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Yesterday, 03:20 PM

Something that always bothered me about literally every action figure ever is the seams. The joints at the elbows, legs, etc where you can see where the two plastic parts fit together. I've always wondered why toy companies don't just put cloth over these sections to hide it. I'm doing exactly that. I cut up an old t shirt and glued it onto the figure's bones, about half an inch above the joints. Just cut it to size and glue in place. Not that hard, every toy company ever. Though I may find out why they don't do this. There could be some unforseen consequences to this method.


Ever looked at "Hot Toys" action figures? They have a rubbery skin-like material over pretty much the whole figure, with a jointed skeleton underneath. The quality is more than adequately reflected in the price tag though...


I was trying to guess what you're making, but... I got nothing. :P Need more clues. Sounds cool though - I always wanted to do some LEGO stop-motion, but never got around to it...

In Topic: What Are You Currently Playing?

Yesterday, 02:49 PM

Been playing Divinity: Original Sin II, which came out just last week. I'm kinda torn on whether I like it as much as D:OS1. Right now, I'm leaning toward "not quite as much", but I haven't gotten very far.


My first turn-off was how ugly the character models are, especially the elves. They suffer from "our elves are different!" syndrome, which always makes me roll my eyes. Contrary to every other title in the Divinity series (and this game's own artwork), the elves in D:OS2 are these lanky, deformed things with tiny heads and twisted, knotted, bark-like skin. I guess they were going for a "tree people" look, but the art department could have at least made them nice-looking tree people, like the Sylvari in Guild Wars 2, instead of horrifying mutants. I'm tempted to sit down and make a mod that simply smooths out their skin - should be easy; just edit some texture/mapping files.


Why do RPG's with an overhead isometric camera even feel the need to show us our character models close-up, anyway? The characters look fine in-game, but once you zoom way in they're horrid. So why shove them in our face during character creation and on the inventory screen? Pillars of Eternity did the same thing, and would have been much improved with 2D character sprites like in the Infinity Engine titles.


Anyway, on to the gameplay: It's much the same as D:OS1, which means it's great, but it has one major flaw: the addition of "physical armor" and "magic armor" on every enemy, which makes it extremely hard to control the battlefield using elemental surfaces - one of D:OS's main appeals. The "physical armor", I can tolerate somewhat, as it only blocks physical attacks and prevents things like knockdown until the armor is destroyed. But the magic armor blocks all elemental damage and effects (burning, poison, etc.) until it's broken, which means you can't set up traps with oil barrels and fire arrows, or water surfaces and lightning spells, etc. Enemies just walk right over it. All of this makes the game way HARDER. I always played D:OS1 on Tactician Mode (the hardest difficulty short of ironman mode), but in D:OS2 I keep getting stuck on almost impossible fights, and most guides on the Internet basically say you have to metagame and minmax and other such nonsense in order to win in Tactician. Murdering friendly NPC's just for a few extra XP before a fight should not be necessary, you know?


But, how about some positive comments? :P I do like having a selection of races (humans, elves, dwarves, lizards, and undead), I like the new Polymorph class (though I'm not sure about Summoner), and overall I like most of the companions characters more than I expected to. Well, I like at least half of them, anyway (the dwarf, the elf, and the redhead). I still would love to have the option to create my entire party myself, but sadly I'll have to wait for a mod to do that... again. The story seems alright so far, I suppose, except you'd think people would be tired of the same old "evil religious cult" badguys by now, and the same old "the gods are dead!" storyline. Seriously, I think every RPG for the last 5 years has done the same type of story. Dragon Age Inquisition, Pillars of Eternity, Wasteland 2, Age of Decadence, D:OS1...


Oh crud, I'm being negative again. :P Ah well. I'm honestly enjoying the game despite my nitpicks, but I'll have to progress a whole lot farther before I can confidently recommend it.

In Topic: Destiny 2: Coming to PC via Blizzard of all people

07 September 2017 - 07:13 AM

I've only played the beta intro segment where the Cabal destroy the Tower, but it seems nice. I mean, it pretty much seemed like Destiny to me, but heck, I'll certainly play it now that it's on PC and I don't have to sub to PSN/XBL. If anyone else is on PC, my b.net is SaberScorp#1456

In Topic: Official Wulfgard Q&A Topic

05 September 2017 - 09:26 AM

Question Time!


1: Is Alchemy basically Science in this universe?


Well, that depends on what you mean by Science. I mean, almost everything is science, right? An architect designing a building, a blacksmith forging a sword, cooking - these things are chemistry, physics, etc.  :P


So, I guess you mean chemistry? In that case, yeah, pretty much. Sometimes there are magical enchantments involved too, but these are of course illegal under the Imperium.


Honestly, I meant mutation, not that there would be demonic animals running around all of a sudden. Would this work with foliage and trees too, creating something similar to Blights from DnD? Or would it just kill the forest within a certain radius?


In most cases, when an explosion of unstable magic warps an area of the earth, the majority of plants and animals simply die. But a few may survive as twisted, mutated versions living amidst the corruption. The creatures of the Blasted Wastes or the twisted trees in the Forest of Shadows are examples of this. Not sure about it bringing trees to life so that they walk around per se - that seems more like Wulfgard's wood trolls, which are very tree-like - but some hostile new plant life is certainly possible.

In Topic: What Are You Currently Playing?

05 September 2017 - 08:49 AM

So I'm still addicted to these bloody online collectible card games I guess. Here's what's new in some of them:


Gwent updated recently, adding 30 new cards and heavily changing a lot of the existing cards, forcing everyone to rethink their old strategies. It worked out great for me at first, because Scoia'tael were powerful as hell, and I'm a Squirrels main anyway. Death to humans! Drive the ape-men into the sea! But just this morning they kinda nerfed some of the best elf cards (Vrihedd Officer, Elven Wardancer), so that might put a damper on my huge Elven winning streak. Might have to try switching back to Dwarves instead, or try building a Movement deck instead of a Mulligan deck. The worst thing you will run into in Gwent is people who save certain super-weapons for their very final play - namely: using Zoltan to move as many of your cards as they can to a single lane and then hitting that lane with Geralt:Igni or Merigold's Hailstorm (which are OP, plz nerf). Really puts a damper on your carefully built-up dwarven battle lines. I try to counter with Sheldon Skaggs, but you must save him until immediately after they play Zoltan... Anyway...


Oh! And CD Projekt also says they will be adding a new single-player story campaign soon, so here's looking forward to that.


Hearthstone has gotten more and more unplayable over time as the "meta" changes. The current meta is simply: "Druid." If you meet a druid player, you might as well just forfeit and get it over with. There are not one but TWO kinds of overpowered druids in the meta: the Jade Golems druid and the Buff Shit Really Fast druid. The latter will utterly destroy you by turn four, and the former will utterly destroy you at any point in the late game.

The Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion added an anti-JadeDruid card that eats all 1-cost spells (meaning no infinite golems for the druid), but it's still not enough. KoFT also added bunch of death knight versions of heroes, but they are hard as hell to play well. The Mage one sounds powerful as crap, but once you actually play it against skilled opponents, you realize it doesn't stand a chance against some of the ridiculous gimmick decks out there, like any Druid or the silly Resurrect Priest. Basically the whole meta is gimmicky netdecks right now.


I also tried out this other game called Elder Scrolls: Legends just for giggles, and as I figured, it's pretty much a 100% Hearthstone ripoff, unlike Gwent. The title page even says "Heroes of Skyrim" exactly like Hearthstone's "Heroes of Warcraft", as if things weren't obvious enough. The only little changes include the two "lanes" of play (one of which stealths any units played to it) and the addition of "runes" (players will draw a card when they are damaged to these stages of health, and some of these cards can be played immediately). Each deck is made of 2 different main card types, which are based on different attributes (back when TES games had those, lol): strength, dexterity, endurance, etc. - but I can't seem to get a good feel for exactly how each deck is supposed to play. They don't each feel as unique as Hearthstone's classes or Gwent's factions. Strength/Agility seems to work best for me, since it's got a good combo of power, lethality, and adaptability to changing board situations.


Fake edit: Also, Gwent has by far the best artwork of any of them, just throwing that out there. Hearthstone is fine but cartoony, and TES:L is passable but looks cheap if you enlarge it. The Gwent art is friggin' stunning at full size. They hire some terrific artists. I've been hunting them all down and following them on Artstation.