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[FF] Battle for Sangheilios

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Posted 24 January 2009 - 03:14 AM

(If you enjoy both the Elite and Human perspecives, read from top. If you despise elites or reading about them, skip to bottom post.)





Niokiljolm’ awoke to the pod’s auto-detector of exiting a slipspace vector. The pod hissed open and frosty air from inside dissipated into the warm hangar of the carrier. Niokiljolm’ stepped his hoofed foot onto the polished purple deck of The Concealed Blade. Sangheili soldiers ran from the Carrier’s launch bay into and out of the halls. A Major grasped him by the shoulder and pointed up the hall.

“Commander, we have entered Sangheilios’s vicinity. The Brutes are besieging our planet, and we can end this right here. Shipmaster Vadam request that you meet him on the bridge as soon as possible.”

The Major turned back into the hangar where phantoms were being prepared for deployment and Seraphs launched from the craft into the blackness outside. Hundreds of Elites, Hunters, and separatist Grunts stood in front of Majors and Commanders.

Niokiljolm’ ran towards the hanger. He navigated the violet, bulbous hallways with ease displaying the vast amounts of time he spent on these crafts. An Elite security team waved him into the secure perimeter around the bridge area.

“Make haste commander!” They exclaimed as the alarms began to ring. The fleet was going into combat preparation as the fleet headed towards their homeworld. Niokiljolm’ walked onto the bridge, lit by dim blue light produced terminals manned by Sangheili pilots. The Shipmaster turned in his chair and his golden armor shone in the scarce light. He appeared godlike.

“Commander. I have awaited your arrival. The Brute and Sangheili fleets are in a immense battle with each other. Apparently the remaining San’ Shyuun has elected a new leader and decided to rally and attempt to eradicate all who stood before them. They came to deal with us first, then to glass Earth and take their title as the last ones standing in this war.”

“If I get groundside, I will see to it that this will never happen, Shipmaster.” Niokiljolm said, his voice booming with bravado. He knew that this is what mattered most to his race. The eviction of the Covenant from their home, then the Universe.

“Let me show you what the brutes have brought with them.” The shipmaster activated the Holoterminal in the center of the bridge and an immense feed from the battle raging on ahead. Cruisers and assault carriers from whoever survived the Schism converged on Sangheilios for either defense or destruction. There had to be thousands on each side.

“By the rings…” Niokiljolm gasped “ How many survived the initial encounter with each other.”

“ The Prophets had deployed many large fleets to comb the outer colonies again for leftover humans.” The Shipmaster replied. “They got word and made haste to Sangheilios.”

“Sir, Two brute cruisers are breaking from the battle and heading for the Blade!” A crewman shouted.

“Show me.’” The Shipmaster steely ordered the optics officer.

The display screen showed two CCS class cruisers darting towards the fleet. A couple more began to break away and join with the other attackers. Plasma eruption flashed in the distance as projectile streaked across space like hellish fireworks. The ships began to enter attack range.

“I will assume you will show them we will not take kindly to this act of…ill-aimed aggression” The shipmaster hinted less than subtly. “Burn them.”

The Sangheili battle group fanned out in an aggressive cluster an their bows began to glow as the plasma cannons armed. The Shipmaster gave the command to fire at will. The ships launched blue and red contrails of plasma towards the Brute ships, as did they.

“Fan out and decrease velocity.” The shipmaster ordered. Sangheili were far superior ship handlers that brutes when they were unassisted by a prophet.

The ships broke away and dogged the brute plasma fire as their homing function felled right as the ships dipped below them and continued to open fire.

The first brute cruiser was struck by a volley of plasma and it’s hull boiled like water on a stovetop. Air vented out and the cruiser burst into flames as a plasma torpedo dissected to upper hull. The ship detonated and engulfed the craft trailing behind in flames, depleting it’s shield.

“Break off and attack the other two, I’ll deal with this one.” The shipmaster ordered the two CCS-Class cruisers in his fleet to engage the other two as the massive carrier sped towards the wounded cruiser. He ordered his crew to eliminate the ship. Plasma torpedoes jettisoned towards the craft and shredded many sections of the craft off in molten heaps of slag.

The cruiser tried to turn away and meet back with the massive Covenant fleet, but it was to late. Plasma conduits ruptured and burned intense red as the cruiser detonated, vaporizing most of the hull. Small meteorites launched forward as metal projectiles sped towards the planet.

“Twilight Compunction and Sanctous Light, report battle status!” Ordered the Shipmaster. A few seconds later a crackled response shrilled through the speakers.

“Both of us have eliminated the cruisers and awaiting orders” Replied the Shipmaster of Twilight Compunction.

“Shipmaster.” Alerted the communications officer who turned in his grav chair “We are being hailed by the Elite fleet. The Shipmaster of the Fist of Sangheilios is leading the Elites”

“Fist of Sangheilios, this is Concealed Blade, call off offensive orders on the Sangheili fleet on the battle cluster near the moons!”

“Roger, Shipmaster, bring your fleet towards our fleet and integrate into us and send whatever forces you have groundside.”

“Aye, We will make haste to defend our planet to our dying breath!” The Shipmaster eagerly growled with the lust for blood. “He stood from his chair and ordered the bridge crew to regroup with the brute fleet. Niokiljolm saw the true size of the fleets as they lurched closer.

A Covenant Supercarrier sat nestled in the middle of both the brute and elite fleets. It was a 16 kilometer long craft that was bristling with the most advanced weaponry in the covenant fleets. It was majestic silver and was shaped like an arrowhead attached to a long oval body with a trio of thrusters on the back. The massive assault carriers looked pathetic next to the craft. Two Space Stations laid behind the fleets firing plasma beams through space.

The Brute fleet was similar in size, with a few hundred more ships at their disposal. They had one station behind the fleet, and the wreckage of another drifting in space. The Stations resembled two purple cones next to each other with tubing that extended downward. These were refueling and staging areas for fleets that provided a backbone for large assaults. The Unyielding Hierophant was a station that was destroyed and wiped out the surrounding fleet due to an unknown reason, but Niokiljolm could venture a guess.

“Niokiljolm, I want you to get to the hanger and get command of all the troops in the Launch bay. Load them into the craft and head planet side, I also need a Security detail if any honor guards are down there to hold off potential boarders”

Niokiljolm’ nodded to his Commander and friend as the battle cluster seamlessly slipped into the Elite fleet who were launching all they had at the brutes.

“I will make sure that these brutes’ taint is removed from out planet. This is all we have that symbolized our might in the Covenant. It will not falter to whatever lackey Truth had in mind to rise in the case that he was killed.”

“I have unyielding faith in you commander. I will await a report once you get groundside. I am now going to enter a tactical channel to communicate with the commander of The Fist of Sangheilios. I hope to see you after this small…scuffle with our hairy friends.” The shipmaster managed a sneer smile as the bridge doors sealed shut.

Niokiljolm’ proceeded through ornamental purple hallways until the vast open space of the Launch bay greeted him as white light flooded into the dimly lit purple corridors. All heads in the hangar turned as Niokiljolm’s commanding presence rallied all the disorganized grunts fiddling with machinery.

Niokiljolm’s onyx armor glinted in the light and the orange accents glowed a golden hue as he strode into the hangar.

“My fellow warriors, do you lust to retribute your fallen friends and family today!” Niokiljolm’s voiced boomed in the hangar.

A mass of cheers and growls shattered the nervous tension in the hangars as Niokiljolm’ hoisted himself onto a supply crate

“We will hunt down every brute on our planet and behead them! We will drive them off our land, and attack their planet, and spill their blood! We will burn their children, gut their brides, and glass their planet until the charred ashes of what they held dear float, forgotten, in space! We will seek an end to this war, breaking the mighty steel that was once our own Covenant and rid the galaxy of the menace we were duped into driving. Do it for the Sangheili, for humanity, for the fallen!” Niokiljolm hoisted his sword in the air, and ignited it.

A booming of a thousand cheers rang out as most of the Sangheili raised their swords in excitement and desire to end this right now. A soft blue glow lit the hangar as the lights dimmed for combat alert.

“Soldiers, load into the drop ships and ready for battle.’ Niokiljolm’ ordered.

The Majors took over, lining the grunts and Minor domos onto the Phantom dropships. Their gravity drives whined as the ship levitated upward. The Elite majors clad in crimson combat armor hoisted their long legs onto the graft and gestured the grunts to load on. They waddled over to the phantoms and climbed into the back hatch as the compliment of elite soldiers followed suit.

Niokiljolm’ walked towards the pod launch bay where a black-clad special forces team stood ready to drop, arms crossed. They toted energy swords and modified plasma rifles that were jet black with crimson accents, they had an energy sword on backup and highly upgraded stealth armor, with a far more angular and elaborate helmet that had extra plating over the face to give the wearer an eerie look. Their shoulder pads were bulkier and housed active camouflage generators.

“Commander, greetings,” Said the one leaning against a crate with his arms crossed “We are a Special Operations team assigned to this carrier. I believe we have not met. I am Yoro ‘Zarbanze, leader of the Shadow Stalkers, this collection of soldiers you see here. It is a pleasure being under your disposal, I have heard great stories of your conflict on earth.”

‘Thank you, Yoro, It is my pleasure to have such fine warriors under my command. I will not let you down. But know is not the time for compliments, let us enter the drop pods.

“Very well, Commander. Arm up and proceed when you are satisfied with your armaments.” Said Yoro who motioned his troops to arm up.

Niokiljolm’ latched open a bulbous purple supply crate and relieved it of a Special Operations plasma rifle. It hummed to life as Niokiljolm’ activated it. A this energy column zapped between the two sections of the rifle. Niokiljolm, holstered it and pulled a covenant carbine from the side of the compartment. He put the long purple rifle on his magnetic back plate and took five cartridges of radioactive metal projectiles that he clipped onto his utility belt.

“I am equipped for the task at hand, let us drop into the atmosphere and cleanse our planet.” Niokiljolm’ informed the group of twenty soldiers, who were finished loading up on their gear.

‘Let us reclaim our planet, Commander.” Yoro said as his slender fingers tapped a code into the pod launch terminal.

Purple coffin-like pods ascended from the ground as the last phantom departed towards the planet. A few Sangheili remained in the hanger to repel boarders. The crammed pods hissed open and a holographic terminal rose in front of the seat.

“Warriors, assemble for drop!” Shouted Niokiljolm’. He climbed into the pod and crossed his arms. The terminal flashed red and the air-tight seal closed, entombing him in blackness.

“Prepare for hot entry!” shouted Yoro as the sound of latches disengaging clicked outside the pods.

“I’ve punched the coordinates for Zantalia, the capitol, good luck warriors. Carry the weight of blood spilled throughout this war as an instrument to further our cause, Shipmaster S’toream out.” The shipmaster gave the green light to go, and the terminals displaying the perimeter of the pod flashed to life. It was almost like not even being in the pod.

With that, a harsh clacking rang out as thirty pods descended towards the planet. Scattered radio chatter of the fleet was licking over the comm. The display showed the battle becoming a tangled mess as brute cruisers broke the Sangheili lines. Ships weaved overtop one another as they fired plasma cannons at each other in a deadly close encounter.

A wing of teardrop-shaped seraph fighters darting towards a frigate and sprayed plasma repeaters at the damaged craft. The fighters launched a salvo of plasma torpedoes at the front of the craft, which contorted and boiled at it lost control and was sucked in to Sangheilios’s atmosphere, trailing blue flames and thick black smoke.

The terminals faded to red swirling clouds as they entered Sangheilios’s atmosphere. The entry pod’s heat meter beeped as it climbed upwards. The pods pierced the cloud cover and rained down like falling stars.

“Prepare for landing, the city is in sight!” Niokiljolm’ shouted as the purple gem of Zantalia sparkled next to the light blue sea it was nestled by.

Plasma mortars detonated over the city’s airspace as they neared it. It was a truly massive city, sprawling across the entire state. It was surrounded by snow-capped mountains protected from sieges by most ground forces. The brute fleet managed to slip an assault carrier and a few cruisers over the city to deploy ground troops.

“Watch those cruisers!” screamed Yoro as they formed a blockade to halt the onslaught of Elite Warriors falling from the heavens. A handful of the pods slammed into the cruisers, puncturing them and not re-exiting.

“Divert designated courses, this blockade will get us killed!” Shouted Niokiljolm’ who raised his arm and erased the set course. The pod’s interior flashed red as it blew the thrusters. The pod rumbled as it slowed, swerving into the city’s south district, away from the center. A subsonic screech shattered the air as the pod left mach three and smashed into an Autonomous Storage warehouse. Sending an immense dust cloud as a portion of the roof caved in. A sharp pain bounced inside his ribs as he tried to regain his bearings.

Niokiljolm’ spat out purple blood that webbed across his four mandibles and he felt the thumping of a dozen other pods crash near his position. The rest must have broken off elsewhere or were destroyed by the blockade.

Niokiljolm’ swiped his finger across the terminal and disengaged the airlock. Light flooded into the cramped pod as the door launched upward and fell about five feet from the pod. Niokiljolm’s ears rang as the sudden change in pressure popped them.

He unfolded his arms and stepped gingerly from the pod and observed his surroundings as he kept his weapons unsheathed. The harsh sunset burned the darkness away as Niokiljolm’ entered the warehouse. It was bristling with decommissioned vehicles, military or otherwise. A spirit was stripped apart in the middle of the factory and civilian gravity cars lined shelves to the left.

Niokiljolm’ looked around for any signs of life. A pile of dead Unggoy were stacked haphazardly under a bulkhead that was leaning towards the ground. No pods have landed in here. Niokiljolm exited the large hole that his pod punched through the building and stepped into the industrial district. Plumes of grey smoke clawed for the sky as the hiss of plasma fire and the thudding of explosions drowned out the waves gently caressing the shore behind him.

Niokiljolm’ was lucky his pod landed where it did, or else it would have sunk into the ocean that was lit with an amber hue as the sun set behind it. Niokiljolm proceeded towards the street where a pod burst open, revealing a Spec-Ops Elite who stretched as he leapt from the pod. He unslung his plasma rifle and coughed as he looked at Niokiljolm’

“Commander! Good to see you are well. Can you attempt to establish a link with Captain Yoro?” He asked as he looked around the abandoned factory district. Dust clouds signaled where pods impaled the ground, both he and Niokiljolm’ figured.

“I will try to contact him. Hopefully he landed in this vicinity.” Niokiljolm pressed the communicator over his ear.

“Yoro, our pods have scattered about the industrial district. Can you respond?’ Niokiljolm broadcasted the signal in the are and got no response.”

“Yoro, please respond.” Niokiljolm asked futilely. There was no response, only static.

“Yoro, this is Niokiljolm’, please respond…”

A heavy crackle came over the speaker as Yoro’s deep voice rumbled over the COMM.

“We made it out of the pods, about fifteen of us have touched down about…a click from your position northeast. We are encountering hostiles by the highway, and could use your hand if you can make it from where you are.

“Acknowledged! Me and the other stragglers will regroup, Niokiljolm’ out” he assured Yoro as he readied his Plasma rifle and gestured his Sangheili comrade to follow him.

Their hoofed feet hit the ground with heavy clacks as the sprinted up the labyrinthine warehouse complex dotted with smooth purple buildings that hung low to the ground. The beacon in Niokiljolm’s ear began to beep at an increased ace as the sound of conflict broke out ahead. Blue plasma bolts painted the sky and spikes plummeted lifelessly to the ground like steel raindrops as they dropped and struck the street.

Niokiljolm’ peered through a large crack in the building to see a group of Sangheili hunkering behind an overturned specter sunk into the front of the building that has been torn open by some sort of detonation, presumably a wraith mortar.

Niokiljolm’ used his muscular arms the pry the two inch thick composite metal layers slowly apart as spiker rounds embedded themselves around him. He let out a roar as the two pieces of the wall budged, leaving an opening large enough for them to enter.

Niokiljolm’ rolled through as a green plasma bolt struck the elite behind him and dazed him. His shield lit up and deflected the energy bolt. He recovered, and slid through the hole as a beam few over his head.

“Hurry to our troops and assist them!’ Niokiljolm’ pressed the soldier as he ducked behind the specter and the pile of debris crowding the entire floor of the storehouse. Niokiljolm noticed that the roof was beginning to lean in due to the lack of support with the removal of most of the wall facing the plains where a handful of brutes fired spikers at the Spec-ops team residing in the building.

“Good to have you at my side, Commander! Now let’s see how experienced in combat you are…” teased Yoro as he blind fired his Plasma rifle over the jump seat of the overturned specter. The searing hot bolts struck near a jackal firing from behind his glowing blue energy shield, exposing him. Niokiljolm’ popped from cover and fired a burst at the fragile creature. A pair of plasma bolt’s struck the creature’s head, destroying it and splattering blood and a beady red eye still attached to it’s optic nerve all over the inside of the shield. The jackal slumped over and writhed around on the ground.

“Beautifully executed!” Laughed Yoro, emphasizing ‘executed.’

The remaining Covenant forces pushed back as they were overwhelmed by plasma bolts and carbine rounds. A phantom towing a massive Wraith tank drifted ahead, lowering altitude as it dropped the sleek blue tank in the grassy field. It began to slide towards them as it’s gunner rallied the retreating Covenant soldiers.

“Commander, we need to exit, the Wraith will surely destroy this building in one mortar blast!” warned Yoro. He was getting nervous at the sight of the vehicle. It’s gunner wildly fired the plasma cannon at the Elites who hastily exited out of the back hole of the warehoused pried open by Niokiljolm’.

As the Elites ran from the warehouse, a mortar screeched overhead and slammed onto the roof, melting metal and caving the building in. The elites did not look back as they followed the highway into the urban residences. Long purple spires spanned across the cityscape and clawed the blood-red sky ahead as a spider webbing of highways stretched in between them, the route Grav-cars took. The small pods laid abandoned in the streets as the Elites made their way down a lower highway, and paused when they saw a pack of brutes and a prowler crawling slowly across the bridge. A compliment of grunts waddled across the debris-spewn street.

“What do they think they are doing, violating our traffic regulations. Sangheili, show them some harsh justice!” Ordered Niokiljolm’ as he went prone.

The brutes stopped moving and began unloading a crate drug in by Unggoy slaves. They removed a large mount and placed an anti-gravity generator on top. He put a metal undercarriage on to and proceeded to lift a plasma battery from the crate and begin to wire it to plasma conduits. Niokiljolm’ saw this hazardous explosive as an ambush opportunity.

“Sangheili, remain quiet and deploy your carbines if you have one, everybody else await my command. Niokiljolm’ sighted his carbine and a reticule sprung open to a precision X sight. Niokiljolm waited for the captain to expose the Plasma battery he was about to install on the mortar they were construction. Niokiljolm’ fired a shot that hit home. The cell detonated and split the bridge in a blinding flash of plasma that was unleashed from the battery.

The unfortunate soul holding the canister was nowhere to be found and everyone else was flung over the bridge in flames and landed in gnarled heaps of charred flesh. A single jackal furiously jumped around and attempted to pat out the flames that encased it. Niokiljolm put a shot in it’s trachea that eased it’s suffering. It gurgled and flee over, sliding down the bending bridge into the gory pile of his comrades.

“Ahaha! Good work Commander!” Complimented Yoro, who led his men in a rush down the street. They vaulted over the debris pile of bodies and ruble and turned right to connect with the main highway to the capitol to reclaim it for the Sangheili troops engaging the brutes there.

The purple highway was about a quarter kilometer long and was caved inward to allot the cars to ride smoothly. The vehicles littered the highway like abandoned toys. The red Sangheili sky glinted off their polished surface, casting the street with an orange haze that illuminated the crystalline dust particles from Covenant Alloy that peeled off the buildings.

Down the street leading to the intersection, flashes of plasma licked the air as a group of Sangheili hastily retreated down the street, spraying plasma at whatever was chasing them.

“There. Allow the Sangheili to get some distance. We will ambush the traitorous Jiralhaenae as they continue on their ill-fated march. Take positions. Have a Shadow-Stalker pick up that fuel rod cannon laying by that ruined car.” Niokiljolm’ pointed to an overturned car venting blue flames.

A grunt that was ripped in half still clutched a fuel-rod cannon with his dying strength. One of the Shadow-Stalkers sprinted over to the cannon and crabbed the sleek weapon and loaded a radioactive clip of rods into the loading port of the weapon. He nodded with a mischievous grin.

“Yoro, Take position behind the wraith husk over there. The rest of us will arm plasma grenades frome a prone position. Move out!”

The Sangheili engaged their camouflage and smeared into the overwhelming amount of purple and dark grey in the city section. They slid under broken cars, tanks, and sighted down the intersection. A deep thumping pulsed through the ground.

“Prepare for anything, warriors. It could be anything.” Niokiljolm cautioned as he pulled his advanced plasma rifle from his thigh and put it on the ground with his outstretched palm covering it as he removed his finger from his ear and properly held the weapon forward.

A large purple column smashed a Veer tree under it, splattering thick green fluid underneath. As the machine crept out from behind a building, Niokiljolm’ identified it as a Locust. It was a quadruped robot that had it’s legs connected to a low sitting hub that had the cockpit nestled on top of it. It was a long purple pod that drooped over the front. It had a pair of plasma cannons on the front with a plasma caster, a smaller beam weapon that was found on scarabs. The back of the cockpit protruded into a rounded tip as it halted. It creaked as it forced it’s joints to a stop.. It turned it’s insectoid head to the left and swept a searchlight into a building.

A compliment of jackals surrounded it. They were unusually well equipped. They were clad in solid black poer armor. It looked like they were equipped with energy shields. They all toted carbines and wore a sealed helmet that wrapped their avian heads like a metal glove.

“Stay low and see if we can get near it to board it” Niokiljolm’ ordered as he crawled low to the ground. “Take out the escorts quietly with your carbines than harass the Locust with the plasma grenades. Aim for the legs and try to tip the machine over. I will climb aboard the beast and deliver the killing blow!”

The rustle of equipment shuffled through the Sangheili ranks armed their carbines and sighted the Jackal escorts. Niokiljolm crouch-ran behind a pylon where a shattered street-light flickered with dying breaths as sparks jumped to the street below.

“Now.” Niokiljolm ordered. Green tracers darted to their targets with respectable lethality. The Jackal’s shields flickered and popped. The Jackals with remaining shields returned fire and struck an inexperienced Sangheili who vaulted from cover to charge the jackal. He was struck by multiple rounds and collapsed. Niokiljolm’ was unsure of his fate.

“Arm the grenades!” He ordered and he sprayed his rifle from cover. It struck a jackal reloading his carbine and burned straight through his arm, disarming him. His flesh sizzled as it let out a primal screech. Niokiljolm’s orders carried through. A hail of glowing blue comets streaked across the darkening sky and dotted the ground around the Locust. In the three seconds of life that the Jackals had of precious life, they exchanged surprised glances and let out an almost electronic squawk as the grenades detonated, throwing chunks of street, flesh, and bone into the air.


A clip of fuel rods streaked from their position and struck the cabin of the Locust, sending it’s melting legs staggering. It toppled over with a crash, and thrashed it’s legs like an overturned beetle in slow motion. Niokiljolm’ burst from cover and slid under the thrashing legs to get to the cabin. A broken panel exposed the pair of brutes piloting it trying to regain their control of the mech. Niokiljolm’ would assure that wouldn’t happen. He armed a plasma grenade with a hiss and forced it into the damaged hull.

Niokiljolm’ ran with his head down as a cacophony of muffled screams greeted the grenade. A flash of sky blue energy vaporized the side of the vehicle, sending vapor contrails into the air. Fires and explosions boiled from the hull and it twitched and ceased moving.

A string of cheers rang out as Niokiljolm’ motioned his comrades towards the Sangheili position ahead. Surprised Sangheili peered from cover at the dead end down the street caused by a collapsed building. They consisted mostly of Minor domos clad in blue combat armor plates. A major in crimson assault armor and a pair of pilots clad in ghostly white stood in sharp contrast to the newfound darkness in absence of Sangheilios’s red giant sun.

“I am Commander Niokiljolm’ X’toss.” he said as he wiped purple dust shards from his polished black armor as his men strode towards the position. Plumes of fire snaked into the sky from ignited debris from what appeared to be a Ghost hovercraft. The bulbous hood was the only recognizable part of the purple craft.

“How did you warriors get here? Can I get into contact with whoever is leading this operation?” Niokiljolm’ asked as he scanned for potential ambush points.

The major stepped forward and bowed, tipping his head encased with the bug-eyed assault harness. “Commander, I am Major Grek ‘Kantar. Our phantom was shot down by a group of brute fighters. The crash site is further ahead. Fortunately most of us made it out of the crash and worked our way into the city where the Locust you so gracefully eliminated ambushed us with some sort of Jackal elite team. They refused to drop, as they were clad in energy shields. Our commander was killed in the crash and I had to assume command.”

“While I’m glad our heroics flattered you, this is not a time for praise.” Niokiljolm’ said as a few Shadow-Stalkers chuckled at these rookies. “Is there any type of command posts the Sangheili have established?”

“I…I …am afraid the Sangheili are prepared to give the city up and regroup.” He said as he choked up. Niokiljolm’ peered into the distance where the night exposed the slaughter house his home city has become. Plasma fire burned through the blackness with intense light as conflict overwhelmed the city. Niokiljolm’ realized that they were already too late. He attempted to suppress those thoughts until now, where he knew that his city was doomed for occupation. The brutes had this are under heavy blockade. If they controlled this city, than they had a stronghold that would be hard to re-capture. With a heavy heart, Niokiljolm’ accepted defeat. He needed to get as many people out of the city as he could.

“See if we can find a phantom to get us out of here. We will round up whoever we find. By the way, where are the Civilians?” Niokiljolm’ instructed as a large explosion rocked the ground in the distance.

“The Brutes, they rounded them up. I don’t know where they brought the survivors.” The Major replied as a crackling in Niokiljolm’s and Yoro’s COMMs caused them to stop the conversation.

“Hello, Commander and Captain. This is Tai ‘Zadora.” Said a voice with a cough as the faint hiss of circuits crackling sizzled through the reciever.

Yoro hastily responded “Tai? Your pods impacted the cruiser and didn’t exit, I surely thought you didn’t make it…”

Tai interrupted with a smug tone. “We are Shadow Stalkers, you should know us better. Now, direct your attention to cruiser hovering towards the city center and prepare fore the fireworks show. Tai out.”

The confused Sangheili climbed atop cars and piles of bodies and debris. The sprawling city skyline was dominated by a CCS cruiser looming with pride above it’s captured prize below. Five other Cruisers drifted around different sections of the city.

The one in the center tilted to the left. It began to creak and it eventually turned into moaning. Metal distorted and swayed right before a phantom launched from one of the hangars on the right side of the ship. It made a sharp left and headed away from the craft as it shrieked. A blinding flash of blue engulfed the mid-deck of the ship, sending the nose barreling into the other side of the city. The back end of the ship vaporized as the engines were detonated by the explosion. Shards of metal shotgunned in all directions, smashing into buildings around the city.

A large chunk screeched overhead and crashed a block away, shaking the ground under Niokiljolm’s feet. Yoro fell onto the ground holding onto his chest when he burst out laughing. All heads turned at him and looked with puzzled expressions.

“I can’t believe it.” He chuckled as debris rained from all directions. “I told you we were the best soldiers you could get under your command!” He said as he rose back to his fleet.

Most of the other Sangheili let out half-hearted laughs until Niokiljolm’ stopped them sternly.

“Yoro, get Tai back onto the Comm. See if he was the Phantom that left the craft.”

“As you wish commander.” He said as he repeatedly called for Tai. A crackle came over their earpieces as they got a response.

“Did you enjoy that spectacle?” he inquired as the Elites managed to get situated on the phantom.

“I was rather impressed, warriors.” said Niokiljolm’ “But the time is wrong for petty war games. We need to get as many people out of the city as we can.”

“Roger, I found two councilors taken prisoner during the battle of High Charity. We are going to take them aboard Fist of Sangheilios for the Imperial Admiral to appoint for requisition. We are going to pick you up in the courtyard over the rubble pile in front of you. We will meet you there in five minutes, Commander. Tai out.”

Niokiljolm’ looked at his assortment of elites. It was his responsibility to get them out of Zantalia alive and regroup outside the city.

“Warriors, scale the wall ahead and secure the courtyard.” Niokiljolm’ ordered. He placed his carbine and plasma rifles in their holsters and threw his powerful arm on a charred knob jutting from the assorted mess of metal and black concrete used in older buildings. He carefully brought his hoofed feet up one behind the other while the rest of his troops followed his lead. As they neared the top, the sound of gunfire could be heard over the edge.

As Niokiljolm’ hoisted himself over the edge, he observed the situation. A group of brutes were pushed to one side of the circular courtyard. It was massive, with a stature of Khan Yaramee aiming his energy sword to the fresh, starry night. Elites were holding the other side, a stranded wraith was keeping a Sangheili gunner on the ruined tank’s turret to lay down suppressive fire.

Niokiljom’ let out a war growl as he leapt from the debris pile into the brute lines. The rest of his elites followed suit. The brutes turned around to receive plasma bolts to their torsos and faces. They toppled over, their heavy frames thudding onto the scorched pavement. The Brutes regrouped and backed from the swelling Sangheili lines.


A pair of low-flying craft howled overhead as a bolt of florescent green plasma arced towards the damaged Wraith tank. The Tank’s ray-like hull disappeared into a cloud of debris and green flames that licked nearby Sangheili who were lucky enough to dive away.

A pair of Phantoms swept their spotlights into the courtyard. They fired a gravity beam down where a team of Covenant troops beamed down. Four brutes and three jackals were thrown into the chaos. Niokiljolm’ crouched behind a pillar as a volley of plasma hissed by him and struck a minor domo. He collapsed before he could make it behind cover. They other Phantom banked away as plasma fire peppered the belly of the craft. Melting scorch marks dripped molten metal as the craft retreated with the other one. They had a shot to turn this around, albeit a small one.

“Yoro, I have not seen your swordsmanship.” Niokiljolm’ grinned as he reached for the curved handle of his blade.

“I am sure I will not disappoint.” He said as he placed a hand on each on of his sword handles. Their black armor glowed a hellish red as flames reflected off of their reflective plating.

“One.” said Niokiljolm’ as the brutes lurched closer to their cover.

“Two” Said Yoro as the captain leading the brutes ordered them to charge their lines with animalistic fury in it’s red eyes.

“Three!” They said in unison as they sprung from cover as their swords ignited with a bloodthirsty hiss.

The Two Brute minors never got a good glimpse of their assailants before both of their heads were removed with a blue blur as Niokiljolm’ and Yoro swung their swords horizontally. Their corpses stumbled aimlessly until they flopped over lifeless.

The Jackal infantry toting plasma rifles were hacked into large chunks as the pair mercilessly sliced through whatever protection was in front of the brute captain. Yoro brought his twin swords down on a brute, cutting him into 4 chunks from his torso. Their weak power armor was laughable at best to the veteran Sangheili.

The Captain raised his Spiker and fired at the pair of Sangheili. He was too late when he realized he was no longer holding the Spiker, or his arm for the matter. Yoro had made short work of it. He glared at his severed hand. Niokiljolm’ cut his other arm off in his shock.

“How would you like to kill him?” Asked Yoro.

“Disembowelment sounds fitting.” Replied Niokiljolm’ as the beast fell back helplessly. The pair of Elites plunged their blades into the brute who howled with agony as he helplessly kicked. It squealed as they quickly sliced vertically, spilling whatever organs were inside it onto the cracked tan concrete pavement.

“Impressive.” They both muttered at the same time. The brutes concentrating on the other elites were swiftly exterminated. Corpses of the hairy monstrosities piled up as the backed into their fallen comrades. A group of elites swept through and put a plasma bolt into each brute to make sure they didn’t get back up.

A Captain clad in white combat armor approached him. “Commander, that was impressive swordsmanship there.” he said with a wheeze. Niokiljolm noticed the spike poking from his ribcage.

“Thank you. Do you require assistance with your wound immediately?” Niokiljolm’ asked in a worried tone “We have a Phantom inbound at this position shortly.”

The captain looked up at him. “I am dishonored by my blood being spilled, but if I do not acquire medical attention I will surely die.”

“Here is our dropship” Niokiljolm’ informed as a Phantom crept over the buildings. It slowly descended and the side bays opened to reveal Tai waving people on board.

“Anybody who is in need of Evac or medical attention needs to board first. We will return with more Phantoms from the fleet above.”

The captain limped aboard the phantom, as did some wounded Sangheili troops and a pair of civilians wearing tattered rags holding plasma pistols. They must have been rescued from hiding by these forces here.

They all boarded the Phantom when a mechanical shriek broke out from behind them. Everybody turned around to see a Scarab gingerly stepping over the buildings. It reared it’s head and let loose a continual stream of plasma struck the statue in the center of the courtyard. It toppled over , striking the Phantom as it desperately tried to take off. It knocked the phantom off course and it rolled into a building where it was stopped. It began to vent flames as whoever was fortunate enough to live crawled form under it in bloody armor.

“No!” Shouted Yoro. Brute infantry jumped from buildings, windows, and ledges.

“Ambush!” Niokiljolm’ cried as the Scarab brought it’s gargantuan clawed leg a few feet in front of Niokiljolm.’

Plasma bolts erupted in all directions as the Sangheili retaliated. They were not going to give up that easily. A plasma grenade detonated behind Niokiljolm’ shorting out his shields and knocking him on his side. He briefly witnessed Yoro get knocked aside by a Chieftain clad in silver armor.

With Niokiljolm’s hazed vision, he saw dozens of banshees glide slowly over the courtyard with Phantoms thrown into the mix. Another scarab sprawled over the buildings and proceeded behind the other massive machine. When Niokiljolm’ looked back, he saw no elites standing as infantry flooded the courtyard. Grunts, Jackal, brutes, and drones advanced steadily down their path they had beaten with the Scarab’s main gun , melting a large hole in the wall ahead.

“I’ve failed you.” Niokiljolm’ whispered under his breath as the brutes began to pile bodies in the fountain under what was left of the statue. Yoro winked his yellow eye at Niokiljolm’ as they tossed his body haphazardly into the pile. Niokiljolm’ managed a smile. He would persevere.

The last thing Niokiljolm’ saw was the chieftain hit him in the face with his foot.



UNSC Frigate Hell’s Half Acre
Battle Cluster in Orbit around Sangheilios.

Captain Adrian Demarco cracked his knuckles. Looking on the viewport in the steel corridor outside the Armory, he saw the fleet of the five Frigates, two Marathon Cruisers, and an Assault carrier led by the elites. It’s name was The Shadow of Intent. The UNSC ships were spares assembled by Lord hood from the surviving colonies and outposts rallied by Lord Hood.. The ships drifted quickly towards the massive pair of fleets scrambled within each other like a swarm of bees turning on each other.

Luckily the Elites provided the with FoF identification. Mike looked back into the Armory to find his team of ODSTS and ONI Black Ops soldiers gearing up in the armory. Only clad in grey fatigues, Adrian walked into the Hangar.

“Okay boys, the elites saved our sorry asses, so I figured we retuned the favor. About an hour ago, an Elite Commander dropped out of contact, according to an Elite shipmaster trying to get into contact with him. We are tasked with finding him and confirming he is alive.”

“Where would that be?” asked on of the rookie troopers by the name of Heartly. His young face covered in a thin stubble that had bothered Adrian since he was moved to his squad

“Shut up and let me finish.” Adrian responded coldly, glaring at the rookie under his black officer cap bearing the UNSC emblem, an Eagle resting over the silhouette of earth with an olive wreath behind.

“The Elites were attempting to vacate the capitol and regroup for a counter offensive. A series of Brute counter-attacks and ambushes eliminated most of them.”

The new guy they transferred, O’Connor, looked anxious. There was rumors around the crew that he had befriended the elite that led the forces in the city. He requested to be the first boots on the ground.

“We will perform a surgical insertion and sweep the area for survivors, we’ll load them onto the Wasp drop ships and get them out. The ODSTs will drop into heat after a wing of Longswords carpet bomb the perimeter of the city where the Covenant is amassing the soldiers in the city. The Half Acre will enter the atmosphere and launch us in the wasps. Hopefully this plays out like clockwork and we’ll have a clean getaway with hurting the enemy. Oohrah?”

The ONI Black Ops soldiers and the ODSTs knuckle-pounded each other as they stood and gathered their gear. They were equipped with the newer pulse weapons issued by ONI. They ONI troopers were equipped with Mark I “Demon” armor. It was jet black with thin steel plates that covered a sealed body glove. The most interesting feature, however, was the personal energy shields seen on MJOLNIR armor, putting them on par with the Elite Soldiers.

The Helljumpers preferred to stay traditional with their sealed urban camo suit with armor plating and a Helmet with a opaque blue visor that stayed in a V shape that was built around a standard infantry helmet. DeMarco always knew them as crazy-asses. That’s exactly why Officers like him admired them.

The Black ops soldiers pulled a black balaclava over their faces, exposing the eyes and upper nose only. Over this, they added another shroud of secrecy. On went a gasmask with a single respirator that protruded from the right side of the mask. The grey rubber squeaked as he pulled it down and secured. The bug-lenses glowed red as he activated the HUD. They slipped on a black combat helmet and clicked the chin strap into place.

“Let’s get a feel for these new toys.” a Black-Ops trooper said with a distorted tone as he pulled a MA7-PC rifle from the gun rack. It looked like the standard MA5C ICWS assault rifle that the infantry carried, but with some “enhancements’ made from the Sangheili and ONI.

It had a Grey and Black color finish. The Magazine contained pulse shells magnetically charged with plasma that encased it once it entered the barrel, that was supercharged with an electromagnet. It fired the 5.56 projectile at 5,000 feet per second while it was encased by an energy shield that was charged with plasma.

The Plasma charger stuck vertically from the body of the weapon and had a power meter that glowed green. The weapon collapsed from the middle to inset a fresh battery in the case that it wore out. It’s ammo counter glowed green and sported a 60 round magazine before having to reload. The barrel was extended and thicker. Electric arcs reached from the tip as the trooper pulled the charging handle and activated the weapon.


The Soldiers passed the weapons from the racks to the eager team of Black Ops soldiers. The ODSTs made sarcastic remarks as they reached for their tried-and-true BR55HB-SR.

“At least I know that this won’t explode and rip my nuts from my body.” Lt. Harris joked as he racked the bolt on his rifle.

“Settle down.” Adrian snapped as he stroked his hand across his chiseled, clean-shaved face. “Let me grab some body armor.”

He strode over and opened an equipment locker that slid with a creak. He pulled some armored boots and slid them on, trying the metal boots that reached just below his knees. He hoisted a black steel chest plate and slid it onto his shoulders. It was a heavy and snug fit, but it would hold off against small arms better than his cloth fatigues underneath.

He strapped a pair of rectangular shoulder pads on that covered most of his bicep area. He adjusted his cap and grabbed an M6G magnum and one of the three remaining pulse rifles. He turned it on and it beeped to life as it’s systems began to run. It was surprisingly light, most of the interior being made out of the Covenant’s composite alloys.

“Let’s rock, Gentleman.” he said as he pulled the weapon’s strap over his shoulder, letting it dangle under his arm.

The men shuffled as the proceeded down the hallway, looking out the windows at the raging battle in orbit.

“Damn,” said O’Connor as a cruiser was struck by a Plasma torpedo, detonating into a frag grenade of giant proportions. Debris rained onto other ships nearby. The door hissed open and the cargo elevator awaited them. About forty men altogether were packed like sardines into the platform.

It rang as it descended into the hangar. They gray walls erupted into a flood of white light as they entered the Cargo Bay and hangar. Eight Wasp Dropships stood ready. They were dual-rotor choppers reminiscent of the Osprey design popular in the 20th and 21st century with a compact frame. They had a rounded front cockpit section with a deceptively roomy troop compartment. It was a rather compact craft, a grey Helicopter that was armed to the teeth with a pair of Gatling guns and a bomb-rack containing the foot-ball sized HAVOC mini-nukes.

A few dozen more Helljumpers sat on top of crates conversing or smoking. The General for this operation, Ronald Louis, was a Reach veteran that was appointed by ONI for covert affairs and large-scale espionage and infiltration.

Adrian’s group of Soldiers entered the hangar as the service lift grinded to a halt. The gate opened as a buzzer whined. The group of ONI elite forces stepped off, followed by the group of Helljumpers that proceeded in the opposite direction towards their fellow ODSTS who high-five’d and cheered each other. The moral was extremely high for a high-risk mission.

“Alright boys, “ the General boomed, “I want a nice clean entry and exit. Captain Richards on the bridge will fire a MAC round into the outskirts of the city where the Covenant are pooling troops. The ODSTs will insert right as we break atmosphere and clean up the mess we make. That’s where Captain DeMarco and his team of spooks come in.” he grinned as he cleared his aging throat.

The troops nodded as he continued speaking.

“Once the Half-Acre is in the atmosphere, the Wasps are going to launch and sweep the left side of the city for brute stragglers and Sangheili survivors and lift the them out of the city. That’s the plan, and I hope it’s a clean sweep. Good luck.”

Captain Demarco assembled his soldiers. The few dozen elite troopers all placed their eerie gasmasks towards him, besides the other officer, Lt. Hector, who exited the Wasp for Adrian’s orders and put the cap on top of his clean-shaven head that glinted in the plentiful light of the hangar..

“Remember, once we break atmosphere, let the ODSTS clear the outskirts of the city and we extract the Commander and whoever is alive there. When we exit, we will extract the ODSTs and return to the Elite Supercruiser and drop the commander to the Elite leader and return to our fleet, where we will plan out our ground assaults to help liberate the Sangheili.”

The troops nodded and Lt. Hector waved them on board one of the Wasps.

“Whoever wants room on this one, go ahead with Hector, I’ll load onto W14 and take whoever else that can’t fit onto that one. Sergeant York and Lance Corporal Williams, take your detachments onto the other two Wasps on this section of the hangar. The other four are going to be reserved for later operations.” said DeMarco, who hunched over and entered the low-hanging troop cabin. The ceiling was netted and was sagged down by equipment and supplies placed on top. There was room for seven, but in armor, six was a tight enough fit. Mike sat down behind the cockpit and the pilot tuned around and placed a hand on Mike’s shoulder.

“Howdy, I’m Lt. Bradley, my lo-vely copilot here is Ms. Marbella. We’re going to drop you in a war memorial courtyard a few clicks from the city center, once the Captain fires at the bravo-kilo encampment on the outside and our boys drop in and clean up, we’ll be good once we break the atmosphere.” he said with a less-than-subtle southern US accent.

“Let’s go kick some ass Lt.” Mike said as he shook hands. “I’m Captain Demarco, you got a name for this fine ride?”

“You know it. Her name’s Jessica.” he said as he patted the metal hull next to his round cockpit frame. A small window and a plethora of instruments took up most of it. As the rest of the troops filed into the craft, the back door hissed and began to close as the hydraulic pipes retracted and enclosed the inside of the craft into darkness.

“Need some light, boys? “ he asked as he ran his hands along the panel in front of him until a soft green light flooded the interior of the craft.

“Thanks, Lt.” mike said as he attempted to get comfortable inside the cramped bay. The rest of his soldiers shifted uncomfortably as they found a spot to sit in the small faux leather seats. They were all set. All they needed was a signal from the captain.

Bridge of UNSC Frigate Hell’s Half Acre.

Captain Keller stood aboard the bridge of the Half Acre. Standing on in a ready posture with his hands behind his back as he gazed out the window as they pitched and headed in a straight line through the brute blockade that was slowly materializing ahead of him

“I’m assuming you want to take the honor,” he grinned as R’tas Vadum’s smirking projection came over the AI port. His face was scarred by only having half of his mandibles wholly intact. They clicked awkwardly as he spoke.

“I will lead the charge, Captain Keller. Kindly tidy up whoever escapes my wrath.” The Elite said as the Massive carrier, Shadow of Intent, moaned forward and rumbled the bridge crew, who consisted of Ensign Roberts, Lt McKinney, and Lt Zeng.

“At least we have the elites on our side.” Zeng remarked as plasma arced form the massive carrier towards the brute formation that broke away from the main fleet. The cruisers flashed brilliant white as their sheilds attempted to halt the onslaught of fire, but the Shadow continued through, hitting a frigate that was shaped as the front half of the regular CCS-Class cruiser. It disintegrated into debris scraps as the 3 mile long craft slammed through it.

“All UNSC craft open fire!” Keller shouted. The pair of Marathon cruisers and the five Frigates hit the regrouping craft with a flurry of MAC rounds, taking out most of the cruisers. They vented orange flames as the oxygen escaped from the holes punctured by the high-velocity shells.

They crippled craft drifted away as the UNSC fleet headed forward into the atmosphere with the shadow of Intent to help liberate a few cities. He had to fire a MAC round around the perimeter of Zantalia to pave the way for his forces on board. Most of them were hell jumpers and spooks. Creepy bastards.

“Lt. Zeng, bring me a magnification of the target.” Captain Keller ordered as he lit up a Sweet Williams cigar and blew out a ring of grey smoke that drifted into the ceiling of the bridge like a ghost.

“Yessir.” he replied hastily as his fingers jumped onto his Weapons Terminal.

A magnification of the target jumped on the projector table in the center of the bridge. Keller placed his aging arms onto the smooth rims of the tabled and hunched over it. The camera showed thousands of covenant infantry encamped in the dark grey sands in the mountain valley that they were in. Hordes of grunts shuffled around with their brute leaders kicking the alien slaves about.

“Poor bastards.” Keller said as he took another puff of his cigar.

A Motor pool had dozens of wraiths and a handful of Locust walkers and Scarabs. They towered above the sleek tanks that resembled mechanical stingrays.

“Aim somewhat ahead of the motor pool the small inlet by the mointains that they are in should magnify the concussive blast of the MAC shell. Wait for my mark.” he said as he stood up straight and flicked his cigar out.

“Aye” said Zeng as a targeting reticule popped over the motor pool.

“ McKinney, unlatch pod launchers and bring us closer. It’s about time we returned the Covenant a favor for attacking Earth. These Elites deserve our help.”


Dar awoke to a sharp pain in his chest. Hephaestus planted his rugged, leathery foot on his chest.

“Wake up scum!” he boomed as his apelike eyes fixed onto Dar’s terrified face. The Brute hoisted him up with it’s powerful grip, snaring Dar’s tiny frame.

“Did I not tell you that sleeping under my command will result in another one of your insignificant fingers being yanked from their sockets!”

“Please, please! I won’t dishonor your pack again Hephaestus!” Dar desperately squeaked as he kicked his stubby legs.

He struck the ground with an agonized moan as the massive brute captain threw him onto a pile of rocks head-first.

Why must this happen to me? Why can’t I go back home with my nipple-mates and see my family. When will this Great Journey come and take him from this cruel existence to serve the Prophet of Remorse?

With his last sliver of strength, he began to crawl up the sand-polished rock and gazed into the morning sky of Sangheilios that was stained a magnificent red as the sun peaked over the mountains, pushing the black sky further away.

“Please, I want to die.” he sobbed as he gazed into the scattered stars and violent explosions in the sky. A glowing pearl of a star grew in the dark section of the sky, growing larger with each second, a glowing streak in the sky that raced towards him.

Dar let out a relieved sigh as his final wish was granted. The sand a mile in front of him shot into the air in a great plume as a shockwave shook the sands, opening up fissures that sucked in Covenant forces. Hephaestus let out a horrified grow as a crack opened up under his Pack, they were sucked in and buried in a well-deserved tomb of flowing sands.

Dar smiled as he was thrown from his rock and embraced the warm cloud of sand that swept over most of the Covenant forces and erased him from existence.


Captain Demarco’s Bird gave out a cheer as the Captain of the Ship hit home on the encampment. The guttural clacking of pots launching ran out as the cruiser broke atmosphere. The ship rumbled as it descended downward.

“Let‘s do this!” Shouted O’Connor as the hangar door opened.

Red clouds swept into the hangar as the stabilized and slowed to a halt above a mountain range.

“Let the ODSTs clear the field of survivors and we’ll head into the city unnoticed.” Mike ordered the pilots “I’ll get them on Comm.”


The landing always shook up Lt. Harris. Always. The pod went dark, and he disengaged the airlock. The front hatch blasted away from the HEV pod, knocking a grunt investigating his pod into next week. It’s linp corpse skidded across the sand and stopped, leaving a slick of blue blood behind.
Harris jumped from the pod with his Battle rifle sighted. Plasma bolts were flying from the scattered groups of covenant ahead. A few more pods screamed from the sky and swerved into the sand, kicking up earth and sending energy waves rippling across the dry surface of the sand. A few soldiers clad in black toting Battle rifles stepped from their pods and took cover behind an overturned wraith.

Harris looked around and saw a few empty pods behind him with ODSTs stepping from them. Harris waved tem over with his right hand, keeping his rifle raised in his left.

“Look sir, those grunts are fighting the brutes. They probably held a revolt when the MAC round killed off most of the brutes.” said Corporal Sykes as he pointed to a distant group of grunts clawing on top of a fallen brute, pummeling the beast with their sheer numbers.

“Humans!” squeaked a nearby voice. Harris turned around with his scope planted on the grunt’s squished-looking face. His gasmask covering his toothed maw.

“No! No, don’t shoot! We are friends!” the small creature said as it struggled to hold a plasma rifle properly. “Help us kill these brutes and set us free!”

Harris lowered his rifle and looked at the grunt. “What the hell?”

“We are not fond of brutes, you see! They torture us, hit us, and even beat us!” the small creature squawked as he jumped in excitement “My name Deedab, I will bring you to the brutes!”

He began to waddle ahead, where his conical methane tank bobbed as he made an effort to pull his short legs out of the deep sand.

“Well, this is strange. Let’s follow him, I guess.” Harris chuckled as he jogged behind the tiny alien.

Deedab made a terrified yelp as a sandy hand grasped his ankle. The figure shifted under the sand and rose, sand sliding of it’s smooth armor plates. It was a brute. It’s swollen, andy eyes beaded with rage as it flung to grunt aside. It shook the sand off of itself and charged a Harris. He dived aside. His team opened fire on the ten-foot monster, shaking it up. It buckled backwards as it’s chest plate snapped.

Deedab got to his feet and haphazardly sprayed his weapon towards the brute, narrowly missing Harris in the process.

“Watch it!” he shouted as the brute turned around and threw a punch at him. He dodged and grabed the brute’s arm. It growled and shook his arm in attempt to dislodge Harris. He pulled his combat knife and slit a large gash up the brute’s arm. It’s black blood bled profusely and spilled onto the reddish sand below. It clutched the wound and staggered back.

“Eat this, hairball.” Harris said as his foot connected to the brute’s injured chest.

It staggered back and slammed into a a limestone rock that jutted from the sand. Mike stood overtop the beast and threw powerful punches at the brute’s exposed face. It’s helmet fell off when it his the rocks.

It moaned and ceased moving as it’s skull fractured and caved in from Harris’s punches with his metal-plated gloves.

Deedab cheered as fired his weapon into the air. The ODSTs ahead cut a path into the brute line with grunt assistance, evident as broken brute bodies littered the sand behind them.

The Ground rumbled and growled as something huge began to move. The ODSTs and their grunt companion stood at awe when a column of sand rose from the ground. Waterfalls of sand slid from the massive object. As most of the sand slid off the behemoth, they soldiers stood in fear. A scarab emerged scarred and sandy as it creaked to life and planted one of it’s massive purple legs forward. The ODSTs ahead sprinted towards the trenched ahead and dove for cover in the trenched as it moved it beetle like head at them and charged it’s cannon.

“Everybody to the trenches ahead. That thing will destroy us if we don’t get to cover.” Harris ordered as he sprinted ahead towards the wrecked war factory ahead. Black smoke plumes swirled from the destroyed facility.

Adrian dived into a trench and was followed by his soldiers Deedab fell clumsily into the trench screaming fearfully.

“Shhhh!” Harris hushed the grunt as he peeked over the trench.

The Scarab clawed across the sand, and a group of grunts fled in terror as it aimed it’s Plasma cannon at them and sent an almost liquid beam of plasma towards them, kicking up blackened sand particles, glass chunks, and barely noticeable grunt pieces.

“Captain Demarco, we have a situation on the ground! There is a scarab still operational! Requesting ordinance on target as you pass over the city. If you can read me, please divert course and assist!


“Roger that!” Adrian responded “Hector, deploy bomb racks as we fly over their position and open the back hatch.”

“Aye, sir.” the pilot replied. The back door slowly pulled open and warm air of Sangheilios swept in. Sand particles began to collect inside the craft as Adrian picked up his pulse rifle and stood by the open bay door. He peered out to see two rectangular chutes with grated coverings extend outwards. They housed HAVOC mini-nukes that he was going to drop on top of the Scarab that should come into view in a few moments.

A large purple insectioid walker was spotted by the pilot as he called back to Adrian.

“ring us into hover right after we drop the bombs.” Adrian ordered as he grasped the handrail and shouldered his weapon as the sands below blurred as they aced across the mountains into the desert. A Purple form below blurred as a pair of clicks indicated that two bombs had been dropped from the craft.

The Wasp leaned upward as the violent hurricane of it’s rotors died into dull thumps as it went into hover. It leaned down and began to circle slowly overhead. The mininukes engulfed the scarab into two mushroom clouds that flashed and extended upwards. The scarab’s front leg was blown apart, sending it plowing into the sand as the other explosion critically damaged the core. The machine screeched as it disappeared into a blue flash as debris shot upwards and rained across the sandy plain.

“Got ‘im!” said Hector as he entered the city outskirts, clipping over buildings. A fractured monument came into view with brutes disposing Sangheili in the upper east section of the courtyard. Crumbling buildings surrounded the coutyard and blocked infantry access. It should be a shooting gallery.

A few brutes were torn apart when Hector put the craft in hover and peppered a few brutes with the 120mm cannon on the nose. Tattered corpses flew upward as the crafts descended Three other Wasps began to touch down, spilling out ONI troopers who began to clear whatever opposition was left. The ground layed six feet from the deck of the craft.

‘Go, go, GO!” Adrian shouted almost mechanically as he jumped fom the craft and aimed his weapon down the courtyard, sighting a shocked brute reaching for his brute shot. He never got a chance to even aim it. A guttural series of bangs left a trail of green haze as the weapon fired the Plasma-encased rounds towards the Brute. It tore a large set of holes in his chest as he dropped.

“Charge!” Adrian yelled as the rest off the team jumped from the choppers and flooded into the courtyard.


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Good as always, D-man. Can't wait for more, this is really interesting.

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Next chapter in a little, to whoever can brave that great wall of text.



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QUOTE (D-man @ Jan 24 2009, 08:41 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Next chapter in a little, to whoever can brave that great wall of text.

TL;DR, Elites are awesome. tongue.gif

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Liking the Elites more than the humans. But, I guess that's cause I can except the Elite Story as more of having a conclusion than a complete cliffhanger.

And the humans are a bit too overpowered. Harris holding a Brute's arm and slicing him? Meh. It's awesome, but not what I expect for puny humans against large, ape monsters known for strength.


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QUOTE (The Arbiter @ Jan 25 2009, 04:51 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Liking the Elites more than the humans. But, I guess that's cause I can except the Elite Story as more of having a conclusion than a complete cliffhanger.

And the humans are a bit too overpowered. Harris holding a Brute's arm and slicing him? Meh. It's awesome, but not what I expect for puny humans against large, ape monsters known for strength.

Most Brutes are actually stronger than SPARTANS or Elites. They're even worse when you put them in power armor.

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I got kind of confused with this. You added new weapons and vehicles, yes?
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Yah, trick.



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Niokiljolm’ sat motionlessly in a body pit that was inside the fountain around the remains of the statue. The water sat stagnant, purple with blood. Bodies lay broken as Yoro sat up against a wall looking at him.

Niokiljolm’ smiled, watching Yoro reach for his plasma rifle and the Shadow Stalkers rose from the water with their weapons drawn. Water dripped off the figures as they chaos of battle raged as humans began entering the city and clearing the brutes from the courtyard.

A grenade shook the ground near the fountain and shattered a section of the concrete barrier holding the water in. Blood and water flowed onto the street as the Elites sprung over the fountain and joined the fight.

As they drew their weapons and ignited swords, they found no brute was left intact. Bodies were ripped apart by some type of new weapon that these humans were holding. They also looked intimidating, even for a veteran Sangheili like Niokiljolm.’

“Are you Niokiljolm’ X’toss?” one of the soldiers asked as he removed the odd mask from his face. His face had the same shaved cut and blue eyes that he remembered back on Earth.

“O’Connor?’ Niokiljolm’ queried as he put away his Plasma Rifle.

“Hell yeah! What happened to this place?” he remarked as he looked around the crumbling cityscape. Bodies of Brutes and Elites alike littered the area and wrecked vehicles dotted the courtyard.

“The Brutes, they managed to slip past our fleet and take the city. Most of the city is lost.”

“I wouldn’t say so.” Adrian said confidently. “The Arbiter and Half-Jaw brought some reinforcements with them, including us. Our objective is to get you to the Elite super carrier above commander. Care to step aboard our dropships?

Niokiljolm’ peered at the strange craft. It was propelled by spinning blades and was extremely loud. It was parked with it’s landing gear extracted. Niokiljolm’ strode onto the craft and had to slouch considerably as he made his way in. Adrian and his squad followed suit.

“Your remaining forces are being loaded onto the other Wasps, Commander. Welcome back.” Adrian said as the filed in. He gave the pilot a thumbs up.

“Take her out of here. Keep the back hatch open in case we take fire.”

“Come on Jessica, let’s fly!” The Pilot shouted as the rotors picked up RPM and the craft ascended. They rotors switched from hover to flight, and the four helicopters took off towards the growing figure of The Hell’s Half Acre and the Shadow of Intent in place over the mountains.

“Good work men. No causalities and we have our man. Report to the General aboard the Shadow.” Adrian informed the Crew.

They choppers entered a delta formation and sped towards the massive craft.

“I am eager to meet with Rtas and Thel. They will be informed of what progress had been made in the capitol.” Niokiljolm’ said as he leaned in his seat.

“I do, too.” Adrian said. “Hopefully we can get your planet back. It’s the least our race could do to help for you seeing the light of your ‘prophets.’”

“I wish to purge the vermin from the galaxy. Once we take care of the brutes here, we will head to their planet and then the Prophet’s. Their world will burn as yours did. Consider this revenge as allies against a common enemy”

The chopper quaked as it passed through the shield barrier in the gargantuan hangar of the Shadow of Intent.

Dust from the hangar rose in a ring as the craft descended. The polished silver alloys below sparkled as the dust swept away. The Wasp’s landing gear unfolded and the craft bounced as the suspension took the landing.

“Let’s go, guys.” Adrian shouted over the rotors as he stepped from the dropship into the cavernous hangar.

He looked up in awe to see dozens of Phantoms inside the hangar lining the walls like bees in honey combs, as well as a docked Covenant Frigate. Sounds bounced in the launch bay like a caged rat darting in it’s prison.

Boots hit the ground with metallic clacks, and a pair of claps rang out as Niokiljolm’ stepped out. A wing of Seraph Fighters shot from the hangar with a sonic boom towards the city.

A crowd of Elites stood around a familiar figure to Niokiljolm.’ Thel Vadamee, their Arbiter. A status any Sangheili would take with honor. He stood with pride as the dawn sun of Sangheilios flooded the hangar bay, casting his silver armor in a brilliant golden glow. His 8.5 foot tall stance commanded respect and awe from any Sangheili present. Even the humans darted admired looks at each other under their helmets

He glared at Niokiljolm’ and motioned him forward. Niokiljolm’ strudded with respect and admirations the elites cleared a path, and Honor guards snapped to attention. Niokiljolm’ bowed in front of the seasoned warrior. His slitted yellow eyes glowed with unusual kindness for a brutal warrior of the Sangheili.

“My honor, Arbiter.”

“I have no need for that, Commander.” He said with a booming voice filled with wisdom. “You and I are equals.”

Niokiljolm’ swelled with gratitude as he rose to the compliment of being noted as an equal by the most respected warrior he knew.

“I have a task for you, Zealot.” He smiled as Niokiljolm’ realized that he had been promoted by the Arbiter. “You and I are to reclaim Vadam from the Brutes, and then drive them back and force them into the state of Insa. Our other forces will drive them into the general are to get most of them killed in the battle. Our forces should be pushing their fleet running like cowards to Doisac. We will finish them there and burn the Prophet’s world after that.”

‘Your will be done Arbiter!” Niokiljolm’ pridefully roared as applause drifted from the humans and Shadow Stalkers by the Wasps. Yoro nodded at Niokiljolm.’ The Elites all cheered and the Arbiter crouched and bestowed the Oath of Initiation for the promotion of a Zealot.

Let there be no soul that will cloud you,
Bind your will by the hope of Salvation
Lest none stop your task
Lest everyone follow your example.

The Arbiter rose and dismissed the combat ready elites. They all flocked to various stations and tasks as only the Arbiter and Niokiljolm’ stood facing each other.

“Report to R’tas Vadum and receive your armor. It has been personally forged for you, Niokiljolm’” The Arbiter informed the newly appointed Zealot. “When you are suited, I will take your armor for future warriors that walk the path like you have.”



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Wow, very nice. I remember these guys from the old one. Keep up the good work!

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“Harris, get down!” Sykes gasped as a wing of banshees crept from the sky, firing a fuel rod that streaked over the warthog and slammed into the canyon wall a few meters to the right of them. A hail of rock shards spread from the blacked welt in the limestone wall.

“Keep driving, get us out of here and try to keep this hog intact, the Elites that brought it only have a couple to spare.” Harris said as he lifted his foot and place it on the dashboard of the troop hog. Sykes was driving the three-ton reconnaissance vehicle, while Deedab and the remaining ODSTs sat in the roll cage in the back, bobbing up and down as the warthog rolled over rocks and corpses of dead Covenant troops. A Pair of Elite Phantoms buzzed overhead, blocking out the light of the sun for a few seconds. The end of the canyon was about 2 clicks ahead, according to the GPS mounted on the intricate dashboard. Sand blew over the rounded windshield as a strong gust blew through the narrow canyon.

“We got contacts around the bend, the tracker is reading five hostiles. Get ready.” Sykes said as the mounted motion tracker next to the shift beeped as the vehicle swerved around the bed to a stop, and was gunned the second the smoke cleared. Harris finished reloading his rifle as a jackal was torn in half by the collision. It’s torso barely attached to a smashed skull and a single arm flopped like a dead fish on the hood.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa? That’s friggin’ nasty dude!” Sykes said as he engaged the sprayers on the windshield to remove the purple blood smears.

The Brute and three jackals got up and recovered from the surprise. The brute armed a spike grenade, but dropped it at his feet as a burst from Harris’s Battle Rifle struck his arm. It howled in dread as it’s upper torso was torn to ribbons of flesh. It’s legs stumbled around and fell.

“Nice shot, sir!” said an ODST in the troop compartment as he fired his rifle through the scope. A jackal’s head snapped backwards with a headshot and it fell. The other two jackals attempted to flee covering the back of their heads, but were cut down by the concentrated fire of the ODSTs.

The Warthog’s engine roared as It made a straightaway down the canyon towards the plains where the Shadow of Intend had it’s lift engaged. That was their extraction point. The Canyon widened as wings of Ghosts and lances of Elite infantry marched down the canyon towards Zantalia.

“Holy Hell” Sykes said in awe as he slowed the warthog.

Wraith tanks and Scarabs were stationed under the Carrier, which blackened the sky with it’s tremendous length and width. It was the size of a city.

“They are not going to let the brutes keep that city.” Harris said as they came near the purple gravity beam that acted as a conduit between the craft and the ground. The tan grass crunched underneath the warthog’s tires as it skidded to a halt. An elite Ultra waved them out.

“Your arrival has been expected. Proceed towards the lift.” The elite ordered as Deedab jumped from the warthog and began to kiss the Elite’s hoofed feet. Elite soldiers turned their heads and stared wild-eyed at the grunt. Sykes was holding back laughter.

“Unggoy, what compelled you too offer this…uncomfortable token of gratitude? The Ultra asked as he shook the small creature from his muscular leg.

“Brutes try to kill me! Elites are good to me!” Deedab squeaked. “Please, I would be honored to serve in your army.”

“Although Unggoy are not particularly skilled fighters, you can be assigned to security aboard the ship. I will notify Shipmaster Vadum to your presence. We will be sure to liberate Unggoy we come across. Report to the hangar for a debriefing.”

The Elite stepped to the side as the grunt neared the massive gravity beam. It moaned as the grunt was swept aboard the ship at almost breakneck speed. Harris gulped while he looked up at the carrier. He eyed the Ultra who chuckled at him.

“Surely the seasoned warriors such as yourselves are not afraid of a simple lift,” the Elite said as he pushed Harris towards the lift. Harris yelped as he was swept of his feet and shot upwards. Sykes hesitantly hopped aboard along with the rest of the ODSTs.


Niokiljolm’ finished strapping the buckle of his ornate armor’s gauntlet to his wrist. The brilliant armor was mirrored after the Arbiter’s Ceremonial plating.

The golden armor had scutes on the arm plates similar to the Arbiter who stood in the corner watching with the Shipmaster. The Chest plate was ornamented with intricate glyphs and designs that glowed a soft blue. A Gold Combat helmet was the last thing he pulled onto his muscular frame.

“What would you have me do?” Niokiljolm’ asked as he twirled his twin energy swords on his long fingers and holstered them.

“Help our forces reclaim the city.” The Arbiter said in a confident tone as he emerged from the shadows. “And Major Yoro will be accompanying us.”

“I would be Honored, Arbiter.” Niokiljolm’ replied as a flare of bloodthirst boiled inside him.

His older armor was taken by R’tas, who watched the two exit the empty bridge with his mandibles wrapped in a slight smile.


Harris and Captain DeMarco sat around the briefing chamber in the hangar as a wing of Banshees wailed out of the Hangar.

“Here come the Elite bigwigs.” Harris joked as the Arbiter, Yoro, and Niokiljolm’ entered with the Elite swag that humans now came to respect. Demarco chuckled and flicked out his cigarette on the hangar floor.

“All Warriors, Assemble!” Niokiljolm’ roared. Every Elite snapped to attention and formed tight lines. The humans formed a group and began to gear up, picking up weapons and supplies. The Arbiter ran a motivation speech through the hangar that DeMarco only caught fragments of. The Elites cheered at the conclusion of the speech.

“Looks like they got the riled up. Let’s rock and roll captain.” Harris said as he slid a fresh magazine into his battle rifle and locked it with a satisfying click. DeMarco and his ONI Black Ops team picked up their pulse rifles and collapsed the barrels, inserting fresh batteries. Niokiljolm’ approached the humans.

“You are tasked with dropping onto brute siege towers that were stolen from us. Yoro’s Shadow Stalkers and I will assist you. We will make a stealth insertion into the city before our main attack force enters. They towers are susceptible to destruction from the inside. A lift carries plasma batteries from the streets up to the top. Destroy the lift, and they will run out of fuel for the fuel rod cannons and needlers. The towers are heavily armored and a quick insertion is necessary to succeed this mission.”

The Humans nodded as a pair of black Phantoms descended, loaded with Elite commandos clad in black armor. Niokiljolm’ stepped aboard and the craft raised a bit.

“Tell your Pilots to follow our lead!” Niokiljolm’ shouted to DeMarco.

“Wilco, we’ll see you there!” He shouted back as his troops loaded onto the Wasps.

The rotors spun and made harsh thuds as the pilots prepared for takeoff. Mike placed his hand on the Pilot’s shoulder and told him to follow the Phantoms. The Wasps shook and thrusted forward, leaving the hangar of the stagnant craft. The Dropships gained speed and stability as a few wings of Banshees got the rear. Eight Wasps, two Phantoms, and two wings of eight banshees sped towards the city to clear it for the main assault.

“Stay sharp, we are flying dangerously close to an anti-aircraft facility.” DeMarco alerted the crew as the back hatch popped open and the warm late afternoon air blew in. Scattered groups of covenant forces were retreating from the canyons and mountains to the city.

The other Wasps had tracers trailing from them that drifted towards the Covenant forces below. A few jackals and grunts slaves were struck and dropped lifelessly to the ground.

“Keep an eye out for potential threats like triple-A wraiths below. The towers are a few clicks ahead.” The pilot warned as it make a sharp bank left.

“We got Company!” A Pilot in another Wasp shouted over the COMM. A group of Brute Banshees screeched by, barely missing the craft with their plasma cannons. The towers grew in the pilot’s viewport, and green bursts of energy exploded around the tower.

“I’m taking us low and fast, grab onto your balls!” The pilot said as he yanked the flight stick and the chopper violently jerked downwards as a perusing banshee accelerated overhead and slammed into a building. Debris and corpses of Elite civilians lined the burning streets as pockets of resistance engaged the Brute occupiers. Plasma bolts hissed from buildings as they were hopelessly outgunned and outnumbered.

Another Wasp was struck in the right rotor by an AAA Wraith and was thrown into a violent spin. Smoke trailed from the rotor as the vehicle screeched to a halt on an anti-gravity bridge.

“Christ, shouldn’t we help them?” DeMarco asked the pilot who slowed the chopper to a hover concealed in a pocket of high-rise purple towers.

The COMM crackled, and Niokiljolm’s voice washed over the Wasp. “Assist the crew of your transport, we will proceed with the attack. Harris and my team of Elites are approaching the first tower. Good luck. I shall call for your allies to bring a Pelican. Niokiljolm’ out.”

“We’re going in hot, get locked and loaded boys.” DeMarco said. The Pilot nodded and brought the bird closer to the bridge. Most of the crew was combat ready, taking up positions behind the wreck. Soldiers piled behind one another as carbine bolts streaked from low towers next to the bridges. Rounds slammed fruitlessly into the Wasp they were riding on.

DeMarco pulled a green smoke dispenser from the overhead and dropped it onto the street below. It hissed and green smoke was carried into the air. A friendly Pelican came over the COMM.

“ETA three minutes. Hold on.” A calm voice assured them. Mike sighted his rifle to the area and spotted the distinct purple hue of a Jackal helmet. More heavily armored Jackal shock troops lined roofs of most of the buildings in front of the crashed wasp. The troops barely were holding out behind the craft as the blind-fired around the battered fuselage. Captain DeMarco fired a burst from his rifle and green energy contrails tore burning holes in a few of the avian creatures.

“Turn us towards the rooftops and spin up the cannons.” DeMarco said as he tucked back into the craft to avoid a plasma bolt that whizzed by. The craft quaked as the cannon fired at a moderate pace. Grey clouds of debris and shattered bodies exploded from the rooftops as Covenant suppressive eased up. A few Grunts and Jackals on the ground were mopped up by the remaining forces who took up defensive positions.

The Lt. that was on board the downed craft radioed DeMarco’s Wasp.
“We should be good, proceed with the attack. Our asses will be over there soon.” He said as the Captain’s wasp turned and headed towards the massive thick pillars that were now under siege by the Elites and ONI troops.

“Take us down at tower three, one and two are already set for attack.” DeMarco told the pilot.

“Fox three, fox three!” The pilot shouted as an explosion rocked the craft. “Triple-A’s stacked up really heavy.” The pilot warned.

“Everyone got through fine, you can too.” Demarco said as the tower grew in size.

“I don’t think we caught them off guard, like the others did.” The Pilot said. “But we’re going in.”

The COMM beeped and the aging voice of Captain Keller came over the speakers.

“Got a little gift for you.” The Captain said smoothly as he faded out.

A golden streak rocketed from the sky and slammed into the tower, chipping off a third off the roof and blowing a massive hole in the reinforced alloy on the sides.

“There’s our entrance.” DeMarco said with a hint of awe as Anti-air was disabled temporarily.

The bird accelerated towards the hole at an alarming speed well ahead of exploding fuel rods.

“Let’s do this!” The pilot said as he maneuvered the Wasp into the breach.

The craft’s landing gear grazed the floor as DeMarco leapt from the back. Shattered brute corpses littered the floor and debris caked them in a metallic purple dust.

“Move it out, gentleman!” The Captain said as he scanned the dust-filled room. The red glow of gasmask eye lenses were the only sign of the commandos in the dust.

“Lights on.” Adrian said as his shoulder light flicked to life. A doorway was blown inward.

“Through the door, quick and quiet.” Adrian said as the commandos moved quickly. “Bradley, get out of here and return to the Shadow. We’ll call when ready.”

“Wilco.” He responded as the craft backed out of the LZ, sucking a lot of dust from the room. The Chopper turned and turned it’s rotors to plane formation and sped away.

Adrian jogged through the door and met up with the squad.

“We should head through that locked door ahead. O’Connor, you know the drill.” Adrian ordered as he pointed to the sliding doors with glowing red lights indicating a lockdown.

O’Connor walked to the door and armed a breaching charge. The small yellow box beeped twice as O’Connor stuck it to the door with adhesive. He gave a thumbs up and backed up.

“Ready?” He asked.

“Do it.” Captain Adrian replied.

A resonating boom shook the slick purple room and the door blew inward in a cloud of flames.

“Go, Go, go!” Adrian shouted as he led a charge through the door.


Niokiljolm’ removed his sword from a Brute captain he hoisted into the air. He growled and crumpled onto the floor as the massive elite dropped him. The Elites and ODSTs made a final sweep of the bodies and assembled around Niokiljolm’ who held an energy sword in each hand.

“Excellent, we will now proceed to the munitions lift.” Niokiljolm’ said as Harris inserted a fresh magazine into his Battle Rifle. He kicked a dead Jackal away from his feet with cocky pride.

Niokiljolm’s Communicator beeped and Adrian’s voice crackled over the speakers.

“We’ve got the third tower infiltrated. We are engaging the enemy with relative ease, I’m going dark, so I will buzz back when we have the charges set.”

Loud thumps and the cackling of gunfire was the last thing to drift out of the speaker. Niokiljolm’ proceeded towards the next door that slid open with his troops behind him in infiltrating formation, two single-file lined behind Niokiljolm.’ A pair of jackals were dropped by two battle rifle bursts and a Brute minor was peppered by plasma bolts and toppled over without alerting anyone.

“They lifting station is past the next door. Attack aggressively and quickly. Enemy presence will be considerable.” Niokiljolm’ warned as he slid his hand across a terminal.

The door opened and a flock of grenades bounced through the opening. ODSTs poured into the dark room like hellish reapers followed by the Spec-Ops Elites. Jackals and Grunts dropped almost instantly, but the brutes managed to organize and take cover. Niokiljolm’ burst from the doorway and dashed behind cover. A brute was hiding behind the same supply crate Niokiljolm’ hid behind. The Elite took one of his energy swords and plunged it through the supply crate. A startled yelp indicated that he dealt with the foe. Niokiljolm’ hoisted himself over the crate and rolled forward.

A Spike bounced and shattered off his energy shield as he rolled behind a support beam. A brute exposed himself for a second, and Niokiljolm’ flung his sword at him. The energy blades phased through him and he fell with the handle protruding from his chest.

The remaining brutes began to retreat. A berserker without any armor threw himself at Niokiljolm’ while he was off guard. It threw a punch that hit him in the face. Niokiljolm’ stumbled, and regained alertness. The brute picked up his energy sword and made a blind swing at him. The tip of the sword licked Niokiljolm’ and he dived away. Niokiljolm’ picked up a dented plasma rifle and sprayed it at the creature while he laid on his back. The Brute dropped the sword and fell to his knees with multiple scorch marks on his chest.

Niokiljolm’ got up and retrieved one of his energy swords and holstered it. The Remaining forces were in position around the circular room. It was about the size of the interior of the Mausoleum of The Arbiter and it descended for about three quarters of a mile. A grav-lift stood in the center where large needler rounds and Plasma batteries were being ferried to the roof. Niokiljolm’ retrieved his other sword and deactivated. It was a bloody mess and the weapon was yanked from the brute’s chest.

“Set the charges on all four support columns, the roof should collapse and detonate the ammo in storage if the charges leave a flame burning.” Niokiljolm’ ordered.

The Soldiers all armed human CFA-4 Breaching Charges and placed them on the dangerously thin support columns. In about 30 seconds, they had the place rigged to collapse.

“All forces in tower one, evac to the surface balcony on the fifth floor!” Niokiljolm’ Ordered. Yoro came over the COMM notifying that He and the Arbiter were successful with minimal causalities.

Everything was going as planned. All he needed was Adrian’s team to confirm success.


“Get down!” Adrian shouted as he rolled away. The Brute Chieftain flung a plasma grenade that violently exploded too close for any comfort. Multiple bullet holes dotted his chest plate as it charged for his blood.

“Ah Shi-!”
Adrian backed away spraying his Pulse Rifle wildly. The rest of the troopers were occupied with the remaining brutes and couldn’t assist him.

The Cheiftan hefted his hammer and swung, knocking back crates amd Adrian with alarming force. Adrian struck the wall with a grunt and lost grip of his gun. It skidded forth behind the Chieftain.

“It’s time for you to die!” The monster growled with a venomous glare as it lifted up Adrian.

“Not today, I gotta send you and your ape buddies on an express train to hell!” He said with a slick smile.

“Elaborate!” The beast demanded.

Adrian slipped his pistol from his holster with lightning speed and unloaded the clip into the brute’s exposed face from under his helmet at an inhuman pace. The brute stared emptily at Adrian and collapsed backwards with Adrian. He brushed himself off and grabbed his rifle.

“Damn, you guys smell like crusty ass­hole.” Adrian said as he walked away from the dead brute.

“Let’s get these charges ready gentleman.”

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Augh, why? I just finished reading the rest of it when you posted the new part! laugh.gif

This is a really great story. Could use a bit of proofreading before posting, but other thatn that it's amazing.

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O’Conner rigged a charge and haphazardly threw it next to the ammunition conduit. It beeped twice before it adhered to the ground pockmarked with plasma scorching. Another Black Ops soldier attached one to a support column.

“We’re cleared for evac, I’ll radio in.” DeMarco said as he gave the Wasp the green light to go.

The team filed out through the exit and peered out of the impact hole in the side of the tower. The scene Adrian saw could have well been Hell itself. Smoke plumes rose from the shattered streets below. The sky, red with ash and dust glowed orange as plasma bolts detonated in the sky ahead. Sangheili forces were making a sweep through the city.

The patting of rotors thundered overhead as a Wasp descended into the opening, The back hatch opened up and Lt. Harding waved them in. As the craft filled up, the rotors transferred to Plane mode and the craft thundered away from the three towers with the Phantoms and other Wasps vacating the area with them.

“Blow it!” Adrian shouted over the roar of the rotors.

“Way ahead of you.” O’Connor replied as he flicked the detonator. The tower’s peak was engulfed in a fiery inferno as secondary explosions from the ammo detonated, imploding the tower. Dust washed over the streets as the other towers followed suit.

Adrian peered onto the streets to see Elites engaging Brutes in close combat on the rubble-strewn streets. Wraiths bombarded positions ahead of the elites with Plasma mortars. The mortars detonated into brilliant sapphire lances of boiling earth.

The craft slowed and descended into the Shadow of Intent’s hangar. The troops dismounted as the rest of the fleeing craft entered. Yoro, Niokiljolm,’ and the Arbiter exited their respective Phantoms and another wing of Wasps entered.

Niokiljolm’ nodded while discussing matters to the Arbiter that Adrian could not make out. The Elite boarded a Phantom and nodded off to the Arbiter. The Phantom exited the craft and left for a location unknown to Adrian.

“Well, looks like we earned a nap, gentleman!” Adrian said as he collapsed to the floor. His muscles ached as he rubbed his calf. At least some rest would help, he thought as he drifted into sleep.

The Prophet of Retribution sat aboard the bridge of the Holiest Instrument, the Loyalist super cruiser. His Brutes frantically tried to keep up with the advancing Sangheili lines, but The brutes were obviously outmatched.

Lepidus, the captain of the ship, slammed his fist into the control panel. The Humans had arrived. The viewport showed a UNSC frigate leading a charge through the lines of the Brute formation.

“Holy One, we cannot let the vile Elites take our prize back. Their Imperial Admiral’s head shall be mine!” The enraged Brute barked orders at the crew stressed beyond their breaking point.

Retribution was unpleased with their failure. He would be dealt with. The Heretics can not find out what was aboard their ship. His plan would be laid into effect. He had the holiest relic that had ever been unearthed in his possession…

“Prepare to make the slipspace jump if the Sangheili get any closer.” He warned the crew.


“Lead the Charge, my warriors!” Imperial Admiral Sera ‘Jar Kalmar cried as he brought his swivel chair to view.

A UNSC frigate broke the Covenant line and led a battle-group of Elite ships forward. Plasma bolts wrote hateful poems of neon fire in the blackness of space. The Supercruiser loomed in the distance. The Brute fleet all began to rotate and ships began to leave the atmosphere of Sanghelios.

“Drive them back!” The Admiral Said. “Show them the Sangheili are the superior warriors!” The bridge cheered as a fleeing assault Carrier was engulfed in flames. This was the final push.

“Divert all fire on the super cruiser!”

Plasma torpedoes screamed towards the massive craft and harmlessly pelted against the energy shield that flared white. A pale blue vortex wrapped around the bow as the hull warped and contorted. It was making a jump.

“Cowards!” The Imperial Admiral spat. “Filthy apes will run to avoid an honorable fight!”

The several hundred remaining brute ships attempted to exit the airspace, a few going planeside to try to drag the combat on the ground. The less honorable ones exited space.

The Sangheili fleet was about at half strength, with the same number as ships as the brutes. A lucky anti-matter bomb rushed by a suicidal cruiser wiped out a portion of their fleet.

The Admiral would see these brutes defeated, but the liberation of their planet was now his top priority.

“Prepare our navy for a ground Operation. We are to take the nation of Vadam. The Arbiter’s Homeland is to be taken for a moral boost. Once we capture Vadam, we systematically remove this filth from the planet. Ready the scarabs in the bays, we are initiating combat operations. Inform the ground forces.”



If there was a such thing as hell, this was it. Private James Terrace of the 52nd Infantry Division was covered in soot and glass shards. He was laying in a makeshift trench grasping his MA5B ICWS rifle with a death grip. The assault of Vadam had been disastrous. The Sangheili general in command of the operation was to be to put to death. The hazy red sky was brought alive by tracers, plasma bolts, rockets, and lasers.

The field they were in was entrenched haphazardly, and the brutes had a garrison in front of the city. There were-anti ship weapons everywhere. What was left of the brute’s ships were holed up around the cityscape. The Elite’s couldn’t risk glassing the area. Plasma mortars and missiles impacted the massive no-man’s-land between the positions. The roar of tank cannons on the Scorpion MBTs thundered over Terrace’s head. Elites toting Carbines repeatedly popped from their trenches and took shots across the crater scared plains.

Plasma Mortars from wraith impacted in front of Terrace, turning the ground into magma, which cooled into smooth glass crust.

“Are we going to do anything about this?” He shouted.

An Elite soldier next to him dodged a plasma bolt.

“Human, rest assured that the Imperial Admiral has sent a more competent commander to the field.”

“Yeah? Where the hell is he?”

Four-Legged Walkers came onto the plains. Locusts. A wave of infantry followed.

“Oh God, we’re dead!” Terrace said as he held back vomit.

“Not yet, he has arrived!” The elite responded.

Terrace saw a purple sheen wash over the hill to the right. He smiled and sank back into his trench. He might make it out of this.


Niokiljolm’ sat overhead the plains on the hill. His golden armor glinted in the setting sunlight. Behind him sat the entire Lights of Sanghelios. The Honor Guard regiment, all in a ghost wielding energy pikes. Their red armor and elaborate headdresses concealed the looks of bloodlust on their faces. Niokiljom’ started.

“This sacred city, now occupied by the filthy Jiralhaenae, is the crown of our planet .My brothers, charge without relent. As the warrior before you falls, let his soul fuel your charge to glory. We will sweep the enemy trenches of these rats and let our comrades attack the city. Are you ready to deal the crushing blow, my brothers?”

A massive roar of battle chants and cheers filled Niokiljolm’s veins with pride. The engines of three-hundred ghosts hummed to life. Niokiljolm’ let out a cry and accelerated downhill. A massive wave of dust rolled as the rest of the Ghosts accelerated. Niokiljolm’s energy sword flashed to life as the advancing horde of Covenant soldiers. The grunts screeched and turned away and the brute’s faces were locked in a state of awe.

“Off with their heads!”

Energy pikes swept wide as the ghosts plowed through the Covenant lines. Severed heads were launched from the crowd flattened by the accelerating ghosts. Niokiljolm’ took a swipe with his sword, slicing a brute captain in half. Corpses were flung into the air as the Ghosts rammed them at top speed. As they wave of Ghosts swept through the offensive line, the formation broke off and engaged the scattered group of resistance.

A group of Ghosts were circling a trapped Locust. It’s shields were down and it was firing it’s plasma beam recklessly.

Energy Pikes were thrown at the cockpit like arros impacting a target. The Locust toppled over and began to vent blue flames.

A Scarab stood firing it’s main beam. A few Ghosts were lost to it. The remaining enemy infantry was being taken care of by the advancing UNSC and Elite forces.

“Bring down the Scarab!” Niokiljolm’ shouted. Energy Pikes plunged into the legs of the massive machine. It stumbled as it’s walking pattern was thrown off.

A Tank round from a scorpion slammed into the massive lekgolo colony. Metal shard flew from the impact areas. A mechanical groan erupted from the monstrosity. UNSC Cobras fired a rail gun that shred from one end of the scarab to the other. It detonated in a flash of blue and left a crumpled heap of armor. Lekgolo worm were set ablaze and flopped around the scarab, squealing.

Cheers erupted from the Honor Guard Cavalry. Thy were making great progress.

A beam sliced across the line of Cobras, reducing them to molten slag. Six more scarabs came across the opposite hill from which the Elites had come.


A Chieftain with black armor sat on the front of the leading Scarab. He had to be one of the Brute’s primary leaders. He held a ceremonial gravity hammer.

“Break off!” Niokiljolm’ ordered. “Draw their fire away from the UNSC vehicles!”

The Scarabs attempted to aim at the swarms of Ghosts darting around, but were overwhelmed.

Niokiljolm’ ignited his second energy sword and accelerated his Ghost towards a scarab. He took a swing with all his strength at the small “toe” of one of the legs. With a hiss, the swords cut through the steel and threw the scarab off balance. It tipped over firing it’s plasma beam, which hit another Scarab as the massive walker fell to the side. The other Scarab fell forward, burring it’s main cannon in the dirt. It’s back legs desperately tried to push it back up, but a pair of Shortswords dropped a pair of cluster bombs on top of it. The scarab was permanently crippled.

The Chieftain riding on the head Scarab spat curses at the Elites. The scarab stopped for a moment and the Chieftain was exposed. Niokiljolm’ saw an energy pike sticking out of a brute corpse. The blade left the corpse and blood splattered all over the hood of the Ghost. Niokiljolm’ propped the weapon in one hand and hurled it forward with a toss. It flew through the air and sunk into the chest of the Chieftain, who fell off the side off the Scarab. The Scarab moved it’s back foot to turn and the unfortunate Chieftain screamed as the pointed foot of the Scarab crushed him with a sickening squelch.

The Scarab rotated to keep a group of AV-14 hornets away. It’s anti-aircraft cannon destroyed one, it’s pilot and flaming hull plummeted from the sky. Gunfire bounced off the polished hull.

Only three Scarabs remained. They needed to finish them off quickly before the rest of their vehicles are destroyed. A volley of rockets caught one Scarab out in the open, and it was hit hard.

A pair of Longswords flew high in the atmosphere, and a pair of guided bombs struck the ground near the scarab, sending it toppling over.

A group of marines bravely climbed aboard, likely to destroy the core. Niokiljolm’ got a call from the Admiral of a human ship.

“Pull your forces back, I have a solution to your problem.”

Niokiljolm’ put a broadcast out on his communicator in his helmet.

“All remaining forces regroup at my position!”

Ghosts began to come by the dozens until the two hundred remaining ghosts watched the remaining two Scarabs. Two golden streaks came and impacted the two Scarabs, that disappeared into a cloud of flames and smoke. All the forces on the battlefield cheered as the remaining Brutes fled, only to be cut down by the advancing infantry.

“The city shall soon be ours!” Niokiljolm’ cheered as he brought his Ghost to help lead the charge into Vadam city and reclaim it for it's right ful owners.


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“Holy S***!”

Harris did not like jumping from a craft at low altitude dodging anti-ship munitions. The Hell’s Half Acre disappeared as it accelerated through the Covenant blockade. Harris let out a sigh of relief as his pod made it away from the Seraph fighters patrolling the skies.. Dozens of HEV pods screamed down from orbit as the push into the city began. The Brute ships had no time to adjust their weapons to fire at the ODSTs. The pod rattled at the brakes deployed.

“Here we go…”

A sharp jolt shot through Harris’s spine as the pod slammed into a deserted street. Harris shook it off and pulled his BR55 carbine from it’s slot. He kicked the release switch and the pod cracked open. The metal door flew into the street and skidded to a halt as sparks jumped wildly.

Harris stepped out of his pod and dropped to his knee. He scanned the area through the scope of his rifle. The sliver of sunlight left washed over the street, and the elaborate purple buildings were pockmarked with plasma scorches. Corpses of brutes littered the streets.

Three ODST pods landed behind him. Three soldiers popped out. One held an M90 shotgun and the other two held BR55 Carbines.

“Lt!” One of the soldiers jogged towards Harris.

“Private Henry Finely! The other two here are Corporal James MacGregor and Sergeant Eric Varsegi.”

“Alright, you guys are under me. Stay sharp and head directly down this street. There should be a UNSC platoon trying to advance. We should drop the targets that should give them problems when they roll through. Expect plasma mortars and turrets. If there are any armored vehicles, do not engage.” Said Harris as he made a beeline for a building with a bombed out roof that they would use as a vantage point.

“Right, let’s go comrades.” Said the Sergeant with a thick Russian as he brought his shotgun to level. The two other soldiers followed suit.

A few grunt corpses sat at the entrance. The soldiers boots were matted in blue blood as they stepped over the ragged corpses. They stepped onto a gravity lift that took them to the second floor. The ODSTs were overcome with a chill as they were pushed upwards.

Harris looked from the bombed in wall to see a Covenant position on the intersection ahead. Three shade turrets and multiple grunts toting fuel rod cannons sat with their Brute and Jackal masters. There were large purple barricades that could prevent smaller vehicles from warthogs from rolling through. The skeletons of warthogs and the limp bodies of UNSC and Elite soldiers sat at the front of the gate. Gunfire echoed from down the street.
“Drop the grunts, I’ll get the Shades. Sergeant, cover the stairs.” Harris ordered the men as he crouched behind a heap of rubble in the opened room.

The Sergeant stood by the gravity elevator with his shotgun at the ready. Mike opened his fist and a volley of semi-auto fire flashed from the BR55 Carbines. Hot shells bounced across the floor as Harris sighted the first shade operator. The grunt’s head exploded as a tracer tore through his skull. The cannon sunk as the stream of gravity was terminated. Harris readjusted and put two rounds in the second gunner’s chest before he could react. The final gunner jumped from his cannon and was gunned down by his brute superior.

“Damn Jackals have their shields up!” Said Terrace as he reloaded his weapon. Bullets bounced from their shields like hail off of a tin roof.

“Got any grenades?”

Terrace cooked a fragmentation grenade and carefully threw it at the creature’s feet. It shrieked before it was reduced to ragged strips of flesh and armor. The other Jackals backed away firing their plasma pistols. The remaining brutes hollered something unintelligible and retreated with the Jackals.

“What the hell? The Covenant don’t cut-and-run like that,” said Terrace.

A scream of agony erupted behind them. Varsegi held a pink needle dug halfway into his chest. A slender form sunk from the ceiling and it’s red eye stared at him. It had organic legs made from orange worms, likely the same the Hunters were made of.

It had no arms or anything of the sort, only a smooth purple pod above its “pelvis” where the top and the legs attached to. It had a plasma cannon underneath it’s head and two cannons that had needles protruding from them underneath. It’s long legs ended in two metal toes. The legs were reinforced with what looked like steel cables that the worms wrapped around.

The needle in Varsegi’s chest exploded, leaving a gaping hole in his chest. His corpse fell backwards. Bits of gore was splattered on Terrace. He lost it.

He screeched and leapt from the opening it the room and began to run up the street. A large metal form crushed him in his terror. Another one of the things jumped from a rooftop onto him. In the light, the creature stood eight feet tall with it’s legs fully extended.

“Bloody hell!”

MacGregor fired his rifle from the hip and they harmlessly bounced off the reflective purple alloy. Harris looked at the writhing mass of worms and put a few semi-armor piercing rounds into its leg.
It squealed and stumbled as worms jumped from the legs and flopped onto the floor.

“Shoot the Bastards in the legs,” Harris told MacGregor as the both began to unload into the worms. The thing stumbled over and thrashed it’s legs. Harris took the chance.

He ran towards the thing and looked for a weak spot. A group of worms were sliding slowly into the head of the lekgolo colony through a hole. It was the perfect size for a grenade. He took a grenade from his chest bandolier and put it inside the worm conduit.

The creature got up and hit Harris with a kicked. He fell through the window onto the street below. MacGregor jumped just as the grenade detonated. Bits of metal and orange worms flew from the hole in messy chunks. Bits of worms splattered on the street below.

The other alien let out a loud rumble and walked awkwardly towards them. Another one of the aliens landed behind them, it’s plasma cannon charged with anger.


A large force impacted the alien directly in front of them. A white flash reduced the creature into a heap of scrap metal and organic matter.

The other one turned and wildly fired it’s plasma cannon. A volley of rounds tore through the front and left the back, blowing out circuitry and what appeared to be brain matter. It stumbled and collapsed, twitching it’s legs before it stopped.

A column of UNSC troops were advancing up the street with a gauss warthog and a pair of scorpions. More soldiers were filing in as the troops moved up.

A pair of Marines helped the two ODSTs, shaken by the attack, up.

“What the hell were those?” A marine asked.

“I have no idea, but they killed two of us.” Harris said as he wiped brain matter from his armor.

“Looks like we should asked those Elites, right now we have to enter the center of the city and push the Covenant out.”


Niokiljolm’ removed the blade of his sword from the brute’s chest. It gasped and slid to the ground. His sword demanded blood, and blood it received. Wisps of vapor drifted from the blade as the brute’s blood evaporated instantly.

The Honor Guards flooded the trenches as the humans advanced as the brutes were in disarray. Jackals were sliced in half as energy pikes swung in all directions. Ghosts quickly darted over the trenches as they entered the once majestic nation of Vadam.

Niokiljolm’ beheaded a fleeing brute that stumbled over a corpse of a jackal.

“Nothing is sacred. Nothing shall be saved. Your race shall not be spared from the horror that is yet to come.”

Niokiljolm’ stalked the trenches looking for survivors. The trenches were filled with blood, a sign of the brutes’ incompetence. They shall all be punished.

The Honor guards had personally dealt the demise to the Brute leaders in these trenches. They showed no pity or mercy in dealing with those who order behind cover instead of with his troops.

“Into the city! Sweep our land clean of these vermin!”

Niokiljolm’ exited the trenches and the Brute fleet was swirling in the sky, avoiding the onslaught of fighters from the Humans and Elites.

The fleet could not enter until the cannons were removed. They would be cleansed shortly. Niokiljolm’ led the march of two hundred honor guards into the city, their ornate armor shining as the final moments of the sun were cast to their backs.


“We’re going down!”

Adrian desperately grasped the railing on the interior of the Wasp. Lt. Bradley clenched his teeth and tried to steer the bird to a landing spot that wasn’t covered in hungry grunts. Command was definitely not aware of the needler emplacements surrounding the Anti-Ship cannons. The troop bay’s siren whined and glowed red.

“Brace yourselves!”

The chopper slammed into a rooftop and skidded to a halt. Adrian coughed a chunk of something out of himself. Bradley was bleeding from the nose and the rest of his unit moaned under their gasmasks.

Warrant Officer Marbella was dead. A human neck should not bend like that. Adrian vomited a bit and the Pilot began to shed silent tears. He punched the dashboard and retrieved his M6D handgun and cocked it with a twisted expression of rage on his face.

“I’m going to kill these bastards.” He said holding back tears.

Adrian crawled from the wreckage onto the rooftop where the team was already engaging. Their pulse rifles flashed as Jackal Snipers retreated from the rooftops. O’Connor sighted his Sniper Rifle and targeted a pile of Plasma Batteries and supply crates near the leg of the cannon. A few grunt infantry could be seen retrieving plasma grenades from the crates.


A crack of a sniper rifle marked the prelude to a fantastic blue explosion. Infantry near the cannon’s leg were gone, simply erased from existence. The fireball vaporized half of the cannon’s leg, and almost in slow-motion the massive weapon came crashing down, tearing a building apart in the process. Dust filled the air. The dust instantly turned into glass shards as the cannon detonated in a green flash. All the ONI troopers hit the deck as bits of glass rained onto the roof.

“That was easier than expected…”

Adrian adjusted his officer’s cap and surveyed the area. A large explosion rocked the area as a plume of flames grew a few blocks away. The sound of machine guns rumbled near them.

“We can’t stay on this roof, we can light a flare, but then we might attract unwanted guests.”

Adrian looked into the sky to see Brute cruisers launching Phantom dropships. His soldiers looked at each other, and O’Connor approached him.

“Sir, we can attempt to blow a hole in the ceiling and rope down, but I don’t know how structurally sound these buildings are.”

“We have no chance, use whatever you can to blow through. There may be rope inside the Wasp. O’Connor retrieved some explosive gel from the wreckage, and 30 feet of rope. He sprayed the gel in a circular puddle and it foamed at the air hit it.

‘Everybody get back.”

Everybody went prone around the edge of the roof as O’Connor lit a match and threw it at the gel.

It exploded and a portion of the roof caved in.

“I’ll hold the rope, go down and I’ll jump.” An ONI trooper grabbed onto the rope and let it snake into the hole.

“You got some balls, McKinney. I’ll go first.”

Adrian grabbed onto the rope and descended with a soft sliding noise as the rest of his team entered the building behind him.


The Elites had no trouble taking the first cannon. Sangheili phantoms flooded the streets that had been cleared.

Elite soldiers quickly filled the streets. Majestic blue combat armor now overtook the streets. The Invasion was now fully underway.

Niokiljolm’ led a charge up the street where a small pocket of brute resistance attempted to hold the wave of warrior furry from them. The brutes were cut down within seconds. The elites all spread out and swept into the city. The humans advanced from the other side to pinch out the brutes, leaving them nowhere to run.

“Keep pushing up, we should be able to surround Vadam Keep once the brute fleet is in ruins. The last cannon is ahead. It shall fall like the others.”

Niokiljolm’ led his forces straight up the central highway, his Sangheili acrobatically vaulting over wrecked ghosts, brutes, and wraiths. Jackals fled with their sheilds covering their backs.

“Show them we don’t take kindly to their presence!”

Niokiljolm’ pointed his sword to the creatures. The Elites stopped, skidding their hooves on the street. Plasma bolts burned the Jackals before they could find cover.

A wing of banshees screamed overhead. A large plasma bolt shot from a group of buildings ahead. The cannon was in sight.


Adrian’s botts hit the floor. Dust flickered in the stream of minimal light coming from the hole in the ceiling. Dead elite civilians were piled into the room, spikes and plasma scarring covering their corpses. A child lay beheaded outside of the pile.


A sliding door sat ahead. It had bloody prints of hands over the purple metal. It slid open as the team walked through. A Jackal hissed and raised a plasma rifle.

“Eat this, S*itface.”

Bradley fired a high-explosive round that struck the creature in the face. It’s head exploded in a fiery mess and it flopped over, kicking it’s legs.

“Don’t get hotheaded Bradley, we still have to get out of this alive.”

Adrian put a hand on his shoulder and he let out a stressed sigh. He formed the word “sorry” with his lips.

The team ventured down a spiral ramp to the bottom of the building. Blood caked the smooth hexagons that formed the glass spiral.

“They were probably using this as an execution building. Stay close and move once we are on the streets.”

Adrian kicked in the dented front door and they darted across the street in the birth of the night’s blackness.

A spire-like building venting blue flames and heavy smoke was their point of extraction. They would have to spend the night waiting to be rescued. It would be hell, but extraction couldn’t be risked by air.

The black forms went prone with their weapons pointed down the alleyway.


It was five hours since Niokiljolm’ led his charge straight through the brute lines, crushing whatever was ahead. Now the armies of the Sangheili and humans were closing in on the city center. The rising sun was on their backs as a massive roar shook the streets.

Hundreds of elites Were running over the massive marble bridge to the gates of Vadam Keep. Bodies and destroyed Wraiths lay under the bridge in the dried gardens where the ashes of a once beautiful moat and flower garden once stood. Plasma scoring and bullet holes took the place of the plants.

Niokiljolm’ led his forces into the courtyard of Ther Vadam, his massive statue carved from solid gold stood proud in the courtyard, a sign of Sangheili spirit still strong. Sangheili civilians in the white marble courtyard were still fighting the brute occupiers. Men in tattered robes held metal pikes, stabbing Jackals and fighting brutes in hand to hand combat.

“Help our fellow brothers!” Niokiljolm’ said as he plunged an energy sword into a brute stunned by a pair of plasma bolts.

Elites fired at brutes with expert accuracy, being careful not to harm their monuments. Power armor collapsed as the brutes were quickly overrun at the gates.

A Phantom buzzed over the courtyard and dropped a pair of hunters into the mix. Their blue armor glinted as morning sun flooded the courtyard.

“Aha! The hunters will make short work of whatever lies ahead!”

The monoliths of destruction were twelve foot engines of terror, a lekgolo colony encased in body armor, toting a shield and a powerful assault cannon. They charged ahead and swept their massive shields, made of steel graded for starship hulls, at a pack of brutes. They were flung twenty feet into the air and landed with the crack of ribs.

Jackals and grunts fled from the balconies as resistance fighters and the Elite military overthrew the Covenant regime in the courtyard. Broken bodies were all that were left. A massive rock face encircled the city, and the palace and royal quarters were at the top of the cliffs. A service gravity lift could take a few soldiers at a time, but it would take too long.

The final cannon had fallen moments before, and the Elite fleet would move into position shortly. A large rumble shook the skies as the brute cruisers slid across the sky, they were moving to engage.

Now was the time to strike. A detachment of the elite fleet was at the outskirts of the city.


Colonel James York sat at the helm of his Longsword fighter. His co-pilot Lt. Chris Yearson opened up TACCOM. The 34th fighter brigade was to assist Sangheili fighters eliminate the brute fleet.

“Vector, status. Approaching enemy fleet. Arm archer pods and ready auto cannons. Go in fast and break once missiles are deployed.”

The Colonel told his figter squadron as the brute ships grew in size. Two Assault Carriers and about 10 CCS class battle cruisers. Their shark-like hulls decelerated. Hundreds of specks launched from the ships. Seraphs.

“Lots of contacts, stay steady. This is it gentleman.”

Elite cruisers lurched behind the fighters as they launched their own wings of Seraphs.

“All squad leaders report.” York said as he began to increase the throttle.

“Windhover in position”

“Blue Group standing by”

“Red Team standing by.”

“Falcon six, on station.”

A deep voice came over the COMM.

“This is Reva ‘Sirom, leader of the Sangheili pilots. We will punch through the middle.”

A gold plated Seraph led the lines of dozens of fighters. Twenty Longswords flew in delta formation as hundreds of engines thundered in unison.

“Let’s do it.”

York punched the throttle as the accelerated towards the hundreds of Seraphs.

“There’s too many of them!” A frantic pilot shouted over the COMM.

“No there isn’t rookie. Launch your missiles…Now!”

White streaks raced towards the Seraphs and many disappeared in balls of flames.

“Break NOW!”

York yanked the throttle as the Longsword jerked into a hard left. Yearson let out a hearty “Yee-haw!”

The Elite battle line entered the wave of fighters and a CCS-Class cruiser entered and engaged the Covenant fighters with it’s pulse lasers. The rest of the elite fleet came around to flank the brute battle cluster.

Plasma filled the sky. His Longsword’s black hull took a pair of plasma bolts that glanced off.

“Draw fire away from our cruisers. Keep those fighters close and use the rotary auto cannon to keep ‘em off us”

York told his copilot as the auto cannon interface popped onscreen. Sangheili ships quickly closed in around the cornered brutes. York eased the Longsword as the two fleets collided in atmosphere. Plasma torpedoes connected as ships engaged eachother. A lone Brute cruiser loomed in the distance near the palace, it had a gravity beam deployed and was moving something groundside.

“Red Team, stick to the Shadow of Intent, keep the fighters off the shipmaster.“ Windhover, accelerate to attack speed and hit the cruiser by the palace with your Shivas. We’ll swoop in and clean up.”

York commanded the teams of six fighters as he swooped underneath the brute fleet and closed in on the cruiser. Six elongated triangles came ahead of them and launched everything they had at the cruiser. Pulse lasers intercepted most of the missiles and only two hit the cruiser. It’s shield flashed and failed as it leaned right.

A beeping on the alert indicated something on the ground had a lock on him. A white missile snaked around the Longsword as it evaded. York could see a pair of trucks with Anaconda SAMS attached to the flatbeds. Humans got out of the trucks and aimed 30 cal “confetti-makers” skywards. Brutes were next to the humans firing fuel rods on the plains outside the palace. Plasma bolts flooded the sky, they had to pull out.

“What the hell? Innies?” York knew something was going on with the Insurrectionists and the Covenant after the UNSC found those pirated Plasma Rifles on the Rubble outside of Madrigal.

“Call The Admiral and report that there’s rebel activity with the brutes.”

York told the Co-pilot. A Plasma torpedo flew past them.

“Seraphs on our tail, it’s going to have to wait!” Yearson said as he fired the auto cannon at a pair of Seraphs, their teardrop hulls dodging the 90mm rounds. The Longsword curved and headed towards the Brute battle-cluster.

“Hold on!” York said as he put the Longsword to top speed. Alarms rang as the craft darted towards an assault carrier.

York brought the craft down, at seven G’s Yearson almost lost his lunch. The fighter rolled and turned to narrowly miss the massive silver Assault Carrier by inches. Plasma bolts raced towards the Longsword as the ship‘s point defense tried to keep them away. A Seraph unlucky enough to impact the Carrier disappeared in a white flash as it impacted the ship’s shield.
The Longsword flew upwards to witness two CCS-Class cruisers side-by-side firing pulse lasers at each other. One of the cruiser’s hull buckled as plumes of fire exploded from the twisting metal. The ship moaned and slowly descended trailing flames towards the mountains of Vadam.

“Keep up the distraction and see if we can help the cruisers, we still have a Shiva warhead left.”

York’s narrow brush with death only fueled his thirst for thrills. He wanted to single-handedly destroy a Covenant ship.


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