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In Topic: Scorp's Art & Writing

23 January 2020 - 06:13 AM

Priests of Leik always wear white. The face mask is because of extensive work with the sick. One can never be too safe!

In Topic: Scorp's Art & Writing

21 January 2020 - 04:24 PM



OC Aurellia Umbrix by Saber-Scorpion

In Topic: SSLF Spark Thread (Guest Starring Screenshots)

05 January 2020 - 03:10 PM




I just can't stop even after 810 hours of gameplay. I'm about to lose myself on January 9th when Iceborne drops for PC! 

In Topic: Scorp's Art & Writing

04 January 2020 - 11:07 AM



OC Eric Asephoka by Saber-Scorpion




In Topic: Dalton's Assorted Artwork and Random Stuff

28 December 2019 - 01:57 PM

I can't put my finger on it, but I rather like that Mace Knight. The arm maces are pretty cool!


Also, the lore bits on Morzaki the Fallen were quite nice as well. Hope to see more lore and art in 2020!