallout games and Metal Gear(solid):D.


You did a great job on these figures. I really like Boone, the custom Beret(from Brickforge?) makes the fig complete, seeing as this was also one of the most iconic things about him. And the other minifigs are nice aswell.


Keep on building/customising;)

#3 Saber-Scorpion


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Posted 12 September 2013 - 01:50 AM

Excellent stuff! I really like the Fallout guys, especially Cass and Boone. Love the repeater rifle.




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#4 Randomman96


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Posted 13 September 2013 - 11:45 PM

Excellent stuff! I really like the Fallout guys, especially Cass and Boone. Love the repeater rifle.

Well, most of the decals and weapons designs are based off of yours.  Boone's sniper is a modified version of the sniper in the War of the Minifigure comics you did, the wild west one.  ED-E is based off of your 343 Guilty Spark design, then there is the Halo minigun, and the Fallout Minigun.  And of course, there are decals of yours there too.  How ever, the Molotov, UNSC Frigate, Fallout Flamer, Freeman's Gravity Gun, Portal Turret, Halo Reach Jet Pack, Fallout Laser Pistol, and the MGS Patriot are all my design.  The Patriot, how ever, was a pain to create.  had to cut of the M16 clip, cut off the Barrel and forward sights, and then glue on(had to glue seeing how the MG34 mag would not stay on otherwise....) the double drum mag.....  messiest gun created.....


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