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In Topic: The Star Wars Non-Canon TV Show Topic (Except The Mandalorian is super great)

15 November 2019 - 11:13 AM

Im not positive but I think Chapter 2 comes out Friday and then it goes to a weekly release.


You are correct sir, because I just watched Chapter 2 and boy howdy,


is it better than the first chapter.


This episode gave me a lot of Samurai Jack vibes, as the action speaks more than the characters do, which I appreciate very much. This episode improved a lot on the problems I had with the first episode, as I could actually see what was going on in the darker scenes, the cgi looks a lot better, and I'm actually glad the Mando isn't Boba Fett, which I'll get into in spoilers.


My favorite thing about this episode were the Jawas. They did a really good job showing how these guys are a bunch of savage pests. I'm also glad the Ugnaut guy got one last hurrah before he left the show for good, and actually showing us disintegrations and why Vader didn't want Boba to do it to the cast of the Original Trilogy.


Speaking of Boba, let's get into spoilers:




My final verdict: this episode made me want to watch the show more than the first one. I can't wait for the next one!

In Topic: The Star Wars Non-Canon TV Show Topic (Except The Mandalorian is super great)

13 November 2019 - 10:37 AM



I just watched the first Episode of the Mandalorian like everyone else who's posted here recently, and what do I think of it?

It's good.


Like, I don't really have any other type of praise besides that. If you expected a gritty show about a Bounty Hunter, then that's what you're going to get. This show diluted the bad taste left in my mouth from watching Solo failed look at Star War's criminal underworld, so I think this is definitely a step in the right direction. Filoni did a good job with this episode: it felt like a return to form for his style of directing like with Clone Wars, where he's allowed to show stuff like a guy being cut in half by a door, unlike with Rebels it felt like he was pressured by Disney to make it less dark in order to be more marketable to a younger audience.


I have three non-spoiler complaints at the moment, the first being that the show is that its too dark; not story wise, but in terms of lighting. I could barely see things in places like the cantina scenes. The second is that the CGI is a little bad in some places, like when the Ugnaut guy kicks his blurrg you can really tell its fake, I was able let it slide because I was enjoying myself. The third is that I hate the fact that this isn't a show about Boba and IG-88. The writing is good enough that I'm convinced that they could have done this if they had felt like it. The problem is how over-saturated these two are in Star Wars lore, so they think that not enough people would be interested, and by the time Disney bothers to actually create content on these characters I will have lost interest and moved on just like how I did with Snoke. It angers me that they don't want to funnel this creativity into characters like Boba, because they could create a new and interesting story with him if they tried.


Anyways, on to spoilers:




But, that's all my thoughts on this first episode. I'll definitively be tuning in next time because this show is exploiting my love of world-building, Mandalorians and Star Wars and I think I'm okay with it.

In Topic: Dalton's Assorted Artwork and Random Stuff

31 October 2019 - 10:56 PM

Your drawings have gotten way more detailed! I really pike the Blackbeard drawing.

Keep it up!


Thanks man! I appreciate the feeback!


Pretty badass stuff lately! The angels are awesome, and I love the Jabberwock, but I'd have to say the best one is that dragon vs. hydra. Good perspective, and the hydra looks great.


Hey man! I'm glad the art was able to lure you back here!


Anyways, I'm going to be splurging some art here. A lot of this stuff was done in October or older, so I hope you guys like it.


I did do Inktober this year, but since I don't want to post every single drawing here (especially since I posted them daily to my Twitter), you can check out them out on my Tumblr


Also, if you're a part of my content-feed Discord server, you know I've been commissioning Brett Neufield (creator of the Marblegate Webcomic, which you should read if you liked SYWBAA), and these are the four that he's done so far: my fantasy characters Dalton Westmoore, Malebranche the Malignant, Demetrius Bloodhaven, and Khraddik, Scourge of the South.


Yes, I plan on commissioning Scorp again at some point, but I'd have to get more money first.


Anyways, on to the actual art!


Here are some Fantasy Doodles:






And have some Minecraft doodles as well:




Sorry for the lack of art. College, work, procrastination, and personal issues have gotten in the way of me doing art lately.


But as always, Comments, Critiques, and Suggestions are always appreciated!

In Topic: Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Maclunkey

25 October 2019 - 09:34 AM

Sheev all day. Sheev all night. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT SHEEV. I have Sheever Fever, and the only cure is MORE SHEEV.


If loving Sheev is a sickness, then consider me 100% infected!



In Topic: Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Maclunkey

24 October 2019 - 05:31 PM



The lack of symmetry with the other posters is making my artistic side devolve into fits of anger. Thank you for that Occy.




And, OK, I've already had to hit Youtube's 'Not Interested' button on about ten different "TROS: A CINEMATIC FAILURE IN THE MAKING" hot take videos that popped up overnight. Kind of hard to stay positive in the face of... *gestures at everything*. But I'm gonna do it. It's Star Wars, baby. We're doing it. One more round.


I'm actually working on a Last Jedi review of my own that will deal with behind the scenes stuff that lead us to this point. I'm excited for TROS in a completely different way:


I think its going to be a beautiful trainwreck, just like the Prequels, complete with campy Palpatine. 


Have I mentioned how I'm excited for Palpatine yet?