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Minecraft Requests!

08 June 2013 - 02:02 AM

      Sorry, gotta make this short. I love Minecraft, so I decided to do map requests. Maps from video games, real life, you know, stuff like that. My first map is Balmora, from Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Morrowind is one of my favorite games ever, possibly due to the guard guys (I forgot their names) on Vivec that get pissed at you if you even TALK to them. :|


      So, for me to consider your request, you have to say the NAME of the map, the PICTURE you want me to use, any ADDITIONS you want me to add, and ANYTHING ELSE. So, here's what I'm using to make Balmora.


You know, it's Balmora, I've said it a lot.

500px-Map_Balmora.jpg This is the photo I'm basing it off of.

I'm gonna take out the rocks on the left side, and add a 'sewer' system.

I don't have really anything else. Well, request away!

Epic Fiction Rap Battles

20 May 2013 - 03:45 AM

Welcome to Epic Fiction Rap Battles! Here's our first battle...



Captain Kirk! 


Captain America!




Kirk: You call your self a captain,

         and you can't even fight!

         Why don't you call the Avengers,

         to turn on your nightlight?


         I'm the true captain here,

         everything you do is my will!

         Set phasers to stun? 

         Screw that, set phasers to kill!


America: Look at the pretty boy,

                thinks he can rap!

                You're gonna get a lesson

                from good ol' Cap!


                I'm a strong man, 

                practically made of muscles,

                you're a tiny little kid who gets a scratch

                in miniature tussles!


Kirk: You're like a gymnast in armor,

         leaping around!

         I bet I can beat you

         without ever leaving the ground!


         Sure, you have the Avengers,

         right on your back,

         But I have the Enterprise,

         ready for attack!


America: My shield will block anything,

                not one thing is flawed,

                Hell, it stopped Thor's hammer,

                and he's a f****** god!


                Listen up kid, right now, 

                I'm going easy on you,

                But I could destroy you any day,

                even if I was two!


Who won, guys?


Feel free to post your own on here!

The next one I'm doing will be...


Darth Vader


General Tullius!

Both lead the Empire, but who will be victorious? 





Dead Men Walking

16 May 2013 - 10:30 AM

((This is always a WIP, until I finish it. So, don't worry about it.))



Deck 3 Spaceport, Mirage Space Station/City, Over Loki


      "You don't know how hard it was to steal this armor." Alpha muttered. Wiping the dust off of his blood-red armor, he loaded his shotgun and slung it onto the back of his armor. "Psshhh. I had to steal this from an armory. SynTec holds those places tight." Bravo replied. He looked down at the logo on his armor. "I'm changing this as soon as I can to the Embers logo." Picking up his rifle, he headed towards the door. "Stealing? I made this armor myself. It's more honest, even if we are murderers." Charlie scoffed. She pulled out two combat knives and stood by the door.

"Ready?" Bravo said with a sigh.



"We get to a nice ship, steal it, and head towards the first one. With hope, he knows where Axel is."

"I know the plan."

      Alpha stood up and unslung the shotgun. "Go." He whispered. Bravo opened the door, and they headed towards the hangar. "Hey! No unauthorized weapons at the spaceport!" The guard called. He quickened his pace until he was in front of the two men. Alpha rose his shotgun and pumped one shot into the man. Bravo raised his weapon and pointed to Dock 2. "Over there." He said. They sprinted over to the gate and tackled it. "Get up, c'mon!" Bravo yelled. He was already up and running. Charlie grabbed Alpha by the shoulder and yanked him up. "C'mon! Let's go!" She said. Alpha sighed and ran towards the ship.

     Bullets pinged off his armor as he rushed towards the luxury ship. Turning slightly, he caught a guard with the spray of his shotgun. "I'll cover you! Get in!" Bravo yelled. He was already in the ship, firing bursts from his rifle. Alpha dove into the ship and rotated so he could get a good firing angle. "How'd you get in?" He asked, firing his shotgun at the security that ran towards them. "They left it unlocked. They think Mirage is so safe. Hey, they even left the keys in!" Bravo replied from the pilot's seat. "Alright. Charlie! Get in!" Alpha yelled out of the hatch. Charlie was 30 yards, 20 yards, 10 yards... and she fell. "Charlie!" He yelled. One of the security guards fired his pistol into her head, killing her. The hatch slammed shut, leaving Alpha cut off from the scene.

      Alpha got up off the floor. "Next stop, Loki's capital city. Gonna be a while. See if there's some beds back there." The ship lurched forward, leaving Mirage behind. "We lost her." Alpha muttered. "What?" Bravo replied. "Charlie's K.I.A."

The Crown (History of Arteia, Thetis, and Nevas: Present Day 139)

02 May 2013 - 11:25 AM

Thank you for checking out my little thread. This is about a story I'm writing with my friends. There may be some names that are my friends, so I'll censor their last names. I'll try to it it up on here, but after New Beginnings. That's another story. :P So, I'll scan in some pictures of the maps so you can see the positioning, and I'll add another continent, Nevas. Here we go!

Also, here's the format:

Name of region: Climate, Biome|Warring or Peaceful|Leader|Capital City




The Unforgiven Lands: Cold, Icy|Warring|Jarl Coldheart III|Coldheart

Dead Marshes: Warm, Swampy|Warring|Bonelord T. (My friend Peyton)|Port Skull

The Hammer's Edge: Warm, Tropical|Peaceful| Sir E. (My friend Jack)|Anvil

Artemis: Warm, Tropical|Peaceful|Lady Artemis of the Hunt|Moonlands

Aegis: Cold, Plains|Peaceful|Sir R. (Me! :D)|Echowood

Wolfskull Island: Cold, Icy|Warring|Jarl Hedland|Port Hedland

Serenity: Warm, Tropical|Peaceful|King W. (My friend Matthew)|Tranquil

Serpent Island: Warm, Tropical|Warring|Sir M. (My friend Dennis, or darthpaperr0cks on SSLF)|Knifetail

Valdenheart: Warm, Tropical|Peaceful|Lady Artemis of the Hunt|Port Vacar


Jackhead: Cold, Icy|Warring|Sir Keth|Jackhead

Fallowston: Cold, Icy|Warring|Mister Fallowston|Fallowston

Kynesworth: Cold, Icy|Peaceful|Lady Kynes|Port Lang

Retsdis: Warm, Plains|Peaceful|Sir Allis|Keldor

Lobyn: Warm, Plains|Warring|Madame Lobyn|Lobyn City

Sandil: Warm, Desert|Warring|Lord Al-Dukah|Oasis

Kallow: Warm, Tropical|Warring|None, group of rulers|Denis

Vestar-Kyn: Warm, Tropical|Cannot fight, in middle of civil war|Jostyn Vestar, Legkn Kyn


Archives being created. Please consult Mister Dustin if any problems are evident.



126-Aegis formed by Sir Alex R. (Me again! :D)

127-Echowood and Caldis are settled.

127-Artemis is formed by Lady Artemis.

128-The Hammer's Edge is formed by former Aegis settler, Jack E. (My friend again.)

128- Dead Marshes formed by former Bonelord Kall Skull.

128-No Man's Land formed between all regions as a battlefield.

128-Hammer's Edge trading booms.

130-The Unforgiven Lands formed by Jarl Collis Coldheart III.

131-Moonwood Pact between Aegis and Artemis formed.

131- The Hammer's Edge attacks and destroys one of Dead Marshes' cities.

132-Kall Skull killed personally by Sir E. Bonelord Peyton T. takes place.

133-Wolfskull Island claimed by The Unforgiven Lands. Friend of Jarl Coldheart III, Jarl Rayden Hedland, takes leadership.

133-Serenity formed by Sir Matthew W.

133-Serpent Island formed by Artemis settler Dennis M.

134-Lady Artemis claims Valdenheart.


126-Alex R. leaves for new continent from Kynesworth.

129-Fallowston formed by Kynesworth and Sandil rebels.

129-Jackhead formed by Sir Nathan Keth.

131-Retsdis and Lobyn are formed by friends Sir Kieth Allis and Madame Jenny Lobyn, respectively.

131- Sandil claims an island, making the city Riverside.

132-Jackhead claims an island.

132-Lobyn claims two islands.

135-No Man's Land established.

135-Kallow formed by group. No ruler established.

137-Vestar formed by Jostyn Vestar.

137-Resistance formed. Legkn Kyn creates the city Kyn. Civil War begins.


Archives being created. Please consult Mister Dustin if any problems are evident.


Any questions? Want a character? Consult me by repling here!



LEGO Ideas

20 April 2013 - 01:21 AM

I have a couple words to say that will guarantee people will look at this. LEGO Age of Empires, anyone?

With that sorted out, I'll leave this to you guys to discuss might drop in every once in a while, to clean up the bodies.  :jawdrop: 

Ok, let's kick this off. You know the little micro figures? There should really be some RTS sets. LEGO Age of Empires, for example. They would have official sets, like battlegrounds, castles for the teams, etc. Then you can get some blind packs, sorted by teams, that contain 10 guys and maybe some scenery for your battleground, maybe an advanced unit or something, maybe an addition for a castle, maybe an outpost. Doesn't that sound cool?