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In Topic: ZONE - Brookpasture ((A Dying Breed))

06 June 2018 - 10:40 AM

With her dark complexion and cloak full of contraband, Asti knew she had little place in the spotlight in matters of Archaen diplomacy. Her eye tucked beneath her wide brimmed hat, the smaller Venator allowed her silhouette to fade into the background of the hunting party.


Sivan, meanwhile, knew exactly where he stood with these sorts of people. His dwarf-blooded build and fully armed wagon would do little to calm the woman's spirits, but his negotiation ability was well practiced. He offered a calm and friendly smile as he stood at Crestwell's side, allowing the older man's non-threatening demeanor to carry the conversation for now, but ready to join in with his well practiced talent for appeasement. 


((Acknowledging that Crestwell has a diplomacy talent, I also do, so just ready to back up an ability roll with a second one if necessary))

In Topic: A Dying Breed OOC - Rules, Character List, and Chat

04 June 2018 - 12:12 PM

Oh man I'm so glad there's no spam or double posting rule anymore because groaning 'god I'm lazy' in a public forum every time I pump out an weak post because I forget to do it when I'm in a good state of mind to is gonna be an ESSENTIAL part of my participation nah I'm just kidding that would be insufferable.


I swear I actually wanna be in this I really do haha. Here. No off-topic talk ban either right? Homies in this campaign. Name your top three inspirations for posts in this. Legit. What gets you in the mood to RP? Here's mine (setting ASIDE Capulet pressure and my capacity for guilt cause that's kind of beating a dead horse)


1. My beautiful and overweight cat comes and sits down in my lap. I don't wanna get up but I'm actually super proactive! So I'm like what's the most productive thing to do right now since my cat is sitting in my and I love her? Post in the RP.


2. An upcoming theme wedding in my extended family that makes me snicker and I have to remind me that not all fantasy stuff in my life is cringey. 


3. The absence of Game of Thrones. That's right. This time of year I'm usually angry about the fact that Game of Thrones is still on TV even though it's really awful and the plain existence of it totally ruined the ability of an entire literary fanbase to enjoy the admittedly maybe-never-coming-out book series. God I hate GoT, so usually this time of year I'm sour about fantasy. Not this year. This year there's no GoT and I'm like springtime is a good time to read Redwall and roleplay and stuff!


I should really be a Nova Member by now I joined like eight years ago it's borderline disrespectful that I haven't spent money. Man. 

In Topic: ZONE - Castle Greywatch (A Dying Breed - START)

04 June 2018 - 11:52 AM

Might wanna let someone else in leadership know that’s why you have the syringe, though.  I know you Venatori aren’t as regimented as Inquisitors like me, but if there’s to be any criminal charges in this investigation, accountability’s gonna be critical.  Especially if this Voros character just points fingers back at you while you’ve got his syringe in your pocket.”


And Asti did just that. After quietly agreeing to meet with Crestwell on the road with Sivan, Asti spent her last few moments in the castle seeking out Brennus, whose seniority she respected, if his authority she did not recognize.


"Caiden's kitchen is stocked. Crestwell and I are going to test the mystery ingredients, and should someone make a fuss about what we have our hands on, we'll need you to vouch for us." In the interest of transparency, she freely opened her cloak to privately display Caiden's mysterious liquids to Brennus.

In Topic: A Dying Breed OOC - Rules, Character List, and Chat

04 June 2018 - 10:50 AM

With the Brookpasture zone already in place I'll just add a post in Greywatch between Asti and Brennus before I add anything to the new zone and we should be good.


Also the meaning of my previous post is actually totally backwards pre-edit lol. 

In Topic: A Dying Breed OOC - Rules, Character List, and Chat

03 June 2018 - 09:08 PM

Not sure how to log samples of Caidenfluidstm in my inventory so I should probably just log it in my inventory. Also, is it reasonable for us to meta-game Crestwell, Sivan, Kate and maybe someone like Brennus as being able to vouch for Asti's innocence in regards to that mission. What line of communication is reasonable?

EDIT: I feel like I was gonna try to write 'wait for wolfy before I log it in my inventory' but I biffed that anyway...