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Yesterday, 01:44 PM

Chris Evans looks so very Metal Gear, but I don't want a Metal Gear movie. I know there going to mess with the intricately insane canon.

In Topic: BLACKBIRD: A Star Wars Story - LEGO Comic Sign-Ups!

Yesterday, 01:39 PM

I'll definitely add a fig. All my Lego is boxed up at the moment because we're moving house, so it may be a couple of weeks.

In Topic: ZONE - Arrowfall ((Delving Too Deep))

Yesterday, 12:23 PM

"Hello, Small one,I am Huo Shiye of the East, and this is..."


“Percula, nice to meet you! Who’re you?”


Elnira smiled at both and shook Percula's extended hand. "I'm Elnira! It's a pleasure to meet you both."


She looked curiously at the 'elf'.


"Have you just joined us? Or maybe you haven't. There are so many people here, it's exhausting trying to remember all the names!" She yawned surreptitiously into the back of her hand.

In Topic: Zone - Shipwreck Cove ((Stranded - START))

18 July 2017 - 02:13 PM

Agnus watched in distaste as the shambles around him gathered supplies, before moving to Thantos' side.


"Giving the slaves the day off, Thantos?" He jerked his head in the direction of the grouped oar slaves, who stood under guard while the skirmishers and sailors busied themselves. "How very kind" he sneered.




Silmiri noted Captius' lukewarm reaction, and cursed internally. The man had looked unsure, and that wasn't what she was after. The journey inland would be their best chance to slip away, and teamwork would be key. Time for another tactic.


Feigning a dizzy spell, she allowed herself to topple forward slightly, in the direction of Jon and Nigel. Hopefully they would be more communicative. 

In Topic: General LEGO Discussion

18 July 2017 - 01:55 PM

A frankly colossal leak of DC Superheroes sets for the end of this year at https://imgur.com/gallery/HLoV2