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The Legend of the Five: Fragments of Trust

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#1 Koth


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Posted 07 April 2008 - 09:58 AM

The Legend of the Five: Fragments of Trust

Kothlis lay on his cold, lumpy bed. The Troja soldier barracks were something to be feared of, filled with extremely poor living quaters. Kothlis stood up and cracked his back a bit, then scrambled to find his longbow. It sat safely next to his quiver on the floor near the bed. The room was about 10 feet in width and length, just enough to fit Kothlis, his bed and his equipment. Kothlis picked up his bow, the scalemail armor on his body digging into his skin. He slung the quiver over his shoulder and slid the bow inside it. Kothlis counted 50 arrows and slid them into the quiver as well. He grabbed his two daggers and put them into little sheathes on his muscled legs. Finally, Kothlis slid his longsword into it's scabbard on the left side of his hip. He picked his helmet off of the ground, slapped it on his black hair and left the barracks. The hallways of the barracks were filled with fellow imperial soldiers, all drowsy from their nightly shift. Kothlis was fortunate enough to have a daytime shift. He was a Lieutenant, assisting captain Vigoris lead the archers of Troja. The rank had taken 3 hard-working years to earn, through blood and sweat.
Kothlis had never dreamed of being an Imperial soldier once in his childhood. He had always been a stranger, growing up in an Elven village. The Elven children never played with Kothlis, only thinking he was a weird outcast. He was afterall a human living amongst Elves. Kothlis' father was a long friend of the Elves, being a ranger before Kothlis was born. There was always something people could never find out about Kothlis' father, some kind of secret. His wife Jefferia was perhaps the only being who knew this secret, for she held one herself. They raised Kothlis with love and care, but not all good things lasted. Kothlis' father had to abandon the Elven village one day, the day before Kothlis' 18th birthday. Kothlis' mother left a week later, leaving Kothlis alone with their home. 2 years passed and Kothlis one day received word that his parents had passed through an Imperial border using false names. Kothlis immediatly gathered up his belongings and set off for the Imperial border. His only Elven friend, Levisia, gave him his own bow and quiver, which Kothlis still wears today. Kothlis moved across the entire Empire, eventually ending up in Troja, the city where his parents crossed into the South. Kothlis signed up as a soldier, being put under the Archer division. He saw little action besides a few rapings and murder attempts, but nothing to do with war.
Kothlis headed up the stone stairway towards the top of the city wall, greeting fellow archers as they scanned the horizion. Kothlis walked up to his captain, Captain Samuel Vigoris. He bowed and asked for orders.
"Gather 50 men. We're going to investigate a riot today. You shall command your fifty men today. Can you handle that?" Vigoris said, motioning for Kothlis to rise.
"Yes sir, thank you sir. You will not be dissapointed." Kothlis said, heading off to gather his men...
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#2 Scorchy


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Posted 11 April 2008 - 05:30 AM

Coolio. Better than the Last Werewolves, and I like how you used the Lore for ranks. Good job, can't wait for more biggrin.gif


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